Mother Dog Swims 2 Miles Everyday To Nurse Puppies

Hua Hua

Hua Hua, the new mother of 4 puppies, is considered a hero for her dedicated devotion and undeniable love for her children.

She swims over 2 miles each day to nurse her young puppies that are stranded on a flooded island. Hua Hua is a stray dog that lives in Chongqing, China, but her puppies are trapped on Shanhuba Island due to the rising flood waters of Yangtze River.

Everyday, Hua Hua makes the trek across the Yangtze River to the isolated island to feed her puppies. Then she swims back to the city to feed herself. She does this procedure twice a day, around 7am and 7pm. She has been doing this for about two weeks.

The daily journey of this brave mother was discovered last week. A local swimmer out for his daily exercise found out Hua Hua’s secret. On his first visit to the deserted island, he was shocked to find newborn puppies on the island.

The next evening when he went out to the island again, he finally realized how the puppies got to the island. He saw Hua Hua coming back from her trek. The dog had given birth on Shanhuba, but the flood had isolated the island, and the family was separated.

The man realized that Hua Hua searched for food in the city during the daytime and came back to the island at night to stay with her puppies.

The man was so moved by the dog and her efforts. He wrote the story down and asked a friend to post it up on a pet website. Many animal lovers called the man volunteering to help the dog. Some wanted to help take care of Hua Hua and her puppies on the island. But the man was afraid that too many people on the island would disturb Hua Hua and her family and scare them away.

So instead local residents brought food to Hua Hua. They bring her meat and other food so she can be nourished to feed her young. Also some other residents put Hua Hua in their boat and take her to the island, so she doesn’t have to make the long swim.

Local citizens dub her as a hero and are moved by her unconditional love for her children.

The man said that residents are trying to find Hua Hua and her puppies a home.

Source: CRI English

17 Responses to “Mother Dog Swims 2 Miles Everyday To Nurse Puppies”

  1. nora says:

    God and people please help this mama dog and her babies. Please protect them.

  2. Sharon says:

    Someone needs to help this mama and her puppies.

  3. Stefani says:

    I can’t help but worry about them, not only because “how long can she keep this up?” but also because they are in China, whose treatment of canines is infamously bad.

    I wish there was some way we could get them out of there before someone decides to kill them. Things might not be perfect in the States for pets — there may be room for improvement, and we push for improvement all the time. But it’s paradise compared to China.

  4. 3FURS says:

    Very touching story !! I hope the people continue to help this dog, and tame her and her puppies. Then, find good homes for all of them. Thank God, that man discovered the situation and followed up. She’s only a small little dog and how hard she works to provide for her family. SO AMAZING.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Stefani I couldn’t have said my thoughts any better. We can pray.

  6. Phoebe says:

    It sounds as if pet lovers in China have really stepped up to help Hua Hua and her puppies. That’s wonderful to read.

  7. KAE family says:

    That is an emotionally beautiful story. I am hoping and praying that Hua Hua and her puppies will find a good loving home somewhere.

  8. Doug says:

    Many a “busy” parent could learn from this dog

  9. loldogs says:

    This is a truly amazing story. This renews my faith in humanity. Godspeed Hua Hua.

  10. Jane Anderson says:

    I am worried sick with grief over the future of this brave mom and her innocent puppies. If we could get someone like Oprah or Bill Gates who can move mountains to get them here to the states. I would adopt the mother myself, but hopefully deserving homes could be found. I am on a fixed income, but would be willing to pay the transportation cost to get them to the US. That is, if I could make arrangements to pay back the cost in monthly payments. But we have to do something.

  11. Jeanie says:

    I’m sure the dog and her puppies will be fine. There are plenty of animal lovers in China. It sounds like they already have several human advocates. What a cute story.

  12. sandi says:

    Is it not amazing how animals treat their young, better than many moms and dads, who kill and maim,their own children.

    Hoping she gets a good home and is spayed.


  13. Trudy Jackson says:

    This is so amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised though, animals do treat their young better than most humans do. I hope she finds a forever home and is spayed.

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    This is so amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised though, animals do treat their young better than most humans do. I hope she finds a forever home and is spayed.

  15. Doug says:

    We “humans” can learn so much from animals, I won’t forget this dog.

  16. samantha g. elpasotx says:

    such an amazing animal would love to follow up on her..any info on how? great story!

  17. Alexus says:

    All wild animals go through all that trouble to feed their “babies”. What is so special about a dog who lives in a city to a polar bear who lives in the arctic and both have 2 feed their babies?

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