Mowing Lawns For Dog’s Hip Surgery

DavidDavid, a 3-year-old Alaskan malamute and German shepherd mix, needs a hip replacement surgery and it costs $8,000. His owner, a disabled Army veteran, has been trying to raise funds for David’s surgery by mowing lawns for $10. He also has been receiving donations from generous people after seeing his story and his commitment and love for David, his dog and his best friend.

5 Responses to “Mowing Lawns For Dog’s Hip Surgery”

  1. catherine pierson says:

    hope this is legit…am sending a donation. this man is in michigan, according to the article. michigan has the worst economy in the country. he may not get many donations from that area.

  2. catherine pierson says:

    add to my post above…the man only received one offer to cut a lawn and the vet says the dog will have to be put down if he cannot have the surgery. looks like the man and dog need a lot of help.

  3. Lisa Clay says:

    I am sending a donation via regular mail. Do we know if he is set up to accept online donations?

  4. catherine pierson says:

    lisa clay, only saw an address and phone # in the article. what seems so important here is this disabled man depends on this dog for most of his daily activities. uses him as a service dog. the dog actually uses his mouth to lift the man’s foot onto his stairs, etc. and to boot…the dog only has one eye. sent him a note with my donation telling him i saw his story on the itchmo site. hope others here can help too.

  5. Lisa Clay says:

    I’ll be mailing my donation tomorrow.

    You’d think there would be programs to help in these situations. Something the VA could help with at least.

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