Music for Your Pet

Pet CDMusic soothes the soul — and not just for you but also for your furry friend. Many animal rescue groups and shelters and pet owners around the world play music to help calm their pets and create a soothing environment for them.

Laurel Canyon Animal Company and Dr. Kim Ogden (an animal communicator) teamed up together to create a “Songs to Make Dogs Happy” CD that will make your dog tap his paws. To determine the songs on the CD, Dr. Ogden selected over 200 dogs to be in canine focus groups (do you think they got paid?) to determine what songs would be appropriate and rehabilitative for dogs. One vet has said that playing the CD aided his dog’s recovery and created a calming environment for him while he healed. Music is also supposed to help with separation anxiety and reduce stress when traveling. Just make sure your dog doesn’t play his music too loud so he won’t wake up the neighbors.

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  1. Hope for Pets Music says:

    I have completed a 16 track CD that I created as a fundraiser for my local animal organization. I have had people tell me that the relaxing music calms both the pet as well as the people. =)

    A lot of heart & soul, love & dedication, and countless hours have been put into the production of this CD. The songs will be named after the special pets that were nominated and voted for on the Hope For Pets website.

    Hope For Pets will sell the CDs at their fundraiser events throughout the year. 100% of the money generated from Hope For Pets fundraiser sales will go to the Hope For Pets organization.

    The physical CD will also be available for purchase online at stores yet to be determined, as well as from the website. Digital downloads will be available from iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo! Music, Music Gremlin, and many other music sites on the internet. A SUBSTANTIAL PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS FROM “OTHER” CD SALES AND DIGITAL DOWNLOADS WILL BE DONATED TO Hope For Pets

    Hope For Pets is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. They are dedicated to improving the lives of stray, shelter and companion animals in Bullitt County, Ky. Their programs are designed to eliminate pet overpopulation and provide assistance for pet care needs to the elderly, low-income and special need members of our community. They also offer educational programs and material regarding responsible pet ownership.

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