Music to Your Kitty’s Ears

Music CatDoes your cat tap her paws when you turn on your favorite CD? If your feline friend likes the sound of some soothing music, then Cat Galaxy is the thing just for her. It is an Internet radio and TV station specifically for cats to listen and to watch. Some of the radio shows include: Meow Mixing Monday, Thursday Night Purr Party and Friday Night Feline Frenzy and they broadcast 24/7 worldwide. So wherever you go, your cat can listen to some jazz, R & B, rock, alternative or swing. Do you think songs from the musical “Cats” are popular requests?

One Response to “Music to Your Kitty’s Ears”

  1. maureen says:

    My cat Tigger might look like your standard variety orange striped slightly plump cat, but he has specific musical tastes. His paws down favorite is Jessye Norman singing Schubert lieder. He plants himself up against the speaker with his paws tucked under him, purring, eyes half open and staring afar as though he’s in a distant place.

    Certain friends and family members think I’m over the top following every twist and turn of this pet food fiasco, but then, they don’t have the pleasure of living with Tigger and our two dogs. It’s hard enough to know that our cats and dogs have a short life span compared to ours, but horrifying to think we might be poisoning them.

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