My Dog Saved My Life

Toby, the Lifesaving DogThis is what Debbie Parkhurst of Calvert, MD is saying. Last Friday, she was eating a piece of fruit and it became lodged in her throat. She tried to do the Heimlich manuever but it still didn’t dislodge the piece of fruit and she then started to beat her chest. Toby (pictured here), her 2-year-old golden retriever noticed that something was wrong and put his front paws on her shoulders and then pushed her to the ground. With Debbie on her back, Toby started jumping up and down on her chest and the piece of fruit was dislodged. Debbie walked away alive and fine with just a few paw shaped bruises on her chest. We’re proud of you Toby! Just another reason to get a big dog. (Don’t get me wrong — I love small dogs, but I’m not sure how effective a 5 pound toy poodle would be performing the Heimlich.) The life-saving act of chest pounding performed by a dog will now be called the Toby.

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  1. itchmo! » Blog Archive » Itchmo Week in Review says:

    […] Teach your dog how to do the Toby. […]

  2. Ellie says:

    Thanks I’m doing a project on dogs- “Are they a blessing or a curse” It helped I can put this as one of my case studies…

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