Name This Dog Breed Contest


It’s time for a contest for all you dog-lovers. You’ve heard of all the designer or “accidental” dog breeds like the Bich-poo (Bichon Poodle mix), Puggle (Pug Beagle mix), Labradoodle (Labrador Poodle mix pictured), and Cavachon (Cavalier Bichon mix).

We’d like for you to name a funny (fictional) breed from any two or more of the following:

  • Basset Hound
  • Dandie Dinmont
  • Husky
  • Poodle
  • West Highland Terrier

Your prize? Win a signed copy of You Are A Dog by Terry Bain!

You can submit your entries via our comments. We will select the nominees and let you vote on your favorite. Please make sure to fill out the email field in the comment form correctly. (No one will see the email addresses but us and we’ll keep it private.)

Get creative, dog-lovers!

48 Responses to “Name This Dog Breed Contest”

  1. KimS says:

    How about West Bassapoo. Westie, Basset hound and poodle.
    Or Baskey. A Basset Hound, Husky mix.

  2. Sky Eyes Woman says:


  3. shibadiva says:

    Dandie Westie.

  4. Pukanuba says:


  5. Pukanuba says:


  6. colleen says:

    Woodle….. Westie/Poodle

  7. DOG LOVER says:

    what about a poohusky (poodle husky)

    basstie hound (basset hound westie)

  8. Gayle Phillips says:


  9. purringfur says:

    Dandinhus Highhound

    (cross of Dandie Dinmont, Husky, West Highland Terrier, and Bassett Hound)

    This was fun! Thanks!

  10. Shirley says:

    Poomont Tusky!
    poodle, dandie dinmont, terrier, husky

  11. catlady says:

    Husky Highland Doodle Hound!

    Hoodle Hound


  12. 3FURS says:

    A Heinz Special.

  13. Blue's Mom says:


  14. Terri says:

    Huspoodin Terrier

  15. Gloria says:

    Basset Hound and Husky equals a Basket

  16. John says:

    My pound pup is a Goldcock.

  17. Mary says:

    Huska-doodle-do? Husky/Poodle

    Or a Hound of the Baskyvilles (basset/husky)

  18. Mary says:

    A Bargain Basmont Hound (basset/dandie dinmont)?

  19. deej says:

    it’s late - hope I’m not repeating anyone…

    Husker Doo (husky/terrier/dandy/poodle
    Whisky (west highland/husky)
    and I really want “count Basie” but can’t quite make it work.

  20. Lisa says:

    Poo-hound: dog prone to corophagia
    (Poodle + basset hound)

    Dansky dog: canine that likes to wear tights
    (Dandie dinmont + husky)

    Bassdinet: a baby dog that’s a real basket case
    (Basset hound + dandie dinmont)

    OK, the last one is stretching it a bit…

  21. Ruth says:

    Skypoo (Husky/Poodle)

    Bassehoudaniedin (Basset Hound/Dandie Dinmont)

  22. Mary says:

    Poodin Pup (Poodle/Dinmont)

    Sky-High Hound (Husky/Westie/Basset)

    Okay, I’m done! LOL….

  23. Karen says:

    Dandy Houdlehund - a neat little hunting dog for the dapper gentleman - will also pull the game home after the hunt.

  24. Terry Bain says:

    I know I can’t officially enter, but I just wanted to drop in and say hello and submit a breed name that works for all of the above, and might just work for you. It’s like this: “Hey, that’s my dog.” This is, of course, when you go to the shelter for the third time to retrieve her. Her name might also be mud.

  25. Carly Ivie says:

    Boodle Hound ( Poodle & Basset Hound )

    Handie Dusky ( Dandie Dinmont & Husky )

    Busky or Hasset Hound ( Basset Hound & Husky )

  26. Holly Marie says:

    Wesky (West Highland Terrier and Husky)

  27. Eli says:

    Poodle@Basset POOBA!!!

  28. jamie says:

    we love this dog! where can we get one like this, anyone know????

  29. eric says:


  30. mango says:

    UMMM i think it is a lab and poddle mix a labadoodle well i know it is poddle and lab atleast

  31. ggk07 says:

    pussky or hudle

  32. sarah says:

    poodle and husky

  33. Lindsey says:

    A Westmont: Westie and a Dandie Dinmont

  34. Sandra says:

    We have a bassapoo and he is adorable. Another name to consider, not from the ones listed, is a bassador(basset/lab mix)

    How about a Dandinusky (Dandie Dinmont/Husky)

    or a Bassadandie (Basset/Dandie Dinmont)

  35. Deb says:

    Poosky or Huskadoodle (Husky-Poodle mix…I have one! He’s adorable)

  36. ray says:

    A bull Terrier and a Shitzu a Bull shit

  37. DC doggies says:

    Pookie(s): Poodle and Husky

    Puskies: Poodle and Husky mix

  38. elizabeth schultz says:

    How about: Dandie-Poo
    Dandie Dinmont
    or Dusky

    Dandie Dinmont and a Husky

  39. Kirby says:

    BASSERIAN HUSKETT HOUND! A lovely cross between a Basset and a Husky!!!

  40. Kathe says:

    Poodle and Husky mix a Puskie or a Pooskie

  41. Puggle Owner says:

    a basset and a poodle is a bassetoodle

  42. Hannah says:


  43. Kutez says:

    This is totally a poodle mixed with a basset hound.

  44. Kutez says:

    It is a Boodle…LOL

  45. lili1234 says:

    labranoodle doodle or

  46. gadjet says:

    how about a “poosky”. we have a pittadore retrever and a pittweiler

  47. Gabriel says:

    hahah how about a Puskle [poodle+husky]

  48. sara says:

    The dog in the picture laying down by the dish, what breed is it? it’s tooo cute!!

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