National Tag Day

Pet TagNational Tag Day is April 7. This day focuses on the importance of pet owners providing their pets with one or more forms of identification. Only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats without proper identification that end up in shelters are returned to their proper owner. Many pet owners have been microchipping pets just in case if their collar or tag falls off.

More tips for pet tags after the jump.

Tips for your pet tags:

1) Make sure your pet has a collar with a current ID tag, rabies tag and city/county license. You should include all of your current contact information.
2) When moving or traveling, put a temporary tag on your pet with a cell phone number.
3) Even indoor pets need identification tags just in case if the pet escapes the house.
4) If you offer a reward for returning your pet, please note that on the tag.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is offering a Dual Prevention offer for National Tag Day. From April 7-15, they will be offering: two personalized pet tags for the price of one when you renew or purchase a two-year cat or dog license for the city of Seattle and free registration with the shelter of a pet’s microchip when you renew or purchase a license.

Since our pets can’t tell someone their name or their address when they are lost, it is vital that pet owners properly tag their pet with current information, so your pet will be returned safely to you.

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