Nationwide Pet Hamster Ball Derby

Hamster Ball Derby

Does your pet hamster have what it takes to win a derby race? Is he a speed demon in his hamster ball? Perhaps this runaway hamster was simply practicing for the Hamster Ball Derby.

This past Saturday, PETCO sponsored the Hamster Ball Derby at stores across the country.

Hamster owners lined up to see if their pet could rule over the other racing hamsters. They all rolled down eight foot tracks, four hamsters at a time. The plastic balls are held inside raised black plastic lanes, so the animals cannot roll away.

This year was a bit different because this year was the first time that the Hamster Ball Derby was open to all rodents: gerbils, mice, rats, chinchillas and guinea pigs in addition to hamsters.

Both parents and children enjoy this annual event for their rodents.

One hamster owner gave advice on how to prepare for the Hamster Ball Derby: “We did a little stretching and actually this morning we did a little bit of carbs. We actually carbed her up this morning, because we think there will be multiple heats here, so we expect her going all the way to the finals.”

Pet owners said that not only is it fun for them but their hamsters or other pet gets some healthy physical activity for themselves. They also get to go out of their cage and get some fresh air.

Some hamsters are intense racers and roll right to the finish line. Others may turn around and go the other way if they are in a fickle mood.

And then there are some that simply would rather be sleeping. Cocoa, a dwarf hamster, fell asleep in the plastic ball and would not move despite her owner’s coaxing.

A PETCO employee said this national event also gives opportunities for animals to be adopted during the races too. He said this is a day that is devoted to little pets.

“Corporate usually focuses on dogs and cats, so it’s cool that hamsters got a chance to shine today. It was the small animals’ turn.”

Last year, 14,000 hamsters participated in the derby at more than 870 PETCO stores.

Here is a video of a Hamster Ball Derby and what it takes to be a champion.

Source: Bucks County Courier Times

Photo: PETCO

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