Natiowide Campaign To Save Dog From Alleged Abuse

BuckshotConcerned pet owners around the world are worried for the safety of Buckshot, a black Labrador mix that lives in South Carolina.

Neighbors say that Buckshot’s owner is abusive and that they have seen him beat the dog right in front of their own eyes. They have been trying to get Buckshot taken away from his owner, but investigators said they don’t have any evidence of abuse to make criminal charges against Buckshot’s owner.

Animal control has been investigating the case since September, and they brought Buckshot to the vet to be examined. But in the report, the vet said there was no evidence of bruising.

“We don’t have any additional evidence to support the statements that were made, we are with any case, we continue to monitor to continue seek any evidence,” said animal control director Ricky Valentine.

Although a local news team claimed that in the incident report, one of the investigators said the owner admitted to beating Buckshot.

The report said, “I spoke with the suspect and he stated that he did use his belt to correct the dog by striking the dog on the rear end three to four times, and then dropped the dog back over the fence.”

Neighbors are concerned for Buckshot’s welfare and safety and question why investigators are not doing anything to protect Buckshot despite the owner’s confession.

There is a “Save Buckshot” online campaign that has more than 1,100 people worldwide that want Buckshot to be rescued from his owner.

Source: Live5News

8 Responses to “Natiowide Campaign To Save Dog From Alleged Abuse”

  1. kaefamily says:

    I think there are ways to beat up someone without leaving any bruises.
    A confession of abuse is not enough to put someone in jail? Something is amiss here.

  2. Nell Liquorman says:

    If someone beats a child - it is considerd abuse.
    If someone beats a person - it is considered an assault.
    If someone beat an animal - it can be abuse or assault. Shouldn’t the animal be rescued and the person who did the beating punished?

    But stopping abuse takes more than laws, it takes educating people. Let’s hope that the Nationwide Campaign will open the eyes of the public and be one more solution for animals who have suffered from bad owners or bad neighbors.

  3. mittens says:

    sure beat the poor dog and no one can do anything but let your rescue cat ‘ ‘roam’ or allow an 11 year old near a lap dog and it’s immediately removed from your ownership…

    sick sad world.

  4. sk says:

    Why doesn’t one of the neighbors grab a camera and photograph the abuse while it’s happening ?!?!?! There’s your evidence.

  5. shibadiva says:

    Would AC rescue the animal if a neighbour took a picture of the owner hitting the dog with a belt and tossing it over the fence? Is his confession not sufficient, or the reports by the neighbours? This is ridiculous.

    We had a similar situation here in Toronto, where a guy was beating his Dalmatian pups. There was an eyewitness. Our humane society seized the pups, but was overridden by a provincial agency that claimed there were no bruises therefore no abuse. In the end, the humane society appealed and won. The pups have been adopted to a new home.

  6. shibadiva says:

    Here is the petition:

  7. Nora and Rufus says:

    I signed the petition. Why do the police keep enabling the owners abusive behavior and prolonging Buckshot’s suffering and possible death!!!!????? Someone local go in and steal this dog. The owner obviously does’nt care about him. He won’t look too far. Seems some locals could possibly take him over state lines and just relocate the dog where he is safe and then be adopted to a loving and forever home. Buckshot is a really pretty dog!

  8. G in INdiana says:

    How in the heck can a vet find a bruise when it is covered with freaking fur? I know how hard it is to find cuts in fur when my dogs get hurt so bruises would be even harder. The neighbors need to get a camera and take pictures of this idiot.
    Signed the petition. This really makes my blood boil when the stupid cop says it is not his job? UGH!

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