Natural Balance Answers Back To Pet Food Lawsuit

Natural BalanceYesterday, we posted a story about a San Francisco lawyer filing a class action lawsuit against Binzhou Futian Biological Technology, a Chinese company that allegedly provided contaminated ingredients in pet food that resulted in massive dog and cat food recalls. The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of a woman whose cat died after eating Natural Balance cat food.

Natural Balance was also named as one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

Natural Balance’s president, Joey Herrick, is firing back against the lawsuit. He is surprised by the lawsuit because he said that the company has paid all claims of people whose pets died or were sickened by tainted food.

Herrick also said the company has paid out more than $100,000 dollars so far to nearly 200 pet owners including all their vet bills or the cost to replace the pet. In one specific incident, he paid $14,000 to a dog owner to cover medical care that saved its life. Herrick added that he won’t pay for anguish of losing a pet.

The class action lawsuit seeks damages up to $5 million dollars on behalf of pet owners whose animals ate contaminated food and it also asks financial compensation for mental anguish for loss of a pet.

In the lawsuit, it states that Binzhou Futian Biological Technology shipped contaminated rice protein into San Francisco, and then this rice protein went into some of Natural Balance cat and dog food.

Some legal experts say that this lawsuit against this Chinese company will face many challenges.

UC Berkeley Law Professor, Richard Buxbaum says that he has doubts that any money will come out of China on the decision on the case. Lawyers might be able to use courts in California to sue for damages, but there may not be money to collect. “They would look for assets in the United States and if they didn’t have any assets here they’d have to go to China and hope a Chinese court would recognize that and enforce it,” Buxbaum explained.

Although the lawsuit is seeking financial damages for mental anguish, Buxbaum said that it would be unprecedented for courts to decide to award compensation for emotional damage over losing a pet.


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  1. E. Hamilton says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I NEVER made any post in reference in any way negative of you or your posts.
    There ARE posters who have written things that are of the PFI party line and those are the posts I make reference to.
    Please read the thread again and you will have no trouble picking out the poster I make reference to, and it aint you.

  2. E. Hamilton says:


    In fact, I just got back from directing people to look at your very informative post!
    Take that as a compliment because I am totally opposed to giving any more power or a single dime to the FDA. They are too corrupt to fix.

    We will have to agree to disagree on this issue.

  3. Dracena says:

    So, is anyone going to do a Freedom of Information Act record request on the poisoned food? I can’t get that URL to work on my computer for some reason…

    The BADministration has been making FOIAs difficult and time consuming ever since Ashcroft sent memos out telling everyone to refuse or drag out FOIA requests, but I’d really like to follow up on this in some way!

  4. E. Hamilton says:

    Well, maybe the rest of the world might like to know that poison food is still being shipped and by a company that knows it is selling a deadly product?
    There are countries that still have a free press.
    I am not thrilled that the US no longer has a free press but even more important is that the US should not be shipping poison to the rest of the world and it seems the pet food companies will do just that if we don’t find a way to stop them.
    They would not help get deadly food off the store shelves, they spent money on marketing instead of paying the vet bills like they promised and it appears that they are in some sort of contest to see how low they can go in dastardly acts.

  5. straybaby says:

    silly question:

    if those rejected pet foods were recalled product being returned to the manufacturers (per instructions?), why would the FDA refuse them? i can see confiscating and destroying the shipment perhaps, but a refusal?

  6. Natur-hell Balance says:

    If anyone wants to express their opinions directly to the pathological liar Joey Herrrick, his email address is:

    (It honestly is!)

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Straybaby, they could very well be making NEW poison food, who knows at this point.
    But if there is a buttload of poison food floating around still that the pet food industry can make a dime off of, then you can bet they will and not turn a hair at who it kills, humans included.

    America ate chicken that would be outlawed in Chernobyl for quite a while and since testing is showing MORE toxins in pet food, I have no doubt the worst is yet to be revealed about the extent and number of toxins in the whole food chain, not just pets. If there was not worse to hide the pet food industry would have been less frantic to lie and spin. And the FDA to be so accommodating, that the FDA was a tool of the drug companies seems to be a long accepted fact though_I_ was shocked, but to be this ..eager to bend over for the PFI, the FDA must be complicit in hiding something even nastier than we now know.

  8. Natur-hell Balance says:

    My suspicion is that the recalled food was intended to be sent to other countries where it will be used as feed for cattle, pigs, ducks, buffalo etc. The USA used land in other countries for farming (cheaper to do that overseas) and then the meat (raised for USA) gets imported back in the USA to end up on your plates. It is cheaper to do this and other countries do not have the same type of laws as here - as you know they supposedly can’t feed the melamine tainted food to pigs or cows here for human consumption but in other countries they don’t have the same restrictions or supervision. Our countries don’t care what effect it would have on humans who later eat the meat - it’s all about $$.

    The final key to this puzzle is that I believe HRK PET FOODS manufactures Natural Balance’s pet food. This manufacturer is not on the list of any of the PFI manufacturer’s list. If you do a search online, HRK PET FOODS prepares feed ingredients for animals and fowls - which used to exclude dogs and cats. JOEY HERRICK IS THE PRESIDENT OF HRK PET FOODS (and president of Natural Balance). Both are located in Pacoima, CA.

    If you write to Jessica Flores at Natural Balance( her email signature is (drumroll) per verbatim: HRK PET FOODS/ NATURAL BALANCE PET FOODS!!! Tel: 818-897-2521 x118 Fax:818-897-4740

    FYI - She is a bonafide liar just like Joey Herrick - although she is probably just the Sneaky Snake’s puppet, but a pathological liar nonetheless.

    All the Shady business is going on in Joey’s backyard, orchestrated by Joey the Liar Herrick President of Both Companies.

    Now why the heck do you think venison dry isn’t coming back on the market? Here’s a scenario - Joey gets contracts with farms (here and/ or in USA) and HRK provides the feed ingredients for the animals, which later are bought back by NB and made into pet food - for your pets. If Joey couldn’t gain control over the venison farms in New Zealand to contract with HRK to buy their feed, he wasn’t going to do business with them anymore. There are obviously less venison farms out there, and when they weren’t successful in getting contracts with any to buy his feed, venison product was discontinued. (do not be suprised if after their stockpile of venison is used up, even the canned food will be discontinued). HRK already has been providing feed for animals (cows, pigs) and fowls (ie chickens and ducks) so Joey already had the contracts for his feed, and bingo bango - a new duck and pea formula for cats! There already is a duck and potato for dogs. So now HRK PET foods manufacturers prepares feed for animals, and fowls and indirectly (via those animals and fowls) DOGS AND CATS.

    There is a reason for everything - and Joey can lie all he wants but we are not fools. It is an insult to our intelligence to try to lie to us and blame us, and pretend like HE paid out all claims - which is a blatant lie. NB did not pay out any claims, if anyone got refund check, which I doubt, it was their insurance company that paid it out. Joey never signed one check himelf.

    The truth is out there

  9. Anonymous says:

    You need to back off. I know FOR A FACT that NB has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars PERSONALLY above and beyond insurance claims. Your whole email is a pack of rumors, lies and slander.

  10. Natur-hell Balance says:

    re: NB has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars PERSONALLY above and beyond insurance claims

    Since Natural Balance’s insurance company would be the one paying any claims, then why would NB be paying any money out above and beyond the insurance claims? Who were the recepients of thousands of dollars not part of insurance claims - who would NB be bribing, or paying off to shut up or ordered to pay in court?

    It would be the same as if you have car insurance, and you get in an accident, and your insurance pays for the damages to the other person you hit. What possible reason would there be, for you, to pay anything extra above and beyond your car insurance claim? There’s one reason - because they sued you - just like they sued NB.

    Wow, if you believe Joey Herrick, that NB paid out more than $100 000 in claims for vet bills for dead or sick pets. And anonymous claims that NB paid out thousands of dollars above and beyond this, then obviously Natural Balance murdered and injured a significant amount of pets by their food, to pay out that much money, don’t you agree?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do you realize that insurance companies have a cap on all payouts? If your car insurance is infinite I want their name please. I know MINE only goes so high and thats it. Most insurance companies in this instance only pay what they consider the animal’s value. NB is going above and beyond. Anyone who has had a claim paid by NB please respond to this brilliant individual. Apparently he has the inside track to the entire petfood industry.

  12. Dog Lover says:

    I think there was another blog regarding pet owners being paid out by Natural Balance last week. I am one of the pet owners that have received not one but two checks. First off it’s taken some time to finally get everything settled. The insurance company was only willing to pay what the animal is worth, which in my opinion is a load of crap to set a value on an animal you have had for years and that you consider a part of your family. It didn’t matter how much my vet bills were because that is all they would pay. I have been dealing with Lori and Chris trying to get everything settled and they have been very pleasing to talk to and assured me that the vet bills would be covered by Natural Balance.

    I received a claim release form that I had to sign in order to (1) get paid and (2) not go after the company later if something happens to the dog years down the road. My vet assured me that my dog would recover and not have any long term damages or illnesses. After talking with the family I signed the release and sent it back. I have since received a check from the insurance company which was for $415.00 and another check from Natural Balance for $2809.82 and it was signed by Joey Herrick himself. If I understand correctly most companies are just paying out $100 to every customer and they could take it or leave it. I was very skeptic about receiving money for reimbursement of my vet bills until I actually had the checks in my hand. I commend Natural Balance for doing the right thing after this horrible mess, after all it is only fair that they pay for what they did.

  13. Cindy says:

    I just wanted to say that in December my two cats both got really sick on Natural Balance food and I contacted Natural Balance and all they offered me was a free bag of food. I spent over $1000 on my cats and went broke for a few months.. that is a lie that they pay for everyone’s vet bills.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi from New York And thanks for the web site. It was just the thing I had been looking for. It has helped me no end. Thanks again

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