Natural Balance Publishes Dog And Cat Food Testing Results

NB Laboratories staffIn a bid to regain consumer confidence after the massive pet food recalls, Natural Balance will allow consumers to look up test results on all batches of their dog and cat food on their website. The new service was unveiled Sunday. (Lab staff pictured at right.)

Consumers will be able to go to the Natural Balance website, select a dog or cat food formula and enter the expiration date code to see the test results. When we talked with Natural Balance last week, the test results were being uploaded and not every batch was available. Each batch is indicated by the Best By date printed on the packaging.

Currently, the Los Angeles-area based company tests for melamine, cyanuric acid, aflatoxin and vomitoxin at their in-house lab and through Midwest Laboratories. The test result indicates whether that batch showed positive or negative for each of the four toxins. The test results we saw only showed no toxins detected, so we don’t know what a positive toxin finding will look like.

Testing foods is not a guarantee that consumers will react positively to the new batches of food. Some consumers have expressed doubt about the independence of in-house labs in the past and many have turned to testing their pet food samples on their own. And because the testing is based on toxins previously found in pet food, it will not detect future threats that are currently not on the radar. Melamine and cyanuric acid was not identified as a likely threat to cats and dogs until well after Menu Foods fed the food samples to pets, leading to their deaths, in laboratory animal tests.

Natural Balance CEO Joey Herrick told Itchmo that he is spending more than $500,000 to test all future products sold by his company. Natural Balance has created a lab, purchased testing equipment and hired two full-time lab staff to run their tests. Some companies have published individual test results based on consumer feedback, but this is the first case that we know of where a pet food company is systematically publishing all of its test results.

Herrick said that Natural Balance is holding its shipments from the manufacturers until the tests have cleared every batch. American Nutrition, Chenango Valley Pet Foods and Diamond Pet Foods manufactures and/or packages foods sold under the Natural Balance label. All three manufacturers were affected by the pet food recalls due to tainted rice protein concentrate or wheat gluten.

Natural Balance does not yet test for acetaminophen. “We will test for acetaminophen and other toxins in the future,” said Herrick. He added that adding each test takes time and money, but he was willing to do so “in order to sleep at night.”

Natural Balance was recently named as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit. Herrick maintains that he has paid all veterinary claims filed against the company.

Herrick says that the investment his company made in testing the pet foods will take more than five years to recoup.

44 Responses to “Natural Balance Publishes Dog And Cat Food Testing Results”

  1. E. Hamilton says:

    I consider this a positive step and the first sign that a pet food company CEO has any concern at all for the pets.
    Testing that can be accessed is a fine idea, how to be sure it can be trusted is another point.

    If Mr. Herrick gets out of the PFI and explains all that poison the FDA stopped,
    that would also help.

    Nonetheless, thank you Mr. Herrick. That was damned hard for me to type and I suggest you enjoy it.

  2. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised by this decision, and commend Herrick and Natural Balance for the groundbreaking initiative. I trust they understand the test results they provide must be accurate…virtually infallible. I hope other RESPECTABLE pet food companies — including Canidae, the brand I feed my dog — will soon follow suit.

    [E. Hamilton, I truly believe your grieving, raging, well-targeted, efforts are helping to educate the companies who wish to regain consumers’ confidence in their products. I appreciate your devotion and the energy put forth — I’m just sorry loss and grief were your initial motivators. Thanks from me and the pit bull.]

  3. Pukanuba says:

    Mr. Herrick: I’m impressed……that was also hard for me to say……there hasn’t been much to be impressed about lately when it comes to commercial PFs.

    Maybe this will start something positive so we can actually feed our beloved babies without having to follow them around for the next two hours to be sure the food they just ate didn’t make them sick. Pet parents are scared & they have every right to be.

    E: you & many other people on this wonderful website have definitely contributed to the fact that commercial PF companies are starting to sit up & take notice that we are angry at them & WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

    Hip hip hooray…….

  4. Natur-hell Balance says:

    Don’t let these liars insult your intelligence! After all, Natural Balance has done, and the lies, you are going to believe written words on their website? I find that extremely insulting to all pet parents. Have you viewed these actual test results? How convenient that Natural Balance has purchased their own lab and is testing in house - that way they can manipulate results. Joey obviously is not sleeping at night, to even make a comment about it! As he rightfully shouldn’t be sleeping.

    Furthermore, test results are not accurate for entire lots or dates, because aren’t only a certain tested? - just like when itchmo readers did their own laboratory tests on food, and then the pet food company did theirs on the same lot and date, and the results were different. One batch could have a different level of toxin (or none) than another batch with the same date on it. It’s false security if you believe any test results - if you view them (and not just a PFI’s word that something wasn’t detected). Do you really think NB are going to publish “detected” on their website?

    Natural Balance is not doing this for consumers. They are doing this to cover their lying behinds - because if your animal gets sick or dies on their food again, they can conveniently test a batch in their own lab, until they find results where toxins aren’t detected and then they can screw you over, and say it wasn’t their food. Think about it.

    Just b/c they write not detected on their website, is the same as any pet food company who makes a claim that their pet food is safe. For that matter, that is exactly what NB kept saying, until their recall.

  5. Natur-hell Balance says:

    If anyone really thinks Joey has concerns for pets, and confidence in his product, then why would NB’s “release of all claims” form ask you to FOREVER release, acquit and forever discharge Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc from toxic substances in any natural balance product” FOREVER??? They can not guarantee you there will not be poisonous substances in any of their foods, forever!

    Per verbatim from Natural Balance’s release of all claims form asking claimaints to sign

    “I / we, being of lawful age, do hereby release, acquit, and forever discharge Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc, and its subsidiaries, parent company, affilicates, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, sales representatives, distributors, and retailers, and Wilbur-Ellis Company of and from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, demands, damages, costs, loss of servies, expenses and compensation, on account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all known and unknown personal injuries and property damage resulting from or to result from the possible exposure of my/our pet to toxic substances in any natural balance product.”

  6. Natur-hell Balance says:

    I personally can guarantee one thing FOREVER, that is that I will FOREVER not be feeding my pets any Natural Balance pet food.

  7. nora says:

    I will not believe those results for a minute. Don’t be fooled. Only one time of feeding can kill your pet. My dog ate tainted wet Natural Balance in Jan 2006, wayyyyyyy before any recalls. BEWARE.

  8. purringfur says:

    Huh! Even Wilbur-Ellis, the supplier of the tainted ingredient and supplier to a large number of the big name mainstream pet food companies, is tossed into the release form. Is NB continuing to use WE? Has anything in this industry TRULY changed? There could be another mass poisoning if all pet food companies continue to use the same supplier or that supplier’s supplier. The whole scene is still too scary!

    CALL TO ACTION: Will a U.S. company please come forward and produce safe, guaranteed vitamin and mineral supplements (all produced/grown in the U.S.) for pets so we can just serve our homemade food and provide the necessary nutrients? What ever company decides to do this will be very wealthy.

  9. E. Hamilton says:

    I believe that Natural Balance wants to survive as a company and that is where this is going. For ALL the pet food companies.
    Get with the program or go under.
    Word of mouth, combined with word of net can KILL a company and do not ever doubt that they know this.

    Trust but verify is a lesson Mr. Herrick learned the hard way, just as we did and while NO member of the PFI gets a pass from me, I can hope that there is common ground. There is still some splaining to do and apologies to be made but the conversation is begun.

    And we all owe Ben and Emily the thanks for having us here.
    All Hail itchmo!

    PS, an industry is changed the same way everything else changes, one person and one step at a time.

  10. Moonbeam says:

    I hope they are being honest. I used to feed Natural Balance but not anymore. I probably will never go back but that doesn’t mean the food isn’t or won’t be good. Maybe now it is better than others available. I sure hope so.

  11. llp says:

    Where might I find out if pet toys have lead paint on them? The only toys my dog plays with are a little latex sneaker and an orange football. They are sold at Petco and are made in China ); Forgive me if this has been mentioned, I have been unable to go on Itchmo after it attached the computer I was using with 7 viruses!

  12. Anonymous says:

    OOOHH…maybe they should recall itchmo!!!

  13. Amie says:

    This is great news for everyone all around. Every company should be doing this. I’m sure none of these companies intended on harming animals and it’s a shame that it happened but at least this company is trying to prevent that from happening again. I don’t see why the company would waste money on testing if they would alter the results as someone has posted.

    I do have a dog on the SP& Fish and my cats are on the ulta. I was nervous about feeding them when the recalls hit but was assured they were not being recalled. If NB employee’s feed their animals this stuff don’t you think it’s safe? I’m glad to see I can check test results to make sure it is now.

  14. E. Hamilton says:

    Time for

  15. Natur-hell Balance says:

    Of course Natural Balance wants to survive as a company, at the expense of your pets, if that is what it takes. They want to survive, that is why they sold and tried to ship their poison recalled food but their plan failed on July 30th. They must be pissed that their shipment was intercepted and no profit was made off of it (yet). Joey probably has sleepless nights trying to figure out his next move. What do you think NB will do next with their poisoned pet food? 3 months after the recall and the poison pet food was on the move, elsewhere. Joey Herrick is nothing more than a poison pusher! NB wants to survive so much as a company that they refuse to pay customers whose pets died or are ill as a result of their poisoned food. Damn right they want to survive as a company, no matter what!

  16. Katie says:

    Nice to see a company taking a positive step, but I too am not sure I believe in-house tests at this point. An independent third party; maybe. They lost my trust back on March 28th. Since I don’t feel that we truly know what sickened and killed pets; adding tests for melamine and cyanuric acid may not be enough. If they did find something, I find it hard to believe that they will “broadcast it” to the public on their website. This seems like a PR gimic. I unfortunately lost my confidence in all pet food companies and can’t buy their product anymore. My dog almost died once and can’t bring myself to letting it happen ever again. Sorry NB.


  17. Natur-hell Balance says:

    The point is that while everybody is applauding Natural Balance for posting on their website that certain toxins are not detected in their food, this is NO DIFFERENT than every other pet food company’s site that claims the same thing. Just because they says so, doesn’t mean it is. All the pet food companies, including Natural Balance, guaranteed their foods were safe, and made similar statements and then there were deaths and recalls. So their words (read lies) hold no value to me. Just because they list their food and then state 4 poisons are not detected in them, is meaningless. It’s smoke and mirrors. If they stood behind their food, they wouldn’t ask people to sign release forms giving up your rights against NB FOREVER from any toxins in any of their foods.

    Furthermore, all the other large pet food companies already have in house labs, and have for years, and do their own testings on their food (ie Hills, Walthams now Royal Canin, Science Diet etc) and that did not prevent toxins from being in your and my pet food which caused such a massive pet food recall and deaths. Natural Balance creating a lab is nothing new within the pet food industry, just that they are behind the times. NB hired 2 full time staff to test food? Whoop de doo. Either they aren’t making that much pet food anymore to have only 2 people to test it all, or alot of food is going untested! Do you have any idea how much staff at Hills tests their food? And have for years? With all the high tech testings that all the other larger PFI companies have, and their large staff that NB could never compete with anyway, were all ineffective in keeping our pets safe.

    Boo friggen who! So what if Joey has to work for 5 years to recoup the money for their investment in testing, noone of us can recoup our dead pets.


  18. Ann H says:

    The concern for the third party testing is MidWest Laboratories MDL. Method Detection Limit (or something like that) has been 10ppm on most of the tests that I have seen.

    So, if the toxin/drug/chemical/pesticide (known/unknown) is below 10ppm it’s OK?

    I’d tell Natural Balance, nice try, I’m not buying it.

    Has anyone got a lab test result to show on that page yet?

  19. Debi says:

    this is in regards to llp’s question about testing for lead in an animal toy, they have little lead testing kits at hardware stores, i.e. Home Depot, Ace hardware and Lowe’s, they really work and aren’t expensive, I just tested the bone meal I use for myself and the dogs when I make home-cooked food for them, and whopee, it came up negative!!!! I also called the co. that makes the bonemeal and asked about other toxic metals in the product, they do testing and the bonemeal comes from the good old usa. The bone meal powder is made under the name of Kal, and is manufactured by the nutraceutical corp. this product can be bought at healthfood stores. Also heard that calcium carbonate that is used in Natures B. organic and other dry dog foods is detrimental to our bones and those of our animals.

  20. Ann H says:

    (Natur-hell Balance says:

    August 13th, 2007 at 6:10 pm
    The point is that while everybody is applauding Natural Balance for posting on their website that certain toxins are not detected in their food, this is NO DIFFERENT than every other pet food company’s site that claims the same thing. Just because they says so, doesn’t mean it is. )

    Actually, Natura most likely beat them to the idea. See the itchmo forums.
    And pay really close attention to the test results they used on their website and what they chose to be tested at what levels at what lab.

    Once again, I think paying attention to detail is what we’re NOT expected to do.

    Sadly, some don’t pay attention to the details and buy it hook line & sinker..

    Just like we have done in the past listening to the pet food ad campaigns - to me, this is just another one.

    I know where that mistake can lead, and I’m going to do my best not to have to help another kid to the rainbow bridge because I trusted and trusted in the public relations/marketing games for bucks… never again.

    When they PROVE it’s about safety & healthy nutritious foods and not their bottom line then that’s another ballgame and they’d be a hero to do it with transparency..

  21. 5CatMom says:

    NO amount of testing would convince me to use NB again.

    I switched to NB when the recalled began based on very convincing “facts” provided by Jennifer. NONE of it was accurate information - just marketing hype.

    Why would I believe anything they say about test results?????

    Fool me once, shame on you. NO WAY do you get a chance to fool me twice.

  22. Debi says:

    you guys are so smart and well-versed, good for all of us, thank you for always keeping itchmo’s followers so dedicated to making the people that have made and are still making our lives so damn complicated when it comes to the health of our pets/family members. Do you guys think that Mr. Herrick uses this food to feed his animals? Have you ever wondered what the heads of the big pet food co.’s do feed the’re pets? Do they have pets, or just garden variety trolls?

  23. Natur-hell Balance says:

    I think it’s ridiculously comical that Joey publicly stated that NB hired 2 full-time lab staff to run their tests, and that no shipment is going out til it’s all tested. 2 testers? I will reiterate, have their sales gone down sooooooo much that only 2 people are needed to test all the food that goes out? ha How much testing do you REALLY think would go on, with only 2 lab techs?

    More importantly, I think it is very convenient that one of these testers has worked in biotechnology for 2 years. For anyone unfamiliar with biotechnology - to modify something for particular purpose - ie gentically modified. Monsanto ring a bell? Do you really think Roummel Ruvolo is going to be testing food for toxins or testing other things - such as trying to find ways to modify the protein content in their food to make more profit - that is after all, what the rice protein concentrate was intended to do, right?

    There would be no other reason to hire someone with biotechnology experience. Is that a fake name, because no one exists by that name. And the other dude, Dr. Ali Haghighi is supposedly also a criminalist certified by California Justice Department. See what anyone can really dig up and validate on these dudes.

    Since Crimes have been commited by Natural Balance, and all the lawsuits against them, it seems only appropriate Joey hires Ali as an employee *wink wink* as a lab tester for food, but mark my words, this foreigner will be testifying in court for Joey. Hey anonomyous, is this where the thousands of dollars above and beyond claims have gone?

  24. get a life says:

    Natur-hell balance - wow- take some of the energy you use ranting and raving and start a company! I have been in pet retail for almost 15 years and would love too sell the products you preach you want - cuz they would retail for over $100 bucks a bag - I like my margin on that number! Call me when you take action - till then quit yer whinin.

  25. Ann H says:

    Dear Get A Life: What margins do you think somebody got from me who spent $972.54 (yes I have the receipts) on pet foods trying to find a safe healthy one that my cats would eat since March? I can promise you that I won’t be spending that much on 3 cats again on commercial pet foods. And a bag of cat food for a $100.00 a month would be cheaper wouldn’t it?

  26. MaineMom says:


    Think your estimates a bit high - you’re obviously not a qualified dog or cat nutritionist. When someone starts canning nice, poison free mice and rabbits, I’ll be their first customer! Nature had a good diet figured out long before the PFI came along.

  27. MaineMom says:

    Had to go srir the risotto - left out the toxin-free quail and seafood! You can obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals for cats from REAL food, if it isn’t over-processed. And yes, I’d pay the price for the convenience and my cats health!

  28. Natur-hell Balance says:

    Get a Life must work for Natural Balance because for someone to make such asinine comments as if toxic free pet food is unrealistic and too costly to exist, is mind boggling. I don’t know what worse, that your mind thinks this way or that you actually took the time to spew such drivel or that you are delusional enough to think that people would believe that poisonless food is too costly and unrealistic in this day and age. You have got to be joking.

    $100 a bag of food per month would be a bargain!! If that were the case, you don’t think people would be able to budget $3.3 / day to pay for it?

  29. Amy says:

    5CatMom says:

    August 13th, 2007 at 7:32 pm
    NO amount of testing would convince me to use NB again.

    I switched to NB when the recalled began based on very convincing “facts” provided by Jennifer. NONE of it was accurate information - just marketing hype.

    Why would I believe anything they say about test results?????

    Fool me once, shame on you. NO WAY do you get a chance to fool me twice.

    I’m with you 5CatMom… I believed NB once and switched to their foods around Easter and now I have a CRF kitty because of it. No amount of claims that they test their foods thoroughly will convince me I can trust this company again. Not only that, I warn others… not that I want to ruin NB’s business, I’m not that powerful! But I don’t want ANYONE else to suffer the pain, worry, and stress of trying to keep their beloved pet alive (let alone, losing a pet to this altogether).

    Off to bed for me, we have to be up early in the morning for the regularly scheduled, $100 pet visit (she’s going every 3 weeks now which is an improvement over every 2 weeks she was going before)… wish us luck for continued stable test results. She’s only 8 years old… I should have her around much longer but thanks to NB we’ll see…

  30. Natur-hell Balance says:

    GET A LIFE - Out of all the NB’s formulas that were recalled, let’s compare one, for example a $45 bag of natural balance venison and pea dry cat food which contained rice protein concentrate, something that was not supposed to be in the recipe and was not listed on the label, resulted for too many in the death of their pet (and thousands of dollars in vet bills) and for others resulted with kidney problems w/o death (yet) and thousands of dollars in vet bills for tests and treatments. For the others who had contact with the tainted food, hundreds of dollars in testing. The price to pay for a $45 bag of cat food was too high, and the majority without receiving a penny back or reimbursement from Joey Herrick, despite his and anoymous’s lies to the contrary.

    I think most would agree that this example cost ($100 per bag of poisonless pet food) would be a steal. No pet parent is looking to cut corners in order to save money, at the expense of their pet’s life - the only people cutting corners is Joey Herrick and NB.

    Many pet’s lives could have been saved if NB had made public a recipe change about rice protein concentrate in their allergy formula, most customers would have immediately stopped using it had they known b/c rpc shouldn’t have been in a grainless diet for pets with sensitivities. That secret information could have saved lives. Joey got greedy - and buying from China nonetheless to cut corners. Pet parents won’t cut corners for the safety of their pets.

    Our pets do not have a voice and we will not shut up because we must be the voice for them. We aren’t going away, so get used to it.

  31. E. Hamilton says:

    Amy, have arrangements to pay for the care of your kitty been made by Natural Balance?
    I view the more open testing as a good sign but if vet bills are not being paid , as claimed, and no answers on the poison shipments are forthcoming I will have to consider that any progress is a baby step, at best. The pets damaged for life and their care is a big concern for me, we have all suffered, us and the pets, for so many months now.

    I had really hoped that a pet food company opening a dialog with itchmo and taking action was a good sign. Sigh.

    As always, NO member of the PFI can be trusted.

  32. MaineMom says:

    get a life -

    By the way, our cats deserve the crunch of bones, not fortified grains. We want “wet” food, not dry food with additives to make them drink excess water.

  33. Robert Davis says:

    Kumpi Pet Foods was the first pet food manufacturer to list their pet food test results online…According to the Kumpi website, “All Kumpi finished products have been tested by ExperTox Labs for melamine, cyanuric acid, aminopterin and hundreds of other toxins and chemicals.”

    Natural Balance has followed suite with test results for at least the four listed toxins Natural Balance provides information about their contracted labs. but I did leave the site a little confused when they stated Dr. Haghighi oversaw all the protocols at NB labs when they stated they contracted with Midwest Labs. Maybe they are using multiple labs? Either way, they are moving in the right direction.

    Looks like Kumpi started a trend and others are starting to follow.

  34. MaineMom says:

    Robert Davis -

    From the info I’ve been able to locate, ExperTox is using better equipment and protocols than other labs and FDA. Personally, I have more confidence in their results; and, it has paid off in two healthy cats since 3/16. Both are “bag cats” and one will “groom” me at 3am until I put some kibble in her dish! They both have fought raw (from Maine, “What are des funny clam things?”) and home cooked (”Ugh! She’s trying to poison us again!”) I’d pay a king’s ransom for something healthy in a can (besides tuna) they would eat.

    Believe me, get a life, there is a market out here for canned and dry cat food. But it can’t be the same crap you’ve been pushing!

  35. MaineMom says:

    Get a life - a 20lb bag of Kumpi only costs $60 + shipping. How big a bag of comparable food are you giving me for $100?

  36. Thel Josenhans says:

    Natural Balance ………… you couldn’t test , your lousy pet food , befor , you killed our , beloved pets ??????????
    You need to sell …. roach poison ……..rat poison……..
    I would never trust , your Co.
    SAY THE PUBLIC , needs to hear , to calm our fears ,
    YOU DON”T NEED TO TEST WHAT IS REALLY IN ,IT ALREADY , who are you trying yo kid ?????????????? T.K.J.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Did any of us even know what these additives were before all this began? The entire industry (I believe) did not test for them because there WAS no test for them. This goes way back to the suppliers. Everyone was taken for a ride. Look what has come from it. Look how many other products (toys, toothpaste…). Does anyone really believe NB or any other of the more costly foods wanted this to happen? Is sick animals and bad PR really a good marketing plan? Come On! Is itchmo only a one sided forum? It is opinions, not facts. This is apparent by Natur-hell Balance who has nothing better to do than post multiple times in a row when someone says something he (she?) doesn’t like. I agree with “Get a Life” Please do. Gotta go to work now. I actually have other things to do.

  38. Sharon says:

    I don’t believe a word said by Joey or Natural Balance’s website. Living beings are nothing more than consumers of their units of product to sell. As long as they make a positive gross margin they will say or do anything. There is no integrity or moral substance to any of these people. They would kill their own mother for a dime.

  39. Natur-hell Balance says:

    We know anonymous has other things to do at anon’s job at Natural balance - lying to customers on the telelphone, telling your fairy tales for a living. Or are you a janitor there?

    re: Did any of us even know what these additives were before all this began? The entire industry (I believe) did not test for them because there WAS no test for them

    MELAMINE is not an additive, fool. There is a test for it, it wasn’t used as part of their testing protocol because melamine / plastics had no place being in pet food. Just like drain cleaners, turpentine, paint, gasoline, nail polish remover, antifreeze, and furniture polish, for example aren’t tested in pet food or human food because it shouldn’t be in it. Poisons do not belong on anyone’s plate, human or pet.

    Had your buddy Joey not cut corners buying ingredients from China, and ripping off consumers by adding rice protein concentrate to spike the protein level artificially - there would have been no need to test for melamine, no recall and no murdered pets.

    Don’t try to get any sympathy from any consumers with Joey’s spin control - as if HE was taken for a ride. He was the master conductor of the ride!

    The only people taken for a ride were consumers and our pets. We were taken for a ride by buying products we believed were made with 100% USA ingredients - not ingredients from China. Melamine or not, no one would knowingly buy pet food with ingredients from China!

    We were taken for a ride believing NB ingredient lists that were false. Our pets were taken for the biggest ride, some on the express route to their graves, all courtesy of Joey’s ride of death!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Now now..resorting to name calling? Additive was the wrong word. No one expected it in anything. I see you are ignoring the post from the person that was paid for her bills. Was she lying too? How about all the other products and foods recalled? Is NB responsible for those too? Yes, it is one giant conspiracy led by one person. By the way, who at the company pee’d in your cornflakes? Would anything other than the owners head satisfy you? You had better talk to your therapist about those anger management issues. By the way, I am also a consumer, same as you.

  41. Natur-hell Balance says:

    Of course anonymous, according to you no one should be angered or outraged because their beloved pet died or was seriously harmed by eating Natural Balance. They should just suck it up and keep buying Joey’s poison food is that it? As much as you would love us to sit back silently, we will not and we will be vocal and we will be angry over these senseless murders by NB, and we will do whatever it takes to help protect our pets and if all of our efforts prevent even just one helpless animal from being murdered by Natural Balance again, it will be worth it.

    Obviously, by your ignorant nature you have not had a pet murdered by NB or be physically harmed by Natural Balance, as many of us here are. If you can even consider those of us with pets that did survive death, as lucky, we are still dealing with treatments, ongoing tests, regular vet visits, emergency vet visits, and the reponsibility and heartache of taking care of a sick animal all because of feeding them NB, a food that was supposed to not have rice protein concentrate it in, and was supposed to not have ingredients from China, and was supposed to be POISON FREE. You obviously do not have thousands of dollars of vet bills, (with no reimbursment from Joey) and the uncertainty of survival of your pet, and so many animals lives have been cut short and countless others are suffering directly from, and solely because of Natural Balance. This is after all a Natural Balance comment board, if you want to deflect onto other pet foods then go onto the other pfi’s comment sections.

    As usual tactics - blame the victims. Why don’t you blame the dead, helpless animals who did nothing wrong but eat its Natural Balance dinner?

    Just because you and Joey say hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid out in claims in full, does not make it so. Don’t worry, everyone will get their money one way or another because Joey will end up having to pay by force in court.

    And when the hundreds of thousands of dollars are utlimately and truthfully paid out, that does not mean you should applaud Natural Balance - it is money paid out because animals died from eating Joey’s food. It’s nothing to brag about. Shame on you.

  42. Amie says:

    I think things are getting a little out of hand. This should not be a fight between people. The one thing in common is we all love our pets and only want the best for them. Natur-hell did you have animals that became ill after eating the food??? If so have you been paid back, if not is that why you are so upset? If they seem to be paying people who have real claims I’m not sure why you would be paid out.

    Again I don’t think ANY company wanted this to happen. And I hope that companies like NB will continue to test for more things then is required.

  43. 4tabbymom says:

    how noble of them, when NOONE can get them to even release the AS FED Values of the foods they sell.

  44. Anger Management - Regaining Control Of. | says:

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