Natural Balance Recalls Food Due To Botulism Risk

Natural Balance Eatables Cans

Natural Balance has announced that it is recalling it’s Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs due to a supplier’s recall. The affected formulas include 15oz cans of: Irish Stew, Hobo Chili, Chinese Take-Out and Southern Style Dumplin’s with Gravy. The supplier, Castleberry Foods, found one instance of botulism in improperly sealed cans of human food.

The recall information was only sent to subscribers of their newsletters. This information is not yet available on the Natural Balance website. (Update: The message has been posted on the Natural Balance site as of Sunday.)

Full recall details below:

Natural Balance was informed at 2:45 pm by our USDA manufacturer, Castleberry Foods, in Augusta, GA, that they are doing a voluntary recall on all 15 oz edible foods for humans as well as our Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs (Irish Stew, Hobo Chili, Chinese Take-Out and Southern Style Dumplin’s with Gravy).

This voluntary recall is from one reported case of botulism in Castleberry’s human edible Hot Dog Chili Sauce. Botulism is generally due to an improperly sealed can or a can that has become damaged, thus letting air inside.

Natural Balance checks all of its cans for any kind of leakage, puffiness or damage before they are shipped, and we have found none. However, to comply with our manufacturer, we are asking that you discontinue use and return Eatables for Dogs to your store for a full refund. We will give you more information as we get it.

Update: The FDA also just announced the recall expansion.

July 21, 2007

Media Inquiries:
Kimberly Rawlings
Michael Herndon
Consumer Inquiries:

FDA Expands Its Warning about the Risk of Botulism Poisoning From Certain Castleberry Food Products and Dog Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expanding its July 18 warning to consumers. This expansion is for consumers and pet owners regarding canned food products and dog food produced by Castleberry Food Company of Augusta, Ga., due to the risk of botulinum toxin. Castleberry is expanding the recall to include all of the following canned products with all “best by” and code dates, and FDA is warning consumers not to purchase or eat any of the canned products listed in the table below.

Hot Dog Chili Sauces



Austex Onion Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Austex Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Castleberry’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Castleberry’s Onion Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Bunker Hill Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Kroger Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Meijer Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Food Lion Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Bloom Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Thrifty Maid Hot Dog Chili Sauce

10 OZ


Natural Balance Eatables dog food varieties:

Irish Stew with Beef Dog Food

15 OZ


Chinese Take Out with Sauce with Vegetables and Chicken Dog Food

15 OZ


Southern Style Dumplings with Gravy with Chicken and Vegetables
Dog Food

15 OZ


Hobo Chili with Chicken Pasta Dog Food

15 OZ


The agency is expanding its warning based in part on FDA test results and information obtained during a joint FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection of the Castleberry’s facility in Augusta, Ga.

Exposure to botulinum toxin can be fatal and two people in Texas and two people in Indiana remain seriously ill and hospitalized with botulism poisoning associated with eating Castleberry’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce.

While the previous recall and the known illnesses are linked to production dates of April 30 to May 22, 2007, the firm has extended the recall to include all products listed irrespective of “best by” date. The firm is cooperating with FDA in the recall of these products and has ceased processing and distribution.

In addition, Castleberry is recalling other products containing meat, which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA is also warning the public not to eat certain brands of Castleberry products containing meat. The list of these USDA-regulated products can be viewed at this link to the USDA website:

Consumers who have any of these products or any foods made with these products should throw them away immediately. Double bag the cans in plastic bags that are tightly closed then place in a trash receptacle for non-recyclable trash outside of the home. Additional instructions for safe disposal can be found at

Retailers that have any of these products are asked to assure that they are removed from use and do not accidentally get reintroduced for sale, service or donation.

Symptoms of botulism poisoning in humans can begin from 6 hours to 2 weeks after eating food that contains the toxin. Symptoms may include double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, and muscle weakness that moves progressively down the body, affecting the shoulders first then descending to the upper arms, lower arms, thighs, calves, etc. Botulism poisoning can also cause paralysis of the breathing muscles which can result in death unless assistance with breathing (mechanical ventilation) is provided. Individuals who show these symptoms and who may have recently eaten one of the Castleberry’s products currently under recall should seek immediate medical attention.

The disease has only been seen occasionally in dogs and has not been reported in cats. Ferrets are highly susceptible to botulinum toxin. The incubation period can be 2 hours to 2 weeks; in most cases, the symptoms appear after 12 to 24 hours. Botulism is characterized by progressive motor paralysis. Typical clinical signs may include muscle paralysis, difficulty breathing, chewing and swallowing, visual disturbances and generalized weakness may also occur. Death usually results from paralysis of the respiratory or cardiac muscles. Pet owners who have used these products and whose pets have these symptoms should contact their veterinarian immediately. At this time we are not aware of pet illnesses associated with these products although we recommend that all these products should be discarded.

Castleberry recommends consumers with any questions or concerns about this recall should go to Castleberry’s website ( or call Castleberry’s consumer hotline at 1-800-203-4412 or 1-888-203-8446.

Consumers with questions can call FDA at 1-888-SAFEFOOD.
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  1. Beth says:

    For: CONNIE IN RESPONSE TO JULY 21 @ 11:48 p.m.
    Connie–I just started a home prepared diet for my dogs with liver problems. I am following the Donald Strombeck diets.
    With all home-prepared diets you need to add the proper amt of vitamins and nutrients that don’t come with just chicken, fish, etc. (My receipe calls for the adition of bone meal and a multi-vitamin). I would hightly recommend Dr. Strombeck’s book: “Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets..A Healthful Alternative”. I bought a “used” copy from Yahoo. My dogs love their new diet. A wee bit a “pain” to prepare, but I’m doing it for their health.

  2. Mrs. P. says:

    Were those independent evaluators the ones mentioned in that FDA hearing a few days ago? Those unlicensed, unaccredited labs that give the food companies the answers they pay for. And can anyone explain how an expanded can produces botulism spores? The spores are supposed to be dead in the first place.

  3. menusux says:

    Just chatted with eBay re the NB Eatables as there are 2 varieties for sale there. Also gave them the list of the people food being recalled, as some of that might be offered there too. Guess it takes the Itchmo folks to get everything under control ;-).

  4. Natur-hell Balance says:

    I certainly don’t think NB does the right thing. The right thing to them is all about $$.

    The Venison varieties were the first recalled in April (April 17th) and are not back on the market yet. Meanwhile, many of NB’s other varieties (chicken, beef, lamb) which were recalled afterwards, are already back on the market. If the venison allergy formula had a larger targeted audience ($$ for NB) I am sure it would have been back first. The right thing to do, would have been for NB to get the Venison varieties back first, (not only because it was recalled first) but most importantly because many pets with allergies are dependant on it and can’t eat other meats, and we were the most affected group b/c of the recall, only in terms of having very limited choice of replacement diets due to lack of other venison grainless diets on the market now, all of which NB is fully aware of. Unlike their chicken, beef or lamb varieties, once that recall occured, those customers had their choice of any chicken, beef, or lamb variety from any other company. Personally, I think NB’s priority should have been getting the venison back on the market for those pets who are dependant on it, not by choice but by necessity for their health.

    Since the pet food recall, we all have been living in fear of harming our pets with food, but being a pet parent of a severely allergic cat, it has been extremely difficult. He has been sick since April - not due to toxins in the food but due to allergic reactions to the other venison varities we had to try, and had to switch b/c of allergic reactions, until we have run out of food options. When he refused to eat a venison variety, or began vomiting and got very sick on each one, resulting in not knowing if it was an allergic reaction or poisoning resulting in frantic vet visits and thousands of dollars in vet bills for testing and treatments - all because of allergic reactions from changing his food. We are now stuck in a situation where there is no other venison variety left to try, (and he is severely allergic to all other meats and grains, including rice, potatoes and barley to name a few, and raw and home cook is not an option) and my boy remains sick eating a venison diet - the one he has had the least allergic reaction to, but is still vomiting, and on medication for his itchy skin and gastro problems. It breaks my heart, and I met others online from forums, who are in the same situation as me and haven’t been able to find a replacement venison diet their cat could tolerate and are suffering as well. I am thankful however that my cat is alive, as many have lost their pets due to the recall, and my thoughts and prayers go out to them, but this is the reality of having a severely allergic pet that needs to be known. As much as I HATE and do not trust NB, unfortunately and fortunately their venison and dry cat food formula was the only diet he could tolerate eating and was completely healthy on and medication free, and I anxiously await its return, for my cats sake. I have no other choice now.

    I have been desparately trying to find out information for months, from NB as to when the venison and dry will be back on the market, and IF it will be back to the original formula and no one, not even the president will answer this question. Meanwhile, the president has told me himself that NB is coming out with a NEW allergy formula - duck and pea dry that will be out in early August! I was even offered a free bag! I find it very strange that he won’t answer these questions about the venison and pea dry food. Hopefully other people can benefit from the duck and pea diet, but my cat is severely allergic to duck, and I am really outraged that they have spent time to create a new formula that will be out soon, when they had one allergy formula recipe (venison) that worked, that was recalled first and there isn’t any sign of it’s return.

    There is no mention of the new duck and pea formula on their website, and if you call customer service they will not answer any questions about it. I don’t know, I just have a sneaky suspicion that NB are either replacing the venison with the duck vareity or coming out with the duck first. It doesn’t make sense to me, and one customer service rep, when asked why is it taking so long for the venison and pea to come back, told me because they are changing the name of it. To which I replied, to what, pea and venison? I could be wrong, but I suspect the name change will be the entire formula change - duck and pea. So there’s a headsup for anyone who is waiting for the venison and pea dry to come back.

    I just wish and pray while NB is screwing around, that another natural pet food companies would take advantage of this and come out with venison and green pea varieties. I cringe at the thought of having to support NB again. They should get their priorities in order -

  5. 5CatMom says:

    When the recall first happened, Natural Balance assured me that their food was safe because they did their own testing.

    Here is an excerpt of an email from NB:

    “We also have our OWN quality control over seeing any manufacturing/production of our products. Further, all of our products are tested prior to production, after production, and then once again at our facility before the product ever leaves for distribution.”

    In addition to the email, I talked with NB 3 times on the phone and was repeatedly told that their food was safe because THEY TEST.

    After their food was recalled, I contacted them again and learned that the FDA was doing the testing. Why? NB had no test department, no test supervisor and no test technician. They were relying on their contract companies to perform the testing.

    So I agree with KimS. NB is messed up because they don’t seem to know the difference between saying “we test” and “we delegate our testing”.

    Regarding the Castleberry recall, it would be interesting to know if their manufacturing processes have changed. Have the cooking temperatures or times been tweaked to compensate for the steadily rising cost of energy?

    On a slightly different subject, epidemiologists in Britain concluded that Mad Cow Disease moved from the rendering process, into cattle feed, into cows, and finally into pets and people because of a change in the rendering process. “They discovered that the combination of lowering the processing temperature and abandoning solvent extraction had protected the hardy BSE agent from inactivation and thus spread the disease.”

    —Quote from “Deadly Feasts” by Richard Rhodes, Simon & Schuster

  6. straybaby says:

    Natur-hell Balance says:
    July 22nd, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    have you tried home prepared even though you say it’s not an option? they do have allergy recipes, and if you went raw, you can order venison. it’s obviously something else in the formulas, so if you went pure, you may find that your kitty can eat more varieties. some pets that have poultry and other reactions can eat it raw. with all the crap they have to add back in after processing, you have a whole host of allergens that you wouldn’t have on home prepared.

    why is it not an option? seems like it could save you a bundle in vet bills and stress if it works. not to mention having a healthy kitty.

  7. Pit Bull Lover says:

    FACT - Richard, traditionally a boy’s name, is frequently shortened to the following nicknames, among others:


    Hm… I wonder if “Rich” the Natural Balance defender/poster is, like Dick Van Patten, 78 (not 80) years old?

    Just wondering!

  8. Krista says:

    Reading between the lines.. something is just not right here… and it appears to be the BEEF…

    So, Castlebrry is claiming a possible malfunction in their processing as of 2 months ago? A BATCH came out too hot… a single batch.. okaaaaaaaaaay…

    But now - they have forgone the best buy dates? - extending them… and including all MEAT products only, that they can…. (they can other stuff)

    quote -
    In addition, Castleberry is recalling OTHER PRODUCTS CONTAINING MEAT , which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA is also warning the public not to eat certain brands of Castleberry products containing MEAT.. The list of these USDA-regulated products can be viewed at this link to the USDA website:

    SO WHY IS IT ALL MEAT PRODUCTS ONLY EFFECTED BY a one day malfunction? you could not produce all those different brands in one day! ESPECIALLY AFTER SHUTTING DOWN…- production was halted according to their explaination (see below)

    Off the MSNBC report:

    quote -

    Indeed, the company experienced a production problem about two months ago, when cans were being overheated — which can cause them to expand enough to allow in contamination — before being cooled, spokesman Dave Melbourne said. Production was HALTED until the foods being canned at the time could be checked.

    THEY CAN SEAFOOD TOO, obviously the cannery worked okay for that since April… SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MEAT?????? Where’s the beef and what is wrong with it?

  9. Pukanuba says:

    Probably the meat is from China…..rather than saying that China’s contaminated food has now entered the human food supply, let’s call it botulism & snow the American people yet one more time.

    We will never know what REALLY poisoned our pets & why there are still major problems with commercial pf, now creeping into our food. I bet you’ll see more & more recalls of human food now that China is exporting just about everything that’s in our foods & vitamins. You can thank W & his band of merry thieves.

    Nothing but lies, more lies & coverups.

  10. Jenny Bark says:

    5CatMom & KimS
    I got the same e-mail as you plus lots more. I made many calls, just did not know how to put it on this thread. I thought I did my homework but all I got was sick babies. I can’t say how much I dislike NB & Iams every time I do my posts get rejected. My husband would divorce me if I ever brought any of it home. No money from us for the rest of our lives. They do have good pr people. See my early post at 8:49 am.

  11. bewildered says:

    they can sell the recalled crap to plastic surgeons for Botox injection

  12. straybaby says:

    I’d like to see the test results . .

    “The agency is expanding its warning based in part on FDA test results and information obtained during a joint FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection of the Castleberry’s facility in Augusta, Ga.”

    Meat could also be from Mexico.

  13. Beth says:

    You Guys!! Botulism is a bacteria that wasn’t introduced into these cans of food as a conspiracy to kill the public or to deceive the public like melamine to fictiously raise the protein level in our pet food. Botulism happens and the problem lies in IMPROPER canning procedures at the factory.
    Remember the botulusim scares several times in years-gone-by with green beans? Clostridium Botulinum is a soil bacteria. If it is harvested and canned then it multiplies (because C.Botulinum) thrives in the “absence of air” (called an anerobic bacteria).
    High temperatures combined with high pressure during the canning process is the safeguard to killing this bacteria. The fault lies with the company that was doing the canning.

  14. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just called My daughter and she said they have been pulling stuff off the shelves since Mon.? I thought the FDA just found out about it?
    Thanks so much to Itchmo for letting us all know what’s going on again. Don’t know where We’d without you .

  15. Sandy says:

    Beth is correct .

    Also dogs and cats with allergies do not have them to CERTAIN types of Venison you are either allergic to it or not. One can make their own some peas and venison. I will never feed this companies food..I decided that MONTHS ago……They can come out with all the NEW foods they want..I am done with them

    HOWEVER, I credit them because THEY HAVE RECALLED PETFOODS…I know of 2 companies (I will not name them) who NEED to recall but haven’t. So people think its safe..I would rather have some company ADMIT an issue then deny they have issues when we can see lab reports and pictures of crap in their foods all over the web…and in the Itchmo forums

  16. Boot says:

    Thanks itchmo. Regarding the cat Venison and Pea mentioned above, it is inexcusable to add rice protein concentrate to an allergy formula that specifically states “no grains”. NB could have added a sticker to the label, for example, notifying the addition of rice. But again, an allergy formula that states no grains, should have no grains! An allergy formula is for very sensitive cats and dogs!

  17. straybaby says:

    Beth, if that is the case, how would the cans being too hot come into play? and can a soil bacteria be in meat also? sorry, i’m not up on my Botulism these days ;) the original manufacturing issue sounds plausible, but i would think excess heat would kill it vs a manufacturing error of not enough heat. and just wondering about the meat angle?

  18. Steve says:

    The bottom line is the Pet Food Industry is AFRAID to debate us on the ISSUES we are raising.

    Nothings Changed

    They can’t even remember or keep their lies straight.

  19. jeandiata says:

    Regarding the venison - NB may be trying to avoid any potential future problems by eliminating the product from their line.

    Deer are susceptible to Chronic Wasting Disease (similar to Mad Cow) and it’s spreading. All it would take is one problem with undercooking the venison.

    Now why NB wouldn’t just say that this CWD is a concern and until they have a guaranteed untainted meat supply and a foolproof cooking method, they will not make the product…well - that is beyond my comprehension.

  20. Jenny Bark says:

    I’m sorry I don’t buy any of it . I grow most of my vegies and freeze or can all of them.I don’t know that much but I know how to keep my family safe. You can get botulism in anything you can meat, fruit, vegies. In home canning you have to let the food cool, without touching or moving it for 24 hr., then it will either be sealed or not. If the lid is not indented and is raised you have to either reprosses or put in ref. & use right away. I read either in my canning books or on tv that botulism is very rare for commercial canners now a days & that home canners account for the botulism deaths, about 24 a year. One of you should be able to find out if I’m right about the #. It is very important what the temp is, how long to cook, presser or water bath, # of presser , freshness of food and cooling time. Commercial canners have had this down pat for years, most home canners get in trouble by not using good fresh food, not keeping things clean or using old cook books. For instance they have changed the acid leval of tom. so much that if you use an old book & don’t add lemon juice to it you can get botulism.
    They know what happened we will proberly never know as usual. I seen on cnn it’s up to 80 brands. I don’t believe a commercial canners can that many brands in one day. For right now I’ll believe the canner untill I find out different and they wern’t truthful. I kind of thick it was something bad in the food for it to affect 80 brands but who knows. I will never believe NB because they where not truthfull before so why would I believe them now. I glad the USDA is on the case too maybe different this time. I do believe the food wasn’t checked.

  21. Mike says:

    Odd this is not on Petco’s or Petsmart’s websites……..

  22. Mike says:

    Petco trade show is in a few weeks, I’ll let you know if anything comes up there…

  23. Natur-hell Balance says:

    re: Sandy says:

    July 22nd, 2007 at 8:21 pm
    Beth is correct .

    Also dogs and cats with allergies do not have them to CERTAIN types of Venison you are either allergic to it or not. One can make their own some peas and venison


    It is not as simple as buying venison and peas! If it was, everyone would make their own home cooked food and the pet food industry would be out of business. One needs to be very careful with a sensitive pet with diseases as well as for anyone when home cooking meals or raw that the requirements are all met otherwise the animal can get very sick or die. Supplements that other people can add, have ingredients my cat can not take. Even right now, he is slightly constipated and I would like to add more fiber but when we tried that before, he ended up back in hospital, and any change can upset his gastrointestinal system. He won’t eat his current food with peas added to it. I am stocked up on organic peas and he won’t eat it. He has had reactions to medications used to treat him. It is not easy caring for a sick pet who has special needs, not only is he very sensitive, and has severe allergies (not only to food) he has several other diseases including inflammatory bowel disease. Raw food - although some people have has success with raw for inflammatory bowel disease, were not also dealing with the illnesses my cat has.

    Of course I have researched extensively all options, and discussed them with his specialists. For example RAW VENISON from Nature’s Variety - is not an allergy formula. It also has lamb in it (which my boy is allergic to) and chicken eggs and way too many other allergens and ingredients, that are known and can cause reactions in senstive pets. If a pet is allergic to venison, they are allergic to venison - but one formula can have other ingredients in it, or the way it is processed, the preservative etc, that can cause an allergic reaction. For example, my cat is allergic to the NB venison and green pea canned, but not the dry. There is something in the canned that is different than the dry - there are 3 different types of oils (preservatives) in it, and cranberries and flax seeds that are not in the dry food. We do not know exactly what it is, but their canned formula he vomited, had gastro problems and itching like crazy and bumps all over his body. That is why (as Boot said) you don’t add RPC to a grainless formula and changing even one ingredient can cause an allergic reaction to a cat, or can cause them to stop eating it. It was stupid and irresponsible in my opinion for NB to have done that. I know before when my cat was on a diet and after about 6 months stopped eating it, we couldn’t understand why and then our vet found out they changed their preservative - from one oil to another type and many of his patients cats stopped eating it to. I guess this applies for anyone’s cat, they don’t do well with changes in diets like dogs do.

    Believe me, I HATE Natural Balance but all I know is that my boy was severely sick (as he is now) for the first few years of his life. He was supposed to be on medication for the rest of his life, to treat his allergies and diseases. Only by switching to Natural Balance venison and pea dry food, he became healthy within days and medication free, which lasted until the recall, so this has been a nightmare and devastating to us. NB should not be spending all this time making a new duck and pea formula, and packaging etc to have on the market in August when the venison formula was in demand and they already have the recipe, and it is a necessity for many pets and there is no sight of its return. I would love nothing else to find an alternative but I also want my boy healthy again and I know, at least their V & P formula before the recall, my cat was healthy on and he loved it.

  24. Jenny Bark says:

    Trudy if your daughter said they been pulling stuff since Monday I would believe her. That makes more sense to me.

  25. Jenny Bark says:

    WTAE news just said it’s up to 90 brands now. Confirmed what I said about commercial canners & botulism. No botulism by commercial canners since 1970’s. Said 4 brands of dog food but not what kinds. Said food is still in the stores everywhere in our area. Stores said they are not getting notice. FDA said they where reacting fast and are on top of it. I know what we all think of that last statement.

  26. Amie says:

    Thanks Itchmo for the updates. My dog eats the Irish Stew and haven’t noticed any changes with her. I also mix it up with the Ultra. It’s a shame that NB has had so many recalls but I don’t think they go out and try to harm our pets like some suggest. I’m sure people who work there also have their pets on NB and are probably not notified until the company is. I really don’t see why they would wait to say something after the other recalls.

    I did get an email from CLUB NB on there sit informing me about the recall. I called in and people were even there today. If they didn’t care about our babies they would’nt have been there so that has to say something. I am losing faith in this company but I hope they can come back from all of this.

  27. Krista says:

    I just called the plant and the recall is for over 90 products - all meat varities, human and pet. I asked about their other canned products like chicken, tuna, seafood and she said they were fine, no recall on them. I asked how long for the dates and she didn’t know at first. So I said what about if it is one year old and she said yes… two years old and she said yes..

    Off the Castleberry website….

    Complete List of Recalled Items

    Brand Product Can Size UPC Barcode
    Austex Beef Stew 15oz 30300 90815
    Austex Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 91015
    Austex Chili with Beans 19oz 30300 92519
    Austex Chili no Beans 15oz 30300 97715
    Austex Chili no Beans 19oz 30300 97719
    Austex Onion Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 30300 97101
    Austex Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 30300 99533
    Best Yet Chili with Beans 15oz 4218740842
    Best Yet Corned Beef Hash 15oz 4217841082
    Big Y Chili with Beans 15oz 18894 80425
    Big Y Chili no Beans 15oz 18894 80424
    Big Y Corned Beef Hash 15oz 18894 80225
    Black Rock Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 01715
    Bloom Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 25439 92448
    Bryan Chili no Beans 10oz 53400 35264
    Bryan Chili no Beans 15oz 53401 30200
    Bryan Chili with Beans 15oz 53400 30205
    Bryan Corned Beef Hash 15oz 53400 30110
    Bryan Hot Dog Chili Sauce with Beef 10oz 53400 30010
    Bunker Hill Chili no Beans 10oz 75266 04112
    Bunker Hill Spicier Chili no Beans 10oz 75266 04224
    Bunker Hill Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 75266 04152
    Castleberry’s Barbecue Pork in Barbecue Sauce 10oz 30300 00402
    Castleberry’s Barbecue Pork in Barbecue Sauce 14.5oz 30300 00415
    Castleberry’s Barbecue Beef 10oz 30300 00602
    Castleberry’s Beef Stew 15oz 30300 00815
    Castleberry’s Brunswick Beef Stew Chicken & Beef 15oz 30300 00315
    Castleberry’s Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 01015
    Castleberry’s Chili no Beans 10oz 30300 07701
    Castleberry’s Chili no Beans 15oz 30300 07715
    Castleberry’s Corned Beef Hash 15oz 30300 00915
    Castleberry’s Creamed Chip Beef Gravy 10oz 30300 05150
    Castleberry’s Georgia Hash 15oz 30300 00215
    Castleberry’s Hot Chili with Beans 15oz 3030007217
    Castleberry’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 3030007218
    Castleberry’s Onion Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 30300 07101
    Castleberry’s Sausage Gravy 10oz 30300 05130
    Cattle Drive Beef Stew 15oz 30300 01530
    Cattle Drive Chicken Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 01525
    Cattle Drive Chili no Beans 15oz 30300 01520
    Cattle Drive Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 01515
    Firefighters Chicken Chili with Beans 15oz 73725 00413
    Firefighters Chili with Beans 15oz 73725 00411
    Firefighters Chili no Beans 15oz 73725 00412
    Food Club Corned Beef Hash 15oz 36800 80204
    Food Club Chili with Beans 15oz 36800 80504
    Food Club Chili no Beans 15oz 36800 80404
    Food Lion Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 35826 06911
    Goldstar Original Chili 10oz 24575 00001
    Goldstar Chili 15oz 24575 00005
    Goldstar Tex-Mex Chili with Beans 15oz 24575 00008
    Great Value (Canada Only) Hot Chili with Beans 15oz 81131 79995
    Great Value (Canada Only) Chili with Beans 15oz 81131 79994
    Kroger Chili with Beans 15oz 11110 83930
    Kroger Chili no Beans 15oz 11110 83908
    Kroger Beef Stew 15oz 11110 83928
    Kroger Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 11110 83942
    Lowes Foods Chili with Beans 15oz 41643 01097
    Lowes Foods Chili no Beans 15oz 41643 01092
    Lowes Foods Corned Beef Hash 15oz 41643 01094
    Meijer Chili with Beans 15oz 41250 95221
    Meijer Chili no Beans 15oz 41250 95220
    Meijer Corned Beef Hash 15oz 41250 95229
    Meijer Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 41250 85862
    Morton House Chili With Beans Beef & Chicken 15oz 75266 65829
    Morton House Chili With Beans Beef & Chicken 15oz 75266 65993
    Morton House Corned Beef Hash 15oz 75266 65830
    Paramount Chili with Beans 15oz 75266 00732
    Paramount Chili no Beans 15oz 75266 00731
    Paramount Hot Dog Chili Sauce 15oz 75266 00510
    Paramount Chili Hot Dog Chili 15oz 75266 00526
    Piggly Wiggly Chili no Beans 10oz 41290 37355
    Piggly Wiggly Chili no Beans 15oz 41290 37354
    Piggly Wiggly Chili with Beans 15oz 41290 37252
    Piggly Wiggly Corned Beef Hash 15oz 41290 37357
    Prudence Corned Beef Hash 15oz 41141 00015
    Southern Home Chili no Beans 10oz 38259 48713
    Southern Home Chili no Beans 15oz 07880 15340
    Southern Home Chili with Beans 15oz 07880 15341
    Southern Home Corned Beef Hash 15oz 07880 15359
    Steak ‘n Shake Chili with Beans 10oz 51844 00120
    Thrifty Maid Chili with Beans 15oz 21140 21370
    Thrifty Maid Corned Beef Hash 15oz 21140 21375
    Thrifty Maid Hot Dog Chili Sauce 10oz 21140 21367
    Triple Bar Chili no Beans 15oz 30300 05805
    Triple Bar Chili with Beans 15oz 30300 05804
    Triple Bar Chili with Beans Slow Cooked 15oz 30300 05801
    Value Time Beef and Chicken Chili with Beans 15oz 11225 42159

    Canned Pet Food Products

    Brand Product Can Size UPC Barcode
    Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Irish Stew With Beef,
    Potatoes & Carrots 15oz 23633 59860
    Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Chinese Take Out With
    Sauce With Vegetables and Chicken 15oz 23633 59861
    Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs HOBO Chili with
    Chicken & Pasta 15oz 23633 59863
    Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Southern Style Dumplings
    With Chicken & Vegetables 15oz 23634 59862

  28. Jenny Bark says:

    Good job Thank you. Looks like beef & pork. One thing that doesn’t add up yet, WTAE said 90 brands too but said that included Giant Eagle brand & they are not on your list from the company. America shure is in trouble.

  29. Sandy says:

    Trust me Natur-hell Balance I DO know I have sick pets too with allergies. I would never ever trust NB again after the Venison issue number 1. That is my fear for you and others in the same spot. Ya know they add so much junk that is not good or needed. That one sadly has to start all over. I also feel and its my opinion that the vitamins they add are really not needed. If they used GOOD food inside the bags they would not have to add China’s crap to it.

  30. straybaby says:

    Natur-hell Balance says:
    July 22nd, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    have you tried buffalo?

    or this venison formula?

    or from bravo you can get venison and make your own:

    they also have other meat grinds that may work:

  31. 5CatMom says:

    I’m sure those of you with allergic cats are way ahead of me on this, but here’s some info I’d like to share.

    I once had a cat who had occasional vomiting during the night. When he vomited, it was a small amount and clear (contained no food). He had no itching or other symptoms that are usually associated with food allergies.

    To make a long story short, we wound up with him at a specially vet center and saw lots of doctors. One doctor diagnosed a food allergy, but wanted further testing in order to eliminate any potential underlying condition.

    We did lots of testing including radiographs and a GI biopsy. The diagnostic tests revealed small cell lymphoma of the GI tract.

    This website has more on the subject:

    We were devastated to get the cancer diagnosis after initially believing our boy had a food allergy.

    Hope this may be helpful to some.

  32. Natur-hell Balance says:

    Thank you for the links but as I previously mentioned, raw food is not an option for us.

    So sorry 5catmom to hear about your cat’s cancer diagnosis. Before any treatment for allergies and inflammatory bowel disease began, he did have an endocscopy and biopsy to rule out cancer. As far as I know, you can not diagnose food allergies without having a biopsy, as there can be many other causes of inflammatory cells, and it is important to have proper testing done.

  33. 5CatMom says:

    Natur-hell Balance,

    Thanks for your kind words. That was several years ago, and even with chemo, we weren’t able to save him.

    Something definitely seems to have gone “blooey” with the health of our pets. When I was a child, cats and dogs lived healthy lives well into their teens and only had one trip each year to the vet for a rabies shot.

    Fast forward 50 years, and I find that being a “cat mom” has been an educational experience. We’ve had a heart murmur, pancreatitis, and two different cancers (renal lymphoma and small cell lymphoma).

    Silly me, but I continue to be surprised at the aliments that affect so many pets. Way too many allergies, kidney problems, cancers and genetic disorders.

    Sure hope you find some foods that will work for your kitty. Lots of good info gets posted here, so maybe something will turn up.

    Will keep your kitty in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, guess what just happened to Me? And I thought I was being so careful. First, remember I lost 3 cats to food and one very sick dog? also i live where I can’t get much in the pet food . so, I am trying to make homemade for the cats and dogs. I also give the cats some canned because I want to make sure they get enough vitamins.
    I have a cat who is 20 years old. She was at the vets last week, because she won’t stay hidrated. She has an appoiment for this Fri. to have some bad teeth out. So, she is on antibiotics, and I give Her fluids every day. I bought Her a can of Friskies, the special diet for urninary problems. as i opened the can and gave it to Her, I saw something black in it. So I looked all through the food and pulled out this funny black peice of plastic. At least it looks like plastic. I took the food away from Her and put the piece in a baggie. What in the world is going on? This cat has lived to be 20 and now some strange thing in Her food? What is it, I wonder? I hate the PFI. I am so upset I feel like screaming and crying at the same time. Haven’t We all been through enough? My God, this cat has made it to 20 , i’d like for Her to keep on going. So, they are Still putting things in the food. and no one gives a damn, and no one is going to stop them. I’m going to go out of My mind.

  35. Shana says:

    I bought some NB canned cat food on 7/18 Wed. It was the seafood one with the Blue label. I gave my boys half of the can. The next day one or both of my cats got sick several times. I didnt think anything of it and gave them the rest of the can on Fri 7/20. Some time before Sat morning someone got sick again. With all the recalls and this latest one even though It doesnt include cat food. I am afraid and frustrated. How can we know what we are feeding our babies is safe. I can not make their food myself, I dont have the time or resources to make sure it is done properly and balanced. I just want someone to step up to the plate and do what it takes to make sure the food they are selling is safe.

  36. susan says:

    Has anyone had any problems with the new Beneful prepared dog food?

  37. Bill says:

    How come at the FDA Hot Topics Pet Food Recall where is says updated July 23rd,there is no mention of the Natural Balance dog food recall.
    The last entry is late May

  38. 5CatMom says:

    Shana says:
    July 23rd, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    “How can we know what we are feeding our babies is safe?”


    I’m assuming you don’t have a special needs kitty, and therefore have limitied choices, but here goes (and I don’t mean to sound like a broken record):

    1. You can improve your odds by NOT using food from companies that have EVER been involved in a recall. Even though a specific food has not been recalled, if other foods by that company have been recalled, then don’t use their food - any of it.

    Here’s why. Within a PF company, the common denominator between their foods is the management team. Managers that creates quality standards for one food create quality standards for the other. The only difference is packaging and marketing hype.

    2. You can improve your odds by not buying brands that are “made” by multi-national, publicly held corporations.

    The customers of such companies are their stockholders and NOT pet owners who buy their food. Their top priority is the bottom line of their P&L statement, so they want to sell the cheapest food for the highest price. “High quality” and “healthful” are words used by their marketing departments.

    3. You can improve your odds by avoiding companies that refuse to answer your questions with facts.

    Call the company and ask them who makes their food, what is their testing protocol, how do they qualify their suppliers. Ask to speak to their quality assurance manager.

    4. You can improve your odds by avoiding companies that delegate their manufacturing and quality assurance to contract companies.

    Just to name a few, Menu Foods, American Nutrition, and Diamond are all contract companies that provide food to the BIG BRANDS. Apparently, contracts between the parties were not robust enough to prevent tainted ingredients or substituted ingredients from contaminating the brand.

    Companies that are serious about food MAKE THEIR OWN. Let’s face it, not everyone should be in the pet food business.

    IMHO, there are no perfect foods. We can only try to manage the risk by being informed consumers.

  39. 5CatMom says:

    Bill says:

    July 23rd, 2007 at 5:25 pm

    “How come at the FDA Hot Topics Pet Food Recall where is says updated July 23rd,there is no mention of the Natural Balance dog food recall.
    The last entry is late May”

    Bill, it’s because the FDA are a bunch of morons.

  40. Jenny Bark says:

    Lou Dobbs is suppose to expose something real big about our meat tonight at 6 pm on cnn. I hope it’s true. Please pass the word around in case it is as big as they say. Thank you. Have to go, be back.

  41. Trudy Jackson says:

    Jenny Bark , when You find out, please let Me know. thanks,

  42. Sandy says:

    Natur-hell Balance Ask your vet to run a RAST test. It is a blood test that will show what your cat really IS allergic to. It may be many things.

  43. 5CatMom says:

    Natur-hell Balance,

    Don’t know if this will help, but I found some canned venison and other game meats by Evangers.

    It would be a great thing if another company would come out with something to replace NB’s venison and green pea for allergic cats.

    The only foods I’ve found are the Royal Canin ones, and Royal Canin has had their own recall problems. However, my brother uses one of their dog foods for an allergic German Shepard, and he’s had good luck with it.

  44. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just ordered Lou Dobbs’ book. Have any of You read it? Is it any good? I hope so.

  45. Bill says:

    Regarding where to look for pet food not involved with a company that has had a recall, has no dealings what-so-ever with Menu Foods, Diamond or any of the others from the March recall days, and are not involved with multi-nationals, check out these two all Canadian Companies that are family run and almost everything is home grown in Canada

  46. 5CatMom says:


    Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out. If you find anything that’s venison and green pea, please let us know.

    I wrote emails to several companies last night. Hopefully, one of them can create such a formula for highly alergic pets.

  47. FDA Orders Shutdown Of Castleberry Food Plant | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] Foods produces Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs. (Natural Balance also recalled cans of Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs for possible botulism risk during the canned chili […]

  48. nicky says:


    I would like to know if Natural Balance is now safe for pets?

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