Need A Dog Runner?

Dog Runner

Many people have dog walkers, so their dogs can relieve themselves or get a little outside time when owners are hard at work. But now, there is a new trend that may leave dog walkers in the dust — dog runners. Instead of having a low-key walk, dog runners are taking dogs out for a run around the neighborhood, so the hyperactive dog can get some much needed exercise and work off some of that steam.

“Many people have come to understand that their dog needs more exercise than they can provide,” said Dr. Monica Clare, a critical care specialist at the Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Los Angeles. “Dog walking is fine, but some dogs need more exercise. Dog runners provide it.”

Seth Chodosh, a founder of Running Paws in Manhattan, has 150 dog-running clients a week, and his business is increasing 20 percent a year. “Some people call us because their dog is overweight and needs to lose pounds,” Mr. Chodosh said. “Others’ dogs are too hyper and need to run off excess energy.”

Dog running companies typically charge $28 to $40 for a 30-45 minute run, while free lance dog runners usually charge a little less. Many dog runners are marathoners.

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Many clients of dog runners say that their dog comes back healthier, happier and they seem more stimulated and don’t tear up the house as much when they have that physical workout.

There are potential problems with dog running and vets advise to have your dog examined before you start your dog on a regular workout.

Dr. Clare, a veterinarian in Los Angeles, said, “Big stupid young dogs — Labs, Dalmatians, goldens — can never get enough exercise, but dog runners aren’t for every dog.” English bulldogs, for example, aren’t built to run much, she said.

In addition, she warned, “Dogs with orthopedic problems or airway diseases called laryngeal paralysis — the airway doesn’t open adequately — can be harmed if they are run too much.”

Before hiring a dog runner, Dr. Clare says, pet owners should have dogs examined by a vet, who should check for bad knees, bad backs, bad hips and breathing problems. “Dogs with these problems shouldn’t be run,” she said. “Hard running can exacerbate them.”

Running Paws say that they check dogs’ paws before, during and after a run to make sure they are not overheating. Runners also carry water for the dogs and they start out slow to ease dogs into the routine.

Some runners say that dog running is challenging especially when dogs go after bikes because “you’re running through the park and a hundred-pound Lab takes off in one direction and a bull mastiff in another.”

9 Responses to “Need A Dog Runner?”

  1. Bridgett says:

    I wish someone would run me!

  2. 3FURS says:

    Maybe, take one dog at a time ??

  3. Bridgett says:

    You would have to have evenly matched dogs to do this. No mixing chihuahuas with Rotts.

  4. dog collar addict says:

    what a cool idea! the marathon runner need to train & the dogs need a run. it’s a perfect match!!

  5. straybaby says:

    150 clients a week?! OY! I just got REAL tired!!!!

    Hopefully the Mastiff and Lab are from the same family. Don’t think I would want someone running my dog with another unless they already had a history together.

    Note to Dr. Clare: Dalmatians are NOT stupid!!! Even when young. Far from it. *sheesh*

  6. Avitania says:

    There is a new Seattle company dedicated to dog running: :) I only wish they served my area in Capitol Hill!

  7. kaefamily says:

    My lit’ doggie is too slow for me; my running partner is too fast for her dog AND me, at times. So her dog will be coming my running partner every other day. And my dog, he is a happy walker :-)

  8. Jogs For Dogs says:


    We noticed a comment about Jogs For Dogs, Seattle’s Dog Running Company!

    We are happy to announce that we do in fact service Capitol Hill and are constantly expanding!

    Please check us out at:

    -The Jogs For Dogs Team
    “Fitness Your Dog Needs For A Healthy And Happy Life”

  9. Jen Procter says:

    And now in Portland, Portland Dog Runner!
    Help me train for my next marathon!

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