New Products to Pamper Your Pet

PoolPupThe Global Pet Expo was recently held in March in Orlando, FL and showcased new pet products to pet merchandise buyers. Some of the new products that were shown were: Cat’s Den pet enclosure which keeps cats from running out in front of cars with tunnel-like cages that lead outdoors, Pool Pups makes steps for your dog to climb out of the swimming pool, Bamboo feed and toss bowls, a self-washing, self-flushing cat litter box, the biORB fish bowl which cleans itself, and of course pet clothing that will make him/her the hit of your town.

One Response to “New Products to Pamper Your Pet”

  1. TiaRachel says:

    I have a problem with the disposable bowls (it looks like “Bamboo” is the company name, not the material it’s made of). It looks like they’re just snap-in plastic liners that get thrown away or recycled when dirty. I can see how this would be a help for some people, and better for the pet than eating from a dirty bowl, but it’s still a lot of waste — and, coincidentally, you have to keep buying the inserts. Amazing how it just happens that you have to keep giving the company money to use their product…

    I use dishes that go in the dishwasher. Two bowls for the don’t-wake-me-up-at-3a.m. dry cat food, several small dishwasher-safe plates (um.. melamine, but this is the safe kind!) for the wet food. Cuts down on trash, I have wash the dishes anyway, and now that I’ve paid for them, that’s done. They’re not especially cute, but the cat doesn’t care. (And she drinks her water out of martini glasses. That is kinda cute, but what she knows is that they’re just the right height for her arthritic bones, and whenever I fill the glass, I use a new one, so they’re always clean.)

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