Lick Your Chops Recalls Dry Cat Food

Lick Your Chops is recalling their Kitten and Cat dry food in the 4 lb. and 18 lb. bags with a Best By date of 4/29/08, due to the possibility this product may have been cross-contaminated.

The food doesn’t contain any wheat gluten, corn gluten or rice protein concentrate, but “it was produced around the same time there may have been other products manufactured that contained rice gluten, even though tests on these products did not indicate any presence of contamination”.

These items are made by Chenango Valley. The New York Times is suggesting that more recalls from them could be on the way (reg. req.) — which is likely since tomorrow is Friday.

Meanwhile, Chenango Valley Pet Foods said it is expanding its pet food recall to include foods that do not contain the suspect rice protein concentrate but were manufactured during periods when the formulas were being processed. The company said the recall is precautionary, due to the possibility of cross contamination.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-610-821-0608.

The full press release after the jump.

(Thanks Steve and PetSitUSA)

May 17, 2007

To Our Valued Customers,

In conjunction with our dry pet food supplier and the FDA, as a precautionary measure we have decided to initiate a voluntary recall of our Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat dry food in the 4# and 18# bags with a Best By date of 4/29/08, due to the remote possibility this product may have been cross-contaminated.

Although the Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat food does not contain any Wheat, Rice or Corn Gluten protein, it was produced around the same time there may have been other products manufactured that contained rice gluten, even though tests on these products did not indicate any presence of contamination. Although all equipment is thoroughly cleaned at our manufacturer between production runs, to be on the safe side we are initiating this recall with your cat’s best interest at heart. There have been no occurrences of cats getting sick from this product.

We had previously initiated a voluntary recall on our Lamb meal, rice and egg cat dry cat food with a Best By date of 4/29/08. This was the only dry pet food we make containing rice gluten and this recall was also initiated as a precautionary measure. Since the recall we have removed the rice gluten from the Lamb meal, rice and egg dry cat food.

Again, the voluntary recall on the Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat Food with a Best By Date of 4/29/08 is a precautionary measure we are taking with the FDA and our supplier. All other date codes on the Kitten & Cat dry food, including the most recent production run with a Best By date of 7/25/08 are safe to feed.

The Lick Your Chops brand has been on the market for over 20 years and is one of the original natural pet foods offering consumers an alternative to the chemical preservatives, by-products and other inferior ingredients commonly found in commercial brand pet foods. We will continue to strive to make only the healthiest, natural products for pets.

If you have purchased a 4# or 18# bag of Kitten & Cat dry with the Best By date of 4/29/08 please discontinue use and return to the place of purchase. If you have any questions regarding this recall please send an e-mail to or call us at 1-800-542-4677. Thank you.


Michael Gagliardi

38 Responses to “Lick Your Chops Recalls Dry Cat Food”

  1. Steve says:

    Don’t tell me this company used Menu Plants also.

  2. elliott says:

    RICE gluten!!?? Is this aka RPC?

  3. Deb says:

    So, the Times ‘thinks’ there are more recalls on the way……What a surprise! Yep, tomorrow is Friday…….at about 4pm? How stupid do ‘these’ people think ‘we’ are?

  4. Sandy says:

    Sigh it just never ends does it :*(

  5. JollyCat says:

    This isn’t a Menu Foods issue, since Menu only makes wet foods. This is a strictly dry food recall and this doesn’t make any sense.

    The equipment is cleaned out well by their manufacturer. Well, from what the FDA is saying about the ‘dilution effect’ who is lying?

    Why does it keep feeling like it is getting harder and harder to figure out who is telling the truth and who is just covering their butt?

    Deb, I’m with you. Sigh. Another recall Friday?

  6. Dr. Annette says:

    JollyCat makes an important point. How do they think they can sell us “the dilution effect” when recalls now involve “cross contamination.”

  7. Katie says:

    You all forget, dry food has made dogs and cats sick. And, some have died from dry food.


  8. JollyCat says:

    Dry food has indeed killed some dogs and cats. But name ONE company who has recalled a food without the statement “there is no risk, no animals have been hurt” blah blah blah

    I’m talking specifically about this issue of “cross contamination” with equipment being so thoroughly cleaned out - and they have to recall the food anyway?? Then how is the FDA trying to sell dilution - how much more dilute can it be than it is NOT IN the food, equipment was cleaned out, I mean c’mon.

    Either is company isn’t forthcoming or something is just not adding up here.

    Yes, I know all too well dry food has made some sick and killed them. But there isn’t one company that will cop to it. All these recalls claiming no animals have been hurt.

    Scratching head. Then dilution IS a problem.

  9. petslave says:

    Oh I doubt they take the time to clean equipment thoroughly–too much time & money wasted. And if it is cross-contamination, then by no means are they doing much cleaning. Or it could just be that they (either the pet food company or the contracted mfr.) are just cutting the ‘good’ ingredients with these fillers to make more money.

    It’s been noted in several places on this websited & others that Timberwolf Organics most likely uses that plant for its dry food. Anyone have any ideas if they will have any recalls from this?

  10. straybaby says:

    ok, so how long since the cross contamination issue came up until they decided to do a precautionary recall even though they have no reason to believe, blah, blah, blah . . . .

    oh, and NO it will NOT be a 4PM recall. more like 11 PM.

    yes, i’m crabby.

  11. menusux says:

    Itchmo Admin: I believe I have another new recall here for Triumph’s Evolve Kitten Food:

    NOTICE To All Concerned Pet Owners:

    In the on-going FDA investigation of contaminated rice protein concentrate, the FDA has attempted to link other brands that might have possibly been affected due to potential cross contamination of ingredients. Evolve Kitten Food made on March 12, 2007 has now been included in this group.

    As of today, 99.4% of the 27,560 lbs. of product made on March 12, 2007 (Best Used By Sep 13 08) has been accounted for and removed from sale. Currently there is 168 lbs. that has not been accounted for. The above 168 lbs. is a total of 9 units in 3# and 7# sizes. Based on the date of manufacture, retail information, consumer contact and expected daily consumption, we strongly believe ALL remaining products from this date have been safely consumed with no adverse effects.

    The Evolve formulae do NOT contain any wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate, and the FDA tests confirmed that no melamine was present.

    As a valuable Evolve customer, we want you to be aware of this situation despite the fact no melamine have been found by independent testing. This action is a precautionary measure only, as there is no evidence to suggest these products in any way pose a health hazard.

    This action effects the March 12, 2007 manufacture date and product only. No other Evolve products have been or will be involved. Feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

  12. narcawi says:

    I give up. I am finding web sites with home made pet food recipes. I am going to make our own cat food. I figure next it will be our food going bad. This is our tax dollar in action?

  13. SMITH says:

    i feed canidae for my dog and felidae for my cat…seems so far all is well…and hers their most recent statement:

    Industry Recall Update for May 18, 2007

    In light of the unfortunate current pet food recall by other respectable pet food manufacturers, our phone lines and emails are tied up with concerned customers. We want you, our valued customer, to feel secure with the continued use of our products. CANIDAE® Pet Foods in no way is affected by the recall, nor are any of our products produced in any of the recalled production facilities.

    It appears from the latest news within our industry that all recalls are from Glutens imported from China, a protein source that is extracted from Wheat or Rice. The wheat or rice is not the issue, but the glutens extracted, stored, and then imported from China. Again, CANIDAE does not use Glutens in any form, and we do not import any ingredients from China or overseas.

    CANIDAE Pet Foods also does not produce cuts and gravies, pouches, and does not contain corn, wheat, soybeans, or Glutens in any of our products or formulations, and all ingredients are of US origin, meaning proudly raised and grown in the USA.

    Our heartfelt concerns go out to all those affected by the recall.

    CANIDAE Pet Foods

  14. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Friday says:

    […] Lick Your Chops dry kitten food […]

  15. YaYa says:

    Do you Food companies REALLY think “Cross-Contaminaton” “Sounds” BETTER???

    {Better than the truth? Better than what you should have done In the BEGINING- REMOVE your Whole lines off the Shelves???????}
    Think that’s supposed to save your Butts?

    Cross-Contamination S-P-E-L-L-S: DIRT/DIRTY!!!!!!!!

    So now it’s that you Do Not CLEAN your Equipment before, during or after Runs.
    It’s “Just” Dog/Cat food right?

    Filthiness is the excuse.

    Sounds GREAT!

    Boy We’ll just Hop right in line when you get it squared away, for the next Run of your Products! NOT!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay back there in MARCH {even Be-fore that!}the BEST MOVE would have been to DUMP **ALL** YOUR CRAP! PERIOD.

    Hey an Even Better Idea: IS TRUTHINESS!

    In the begining.

    We’re WELL Past the Begining!
    TOO S-L-O-W!

    But avoiding the Truth then; you’ve cut your own throats. I can Not Be-live NONE of YOU GET IT!

    Disgusting and Dirty!

    What a Lovely way to begin a: *FRIDAY*! {again}

    {boy next week is the Memorial Day weekend; I’m gonna Really worry just what might be Rolled-out for THAT Long bunch of days, the C-O-W-A-R-D-S!

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. justme says:

    ok, so who is their dry pet food supplier? and who else does that supplier make food for?

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks again to Itchmo for great work staying right on top of this before anyone else even hears about it.
    We encourage everyone feeding dry foods to consider Champion Pet Food products for total peace of mind safety: Canadian made, using Canadian human grade ingredients, NO outsourcing whatsoever, no Wheat/Corn/RPC/Glutens used in their plant at all, and because they make their own food, there won’t be cross contamination concerns from other foods. Orijen and Acana have rapidly become the #1 choice amongst our clients for this very reason, not to mention it’s great food as well.
    Champion Pet foods is so adamant about maintaining quality manufacturing that they actually refuse to produce a canned product, despite popular demand from their clients, because it would only be viable to have it manufactured by an outside source and they will not outsource their foods. “If we can’t make it ourselves, we won’t produce it”
    Not meant as a plug or advertisement for this food, just making readers aware that there is a manufacturer out there that goes above and beyond all others to ensure the safety of their food and of your pets.
    Creature Comfort Pet Emporium

  19. Kelly says:

    Doesn’t Chenango make the Natural Balance Organic Dry DOg Food line? I’m pretty sure that was what they sent me in an email response!!

  20. justme says:

    wasn’t champion involved in a bse incident a few years ago?

  21. NewCatFoodRecalls » Cat Blogosphere says:

    […] Lick Your Chops dry kitten food […]

  22. Susan says:

    Here’s the link:

  23. justme says:

    thanks for the link, Susan. so champion’s record is not quite so spotless, is it? does the labeling include a “go mad by” date?

  24. momkat says:

    This is way out of control.
    There’s a lot of homicidal greed going on here.
    Wellness has been having a problem for years with one of their plants using different ingredients. They wouldn’t admit it for the longest time. I kept calling because when I opened cans of the chicken formula, some had darker, different smelling food in them. My cats, at the time, all backed away from it and wouldn’t eat it. Every time I called Wellness about it, they had an excuse about it being made with a different crop of ingredients so the product varies. As I said, that was years ago….more than 5 years ago, because the cats we had then have all passed on from old age and we have 5 new cats.

    I decided to give them a try again about a month ago, and all was going well. Then yesterday, I opened a can and it was darker and smelled different and I recognized it. All 5 of my cats ate it, but the one with a grain allergy threw up all over the house. The can says “grain free” in a little yellow banner.
    I’VE GIVEN UP AND QUIT WELLNESS FOR GOOD THIS TIME. If they can’t tell the truth about what is going into their food, then I won’t feed it to my cats. Maybe they don’t use ingredients from China, but they don’t tell the truth about the cans from the plant that makes the darker recipe. They supply labels, but the plant making the darker food is using some ingredient not on the labels.
    There’s nothing to indicate that they care. I’ve called Old Mother Hubbard about this for years and they shrug it off.
    Be careful of Wellness! I don’t trust people once they’ve lied to me.

    This whole recall thing has made me wary of all things made in China and furious with the manufacturers in this country who are controlled by their greed and using China to make cheaper goods.
    We’re all at fault for this too. We want low prices.
    This recall has changed me. I’m even reading labels on our organic food more carefully, and if a can or package says “distributed by” and has no info about WHERE it was MANUFACTURED with US ingredients, I don’t buy it anymore. The water used to make simple syrup for canned fruit can be polluted….vegetables may not even be washed before preparing for canning or freezing and I avoid pesticides. Other countries have loose, if any regulations for sanitation in their plants and on their farms.
    Even large corporations like Dean/Horizon have become so large now, they use the “ORGANIC” label too loosely. Their cows are not free fed in fields anymore.
    When are WE going to make a difference and make the corporations listen to US! We’re the CUSTOMER…and I was always told that the ‘Customer is always right’!!!

    I’m boycotting Kraft dairy items, and most others, because they use imported milk protein concentrate instead of real milk in Velveeta and Kraft singles….if they do that…then they import a lot of other stuff too. It comes from CHINA!

    We can all moan and whine all we want here on a forum, but if we don’t start bugging our government representatives, then there won’t be any changes made.
    We all have a voice…if we all use it, we’ll make enough noise to make changes!!!
    It’s time to make the government realize that we want at least SOME of our tax dollars to benefit US and not be sent to fund an endless, futile war on the other side of the world!!
    whew….getting that off my chest felt GOOD!

  25. Ellie says:

    PLEASE NOTE: FDA has posted a Chenango Valley press release with MORE than just the Evolve and Lick Your Chops recalls. See


    The following dry pet foods are involved in this recall action:

    DOCTORS FOSTER & SMITH LAMB & BROWN RICE FORMULA ADULT DOG FOOD, NET WT. 6 LBS. (UPC 25141 28244), 15 LBS. (25141 30074), and 30 LBS. (UPC 25141 06043); Date Codes: Best By Feb 09 09 and Best By Feb 26 09;
    SHOP RITE REDI-MIXT DOG FOOD FOR DOGS, NET WT. 25 LB. (UPC 41190 00555), Date Code: Code C7107;
    LICK YOUR CHOPS KITTEN & CAT FOOD, NET WEIGHT 4 LBS. (UPC 32976 25915), and 18 LBS. (UPC 32976 25925); Date Code: Best Used By April 29 08;
    SHEP chunk style dog food, NET WT. 20 LBS. (UPC 41498 14142); Date Code: Best By March 14 08;
    8 in 1 Ferret ULTRA-BLEND ADVANCED NUTRITION DIET, NET WT. 20 LBS, UPC 26851 00413, Code: C7072;
    Bulk Lamb & Brown Rice Formula Dog Food, Date Code: Feb 09, 08, sold to one consignee SmartPak.
    Health Diet Cat Food Chicken & Rice Dinner NET WT. 1.81 kg/4 LB (UPC 78198 01594), 4 kg/8.8 LB (UPC 78198 01599), and 8 kg/17.6 LB (UPC 78198 01585); Code C7072;
    EVOLVE KITTEN FORMULA, NET WT. 3 LBS. (UPC 73657 00250) and 7 LBS. (UPC 73657 00251); Date Code: Best Used By Sept 13 08. Evolve has recovered 99.5% of the product from its distributors and is working with dealers to recover the remaining inventory.

  26. High Note says:

    My dog ate the tainted Alpo. I took him to the vet twice and got him checked and they told me twice that he was clear. He still would not eat. I noticed he seemed very hot. He is a collie. The only way I could get him to eat was by hand and begging. I took him back to the vet yesterday. He did some x rays and said his lungs were full of water. They said there was no hope for him. They said he probably had cancer. I found it strange that he had no trouble till this recall. He was eating fine. I ask the vet if this could be the tainted food and he said he did not think so. But I wonder.
    Now I do not just wonder about him, I wonder about all the pets. It sounds like to me that the FDA is more concerned about business then the consumer. If they do not release the tainted chickens, pork and fish into our food supply then they would have to pay all these farmers for the slaughter of them and that would be a very big expense. Yes they said that there was little risk to a man weighing so much and how he would have to consume so much to have it it harm him. But!!! They have not said how much a pet could consume before it harmed him. The cats may get sick consuming very little. Since this has not happened before there is no way of telling what harm it really could do.
    It these tainted chickens, pigs and fish get into our food supply, then it will also go into our animals food supply too!! And our childrens!! A baby certainly could not handle as much as a man could. But they only say what a full grown man can handle. Nothing about children, babies or pets!
    I am so very upset over all of this. All food should have been taken off the pet shelves and restocked! All of the tainted chickens, pigs and fish should be distroyed. This is the only way to be sure that no one is harmed in the future. yes they would have lost money distroying all of the chickens, pigs and fish but also look at all the money and time and expense they would have saved from the start. No testing of the animal products would have saved a lot of money. No testing of all these tainted chickens, pigs and fish. Just think of the money saved for stopping this! And the best part would have been that we all would have been safe and our pets would have been safe. Now, we all will have to wonder each time we pick up a can of pet food or pick up a chicken or pork product whether it is safe to eat or not. We all will wonder too!
    I buy this chicken that is not suppose to have any chemicals in it and I shop at the Dillons store near me. They have Tyson chicken all over the place but only a small selection of my favorite. When I went to the store this last time there was none to be found. No one else wants to by the Tyson chicken either. They all want the none chemical fed kind. This may be hard to find later on. I did buy Tyson for a while and I noticed it tasted different. It was tougher and it even seemed to have a grissel in it across the breast. Now that I heard about all of this tainted rice and wheat gluten, etc. being fed to the farm animals I also wondered how long it has been going on! probably a long time. Our animals and also us may have been eating tainted products for years.
    And it looks like we still will be.
    This country needs to make some great changes. I read just the other day that our pets could be eating all sorts of things they shouldn’t. Cancer cows, and maybe even one that had the mad cow prion. Since most of our pet products are made with the scrap parts of cattle then they would be getting the part close to the bone that we cannot eat any more. These prions can lay dormant in a cow for years. None of us know what the future has in store for us. To me, at this point it looks pretty scary!

  27. High Note says:

    FDA recalls more pet food.. here is the list….
    DOCTORS FOSTER & SMITH LAMB & BROWN RICE FORMULA ADULT DOG FOOD, NET WT. 6 LBS. (UPC 25141 28244), 15 LBS. (25141 30074), and 30 LBS. (UPC 25141 06043); Date Codes: Best By Feb 09 09 and Best By Feb 26 09;
    SHOP RITE REDI-MIXT DOG FOOD FOR DOGS, NET WT. 25 LB. (UPC 41190 00555), Date Code: Code C7107;
    LICK YOUR CHOPS KITTEN & CAT FOOD, NET WEIGHT 4 LBS. (UPC 32976 25915), and 18 LBS. (UPC 32976 25925); Date Code: Best Used By April 29 08;
    SHEP chunk style dog food, NET WT. 20 LBS. (UPC 41498 14142); Date Code: Best By March 14 08;
    8 in 1 Ferret ULTRA-BLEND ADVANCED NUTRITION DIET, NET WT. 20 LBS, UPC 26851 00413, Code: C7072;
    Bulk Lamb & Brown Rice Formula Dog Food, Date Code: Feb 09, 08, sold to one consignee SmartPak.
    Health Diet Cat Food Chicken & Rice Dinner NET WT. 1.81 kg/4 LB (UPC 78198 01594), 4 kg/8.8 LB (UPC 78198 01599), and 8 kg/17.6 LB (UPC 78198 01585); Code C7072;
    EVOLVE KITTEN FORMULA, NET WT. 3 LBS. (UPC 73657 00250) and 7 LBS. (UPC 73657 00251); Date Code: Best Used By Sept 13 08. Evolve has recovered 99.5% of the product from its distributors and is working with dealers to recover the remaining inventory.

  28. Kathy says:

    Hi Note—Hope you see this, I seem to be always the last one here.

    Two days before Easter my mother went into the hospital for extreme weakness. She had not been eating without coaxing for 2 months. At the hospital they found very diminished kidney function and extreme dehydration. As they rehydrated her, her lungs began to fill up with fluids, because her kidneys were not functioning well. She died on Easter Sunday of pneumonia.
    Sound familiar?? It does to me. I’m still wondering where the Glucerna they were forcing down Mom fits in.

  29. MEK says:

    Bottom line here: this cover-up HAS been going on for longer than we care to acknowledge. Things don’t just fall apart all in 2 months! Agree, what is safe for a 150 lb man is not safe for a 30 lb child or a 10 lb cat. So, how can the FDA assure someone won’t feed their child or pet some of the “safely-tainted” human food? Why aren’t they really concerned about the health of men women, babies and pets? What is really going on here? And I honestly believe it is already deeply into our food supply, which is now completely and irreversibly saturated with toxins.
    Why sit and wait for your brand of pet food to be recalled, knowing there is a risk of premature death? Need to take this into our own hands, right now! Stop buying. Start protesting. Grow your own food. Or be a victim of your own government.

  30. LorieVA says:

    High Note

    My holistic vet said she cannot claim it to be a fact but she believes the fall out of this pet food ordeal, is CANCER she said just about every pet she see either has bladder, kidney cnacer, some kind of mass btwn lungs or lymphnoma. She said it seems to be not there one visit and a huge tumor or mass with in a few months.

  31. YaYa says:

    Kathy, I’m So sorry about your mom. And I would be thinking along the same lines too if it were me/mine.

    I have had the same type of suspicions about some of my own meds. Expensive ones. They say/said go Generic.
    Some expensive ones only Come in Generic now too.

    And I have gone through numerous generic of 1 prescription and KNOW the RESULTS the doctor and I were looking for Varied Greatly. {how it affected my body or not}
    Some i’ve felt like No Results at All!

    And in All of this the prices Keep going UP.

    Now bout the folks who say we got what we paid for: Well let me say that, No *I* Haven’t! For me or Pets.

    YET the Prices have Contiuned to go Sky High!

    The Companies have been Buying Cheaper and Cheaper ingredients and WE PAY MORE AND MORE! Period!

    They think all is OK. We’ve found out Differently.

    But THEY have Also made HUGH Profit Increases over the last 4-5 years. I can Read the Stock prices too. That’s Proof. They show a Profit and then get attention and then people INVEST and Expect More Profits. {in/from the investments}

    WE on the other hand in the actual Products get worse and worse substitute or cheap or FAKE ingredients at a Higher Price. {I’ve suspected but can Not Prove}

    As in the Very Words I submit to You here:
    “Menu Foods INVEST {ment} FUNDS”!

    It just Dawned upon me this very week while making my own Cat food now THAT: I should not have to add anything TO the food but maybe Calcium. TAURINE occurs Naturally in Organ and Muscled meats.

    Tell me, WHY did the Pet Food Industry begin to Have To ADD Taurine?

    Could it be that the levels Dropped be-cause they added LESS and LESS MEATS! DUH-OH Me and all.

    THEN it Be-came an “ISSUE” when they began to CHEAT US AND OUR PETS!

    PURE BEEF is Not 100% but only legally: 85 or 65% ONLY {can’t remember which % right now}.

    Now, I Do give my kitty a bit of milk. And at leaast it’s pretty close from the cow for Calcium.
    I will probably add some eggshells ground to a powder too.
    {well till the KumpiKat gets here}

    BTW, some studies show Dogs need Taurine too, but NOW {after this fiasco} they should be getting BONES. Good ones. RAW. From the Butcher.

    I Never Asked for Cheaper. I paid MORE and Got CRAP in Disguise! FOR ***MORE AND MORE***.

    Lordy too all those years ging to the Vet to get Prescription or Premuim Diets!

    When IMAS became Available At the Grocer I looked at it as a Convience NOT CHEAP!

    But that was right around the Same time It was Bought by Proctor and Gamble Corp. {P&G}
    {Now I’ve learned and Know!}

    I Was CONNED, We All were.

    Quality went Down. Prices have Gone no place but UP!

    For WHAT?

    For THEM, Only Them and their Corporations. They’ve All done Very Well too.

    I used to buy Premium Pets food or even “better” not the Ol’Roy or anything like that. BUT MY CAT GOT SICK TOO! Just like those buyers had happen to Their Pets.

    It would Not have Mattered!!!!!!!

    I might have Paid more but got No better than the Cheaper Brands.

    And you know What: Neither of the groups of Pet food buyers should have Suffered ANY OF THIS! “cheap or not” {saying that to ANY of US is a bunch of Crap and Insulting under the Circumstances AND what we were All lead to Believe!!!!}

    My 1st bag of KumpiKat should be Here on Monday. I can’t wait. My Cat Loves the Homemade Wet I make BUT, she Does Miss the bites of Dry she’s used to.
    {I know my Cat :-D }

    EVY and her Kumpi Company is the Sort of Person *I* will Now do Business With!

    End of Rant!

    As usual: These are MY opinions and observations Only and sorry for the Typo’s! :-P

  32. YaYa says:

    Hi LrieVA, Please will You watch for the on-going search and results form this “mystery illness” going on there In VA for me/us???!

    I don’t want an unexpected thing to pop-up on me with Any animals but in Particular with my Horse. {the bigger they are the more expensive the illness it seems :-( } She also is my ROCK and keeps me SANE LOL!

    She just had all her Equine Vaccines in Feb/March, so is covered even for her Rabies and tetanus but something “new” yikes.

    It’s been an expensive Pet couple of months here for me! One health tho and one sick. {knock on wood, where that barn door?! :-P }

    Hmmmmmmm I wonder if she’d like Garlic?! {for the ticks- nasty worth nothing creatures! Blech!} I should ask the Horse Vet!

  33. lainie says:

    Very Well Said Rant Yaya. I Dont Remember Who Said Something About Tyson Chicken But I Noticed In My Local Supermarket Last Wk Thr Wasnt Any Tyson Just Perdue And Thr Own Brand I Thought That Was Odd Because There Wasnt An Empty Spot Whr It Usually Is.

  34. YaYa says:

    Thanks Lainie :-)

    You know if they make it look like something IS missing, folks will ASK. They’d Know Then.
    So I’m sure until New stock comes in they will Fill-up the empty spaces with Some-thing.

    It’s a “mind-game”. Let’s call it Hide and seek.

  35. Phyllis says:

    Katie — you are right. Although Purr-Purr (D: July 16, 2006) ate wet food, she ate mostly dry Pro-Plan the last year of her life. Before that she ate Natural Balance weight control and that is when she went from plump and healthy, to thin and then just kept getting thinner and thinner .* > (

  36. Phyllis says:

    Ohhhh Kathy — I lost a friend about a month ago to kidney failure. .*> (
    She was 55, but very thin. 3 weeks in the hospital and then gone.

  37. Phyllis says:

    Yaya — can you post about the mystery illness in VA? I have family there and they have a dog.

  38. Phyllis says:

    Lainie — I told my kids right away about the melachicken and told them to not buy Tyson. Foster Farms might be alright, but I have gone to kosher and organic.

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