More SmartPak Dry Dog Food Recalled

On May 2, SmartPak recalled all orders of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received on May 2. After their first recall of LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice, SmartPak sent all of their other dog food for testing, and Adult Lamb and Brown Rice came back with positive results. SmartPak is dry food and is made by Chenango Valley.

SmartPak is saying that this is odd because this particular dog food doesn’t contain any rice protein concentrate, wheat gluten or any of the other ingredients that are on FDA’s import watch list. They are saying it may be cross-contamination. (Oh by the way, it took 48 hours for the FDA to put up the press release).

NOTE: Many Menu Foods clients affected by Wednesday’s recall expansion are finally issuing their own press releases. Those companies are already listed in our recall list. Use our search feature to find news on affected brands.

The full release after the jump.

(Thanks Mike)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Plymouth, MA – May 3, 2007 –On 5/02/07, SmartPak Canine executed a voluntary nationwide recall on all lots of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice food. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received earlier in the day.

The LiveSmart Lamb formula is only sold in portion-paks shipped straight to the consumer’s home each month, so there are no bags of potentially affected product on store shelves anywhere in the country. The focus of the recall has been informing affected customers via telephone, email, and letter. Ninety-nine percent of the roughly 220 pet owners feeding LiveSmart Adult Lamb via its portion pak pet food subscription service were contacted by live phone contact or message, and/or email. The company has had live contact with the majority of affected pet owners, and is continuing an aggressive outreach program to ensure that the notification has been received. To reduce likelihood of pet owners continuing to feed the food, replacement product is being shipped to affected customers free of charge.

At the time the recall was initiated, there had not been any ill effects reported in dogs. Through the efforts to reach out to all customers, the company has become aware of two instances of vomiting and learned that a 10 year old Rottweiler had passed away two weeks previous to the recall. These reports have been forwarded to FDA and are being investigated by the company’s Medical Director to determine if they are connected with the LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula. The company has asked that any dogs showing signs of kidney illness (loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst) be seen by their veterinarian.

The company is presently investigating the source of the contamination in conjunction with its contract manufacturer, Chenango Valley Pet Food. The LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula does not contain rice protein concentrate nor wheat gluten. All the meat and vegetable matter, with the exception of New Zealand lamb, is of US origin. It appears that the product may have been cross contaminated at the Chenango plant by a prior batch of food unassociated with SmartPak that contained an ingredient that had been contaminated with melamine.

SmartPak has also tested each of its other four brands for melamine contamination, and there was no melamine detected in the samples of these foods. Those brands are LiveSmart Adult Chicken and Brown Rice, LiveSmart Senior Chicken and Brown Rice, and LiveSmart Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice.

Questions regarding this recall may be directed to Paal Gisholt, the company’s president and CEO, who may be reached at 800 461-8898. Affected customers are asked to call the company’s toll free customer service number at 800 461-8898, which is available 24/7. Additional information will be reported on the company’s website as it becomes available.

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  1. Evy says:

    Hey LovingMyPets ~

    Thanks for that url. I will run that by my nutritionist when he has a chance to get some rest :) One concern is seeing that Dr. Hines recommends the use of Centrum, which isn’t the best vitamin supplement out there - so many much better. And it is of interest going through all this that my nutritionist has commented that he feels the vitamin industry isn’t far behind in being exposed like the pet food industry has.

    He has always steered me towards products directly from Albion and/or Nature’s Sunshine. He has learned a lot about the vitamin industry in his research on doing multi-species formulation and it is as daunting as the pet food industry is. Manufacturers cranking zillions of pills and being bought by different companies who brand them. His info made me shudder and I’m glad he has always shown such due diligence not only in the products he formulates, but also the industries he has to brush shoulders with in the process.

    I’ll be in and out today, but will keep an eye on this post :)

  2. Ken says:

    love gsdogs:

    Here’s the post on Teric’s lab testing:

    teric Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 1:16 pm


    Accutrace Testing in Arlington.

  3. Cheryl W says:

    I have been reading as many blogs as I can but I have not seen much about EVO. Is anyone feeding it? All opions are appriciated.

  4. JollyCat says:

    Evo is too high in protein and yes there is such a thing. Think Atkins. jmho

  5. Diane says:

    I’ve been reading these posts now for the past few weeks, without posting, and have decided it’s time that I too, jump on board and say how wonderful this site is, and how great it’s been to read all the informative posts and all the helpful links. What a bunch of great people have gathered here!
    I extend my deepest sympathies to all of those who have lost their dear little family members. We all know how much it hurts to lose our furry babies. I just can’t say it enough…. I’m just so thankful that this site is here for us all. Hopefully, together we can make a differnece in the way things are done when it comes to providing safe and healthy food for our pets and for us.
    Evy, you are wonderful…thank you so much for taking the time to post here. We know you have so much going on right now. I too, have placed my order for your KumpiKat food, so I am probably on one of those labels you are working on. I look forward to having my 4 “kids” try out your food.
    I’ve come to the conclustion that animal lovers are the very best people on earth. Thanks so much, everyone, for all the information and support you have been offering us all here on this site.

  6. love gs dogs says:

    Thanks to Evy and Ken for info about finding teric’s testing info..and also Evy for thoughts about treats…understand position completely..

    My eyes are blog heavy at this point..

  7. LovingMyPets says:


    Thanks for your post! It was very informative regarding supplements. I’ve become very leary about supplements since I’ve learned that most of them come from China . . . which also has led me to believe that the vitamin/mineral business is just as corrupt as the pet food business. So, I agree with you completely on that.

    I’ve been trying to choose the best vitamins I can through holistic PEOPLE doctors, so I hope I’m doing the right thing. I’ve looked up Albion and Nature’s Sunshine, but they don’t offer the vitamins that I could use in my kitty’s raw diet I feed. But I guess they supply VERY good supplements for the commercial food companies such as yourself.

    You’ve been awesome, and I (WE) appreciate all that you have contributed to Itchmo! I hope you can earn life-long trust for those that feel that they need to use a smaller company commercial pet food.

    I just loved this post by Petra:

    “I think @ this point anyone with a pet who loves them dearly understands that if u want to keep them healthy its going to take homework on your part to ensure the ingredients are clean and pure. It may also involve your time and further expense if u decide to home cook which is much healthier despite all the dire warnings. Anyone buying off the shelf pet food now or in the future is risking their pets lives down the road. In addition you will continue to promote companies that have compromised or killed our pets. There are many small, holistic, organic manufacturers of clean pet food out there. Find them, use them, promote them! Any changes to the pet food industry in the future will never ensure that u are feeding your pets healthy food. It’s up to each of us to do that.”

  8. sk's mom says:

    Does anyone have any Felidae chicken and rice cat food handy? Could you please look at the pieces and let me know if they have white specks on them? Not like crystals but more like solid white salt?

  9. Evy says:

    Dear gs dogs ~

    Thanks for that understanding about the treats. I’ve thought about it more than once, but I just don’t want to be lured away from my roots. I developed an intense distrust of the pet food industry well over a decade ago, being so close to the roots via dog behavior. I saw many different breeds, ages and over time, there was no really good food that performed consistently. Students were coming back with new pups after the one they brought through class had died of cancer between 6 - 9 years of age.

    Then it all hit home for me when in 12/1997 my dog died of cancer. I know I have been doing the right thing for the right reason. My concern about doing a line of treats is doing the wrong thing for the right reason. It’s like I am driving a car and I keep an eye on the rearview mirror, deal with obstacles, watch my speed, go safely and legally, know when to let up on the gas a bit - I’ve hit a ’sweet spot’ with what I’m doing. I guess I’m worried about taking my eyes off of the road for too long, which would be kin to my doing a line of treats. It just takes one little thing and BOOM - can’t risk that.

    I have control and trust the people I do business with. This isn’t about the money for me - first and foremost it’s for my own dog and cat - that is where this started. Maybe someone else is ‘called’ to start a company that makes healthy treats for pets they can trust. Maybe it’s already out there and I don’t know enough about that field to refer anyone to. Before Deb, I just made them at home myself, baking them in the oven. (those were the days lol)


    Not everyone has the time or inclination to do raw and the general public needs a safe dry to feed. I never thought it would come to this :( I knew the industry was crooked and bent on $$$, but this has been so tragic and I’ve cried so many times. I’ve talked with so many owners whose trust was violated by other companies and it’s just wrong to have to fear for a pet’s life when buying a dry food. I feel like I’m in a parallel universe sometimes lately. Just when I thought New Orleans was as bad as it could get for America, this happens. Beyond my comprehension and all the tentacles off of it.

    If someone can help out sk’s mom with the Felidae question that’d be really cool. I’m not familiar at all with Felidae and her cat’s been having some problems (could be related back to the NB though) and she is telling me about seeing white specks in the Felidae. Is that the normal presentation of that food? Does anyone know or know someone who would know?

    Once again on a light note (dang, I am working really hard to not get swallowed up in the grief of all this):

    While most of us will be sleeping, tomorrow early morning will be something!

    The clock will read 02:03:04 on 05/06/07 and will never happen again.

    Ok, so I’m easily amused :)

    Warmly warm hugs to Fur Angels

  10. princess mom says:

    At this point, I’d be more concerned about Chenango Valley Pet Foods than Pied Piper (Canidae). I received an email “precautionary recall” from Dr. F&S, possible cross-contamination.

  11. Helen says:

    TC: I wasn’t all that smart. I let it go on for quite a while without putting 2 and 2 together. Whatever was wrong, she could taste it, but she did eat this and that piece of the food, enough to make her sick. I just feel grateful to have her still and I feel like an idiot for not figuring it out quicker. Whatever was in my bag of food, I think it was less concentrated than in later bags, and since it seemed like she could smell the worst pieces, I still have her with me. I will never overlook her opinion of her food again, and when she turns her nose up at something I will not assume she is being a fuss-budget. I am also grateful she had other foods to eat, as she ate less poison that way.

    I have a co-worker whose healthy husky started showing the same behavior with his dry Purina One dog food earlier this year, throwing pieces away and eating others. The other husky ate all his food and had seizures the vet could never explain. It is entirely possible the seizures were from the food as well as the other stuff.

  12. Maryn Sue says:

    Helen and Evy, thanks for clarifying the issues of the Evanger’s labeling and menadione that I raised yesterday. I realize I didn’t go into the detail I should have. There are also some other minor differences in ingredients between the website and labels on Evanger’s.

    Regarding treats, try It’s a small company and I trust them. Check it out for yourselves. They have mailorder or if you live in the Baltimore area they’re widely available. We also use plain rice cakes and Zuke’s.

  13. TC says:

    sk’s mom - I have Felidae Cat and Kitten Formula (not the chicken and rice, didn’t know about that one). The kibble has white “specks” of something.

    Took my magnifying glass and some of the specks are in the kibble and some are on the outside, like the kibble was rolled in it. There are more in the kibble than hanging on the outside. If any of that makes sense!

    I have seen mention of these specks before, nothing conclusive on what they are, but just that they were present and people were wondering.

    This is only second sack of Felidae, so I don’t know what it is supposed to look like.

  14. sk's mom says:

    Thank you TC. My cat is very sick and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m in a panic. I appreciate your time in answering me.

  15. TC says:

    Helen - that makes me feel better. I am not yet past feeling guilt for not reading the signs better.

    My dogs’ litter had a history of seizures (learned that years later from the breeder). From age 5, our boy has had 1-2 mild ones per year - it is just slightly more than if he was “chasing rabbits” in his sleep, for about a 1-2 minutes. His sister had never had any at all.

    This was her 1st at age 12, and was about as bad as they can be, before they just burn the dog up. I can’t even think about that night much, or the week + it took for her to quit running into walls & even recognize her toys. Or me.

    So I reserve judgment on that aspect - could be that she had her first for no apparent reason at age 12 - my research on it says that can happen. Or could be that something in that batch of food acted upon her central nervous system, and caused a seizure as would happen with a dog with no history. And we mistakenly attribute it to her family history of such things. When in truth, she might just have been poisoned by some contaminant in the food. Something over and above the other usual “crud” in the kibble that was causing the vomiting, and other symptoms. I may never know for sure.

  16. TC says:

    no problem sk’s mom. Their phone number is 800-398-1600 (from back of my package label) - maybe they could tell you what the specks are (or are not), and put your mind at ease, at least on that aspect?

    I am really sorry your cat is very sick:( This is so much a nightmare. Wondering if our animals or us are getting sick from the food supply. I will think positive thoughts for your cat’s recovery.

  17. Mary Sue says:

    sk’s mom,

    if you’re still here - here is the answer I got from Canidae re: the white specks, which are also in the Felidae Cat and Kitten Formula that we use.
    “They are simply part of the ingredients in the food and are called fines, caused by friction and settling of the product.”

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