More SmartPak Dry Dog Food Recalled

On May 2, SmartPak recalled all orders of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received on May 2. After their first recall of LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice, SmartPak sent all of their other dog food for testing, and Adult Lamb and Brown Rice came back with positive results. SmartPak is dry food and is made by Chenango Valley.

SmartPak is saying that this is odd because this particular dog food doesn’t contain any rice protein concentrate, wheat gluten or any of the other ingredients that are on FDA’s import watch list. They are saying it may be cross-contamination. (Oh by the way, it took 48 hours for the FDA to put up the press release).

NOTE: Many Menu Foods clients affected by Wednesday’s recall expansion are finally issuing their own press releases. Those companies are already listed in our recall list. Use our search feature to find news on affected brands.

The full release after the jump.

(Thanks Mike)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Plymouth, MA – May 3, 2007 –On 5/02/07, SmartPak Canine executed a voluntary nationwide recall on all lots of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice food. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received earlier in the day.

The LiveSmart Lamb formula is only sold in portion-paks shipped straight to the consumer’s home each month, so there are no bags of potentially affected product on store shelves anywhere in the country. The focus of the recall has been informing affected customers via telephone, email, and letter. Ninety-nine percent of the roughly 220 pet owners feeding LiveSmart Adult Lamb via its portion pak pet food subscription service were contacted by live phone contact or message, and/or email. The company has had live contact with the majority of affected pet owners, and is continuing an aggressive outreach program to ensure that the notification has been received. To reduce likelihood of pet owners continuing to feed the food, replacement product is being shipped to affected customers free of charge.

At the time the recall was initiated, there had not been any ill effects reported in dogs. Through the efforts to reach out to all customers, the company has become aware of two instances of vomiting and learned that a 10 year old Rottweiler had passed away two weeks previous to the recall. These reports have been forwarded to FDA and are being investigated by the company’s Medical Director to determine if they are connected with the LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula. The company has asked that any dogs showing signs of kidney illness (loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst) be seen by their veterinarian.

The company is presently investigating the source of the contamination in conjunction with its contract manufacturer, Chenango Valley Pet Food. The LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula does not contain rice protein concentrate nor wheat gluten. All the meat and vegetable matter, with the exception of New Zealand lamb, is of US origin. It appears that the product may have been cross contaminated at the Chenango plant by a prior batch of food unassociated with SmartPak that contained an ingredient that had been contaminated with melamine.

SmartPak has also tested each of its other four brands for melamine contamination, and there was no melamine detected in the samples of these foods. Those brands are LiveSmart Adult Chicken and Brown Rice, LiveSmart Senior Chicken and Brown Rice, and LiveSmart Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice.

Questions regarding this recall may be directed to Paal Gisholt, the company’s president and CEO, who may be reached at 800 461-8898. Affected customers are asked to call the company’s toll free customer service number at 800 461-8898, which is available 24/7. Additional information will be reported on the company’s website as it becomes available.

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  1. Eric says:

    I guess Teric still hasn’t got his results?

  2. Barbara says:

    I don’t put chicken in the crock pot, but I put in the oven and it makes a nice broth. I have one in now. Yesterday I received food from healthy prt net. They liked the can food yesterday but today they won’t eat it so I gave them the NB Tuna & Shrimp like they were eating but now they don’t want that either. I don’t know what to do now. They were eating NB Venison & Green Pea can but I was afraid of that too and the pet shop sent it back for the same reason. My one started to have blood in his stool so I had it checked out and everything was alright, but what would cause this. I’m so upset as everyone else. I don’t know what to feed them now. Any ideas for tonight?

  3. love gsdogs says:

    In answer to someone’s earlier post inquiring if anyone had received any reimbursement from any company involved in this mess, just wanted to share the refusal I received from Iams…

    Our German Shepherd Buddy had his regular yearly check up on 2-26-07 including bloodwork and got a clean bill of health..He ate a few ounces of Iams chicken cuts w/gravy everyday on top of his Iams dry food (receipt for cans dated 2-20-07) and was admitted to the emergency hospital on 3-7-07 and spent the next 5 days fighting for his life..The extreme and repeated vomiting caused him to swallow some of his own vomit and he ended up with aspiration pneumonia and a collapsed lung..

    We are very lucky that he has a great love of life - it’s all about playing ball and going for rides…He is slowly recovering but we are now at about $6,000 and still counting…repeated trips to vet, antibiotics, chest x-rays and who knows what else is ahead?

    Iams, after careful and thorough and of course, fair and balanced investigation, notified us in a phone call that it was a mere coincidence and they would not consider any reimbursement but have a nice day!!!! I did request a letter stating the details of their findings but it has yet to arrive…I was not in the least tempted by a 4 lb bag of their dogfood and ashamed that I had been negligent about not researching what I was feeding my dogs…

    We are a Kumpi fan now and it is much loved..Evy has been wonderful about answering my questions and they have been many…The transition to Kumpi only took a few days and so far, I have also recommended it to several others and they are satisfied as well…

    I would also be interested in hearing about other people’s attempts at reimbursement…why do I speculate that we will not be reading many succesful stories?

    Sorry also to be so long winded but have been reading these posts for weeks and weeks and have been so afraid and frustrated and angry that it had to come out..

  4. 4lgdfriend says:

    Glad to hear this. Since you have all the books I’m sure you know that a lot of cat experts disagree about fasting a cat–let alone for 36 hrs. due to Hepatic lipidosis. Although Frazier promotes this.
    I do wonder about it since surely in the wild a cat might occasionally go a day without food under duress. So, my approach is moderation even in moderation. I have a few books too ;-) but on my across the board reading, I would never do this for 36 hrs.

  5. Eric says:

    I agree, 36 hours seems like too long to let a cat go without eating.

  6. Deb says:

    Lovegsdog………..OMG that is horrible!!!! I don’t even know what to say.
    I hope your dog is ok. They are the bottom of the barrel…..only worried about an insurance increase…..nothing is coming out of their pocket….it’s a huge insurance claim!!! I am so annoyed right now!!! I wonder if those dirtbags are going to be sending you coupons and a form letter…the thank you for being a loyal customer, one!!!! It’s a good thing we can’t curse on here…..every other word would have been the F word.

  7. Lorie says:


    is right my 2 kitties have the GI issues from something prior to Kumpi. It is either a new symptom form FF in March or from 2 other canned food I was trying befor Kumpi. My girls are eating their Kumpi right now. Sorry if I caused any confusion regarding Kumpi.

  8. susanUnPC says:

    Lou Dobbs is covering “dangerous Chinese imports” at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

  9. SmileOnADog says:

    Hey Barb,

    I switched my dogs to Canidae around March 18th and have had no problems. My lanky rescue dogs and their puppies are even, finally, gaining some good weight. With the rescues being outside all day, still they’re soft, shiny and hydrated.

    My 16 yr. old cat didn’t like the Felidae dry, but is in love with KumpiKat (dry) and Felidae wet. He lost a tooth some months ago, and lost weight before I realized what the problem was. He never would eat wet, but now inhales the Felidae wet. And the KumpiKat comes in very small kibbles, which he can easily eat with the teeth he has left.

    He’s happy with that, because dry kibble is his first love. And he’s regaining the weight, which is a big relief, because, at first, before the recall, we’d thought he was perhaps in the beginning stage of CRF (like our other CRF cat euthanized in May of last year). In my experience with renal failure, the weight loss is the first big, visible sign. Especially loss of muscle tissue in the legs.

    On Felidae and KumpiKat, our cat is also shedding less, has no more flaky, dry skin (yes, it’s hell-hot in AZ) and he’s got more energy.

    I’d be very diappointed if Teric’s (thank you, Teric!) tests of Canidae, Felidae and KumpiKat were returned with any negative results. Even if the foods came back with less nutritional value than attested on the label, (although hopefully not), I’d still feed them to my animals for now, rather than risk poisoning them inadvertantly with something else.


    Barb Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 3:54 pm
    Thanks to all for giving me a little piece of mind re canidae. I have fed canidae to all my dogs for the last 9 years. Of course i added the wet recalled garbage for many years thinking it was the best food out there.

  10. Lorie says:


    My littelst Geisha is a pure breed Persian ( oh Crap Topaz Just ate both bowls of Kumpi whata piggy) anyway Geisha being purebreed and only being 9lbs had teh more server symtoms the vomiting lack of back leg use, drooling etc… which first clued me in not hard to miss. On the othr hand Topaz who is 16 lbs and feral barn rescue cat only had the lip licking not wanting to eat leave me alone symptos which I might never of noticed if Geisha would not have had teh full blown episodes. Through all this Topaz has only vomited one time Geisha how ever through up everytime she ate. Hope this helps

  11. Jo says:

    4lgdfriend & Eric,
    Surely understand your concerns with a 36 hour fast. It does sound like a long time & I would never do it unless in a crisis situation like we were. I did this with one of the cats — the one having the most problem (diarrhea, vomiting) with the diet change — only after checking with my vets & after reading Dr. Pitcairn’s new book (pg 111) in which he talks about the benefits of fasting when switching to a new diet. He even talked of a longer fast in certain situations, although I would never go past 36 — and even that worried me a bit.

  12. Ruth says:

    This is for love gsdogs: that is such a coincidence that your pet got sick around the same time my pet dog got sick too. She ate IAM’s mini chunks. She didn’t make it. It was sudden and in 2 1/2 days she died. She was a little Chi/terrier mix.
    IAM’s was very indigant and condescending about the whole incident.

  13. love gsdogs says:

    Thank you Deb for your having the endurance to read my post..I tend to go on and on..especially when it comes to love of our furry friends…

    and yes, there are just not enough expletives to describe how I feel about all of the greedy and evil people involved in all of this…My adult daughters used to have substitute swear words when they were early teens..”Smerf” was their sustitute of choice as in “this really is smerfed up..”

    It certainly applies in instances like this where we willingly adhere to website etiquette but need a way to express our deep despair and anger…

    The discussion is very interesting at forums as well and for all interested in Kumpi, it is a must read and follow…

    I am not religious, but I am hoping the Universe will not let Kumpi be smerfed up as well…

  14. SmileOnADog says:


    How heartbreaking. So sorry to hear you lost your dog.


  15. love gsdogs says:

    for Ruth..

    I am so sorry you lost your dog…I have tears in my eyes right now…I know your heartache..enough to lose a dog to age etc but to have someone basically murder our pets for $$$$ even compunds the whole mess..

    If anyone else has an experience with Iams, would appreciate reading about it..negative or postive…The have put some great customer service people in charge of caringly giving you the brush…can’t imagine the karma there for all involved…

  16. susanUnPC says:

    Please check out this diary, which is about COOL (country of origin labeling), and by a commissioner who is trying to enact COOL:

    You need to register at Daily Kos to add a comment or question, but it’s very easy to do so.

    This is a REAL solution that will help all of us, for human as well as pet food.

  17. Sophie says:

    Does anyone know anything about Pet Guard or Azmira canned dog food? Good or bad? Thank you!!

  18. Cathi says:

    love gsdogs….
    I called NB after 200.00 in vet bills.They acted like nothing was wrong with their product when I finally got through to them on the phone. They took my name and address and said they’ll look into it. We’ll see what happens, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ve e-mailed them several times and have received no answer from them. I’ve put my cat on Fedilae and now I’m very worried about that food. The cat wouldn’t touch it for the first few days. I’ve been told it’s not good for your pet to have his food changed so often. I just can’t handle this anymore. I’m sick.

  19. Jenny says:

    I think the risk for Hepatic lipidosis is even worse if the cat is overweight. I have two cats that are currently on diets (I used the recall as an excuse to get their weight under control). One had got all the way up to 18.4 lbs - partially due to some high calorie but bland food we gave him temporarily to resolve some issues after major dental work. Fasting would be pretty risky for him and his brother.

    I have a third cat that has IBD and pancreatitis. He is taking pepcid AC and pred to control his condition. I have found if our big cat has temporary issues with vomiting that is not related to furballs, that pepcid AC is also very helpful for him - he took it for about 3 weeks after his dental work. We never really did figure out if he was just having issues with his teeth, had rare/temporary case of pancreatitis related to the dental work, or was just suffering from SAD :)

    I’m not sure if Pepcid AC would assist with switching foods, though. We have done like Jo and changed foods over a long period of time.

  20. Deb says:


    I am a very peaceful, yoga doing person……this is making me want to hurt someone.

    Years ago my dog passed from kidney failure, she was 12, my vet (out of Cornell) said it had to do with the protein levels in the feed. I was feeding her Purina Products at the time (I didn’t know any better). When I got my new puppies…..this was a concern for me….I had a detailed chat with my vet. We went with Nurto (bad results…my one puppy had HUGE hotspots due to an allergy to the product) I switched the to Solid Gold. I was adviced to take them off of puppy at 4 months…due to the protein. I still use Solid Gold (am a bit concerned because of Diamond)…all of my dogs go off puppy at 3-4 months. Just to do anything.

    Normally I don’t use any of the products (that have been called….so far). However, I got lazy one day and picked up a bag of WM brand ‘cookies’. Left them in my car a few days…..forgot about them…..took the out and fed my dogs a few. The next Freaking day…..they were called. The bag DID NOT have a lot number. I nearly lost my mind (if you read my post I have mfg’ering background)….I was ready explode…..the recall and no lot number??? I was going to take them back…bounce ‘em people’s heads….I would be getting rid of the evidence…..really that $5.00 is not that important to me. Its been a few weeks… dogs are ok…..but I was scared to death…..all of them were doing to have issues.

    It was horrible enough…..I really feel for those who are suffering. There is no more trust…..this hole this is being kept out of the main stream media…..then you hear from someone first hand what was done to them… makes me what to scream.

  21. 4lgdfriend says:

    Very sorry to hear that Ruth. I know how it feels to lose one’s companion.
    Our hearts go out to you.

  22. Sarah says:


    I also am in the same predicament as you are, and trying to find out what others are using as a substitute for Natural Balance Venison and pea dry. Personally, I don’t trust NB anymore and I am not AND would not feed my cat any canned food from any company. I would not support NB and feed canned venison and pea, I don’t trust them and I never will again. I dont reward companies with my money, but then again I dont’ trust any pet food companies now either. I realise for allergic pets as I also have, there aren’t many alternatives, and it is these sensitive guys and gals that are suffering the most with food changes.

    I have read that alot of people are using raw venison diets, I am not going to go that route. I am looking into finding organic venison and cooking it myself - wish me luck finding it.

    Nature’s Variety has dry venison diet and a canned venison diet. As far as I know, they have not had any products recalled although menu foods makes their canned food, so I would steer clear of canned foods from them. Personally, I have not tried them. I can’t feed the dry becasue there is lamb in it and mine can’t eat lamb. The canned has only venison meat but canned is off limits for me during this crisis.

    Hills and Royal Canin make a venison and pea dry and canned food. These companies both had recalls of some product lines, but not the venison diets. Surprisingly Royal Canin venison and pea is preserved naturally, Hills is preserved with ethoxyquin (?) which feeding that or preserved with BHT or BHA is slowing poisoning our pets with chemicals anyway. With much regret, mine is eating Hills V & P. I don’t want him on it, I don’t trust this company but he needs to eat something til I find a suitable replacement. I may switch him to Royal Canin becuase it is preserved more naturally - but I hate both of these companies too and don’t feel good supporting them or trusting them either.

    Have you looked into rabbit diets or other exotic meats? Personally I haven’t tried it yet but might pursue that avenue - although poor little bunnies :(

    As for steroids, my cat was on prednisone and other meds during his food allergies, along with other medications and it is never advisable to go that route, especially when the allergies are directed related to the chemicals and other poisons in the food anyway that their little bodies are reacting to - try to go as natural as possible and the symptoms should all go away.

    It is very worrysome times now - have you considered buying organic meat and cooking it yourself?

    I still want to know why the hell Natural Balance put rice protein concentrate in a grain free diet for allergic pets?

    I want to thank this wonderful site, it is a valuable source of information.

  23. love gsdogs says:

    Deb..yes, I did read your post..I have done the same thing with my remaining not going to return them to the store for refund as that would mean relinquishing my evidence…have had many various fantasies about throwing them through large plate glass windows of the corporations involved but to date, they just sit in a far corner of the pantry as a reminder to me of what we have been through and what is yet to come…

    Buddy just came to nag me to go outside and throw the ball…I promised myself when he survived that I would spend more quality with everyone I love everyday….take nothing for granted.. Our play time is short these days as his endurance is greatly affected but at least the desire is there…

    He is a great teacher for all of us…

  24. Cathi says:

    I just called falidae and they refused to tell me who produces their food. I can not believe this. All the research I did on cat food after NB was recalled and I had to pick this company!! She told me they were under strict orders NOT to reveal who makes their product. I told her I was going to return my cat food and buy something different and that I was going to post to all of you to do the same. I’m telling you something is fishy here and I’m so scared. I think I might puke. I’m calling Evy.

  25. 4lgdfriend says:

    Overall, the stories of various cats conditions is very distressing to me.
    Especially with the interplay of foul putrid ratcrap foods and medications thrown in for problems cats have after eating the foul putrid ratcrap foods (no longer such a ‘generalization’ i’m sure you all agree). And yes, we all thought the fould putrid ratcrap food was “balanced for all life stages’ or perhaps it was even “prescription” . Anyone still that naieve? Which came first the chicken or the egg? The food, the illnesses and the treatments - these things all interact. But the stories of improved health and cessation of ilnesses when cats are fed species appropriate, high quality ingredient, highly assimilable food (especially raw) are enough to make the most vehement vegatarian sob. Please people - do your animal friends a favor - go read. I’m so tired of hearing of the sicknesses these animals suffer because of the gd advertising and prescribing. TGIF.

  26. LovingMyPets says:


    I have my allergic kitty on ground RAW venison, found in a 12 oz package at Whole Foods Market frozen meat section.

    I mix in a supplement from and she’s been doing very well on it! You might be able to cook the venison first and then add the supplements too . . . but the cooking really deteriorates a lot of the nutrients.

    Now I’m worried about the supplements . . . are they from freakin China too???? I couldn’t get a hold of them today at all. *sigh*

  27. Sarah says:

    re: Cathi @ May 4th, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    Natural Balance is getting a very bad reputation because it is leaving people out in the cold, whereby other companies are supposedly reimbursing vet bills automatically. Does anyone have any vet reimbursement stories to share - good or bad? To give us more insight into these companies.

    BTW in order to get a refund from NB, requires signing a release form that no lawyer would ever say to sign. There are several pages but the main release claim form, in order to be reimbursed, you have to sign to “hereby release, acquit, and FOREVER discharge Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. and its subsidiaries, parent company, affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, sales reps, distributors, and retailers, and Wilbur Ellis Company of and from any and all actions, cuaases of actions, claims, demands, damages, costs, loss of services, expenses, and compensation, on account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all known and unknown personal injuriers and property damage resulting from or to result from the possible exposure of my pet to toxic substances in any NAtural Balance product.

    Blah blah blah - there are several other paragraphs and pages to fill out but basically it’s about signing away all your rights FOREVER and signing your soul to the NB devil.

  28. LovingMyPets says:


    One more thing . . . I’ve heard that rabbits are imported from China. Be careful!!!

  29. Moosemarcy says:

    Cathi, I am so upset when I read your post about Canidae/Felidae not telling you who made their product. I am feeding my dogs Canidae and Nature’s Variety raw. Also home cooking and Evangers canned thrown in. And like you, I researched forever trying to find something I trusted in. Please let me know if you hear anything new on this. I am also scared.

  30. littlechloe says:

    Trying again….. does anyone know who mfgs Nature’s Variety dry food? I bought a bag of the Raw Instinct today but don’t want to open it until I know who their mfg is.

  31. DaveyD says:

    Pied Piper in Texas makes the Canidae dry
    Evangers in Illionios makes the wet

  32. Evy says:

    Things make you go hmmmmm.

    Canine Caviar is made by a private plant in TX.

    So is Canidae.

    Pied Piper Pet Foods has a very interesting home page in lite of this!

    Makes me wonder why Canidae isn’t saying who makes their food. Why wouldn’t they tell Cathi who makes it? I have not called out an individual company until now, but why veil that information?

  33. TC says:

    My feedback on the Felidae - my cat wasn’t much interested in the dry food. Now she will eat it, but doesn’t dive into it, just eats what she has to and moves on. The only good news is that she has quit all the frequent vomiting she had on her previous food, her ear allegies appear almost gone (I was still mixing in some of her old dry, so that wasn’t smart, at first), her coat is a better. She get fairly frisky at times, and water consumption is back at normal. Got her years ago from a shelter, and we guesstimate she is at least 15 or 16. At the least.

    So that is good re the Felidae dry. Their “strict” refusals to disclose information requested by their consumers, which is not top secret stuff, is getting beyond annoying. I just bought another 20# bag, which may be returned. I am now researching for new cat foods again, in case their inexplicable behavior continues. There is a CRISIS still. There is no TRUST yet, unless it is earned - my new motto. They aren’t trying to earn it at this point.

    I am looking into California Natural products as one on the short list. And will continue homecooking for the dogs until their last days. I just about killed them on Nutro dry, which wasn’t even a recalled product; however, all bad symptoms stopped when I discontinued the food. I need no other proof, nor to be a good dumb consumer waiting for the nice people to tell me what my dogs already told me by their illness.

  34. ally says:

    Evy - yep.
    I already mentioned this above.

  35. JanC says:

    Robin: I just loved your comment about grinding up your countertop & adding that to your food to increase the protein…..I needed a good laugh.

    Lots of kitty people on here today…..I have a dog (who thankfully has so far made it through this)…..but I have a friend with a cat & I can’t seem to get through to her. Her cat is on RC S/O…..pretty sure that’s what she said. She called me a few weeks ago & was telling me about black flecks in the food…..I told her to bring it back to the vet. She did & he said it was fine… said something about burnt bits……to which I shouted BS! Still feeding it to her cat & now her cat is throwing up clear liquid. I showed her pics of tainted wheat gluten with the little bits of gray & black crap in it & told her this is what she’s feeding her cat. Does anyone know anything about this? Am I overreacting or is this tainted prescription food???????

    So much good info here, my thanks to all of you for entertainment & helping me to learn more & more about what’s good & what isn’t. Right now, I don’t trust any of these companies so my dog gets a smidgeon of holistic dry & the rest is home cooked. I always think today’s safe food is tomorrow’s recall so I don’t dare give her more than a few pieces of dry.

  36. Deb says:

    Lovegsdogs…….I package my ‘evidence’ in those air tight sealed bags and stuck them in the freezer……long term storage. Just in case, something comes up about long term effects……I have the package and for once I kept the rcpt. I think people made a BIG mistake……returning the unopened packages. My mom……she has fed Iams and those pouches for years….swears by it. So far she has been lucky.

    When my dog passed. I vowed to spend as much time with them as possible…..they give so much and they are here for such a short time.

  37. love gsdogs says:

    for cathi…

    I also had switched to NB after getting tired of large amounts of homecooking for 2 German Sheps..was making huge pots of chicken, rice, lentils etc etc..and dogs were still hungry all of the time..then I sent away to and bought bunches of books about making your own dog food..then I decided to try Kumpi and give a company just one last chance mainly due to all of the posts I had read by Evy and not one person ever saying Kumpi was responsible for their sick or dead dog..

    When the Kumpi arrived, I took the Natural Balance (not even the flavor that was officially recalled) back to Petco and they refunded on the spot…I will never do business with their company again or any other company that has not been upfront about all of this…My dogs love the Kumpi and no, I am not generally a bandwagon person but when something works, I am surely not going to knock it just to be an “individual” and I have to face these dogs everyday!!! the $6000 already spend on dog medical bills would have bought a lot of quality dogfood…Hindsight 20/20…

    In our world today, when, how and where I spend my hardnearned dollars
    is one of the few ways I can feel like I am doing something proactive…

  38. TC says:

    I was just elsewhere, on Itchmo I believe, and saw a post by bonnie? who had spoken to John at Canidae. Who was completely forthcoming regarding where the product is made. What I am to make of all this contradictory nonsense then?

    Canidae/Felidae - attention please - put on your website who makes your food, or in the alternative, explain why this needs to remain top secret. Not feel good words, but why in precise terms.

  39. Kim says:

    Mark - Great Idea to call Pied Piper, and I love what you said.

  40. ally says:

    Evy says:
    “I have not called out an individual company until now, but why veil that information?”

    I’m hoping it’s for contractual reasons as both myself and Danielle stated above. IIRC, didn’t you post some very complimentary things about Canidae awhile back? Something about their food being very good & meeting some of their reps at a tradeshow & they seemed like good people who really seemed to care?

    Anyhoo, I hope Canidae does have a good reason. Maybe they need to be informed of what’s being said on the blogs? I switched to Canidae after a friend recommended them. She’s been feeding her almost 1 yr old female lab she’s training for the Guide Dogs of America (GDA) Canidae her entire life. Her dog is beyond healthy, with more energy than I can shake a stick at. My friend told me Canidae is what the GDA endorses.

    For the sake of her dog, mine, the GDA’s & anyone else using it, hopefully it will remain safe. As well as Evangers wet dog food which I’ve used for well over a year with no problems whatsoever. If not, I’m still learning home cooking as an alternative.

  41. love gsdogs says:

    Everyone used to poke fun at me for saving almost all of my receipts but now I am even more vigilant about making sure that I have documentation on everything I buy..even clipping bar codes etc off dog food bags..forgot to mention before that I had also tried to switch to Pet Promise..was taken in by the slick brochure with Dr Andrew Weil endorsement etc…then learned about their Purina connection and sent them back my purchase receipts etc for a refund as instructed on their packaging…no reply to date…Purina has been predictably low key on all of this..guessing with all of those dogfood factories in China, time to stay under the radar…

  42. ally says:

    TC -I saw that comment re: the Canidae phone convo as well.

    I think the best thing to do is each of us call them for ourselves, note the date & time & who we spoke with. I should have thought to do so sooner, but as I’ve already posted, my dogs are doing fine since beginning on their Canidae. Same energy, appetite, shiny coat, etc. The only thing that freaked me out a bit was how small the Canidae kibble is. Looks more like kitty kibble if you ask me, lol.

  43. Cathi says:

    If Pied Piper makes Canine Caviar and makes Felidae as well, what’s to say there isn’t cross contamination there too??? Something is wrong here!! It says on the Pied Piper’s web site that it’s 100% wheat glutton and Rice Protein conc. free. Ha? They make Canine caviar? And it got recalled? Everyone should return all thier Felidae.

  44. Deb says:

    This has been up on MSNBC for a while

    These people give sleazy a new meaning.

  45. 5CatMom says:

    littlechloe Says,

    This info from

    “Nature’s Variety (verified by CEO 3/27/07)

    Brands include Nature’s Variety, Nature’s Variety Prairie, and Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct.
    Canned foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.
    Dry foods are outsourced, but not by Menu Foods.
    Frozen and freeze-dried raw foods are made in house.
    All grains used are of US origin, except flax seed, which they get from Canada.
    No wheat gluten is used in their products, or in the plant that manufactures their dry foods.
    There is no rice protein concentrate used in any of our Nature’s Variety diets (kibble, cans, or raw). Furthermore, rice protein concentrate is NOT used anywhere within the kibble manufacturing facility. (from website 4/18/07)”

    Also, I have a note that their dry foods are made in Lincoln, NE.

  46. Cathi says:

    Felidae 1-800-398-1600

  47. TC says:

    If Canidae’s or Pied Piper’s refusal is contractual, then they have the means to easily solve it.

    A contract is just an agreement amongst these two parties. Parties to a contract can absolutely get together and change things. That is a fact.

    If they won’t alter it, then one of them must have their reasons. And that really really isn’t a good sign. That is why at this point, I am foolish to continue entertaining their product as a serious contender for my pet food dollars.

  48. Kim says:

    Cathi - Pied Piper makes SOME of Canine Caviar’s food - NOT all of it. American Nutrition made the Canine Caviar food that was recalled.

    So, while Pied Piper are acting like jerks, they have in fact had NO food recalled (yet).

  49. TC says:

    Ally - that is different for the dog food to be that small!

    I am wrestling with either calling them or sending an email request for them to step up to the plate, and do the right thing. And put it on their website, so that we all have it straight from them.

    But of course, it isn’t good that we are having to strong arm a company into doing the right thing, huh?

    I am glad to hear that your dogs are doing well on the Canidae. Periodically I give the cat some canned salmon along with the Felidae and just keep hoping for the best. Well, and checking for new recalls….

  50. love gsdogs says:

    We certainly have every reason to be outraged at the Chinese for “spiking” their grains with cheap leftover lethal filler..But I am even more outraged at the way the companies that we all trusted and have spent countless dollars with have focused on covering up their involvements and basically saying one thing and doing class corporate butt covering..

    Hard to imagine trusting any corporate anything anymore…wonder when we gave up truth for marketing?

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