More SmartPak Dry Dog Food Recalled

On May 2, SmartPak recalled all orders of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received on May 2. After their first recall of LiveSmart Weight Management Chicken and Brown Rice, SmartPak sent all of their other dog food for testing, and Adult Lamb and Brown Rice came back with positive results. SmartPak is dry food and is made by Chenango Valley.

SmartPak is saying that this is odd because this particular dog food doesn’t contain any rice protein concentrate, wheat gluten or any of the other ingredients that are on FDA’s import watch list. They are saying it may be cross-contamination. (Oh by the way, it took 48 hours for the FDA to put up the press release).

NOTE: Many Menu Foods clients affected by Wednesday’s recall expansion are finally issuing their own press releases. Those companies are already listed in our recall list. Use our search feature to find news on affected brands.

The full release after the jump.

(Thanks Mike)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Plymouth, MA – May 3, 2007 –On 5/02/07, SmartPak Canine executed a voluntary nationwide recall on all lots of LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice food. This product tested positive for presence of melamine in a test received earlier in the day.

The LiveSmart Lamb formula is only sold in portion-paks shipped straight to the consumer’s home each month, so there are no bags of potentially affected product on store shelves anywhere in the country. The focus of the recall has been informing affected customers via telephone, email, and letter. Ninety-nine percent of the roughly 220 pet owners feeding LiveSmart Adult Lamb via its portion pak pet food subscription service were contacted by live phone contact or message, and/or email. The company has had live contact with the majority of affected pet owners, and is continuing an aggressive outreach program to ensure that the notification has been received. To reduce likelihood of pet owners continuing to feed the food, replacement product is being shipped to affected customers free of charge.

At the time the recall was initiated, there had not been any ill effects reported in dogs. Through the efforts to reach out to all customers, the company has become aware of two instances of vomiting and learned that a 10 year old Rottweiler had passed away two weeks previous to the recall. These reports have been forwarded to FDA and are being investigated by the company’s Medical Director to determine if they are connected with the LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula. The company has asked that any dogs showing signs of kidney illness (loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst) be seen by their veterinarian.

The company is presently investigating the source of the contamination in conjunction with its contract manufacturer, Chenango Valley Pet Food. The LiveSmart Adult Lamb formula does not contain rice protein concentrate nor wheat gluten. All the meat and vegetable matter, with the exception of New Zealand lamb, is of US origin. It appears that the product may have been cross contaminated at the Chenango plant by a prior batch of food unassociated with SmartPak that contained an ingredient that had been contaminated with melamine.

SmartPak has also tested each of its other four brands for melamine contamination, and there was no melamine detected in the samples of these foods. Those brands are LiveSmart Adult Chicken and Brown Rice, LiveSmart Senior Chicken and Brown Rice, and LiveSmart Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice.

Questions regarding this recall may be directed to Paal Gisholt, the company’s president and CEO, who may be reached at 800 461-8898. Affected customers are asked to call the company’s toll free customer service number at 800 461-8898, which is available 24/7. Additional information will be reported on the company’s website as it becomes available.

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  1. Joan says:

    NV Frozen and freeze-dried raw foods are made in house This does not answer the question of where their animal comes from - only that it is made in house.

    Where do these animals used in their product come from? I asked NV about where their chicken used in their raw instinct kibble came from - NO Answer to my question - that was a month ago. Also NO answer for the rabbit used in their Raw Rabbit Food.

    So where does their meat source for their products come from? I have returned the RI kibble and will also return the raw rabbit.

  2. Deb says:

    Gsd…wow you save all your rcpts….good work! It is almost getting to the point…where we all have save recpts, labels and samples at in-home QA lab!!!! This is out of control.

  3. erin says:

    this cross contamination just doesn’t make sense. If that is what it was then why are there 2 and 3 different foods in the same plant being recalled ? You would think it would be just the batch after the contaminated one. After that the residue should’t even be there. I believe that they tried to replace a more expensive ingr. with a cheap one and everyone that did this is going to jump on the cross contamination band wagon to make them not look so bad for waiting so long on their recalls.

  4. Eric says:

    So I guess Teric never got his results.

  5. Cathi says:

    I’ve been talking to Evy at Kumpi Kat. This lady is awesome. She will explain her product to you and answer all your questions. You won’t find that at any of these other companies. Between my two phone calls, she spent almost an hour with me. I’m done with Felidae. Thanks Evy!!

  6. blkcatgal says:

    Sarah, thanks for the info. I’m not thrilled about feeding my cat the canned NB. I will check into some other options. I am feeding him the Royal Canin dry venison and peas. But I am a little leary about RC too even though I did call them and asked about the food, verifying that they never added RPC to it and the pea protein was purchased in the USA and not from China. Interestingly, I’ve talked with several people at NB after their recall….all were very nice and helpful. Granted, I wasn’t asking for reimbursement for anything. Might have been a different story if I was.

  7. Eric says:

    Evy is awesome, I will agree. If only people like her were the norm instead of the exception in this industry, then we likely wouldn’t be in the middle of this crisis.

  8. Evy says:

    Kim ~

    Thanks for clarifying that about the Canine Caviar and American Nutrition vs. the Pied Piper folks. I was wondering about that.

    I cannot think of any good reason for any company to not disclose who manufactures their food. All of this ‘confidentiality’ makes no sense to me at all. I am proud of who makes my food and my manufacturer had no problem whatsoever with me calling out their name specifically. Heck, I’ll even draw attention to their foible about their ‘website under construction’ which it has been for years!! lol I called and talked to them today and asked them to get it up and running by next week or I am going to look like a dolt :) They are very much like I am - small and working hard to make sure things go right with a strong sense of control. They are testing samples, still trying to run their company and service their pet food company customers, and actually are kind enough to take my grief and said they’ll try to get something done, up and running for their website.

    AND just to let anyone know, awhile back a popular dog journal was frustrated that no pet food manufacturer would let them tour their facility. My snail mail and emails must have gotten lost, since Crosswind Petfood is happy to give folks a tour through their facility. I know I’ve been there several times and really enjoy the town and the people there. Very heartland and the food is TOO good at every restaurant you go to :)

    I like Canidae/Felidae products and I just don’t understand why the veil of not saying where their food is made. I hope they realize that trust is needing to be earned in this industry big time and if you check out you see SO many companys who were forthcoming with the information.

    Warm hugs to FurAngels :)

  9. Lorie says:


    I have the link in and email that Katie sent me at work. It was as pDF with studies of Cyuaric acid. It says it didn’t kill the rats just cause the lesions. Look for me on Monday I will post it for you.

  10. littlechloe says:

    I found on another forum that Pied Piper makes Nature’s Variety dry food. I haven’t been following the Pied Piper discussion too closely. Are they bad? Or just being secretive? This is really starting to p!$$ me off. I have spent this entire week researching who makes what, where, with what, how, etc etc etc. Today I ordered a grinder to start making my own raw.

    As long as Pied Piper is considered “clean” I’ll open the bag of Raw Instinct. Can anyone warn me otherwise?

  11. JollyCat says:

    littlechloe, any company that would ask to be removed from the manufacturers over at would draw suspicion from me

  12. robert says:

    to Katie your post at 2:30 reg net symptoms. The was having that prob.

  13. Zoe says:

    I got a response on May 2nd from Nature’s Variety about ingredients. It took about a week. Jessica said all their ingredients come from the United States except the flaxseed comes from Canada and the rabbit from China. I had the raw frozen rabbit in my freezer and I threw it out after getting that email.

  14. Lorie says:

    I went today and told people at my Pottery Place where I was taking knitting lessons why I haven’t been around, The girl I know the best was totally taken back about my cats story. She was like what about Eukanuba Dry for Dogs. I said I haven’t heard anything bad except there wet was recalled and that was enough for me, I also gave here the ITCHMO website link and told her abou the bees, pigs, chicken etc that no one hears about . Anyway this other lady chimed in and said my dogs eat food you can’t buy in a grocery store so they are fine, I said oh what is it she said NB I was like oh do you know they have had 2 seperate recalls, and taht I would call something you can by at PETCO at this point a safe brand and she said we check the list every week and ours is not on it. I left at that point before I started a fight.

  15. Karen says:

    Thanks for the Teric update!
    I rushed home from work and got online. I was afraid I missed him and was hunting posts.

  16. Zoe says:


    Where did order your meat grinder. I’ve been wanting one but don’t know what kind to get.

  17. Lorie says:

    BTW thanks for all teh chicken cooking tips. My cats are not satisfied with just dry they will ding dong me to death for wet esp right before bed. They are getting bored with their options. But at least they are recovering being finicky and pesty at this point is a Godsend. : ) Love my girls. I pray every night and everyday that this all goes away and no one else suffers damage from this mess. But I esp pray for redemption. Like a plaque locust embarking on all the house of all the people that caused this and esp the ones who still are hiding and not telling the truth. PURINA FF for one. Just ranting again sorry since I live so close to DC I would try the Erin Brochovich thing but my luck it wouldn’t turn out like the movie and my A$$ would end up in jail

  18. Lorie From Canada says:

    You know I have been reading everyones comments and I still say if you want a grain free food that you can trust please read about ORIJEN, it’s safe and it will do so much good for your dog you will be amazed. No worries about anything that will harm your dog today to next week, it will not be recalled. I have no part in this company, I am just like you and want the best I can for my dogs, it is also sold for cats.

  19. CathyA says:

    Zoe - Northern Tools grinder has a pretty good reputation. There may be some info on grinders at

  20. Sarah says:

    re: LovingMyPets

    Thank you for the info re: raw diets. My vet is completely against it, but I am researching it more so I can make an educated decision for the best interest of my sweet boy. Rabbits from China? Is it true Nature’s Variety rabbit comes from China???? This is ridiculous. If it comes from China it’s probably not even RABBIT - if you know what I mean. That’s disgusting.

    Although I did not have any intention of buying or cooking poor little bunny rabbits. I couldn’t do it. I am vegan btw, I don’t eat animals or animal products so it’s a personal struggle for me to even think about buying meat and cooking it. I know, I know …before anyone bashes me and says what is the difference between buying pet food that has dead animals in it, I am consciously aware of that all the time but obviously since cats are carnivores, I have no choice and if I have to buy and cook meat for him, I will do whatever it takes and is in his best interest. I will probably throw up though and cry while doing it.

    My advice to anyone who is home cooking - please buy organic only, from a reputable organic store and farm, that is certified and stamped because there are stores that are renowned for putting fake labels saying things are organic when they aren’t - another conspiracy.

  21. littlechloe says:

    Zoe - I hardly eat meat so a meat grinder was not on my radar at all. Somewhere in my web crawlings re: raw I ran across a recommendation for this:
    It’s not hideously expensive and folks say they can grind chicken bones for raw food. It seems to have decent power. Everything’s an experiment these days.

    I’ve had one of my dogs on Natural Balance raw and have been really happy - it completely cleared up his chronic intestinal issues - but I’m mad at them because they haven’t been really forthcoming about this recall stuff. Information is confusing and vague and they haven’t updated their website for a week. They can win me back if they want to but in the meantime I’ve gone elsewhere. I bought Primal raw today for Sammy and the Nature’s Variety Raw Instinct for my other dog who demands kibble. I actually have nothing bad to say about NB other than their handling of this, but maybe I’ll find that making my own raw works out really well and it will have been a good thing in the end. HTH!

  22. Danielle says:

    I read on that Orijen is expanding their market in the northeast. Their food looks very good, but I’m concerned though by the high protein content in their food. Even the senior formula is around 42%. My dogs are used to 21-22%. Anyone know if that much protein is harmful to senior dogs? When I first started researching and asked the vet, she said anywhere from 18-24 would be adequate. I have to go back on Monday for outpatient surgery so I’ll ask her then, but was just wondering if anyone here had any research on the subject.

  23. DukenCC says:

    TC…when you are crockpotting do you put the noodles in raw or cooked???
    Allie…When I used Nutro’s Lamb (dry) I had a 125+ Neo and a 50+ liver Dal, when the Neo passed a few years ago I adopted a 25- Terrier mix, but still kept feeding the same. Poor Lil Terrier hada heck of time eating those big chunks so I found Nutro Lamb little bites and the Lil Terrier went to town!!!
    FYI: I know longer feed Nutro since the beginning of this recall, wet or dry, I don’t trust em as far as I can throw em.
    Luck to All.

  24. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the info about meat grinders. I’ll order from Northern Tools.
    I’m feeding my 2 cats Newman’s Own dry and Nature’s Variety frozen organic chicken. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for organic meat to start making my own cat food.

  25. Pit Bull Lover says:

    TC, which Nutro food were you feeding? I used to feed my dog Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice dry food and didn’t connect her tummy upset, lethargy and reluctance to eat w/ the food. Because of Nutro’s Menu connection, I switched to Canidae Lamb & Rice dry food, and the dog loves her food and seems to feel much better. I worry, though, and hope there are no nasty suprises with Canidae.

  26. littlechloe says:

    Danielle - this link is to the National Academies of Science downloadable brochures on the nutritional requirements for dogs and cats:
    (click on dog or cat at the bottom). They list the requirements for protein and every nutrient (vitamins and minerals). On the dog info it says that older dogs actually need more protein than younger ones. I found the information useful.

  27. Sarah says:

    re: blkcatgal

    re: purchased in the USA and not from China

    For the matter all these companies can say all their veg. proteins were purchased in the USA - after arriving from CHINA! They need to show us proof it was grown in USA. Companies are saying 100% USA made, but they fail to mention it’s with imported products. I asked Hills to show me proof that they tested for melamine and the V & P cat diet was free of melamine but I was told that their statement on their website was proof enough. Granted any company can show us a phony report and we wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

    Yes the NB staff I deal with were very courteous, even called me several times follow up to see how my baby was. They were very gratious in approving my request for reimbursement for vet fees. I was told I was being sent a form to sign which just stated that I was getting a refund for x amount. Then I get 6 pages to sign away my rights “FOREVER” which I would need to sign in order to get my refund. Now who the hell is going to be stupid enough to sign something like that? Compared to other companies that give refunds, my vet told me NB is the worst company. I am curious to know if other companies are asking people to sign a similar release form in order to get reimbursements?

    Considering that NB has lost a lot of customers, vets are disgusted with them and several stores I shop at have even returned all NB products (even ones that aren’t on recall) and claim to never stock them again. Interestingly enough, one natural pet store has only had one company’s products recalled and it was NB - so they aren’t dealing with them again. Being pr*cks (excuse my language) NB are just digger a deeper hole for themselves and they only have themselves to blame. I am ashamed that I supported them for so long and was foolish enough to think they were a responsible company.

    To Lori from Canada - the difficulty alot of us are in, is that there are very few Venison grain free diets for cats on the market. Orijen does not sell an allergy formula or venison diet. So for those like me, whose baby is allergic to everything under the sun, our options are limited on a good day, even less now. It’s a bad situation.

  28. Joan says:

    Zoe, Thank you!

    This makes me sick! Reba is eating Rad Raw now. I took away the NV raw rabbit after someone posted that this might come from China.

    This is a money grab - rabbit from China

  29. Leslie k says:

    I discovered a problem w/purina 1 sensitive systems today.I had gotten rid of all old bags of dog food but 1 when the recalls started. The bag of purina expired 12/2007 so I thought it was safe. I had 3 bags of wellness in the food bins,but didn’t feel confident in them because they were not willing to name manufacturers. Went out today & got feline Cal natural & Innova evo dog. I mixed it into the wellness to avoid tummy problems from abrupt switch. I started to add a scoop of the purina & saw something small,hard & white stuck to it & loose in the bag.
    When I called them they said not to use any of the food ! They offered a free coupon. Also sending a prepaid envelope to send them a sample. They say they have no other complaints. When I said it contaminated all my dry food & I would not buy purina until I was sure there are no more recalls they offered more coupons. When I said I would have it privately tested they offered a refund for all the food. Maybe they are just doing the right hting but I am suspicious.
    They also said I should disinfect the food bins!
    Has anyone else had this ? Also if you have any pur 1 sens DON’T USE IT. I have been checking itchmo,petconnection & the petfoodlist twice a day & still had a problem! I thought I was being safe.
    I am posting this on all 3 sites & in the forum.

  30. Zoe says:


    My first thought after receiving that response from NV about the rabbit from China, was that it could be cat meat or dog meat. How do they know? It totally grossed me out. I sent an email telling them thanks for responding and that the the rabbit was going right into the trash. Why do they need to get rabbit from China anyway? I don’t trust any of them anymore.

  31. ally says:

    Kim -

    In case you stop back by this thread, thanks very much from me as well for clarifying about Pied Piper. Really appreciate your ongoing help, info & support.

  32. Lorie From Canada says:


    I understand what you are saying, please read the link i post for you it will help you out some.

    Is too much protein harmful?
    Old wives tales about dry dog foods high in protein causing kidney disease run rampant both on and off the internet and many people deprive their dogs of what they crave most for fear of damaging their health.

    Another very informative site on dry dog food

  33. Mary Sue says:

    This is not to upset anyone who uses Evanger’s, but what is on the labels of 5 varieties of their canned foods that I have now is not the same as what is in the cans. Check the website ingredients against the can labels and you will see a difference. I spoke with someone there because I was concerned about the menadione and was told that they don’t use that anymore. They stopped putting it any of their foods in August 2006, but they are using up their old labels. They emailed me the letter explaining that. There are some other differences in ingredients, too. I’m trying not to get to freaked out about it and I would like to trust them 100%, but this seems rather sloppy. I then emailed them when I checked the ingredients on the cans to the ones on the website so I could get an explanation of the differences. That was about a week ago and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m sure they’re overwhelmed, but my trust is waning.

  34. Ruth says:

    Thanks everyone for your support. I can only guess how all of you feel about the loss of your pets too. And how hard its been trying to find safe food.
    I have lost a family dog pet due to age but this has really gotten to me in such a way that I just can’t get over. My pet was a rescue dog but we just seemed to just click from day one. She was more than just a pet. My husband and I loved this little dog so much. Nights are the hardest for me. She would check on me every night just one more time before she went to sleep on her blankets at the foot of the bed. She had such a ritual of stretching and positioning her blankets just right then went to sleep.
    Now that is all gone.

    Thanks again…..

  35. Rhonda says:

    Well, I have to laugh about “purchased in the USA”! Being well aware of the fact that if you don’t ask the same question in every possible way you might never know the truth, while on my search for canned cat food I always start by asking if all of their ingredients are USA grown. All proudly announce, oh yes, we buy all of our ingredients in the USA (with the exception of lamb and venison). I then roll up my sleeves as say I don’t care where you buy them, I want to know where they are raised and or grown! You’d be surprised how many stutter and say “um, I’m just sure its all from the USA, they must be”. Those get crossed off my list!

  36. TC says:

    DukenCC - I put in “raw” so they can absorb the juices while they cook. But watch them, because they always get done faster than I think they should:)

    Pit Bull Lover - mine were on Nutro Chicken, Oatmeal and Rice for several years, but only in the last 6 months pre-recall did all the bad things start and then continue to escalate - vomiting, itching, licking constantly, bad coats, unbelievable water intake, reluctant to eat the kibble and the last straw was a set of cluster seizures. I didn’t know what to do, and I was scared. I started home cooking that day, and then heard about the wet recall within days if not hours.

    All the mentioned issues ended, even though I threw them on homecooked cold turkey (which should have upset their tummies). Neither dog has vomited even once since (it had become daily frothy stuff with the Nutro), and I still can remember how frequently I used to fill their water bowl (I even bought an oversized one). The vet couldn’t find anything wrong, and no, didn’t even suggest it could be the food. Their blood tests are fine, so what was in the food? I am thankful it didn’t rise to the level of causing permanent harm or killing them. But there is something in the bags that I fed my dogs that caused this. Bad batch? Or two or three? Or given that you had the some of the same issues with Nutro, likely something in the dry kibble that upset our dogs systems. I have since seen many other reports online, similar stuff re Nutro.

    That is cool that yours are doing great on Canidae; I hope it and Felidae are safe choices. I admit I am jaded now.

  37. Rhonda says:

    Mary Sue! Gosh, should I stop feeding Evangers? I’ve been through so many canned foods at this point I have no earthly idea what I should try next! At a $1.10 per 5.5 oz can this stuff better be healthy! Honestly my food bill for 3 cats has already gone from $60.00 per month to almost $150 per month.

    Does anyone know of other canned foods that are all natural, all USA, holistic and canned by the brand company rather than an outsider?

  38. Lorie says:


    What a sweet way to remember your little dog, I am so sorry for your lose. These people are evil, stealing all our sweet babies away not to mention our own normal routine lives. Since that fateful day on March 23rd when my turst was broken for life thanks to FF insisting on their product still being safe. Now I pray I caught my error in judgement in time and dread every time I fill their food bowl that it could be their last

  39. Lorie From Canada says:

    Ruth, I feel for you and all the others who have recently lost a pet I did aswell. It was 6 mth today that I lost my beautiful Golden Retriever just a baby not yet 3 yrs old. My Blaze had epilepsy he was so special to me I am having a hard time letting go of him.
    Blaze will always live on, his memory is with many still as he is the subject of a Lawsuit in Ont Canada you can read about it here
    We are waiting for trial date as per trial did not offer any settlement.

    Losing a pet is bad enough but losing a pet because of things that we can control makes it even worse, this food recall should of never happen.

  40. 9 cats left says:

    I lost one cat 3 weeks ago. someone else has bloody urine, I don’t know who; I have been cooking recipes from vets but they do not like the food. Buying Paul Neuman and Wellness because they assured me while they do use Menu plant, everything is done under strict supervision. 3 weeks ago I wrote and called the FDA but received no reply. NO one was addressing the cross contamination factor. My granddaughter is highly allergic and under no circumstances could she eat anything made on shared equipment. Are they just waking up?

    And why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that the CFO of Menu Foods sold 4000 shares of his stock for $89,000. on February 26, 3 weeks before the recall. His name is Mark Weins. Spread the word.

  41. teric says:

    Sorry all that I’m late,

    Just got home. Post soon to follow. Will be a long one and will take some time. Just hang on for a sec…

  42. Mary Sue says:


    I’m using the Evanger’s in spite of my reluctance. I’ve been quite happy with them until I found out about this labeling business. My 7 year old ShihTzu has been eating their vegetarian dinner for a couple of years due to allergies to all meats. She also gets people food and about 10 pieces of PetGuard vegetarian kibble which I don’t trust now because they won’t speak to anyone about who makes their food. It’s an old bag, and when it’s gone I’m going to make my own kibble. I’m cooking for the 16 year old Shih Tzu who I recently got from a hoarding situation. She can and will eat anything so she isn’t a concern. The cats are a different story. I just switched to Felidae which they’ll eat, but aren’t thrilled with. Now with all of this secrecy with Canidae and Felidae I’m not sure I made the right choice for dry food. They’re both 12 and all this changing foods isn’t good. I supplement it with 3 of the Evanger’s canned and I’m holding my breath. They eat very little canned, but these are some they will at least pick at. They won’t eat fresh cooked chicken or salmon - yet. I keep trying. Another one that seems okay is by Nature Organics except for the fact that they are made by Blue Seal which has had some bad press, but right now I can’t remember what it was. Merrick sounds pretty safe, but mine don’t like it. Like you, I’ve spent a fortune trying everything that sounds safe in order to find something they like. They love canned tuna, but that’s just for an occasional treat.

  43. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Yay!!! The mysterious Inspector Teric returns!

  44. Eric says:

    Okay Teric, we’re all waiting very anxiously here…

  45. TC says:

    Thanks Teric for remembering and look forward to whatever you may have found out.

  46. Rhonda says:

    Mary Sue, thanks for getting back. My babies refused Merrick, hands down. I guess at this point I’ll keep it up with Evanger’s unless I hear something that makes me run. When all of this first hit, I actually boiled chicken, reduced the broth, turned it into gravy, then made my “own” canned food. They refused that as well, yet the vet wants them eating canned in addition to dry. I will continue watching posts so please let me know if your concerns grow. Thanks so much!

  47. Karen says:

    Thanks Teric!

  48. Dogmom says:

    I feel like we are all holding our breath; waiting for Teric’s report. I know that I am. I feed canidae to my dogs and felidae to my cats; both wet and dry. Teric, you are on my “good thoughts list”!

  49. Eric says:

    I tell you, Teric is torturing us!

  50. Karen says:

    Must be a giant post.

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