New Zealand Pet Owner Finds Plastic In Cat Food

TabtabNew Zealand pet owner Rose Fraser was shocked to discover something else in her cat’s food. She found blue plastic.

Last week, Fraser fed her cats from a container of Jimbo’s veal cat food. Thirty minutes later, she heard one of her cats, Tabtab, vomiting outside. Fraser found bits of blue plastic in the cat’s vomit. She reached into Tabtab’s mouth and pulled out an inch long piece of plastic.

The next day, Fraser found more bits of pieces in the Jimbo’s cat food bag. She said that she hadn’t noticed the pieces of plastic the day before because she was in a hurry and the cats were all over her.

Fraser said that Tabtab was lethargic for two days but the other cats were fine. She called Bombay Pet Foods, which owns Jimbo’s, to let them know what happened with the cat food. She said the man who answered the phone tried to sign her up for a special deal on cat food instead of listening to her.

They eventually sent a representative to her house to give her more pet food.

Fraser says that she just wants other people to know about the faulty batch.

“I’m not expecting compensation. I’m just concerned other cats may end up with intestinal obstruction. It’s just a mistake, they just need to be a bit more careful. If there’s something wrong with say, cornflakes, usually you hear some kind of message on the radio or the news but I didn’t hear anything.”

She said she would continue to feed her cats Jimbo’s as they loved it.

From New Zealand Herald:

Bombay Pet Foods has admitted their mistake but says that there is a slim chance that other cats were affected. (We’d like to know about this slim chance.)

General manager Dave Allan said the company used 27kg blocks of meat which were cut into smaller lots so if there was a lot of plastic someone would have seen it.

The company use the expiry date as the batch number. Mrs Fraser’s was July 16, 2007.

He also pointed out that only 10 per cent of Bombay Pet Foods’ sales were from the 1kg containers of Jimbo’s veal pet food.

“When it’s frozen some of the carton liner gets trapped inside the meat. It escaped the attention of the operator.

“You can use metal detection devices but you can’t use plastic detection devices, so if a piece of plastic does get into some product … I mean it does happen. I say to people I can’t guarantee it will never happen again, but we do try and make it right.”

9 Responses to “New Zealand Pet Owner Finds Plastic In Cat Food”

  1. Jenny says:

    Accounts of finding things like that are heard all the time in the blogs for foods canned by Evangers here. I’ve heard reports of bones, chunks of guar gum, plastic wrap, bits of plastic. I myself found a 1″ hard chunk of something - don’t know what it was - plus hard bone shards.

  2. Cathy says:

    “I’m not expecting compensation. I’m just concerned other cats may end up with intestinal obstruction. It’s just a mistake, they just need to be a bit more careful.”

    “When it’s frozen some of the carton liner gets trapped inside the meat. It escaped the attention of the operator.

    This is NOT a mistake, it’s very poor quality control. And, it escaped the attention of the operator? Oh please. Personally, I’d never buy that food again. On forums, people said they have found blue plastic & other misc. things in a couple of brands of canned dog & cat food. I’ve heard too many people complain about it so those foods will never be in this house.

  3. Sharon says:

    What I can’t believe is that the lady says she is going to continue to buy the same food! Is she insane?

  4. Katie says:

    Sharon, I agree! I thought the same thing, if there’s a problem with the quality control of the food and the company is making light of it, why on earth would someone continue to use the product!

    I don’t know if we are just finding things in the food because we’re being more careful (bone shards,hairs,etc.) since the pet food contamination or if the companys are just getting more sloppy…


  5. HighNote says:

    It totally amazes me that this lady would continue to feed her cats after finding this blue plastic in it and especially when the company just brushed her off and tried to give her a special deal on cat food. It sure did not sound like a very caring company. These kind of mistakes just should not happen. It could have killed her cat! Doesn’t she realize that? Plastic can get stuck in the intestinal track and cause all sorts of trouble. Just amazing!

  6. Ruth says:

    Would this lady be so ho-hummed if her cat ended up with a intestinal obstruction? Personally, I wouldn’t buy this product again if there’s the chance of finding more plastic. Is she going to closely check it everytime she feeds her cats? And to top it off, the company just brushing it off.
    How insane!

  7. ~Carol says:

    So foreign “pieces” are found in pet food outside N. America, and I’m wondering if toxic food is also being sold in other countries, or is it only USA and Canada that have had product recalls due to chemical contaminants?

    I do remember one brand being recalled outside N. America, and I think that was in N. Africa. What about Europe, Australia, New Zealand?

  8. Sandy says:

    Well people have posted pictures of blue plastic type things in Natura products …you know..Innova and so on on the forums so I am not shocked by this. If you can find the thread and wade through all the clutter you will see some shocking things in there..sigh

  9. dog collar addict says:

    so much for the ‘prize’ in the cracker jack box…

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