News Photographer Rescues Stuck Dog

DogUsually television news photographers stay behind the camera and remain unseen, but this photographer jumped in the middle of a scene to help a stuck dachshund.

Local animal control officials were trying to coax a dog out of a muddy hole but were unable to. Then a photojournalist put his camera down the hole to try and take a picture of the dog.

The photographer realized the dog was within his reach and crawled in the hole a little bit and grabbed the dog out of the hole. The dachshund is doing well and was unhurt from the incident.

Source: KARE11

2 Responses to “News Photographer Rescues Stuck Dog”

  1. Lynn says:

    Bravo! Here’s a photographer who’s got his priorities straight!

  2. catmom5 says:

    I was happy to see this on the local news. The man was shadowing animal control officers to photograph this rescue ~ and ended up being the rescuer. Good job!! (BTW, this puppy is absolutely adorable and the news anchors were all gushing over how cute he is and how quickly he’ll probably be adopted.)

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