NJ Shelter Needs Homes For Their Animals — Fast


Room For One More is a no-kill animal shelter that is currently located in Sparta, New Jersey. The city has informed the shelter that they will be taking over the building and the shelter must move out by June 30.

The shelter is asking for help to find homes for more than a 100 dogs and cats that they have in their care before they move out on June 30. They’ve expanded their hours and are hosting adoption events each weekend to find homes for these lovable pets. Room For One More is also looking for foster homes if people cannot adopt. Here is a picture of ShyLoh who needs a loving family to take her in. She hopes that you have “room for one more” in your home.

Full details and shelter information after the jump.

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Press release from Room For One More:

Dear Friends,

We need your support.

Room for One More is leaving our current location on Sparta-Newton Road; we will be moving out at the end of June, 2007. We have a busy month ahead of us as we find homes—either permanent or temporary—for over 100 dogs and cats currently in our care.

In just 30 days!

For those of you who may not know, over the past year we have become a no-kill shelter, rescuing animals from as far away as South Carolina. We are proud of the work, the lives we’ve saved, and the happy homes we have found for so many more animals. And we have no intention of stopping. During the transition—as we locate a new facility that better meets our growing needs—we will continue to run a foster operation.

Our animals need your help. We need to find a home or shelter for each animal by June 30, 2007. To facilitate this, we’ve expanded our hours at the shelter and we will be hosting adoption events each weekend through the month of June. Our complete adoption day event calendar is included below. Please stop by, and please encourage your friends to stop by. Can’t adopt a new pet right now? How about foster care? If you foster one of our animals, you will be providing it food and shelter during the transition period (RFOM will pay any unexpected medical costs). As soon as we find a new home, we will take the dog or cat back in to our care (assuming you can part with him or her!).

We also need your financial support. Finding a new home will mean added moving expenses, and likely higher operational costs as we grow to better serve you and your future pets. Your contribution to our non-profit organization will be tax deductible. Visit us at www.rfom.org, to contribute on our secure site.
There is some small irony that an organization that has dedicated itself to finding homes for our animals is now itself without shelter. But we do believe, that with your continued support, we will find a new home quickly; one that will better serve our new, expanded rescue mission. One that will always have “room for one more.”

Thank you,


3 Responses to “NJ Shelter Needs Homes For Their Animals — Fast”

  1. Janine says:

    Looks like this unfortunately shelter has a good plan in place with their adoption events. If not all the animals find a home, I would recommend they contact the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. They are wonderful, amazing and are known to help out in situations just like this. Bless the wonderful people trying to find these animals homes.

  2. Geff says:

    Another example of the US government gone bad (even if it is just a city in NJ) Kicking out a no kill shelter??? Huh???????????

    I’ve always been a bit to the left. The Bush administration really has helped me to dispise our government. The FDA & the est of this mess caused by the money grubbing B***rds who run major corporations & governments havereally pushed my opinions over the edge.

    Mind you, Communist China’s current government is at least as bad as the Bushie’s, & in all likelyhood much worse. It isn’t only the political right who can be evil……….

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