No Charges Filed Against Woman Who Dragged Dog Behind Truck

A Florida woman will not be charged after she was found dragging a dog behind her truck.

Maria Alvizo was pulled over by authorities when they saw a black mixed breed dog chained to the bumper of the truck. The dog was being dragged as Alvizo was driving. When officers stopped Alvizo, the dog was already dead from its injuries.

Alvizo told authorities she didn’t know how the dog would have gotten tied to the truck.

The Alvizo family had been feeding the stray dog after a neighbor abandoned him.

Investigators found out that Alvizo’s mother had tied the dog to the truck, so he wouldn’t follow the neighborhood children to the bus stop. The family has numerous vehicles on their property, and the truck that Alvizo drove that day is not normally used.

Alvizo said she only used the truck because her car didn’t start. She stated that she did not know the dog was tied to the truck until she was pulled over.

Source: My Fox Tampa Bay

16 Responses to “No Charges Filed Against Woman Who Dragged Dog Behind Truck”

  1. Sharon says:

    What do you want to bet these people are in the country illegally and thanks to George Bush even if they committed gang rape and murder they would go free. We wouldn’t want to actually put criminals in this country illegally in jail.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hey, I hate Bush too but what makes you think they are in the country illegally? Are you just going by their last name? WTF

  3. nora and rufus says:

    That poor dog. It seems he lost all the way around. To be abandoned and practically starved and then dragged to his death by accident because he wanted to follow the children to the bus stop, probably because he loved them and wanted to protect them and just be with someone. This story makes me want to cry.

  4. Donna says:

    You are a 100 % right .Bush is pro illegal and anti american.War on terrorism ? Laughable ! Wide open borders and the U.S. under invasion and bush “thinks” he is fighting terrorism. Can we say ” failure to up hold oath of office” to protect the nation. And yes, bush is involved with saving the life of a murder,who was sentenced to death by the courts.Bush says the illegal murder, civil rights has been violated ! Time for citizen actions. We are in a the mist of failure of goverment to do it job and to enforce the laws of the nation .Any one remember the purpose of goverment ? TO SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION.DEPORT ILLEGALS THEY ARE ANTI AMERICAN AND CRIMINALS.Highest crime rate where illegals reside.Comming to AMERICA ia a privilage,and comming here means loyality to the nation and being legal ! Our laws,MUST be enforced.Citizens ,DEMAND IT ! Check out Tom Tancredo,AWESOME AMERICAN.

  5. 2CatMom says:

    Sharon & Donna:

    Why don’t you take your racist screed somewhere else. The ethnicity of the people in this story has nothing to do with the tragedy. You have no idea of this families’ immigration status - they may have been citizens of this country a lot longer than your family.

    If the family’s name was O’Brien, or Stanislowski, or Levy does that make any difference? Not in my world.

  6. highnote says:

    This is so very sad. I can see how something like this could possibly happen but yet I wonder why the lady after tieing the dog to the truck did not come back after the kids were gone and untie it? And I also wondered why it was chained to the truck. Why the chain? If it had a chain on it then I would have thought it was chained in the yard and maybe got lose. Why leave it on the truck? And also if this poor dog was chained to the back of the truck then it sure would have been a mighty short chain for I would have thought that this person would have seen the dog while getting into the truck in the first place. YOU would think the dog would have made some sort of sound while sitting there chained or being dragged down the road! This story just has too many unanswered questions for me. My heart goes out for this poor dog though.

  7. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    Hear, Hear, 2CatMom. Sharon, Donna, please take your racist ranting to White Alliance or Stormtrooper or someplace similar.

    We’re just sorry for that poor doggie. Abandoned by his family, taken in by another, and then dragged to death by accident. Rough.

  8. 8tiggers says:

    Sharon & Donna,

    How do you know that family hasn’t been here since the 1500s? The Spaniards were the first Europeans in Florida — hence, the Spanish name.

    For that matter, unless you’re Native American, you’re illegal immigrants.

  9. Lynn says:

    Whatever the situation, let this be a good wake up call. Let’s turn this into something positive. Anytime you get into your car, walk around it and check to see that all is well. Sure, it’s a pain in the neck, but getting into the habit is all that’s needed.

    And for goodness sake: NEVER tie a dog to a vehicle.

  10. John says:

    What if her kids were playing behind the parked vechicle. What if they were sitting on the ground as kids do, and she couldn’t see them from the drivers seat. It is the drivers responsibility to know at all times what is around their vechicle.

    THis woman should have been prosecuted. Stupidity is not a legal defense.

  11. kaefamily says:

    My gosh, it was an ACCIDENT. She must have felt very remorseful. If she wasn’t a caring person why would she and her family took in the dog and fed it? There are too many questions without definitely answers here. And woman is already prosecuted by her last name alone. What about the most recent rash of incidents whereas parent/s left their toddlers in their cars with windows closed in the blistering summer’s heat? Not one was put in jail!

  12. kathy says:

    Sharon, Donna, and John: I get enough of this kind of drivel in my daily spam. Are you so perfect???? This poor woman was only a human. Things happen. I feel almost as bad for the three of you as I do for the dog. Almost.

  13. Lynn says:

    One of the worst memories that will never leave me is when I was a kid: I saw our neighbor across the street get into her car and back up over their large dog who was sleeping on the driveway, catching shade from the car. I ran screaming and yelling at her to stop but it was too late. The dog died right there, cradled in her arms. This dog was adored by all the family members.


    If you live in colder climates where cats might possibly get near the engine area for warmth, tap loudly on the hood of the vehicle to wake them up and scare them off.

    15 seconds. That’s all it takes. 15 seconds.

  14. Stan says:

    Good stuff here from “Lynn” - CIRCLE YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU GET IN IT.

    If you live in colder climates where cats might possibly get near the engine area for warmth, tap loudly on the hood of the vehicle to wake them up and scare them off.

    15 seconds. That’s all it takes. 15 seconds.

    We all should do it. I do the cat one, but need to do the walk. It may just save you as well, you may find something wrong with your vehicle to boot.

  15. Dog lover, not killer says:

    How could she not know the dog was be hind her? The get a way with it? What didthe poor dog ever do to you. And sure, it was an “accident.”

  16. Dog Lover says:

    Cruel People!!!! How could you do that?? An “accident”, sure….pfftt…

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