No Melamine Found In Chicken Jerky Strips Dog Treats By Indiana State Chemist

The Indiana State Chemist’s office says that its lab found no evidence of melamine contamination in Wal-Mart’s chicken jerky strip dog treats that were pulled from the shelves on July 26.

“We found no melamine at all,” Bob Geiger, feed administrator for the Indiana State Chemist’s office. He added that the laboratory will be doing additional tests for biological contaminants. The results should be available next week.

“In the stuff we tested, what my lab reported to me was it was below our detectable limit,” Geiger said. He explained that these results do not mean that melamine isn’t there in the dog treats, but that it is not measurable.

The Indiana State Chemist’s office was testing samples of the chicken jerky strips received from Sherri Shelton. Shelton claimed that her dog died from eating the dog treats. The office also tested unopened packages from local Wal-Mart stores.

Geiger said he has shared some of the state’s samples with the FDA, and he added that both the Indiana office and the FDA are using the same testing procedures.

The FDA announced yesterday that they have not detected any melamine in the chicken jerky strips dog treats. They said they will be doing further testing on the products.

When Wal-Mart tested the pulled chicken jerky strips, they said 17 tests showed traces of melamine. Wal-Mart’s lab report said there was 20 parts per million of melamine in the product.

“If there is any there, it is in such small quantities it isn’t going to make a difference to the animal,” Geiger said.

As a side note, the acting Indiana Associate State Chemist, Dr. Rodney J. Noel, Ph.D. is a National Pet Food Commission member. He is also the AAFCO Secretary-Treasurer.

Source: USA Today

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8 thoughts on “No Melamine Found In Chicken Jerky Strips Dog Treats By Indiana State Chemist

  1. Well, I think something was wrong with them. I got a bag about a month ago. I cut them in half because I have small dogs and each dog got half of one twice in the first week, and at least once in the two following weeks. During that time I noticed what looked like vomit or diarrhea (hard to tell with one of my dogs sometimes) and inappropriate elimination (loss of house training). Some how I never connected the dots until the Wal-mart started pulling them from the shelves. I had stopped giving them to my dogs (the only change in their diet) and the problems have stopped. No body seemed particularly sick though so though I was wondering what was going on with them, I didn’t think the 100% chicken breast was the problem.

  2. Well here is the problem

    As a side note, the acting Indiana Associate State Chemist, Dr. Rodney J. Noel, Ph.D. is a National Pet Food Commission member. He is also the AAFCO Secretary-Treasurer.

    Somebody so incestuously involved with the AAFCO certainly cannot be trusted to produce results that even glance at the truth.
    What moron would let a pet food industry flunkie into that kind of position?
    Chemist? Scientist? Not bloody likely!
    Indiana is in a LOT of trouble , the whole state could be radioactive and glowing and this boyo aint gonna figure it out.

  3. WTF? What a load of BS. 17 tests show melamine and the state chemist doesn’t find anything? I’ll bet there is something else he woudn’t be able to find with both hands.

  4. The lab folks in Indiana better keep looking. Reports of problems with these dog treats is nothing new.

    RE: Bestro’s Chicken Strips
    Posted: Apr 05 ’06, 6:33 pm
    “On the subject about the chicken jerky treats,I must forwarn people who give these to there dogs.My friend lost both his dogs within three months. My dog became dealthly ill, thank god he is still here. All of these animals were eating these chicken treats on a daily basis.All the animals started showing signs of vomiting,diarreah,drop in appetite. Not sure whats in these treats,but i do not give them to my dog anymore.Beings there is a recall on these, kind of makes you wonder whats in them. Please let me know if your dog or dogs has had any of these symptoms.Bestros is the carrier,not sure who makes them tho. I will check into this. All of these dogs had some sort of a blockage in ther intestines, never had it until given these treats.I was lucky enough that my dog who is only two survived this ordeal.”

    Jerky hurt my dog also
    Posted: Apr 22 ’06, 1:00 am (Updated: Apr 22 ’06, 1:01 am)
    “I have a daschund who has never had any intestinal problems, until i started feeding him these Bestros jerky strips, after a couple of weeks, he had to go to the ER, his intestines were ruptured and he almost died. He was extremely ill, bleeding internally and a couple more hours would have resulted in a fatality, I believe that wal-mart is neglegant for this and am hoping someone else has had the same problem, please respond.”

  5. Susan, thats because he has no fruit bowl at all!!! but he has deep pockets. Lying a-wads!

  6. IMO, members of PFI have not only poisoned pets but they have poisoned the FDA & now we see they have also poisoned some of the labs that we have to depend on to test for these poisons. Who else is on their payroll? Corruption is alive & well in the pet food industry & our gov’t.

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