No More Fish And Chips for Brit Dogs

British DogWho knew that it would be illegal to have an overweight dog? Throughout England and Wales, the Animal Welfare Act has come into effect. The law makes owners responsible for the welfare of their pets and making sure that their needs are met. These needs include: a suitable environment, a suitable diet, to exhibit normal behavior patterns (what’s considered normal? Itching his butt across the carpet?), to be housed with or apart from other animals (if applicable), and to be protected from injury, pain, suffering and disease. This means that owners of chubby pets can be fined for overfeeding their pets or not feeding them the “proper” nutrition.

People who are found guilty of abusing their pets can be jailed up to 51 weeks or face fines of up to $40,000 or both. Also the new law raises the minimum age of people that can buy a pet on their own to the age of 16 (it used to be at age 12). Proponents of the law say that this will decrease mistreatment of pets and will educate owners on how to raise their pets properly. Sorry Fido, no more table scraps for you.

One Response to “No More Fish And Chips for Brit Dogs”

  1. kip says:

    Lordy. Come on people, i get that pets are important, but lets deal with issues regarding humans and humanity, first. then worry about obese dogs.

    300 lb kids, don’t you know.

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