No More Pooper Scoopers

Pooper ScooperIs less poop good for your pets? A Holland firm is claiming to have invented a dog food which reduces the number of times your dog has to “take care of business”. The company called Energique (completely meat based product with a completely ironic name) says that their pet food is absorbed into the body and the remainder (only 10% of what the dog eats) comes out in an, uh, easily disposable form. The makers say that dogs will only go once a week. Some dog experts (and Itchmo) are concerned about the food being harmful to a dog’s digestive system and they say that dogs need to go once a day to ensure healthy organs. Can you imagine going once a week?

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  1. Stefan says:

    I agree, Itchmo, sounds like a bad idea for lazy pet owners. Esp. (if I may extrapolate from humans) - with the advances in human nutrition based on probiotics - and the prebiotic fibers they like to eat, positive effects of fiber intake on release of glucose into bloodstream etc. (fibers = big plentiful turds, and healthy G.I tracts)

    This whole marketing trend of pretending dogs are carnivores and need totally meat based diets is starting to annoy me.

    Dogs are omnivores - carnivore vs. omnivore is based on metabolism/nutritional idiosyncracies, not pet preference. Plugging up their colons with 99% digestible diets that don’t respect their digestive physiology is a marketing dream come true - Meaty! Good! Less turds! - will undoubtedly wow many ignorant owners and sell like crazy. Too bad.

  2. Steve says:

    A lot of marketers and marketing companies have become the modern day version of the old time snake oil salesmen and carnival barkers.

    Let the buyer beware.

  3. catherine pierson says:

    is there not a link between transit time and cancer…the longer waste stays in the system the more harm is done…this is true for humans and the same would apply for dogs. this product was developed before this recall woke up so many people. hope everyone is at least more skeptical now.

  4. Steve says:

    I think Energique should be checked out to make sure a bunch of quacks aren’t involved in the development of this “remedy” and they actually have some real credentials other then an on line MBA.

  5. Gary says:

    Two years later, they will probably find it causes intestinal cancer or something.

    What is the matter with people supposed to be blessed with a brain?

  6. Lil Bears Momma says:

    Actually dogs are carnavores but they do need to eliminate at least once a day. And they do very well on a diet of raw meat/organs and edible bones. I know thousands of dog and cat owners who feed raw meaty bones diets to their pets. Their pets are healthy, need virtually no dental cleanings and fewer vet visits.
    Dogs are very close to the gray wolf in genetics. Please do the research on this. Your dog does not need grains/veggies or fruit. Those items will and do cause diseases to blossom as grains/veggies turn to sugar in their digestive tracts and promote cancer.
    I would not however buy any dog food that says my dog only has to go once a week. That is entirely unnatural.

  7. Anonymous says:

    what am i missing here? this is a meat based raw diet (contains grains etc). sounds very much like pre-made raw to me. now if someone was feeding ol’ roy kibble and switched to this, they just may see a dramatic decrease in waste. i saw a decrease going from premium to raw, but i wouldn’t call it dramatic, just a smaller amount. still daily. i couldn’t find anything that would support the once a week claim though, so if the vets etc have read the ingredients, why are they so worried about the claim? unless i missed something on the website . . .

    sounds like they will just have a bunch of ticked off customers when the dogs still poop every day ;)

  8. Stefan says:

    Dogs are not carnivores. No way, no how. They are sometimes called “facultative carnivores”, which is a fancy way of saying they prefer to eat meat.

    But classification is not based on preferences…it is based on science.

    Their metabolic processes, dentition, intestinal tract all indicate that they are undoubtedly, no question, no debate OMNIVORES. Cats, for the same reasons, are CARNIVORES.

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