Nurse Saves Choking Cat

LuckyMandy Wood, a nurse, is used to saving people’s lives. But recently she had to save her own kitten’s life.

Her cat, six-month-old Lucky, was choking on some food and stopped breathing. Wood performed CPR on Lucky and gently massaged her heart.

Finally, after three-and-a-half minutes, Lucky started breathing again.

After seeing the vet, Lucky is perfectly fine after her frightening experience.

Wood said of her life-saving efforts, “Instinct took over and I followed my training. I just had to be gentle because she is so small. I have helped to save a few human lives but this is the first time my services have ever been called on for a kitten.”

Source: The Sun

(Thanks Amanda)

3 Responses to “Nurse Saves Choking Cat”

  1. icr says:

    Lengthy story about animal cruelty in China:

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    Good job Mandy, you are a great ladyto help your little kitty. On another subject, after reading the info on China, they make me absolutely sick. OH, I almost forgot, they already make me sick.

  3. Holly says:

    i just lost a 6 week old kitten this morning…..i believe she was choking on a piece of food and all i could do was watch helplessly as she tried to cough it up……after she passed out i tried to give her cpr and for a little while her heart was still beating……by the time i got her to the vet it was too late though…..i would have given anything to have known how to save her….i feel so guilty for not seeing her sooner and for not being able to do anything for her

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