Nursing Home For Dogs Opening In Japan

The word “home” will have a whole new meaning for dogs now. A nursing home for dogs will be opening in Japan on Friday. There will be 24-hour monitoring by veterinarians and dogs will be fed specially fortified food. A group of puppies will also be used to play with the older dogs to help them keep fit and younger. (Or annoy them with their youthful vigor.) The nursing home can hold up to 20 dogs at one time and will cost about $800 a month. Get ready to play some bingo, Fido.

One Response to “Nursing Home For Dogs Opening In Japan”

  1. Gerry says:

    WTH !! Are the owners going to have visiting hrs? Why have a pet if it isnt going to live with you? Sounds sad to me. Now we can get rid of an OLD pet like we do OLD people. Put them in a home.

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