NEW RECALL: Nutra Nuggets Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs Recalled

We have been able to confirm that Nutra Nuggets (made by Diamond Pet Foods) is recalling their 40 pound Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs. The contaminated batch’s product code is #NLR0404 and the Best Buy dates are October 9-10, 2008. We spoke with a vet at the Nutra Nuggets recall line and he said that so far, they had only heard of 2 cases in which the dogs had renal diseases (confirming the news report from yesterday).

He said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled.

(Updated) Itchmo readers and PetsitUSA found out that the contaminated Nutra Nuggets were sold at Costco locations in CA, WA, OR, AZ, and NV.

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  1. Dana says:

    “He said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled.”
    First thank you for being on top of this entire ugly mess! I wonder, like many others, how many more products have been tainted/cross contaminated,unknown ingredients included, etc.? It seems these companies always have to wait until some poor pet and owner suffers, and they are caught, before they admit or recall. Will it ever stop? How long must we all endure the pet food companies seemingly lack of knowledge or their absolute defiance in not identifying possible problems? Sorry for the rant, but I’m sitting here looking at half empty fluids on an IV pole waiting for the next round of sub q’s.

  2. Cynthia says:



    Nutro Products, Inc. (same as Nutro Pet Products)
    445 Wilson Way
    City of Industry, CA 91744
    Customer Service & Product Information: 800.833.5330
    Jerry Sicherman

  3. Carol says:

    In an earlier post Menusux had said exactly what the Nutra nuggets vet says above— I truly go here to get all the info first—I can’t count the number of times I read “breaking” news here hours and sometimes days before the pet food companies “confirm” their recalls.

    Thanks Itchmo—and posters on hehalf of “Smudge”, “Jessica”, “Harry” and “Lucy”. At this time only Smudge and Jessicare are affected (cats)-Harry has been battling cancer (winning so far) which at times seems easier to deal with than this pet food nightmare and what to feed all these guys as I see how quickly they become ill…!

  4. Eric says:

    Once again, it’s NutrA not NutrO, they are completely seperate brands.

    Also, so much for Diamond’s 151 point safety check system they claim to have.

  5. Carol says:

    Cynthia, I made that mistake too, it seems so confusing there is Nutra and Nutro and Diamond Pet Food and Diamond Pet Food Makers called by other brand names—-no wonder we get all mixed up. I thought I was an intelligent person until all this started—naive is what I call myself now but I’m trying to learn more and reading here helps!

  6. Susan says:

    At 9:20 am eastern time Nutra Nuggets phone line said no recalled dry food. That line said everything tested negative for contaminants. How come the vet had to notify them it was positive? How can we trust anything? Obviously they don’t clean anything. I am really scared.

  7. andy121106 says:

    I saw that also on their web site, 151 point safety check, are they nuts? who do they think they are kidding? This is another flawed diamond product!

  8. Carol says:

    Diamond needs a 152 point safety check I guess, melamine testing #152…!

  9. 4lgdfriend says:

    how about a 151 point BS check

  10. Susan says:

    I’m getting confused. How many actual manufacturing plants are contaminated? Menu Foods plants, Chenango Valley, Diamond Foods? It’s hard to keep track of what’s made where? I guess we haven’t heard anything from Doane Foods (of the aflatoxin recall last year)?

  11. furmom says:

    Well that just rots my socks. My dog has been on Nutra Nuggets, latest bag date Feb 08, and I have another not yet started Jul 08. He didn’t get sick as far as I can tell, but I’ve been so creeped out by everything that’s happened I have switched my pets to raw/home made any way. Maybe we lucked out and our dates aren’t within the critical period. Maybe. Maybe not. I emailed the manufacturer a month or so ago, and was assured that they didn’t use the bad glutens, and were testing their food. What took so long, and why didn’t they come out with this sooner? This is how the paranoid/pessamistic gene survives. The paranoid people live longer and therefore get a chance to reproduce and pass on their paranoid genes. The particular plant this stuff comes from is in South Carolina, under Diamond, I think, but there may be other places that process it.

  12. Cynthia says:

    Thanks. I realized I goofed right after I posted it.

  13. High Note says:

    I thought they were to check their products? I do not understand this cross contamination thing. There certainly seems like a lot of it! Why do I not believe this? Maybe they have lousy help that does not care what they put into things.
    So much of the pet food on the shelf at the stores have not been checked. It has been there for sometime and there will be more recalls.

  14. MEK says:


    Love your comment about paranoid/pessimistic genes! Too funny!! Too true! May we all live long and healthy!! Keep sniffing!!

  15. furmom says:

    It’s NOT paranoia if they actually are out to get you.

  16. LorieVA says:

    So what other dry food do you think was manufactured at this so called plant? Solid Gold Dry cat food maybe? Chicken Soup? Whats NEXT? This is too much for a person to deal with. I agree its out there sitting on shelves just waiting ofr is next poor victim, who has no idea whats coming……………….

    Just like me and my FF 6 years of using and all it took was to buy a new case and BOOM……………………….

  17. Helen says:

    furmom, I agree.

  18. furmom says:

    Here’s what I think “cross-contamination” means: One plant mixes up a big batch of “rice whatever” to go in any brands of rice based dog foods. They throw in several bags of “rice mysterymelamineprotein” and then add it to fifteen different brands coming off the line that week, so it’s lamb and rice, venison and rice, chicken and rice etc. Next week it’s wheat based products with wheat gluten added. There’s no way you would get significant amounts of melamine in a batch from one brand mixed up with other brands just from beginning or ending the run from one producer to the next.

  19. robert says:

    My cat got sick from Solid Gold dry food. Made by Diamond at a plant in Texas. I called Solid Gold to tell them, I was told they do not have customer satifaction guarantee. This was about a month or more ago.

  20. Saijin says:

    I may be niave as well. I’ve been trying to cook meals for my two baby’s since all of this, and have been using White and brown ricebecause that’s alsways what the Vet put them on if they were sick or whatever. One is an Akita who’s ALWAYS had some sort of problem with digestions, acid, vomiting, etc… since she’s born. The vet put her on the Royal Canin Duck and potatoe as well as steriods, but she continued to do all of the above. I wound up switching to a number of different foods to try to axamine what was up myself. then recalls, now - I can’t figure out what types of supplements to use or not use, and Can’t start her on a solid food ever again I feel like. HOme cooking is not easy to keep up with.

    Frustrated and Scared………

  21. Maureen says:


    My 50 lb. Belgian Tervueren sheepdog mix has an extremely sensitive stomach too. She does ok on 1/2 Wellness Super5 kibble (chicken) with 1/3+ cooked boiled chicken (deboned, skinless) (or cooked organic freshly ground beef) and 1/4 well cooked long grain white rice. She couldn’t take long grain brown rice.

    I’m slowly adding California Natural to the Wellness kibble she’s used to (though I’ll probably keep a mix of the two). I tried taking her to all homecooked but had some problem with the supplement. My Belgian has trouble with most finely ground vegetables. No separate treats for her, just small bits of kibble now and then. (California Natural has been recommended by many because of its simple ingredients, chicken and rice. It’s a Natura product and they are doing testing.)

    I was surprised to find how easily she adjusted to good cooked meat. I live in a small apt. so I take her to the park a couple of times each week with a raw meaty bone which I get from a good butcher shop. She loves that and it settles well with her.

  22. Maureen says:

    p.s. to Saijin

    I still use some kibble so she’ll get her supplements. If I can figure out a good supplement to work with her and my other dog and cat I’ll go straight homecooked. (They vomited once I started a supplement with their cooked food/Dr. Goodpet supplement.)

  23. Cheryl W says:

    I got this information from and

    Artemis - Holistic Pet Food (information provided by company 3/26/07, updated 4/20/07)
    * No products made by Menu Foods.
    * Cans are manufactured by Evanger’s in Wheeling, IL
    * Natural 6 Mix/Power Formula/ Holistic Cat Formula is made at by Eagle Pack in Mishawaka, IN.
    * Fresh Mix Line, Osopure Line, and AgaRx Line is made by Diamond Pet in Lathrop, CA.
    * All ingredients are from the USA except New Zealand lamb.
    * They test every batch and submit a sample to the USDA for testing.
    * Test for proximates, salmonella, bacteria.
    * No wheat corn, soy, or wheat gluten is used in any products except the Holistic Cat Line, which contains corn gluten meal.
    * We DO NOT use rice protein concentrate in our food. (taken from company website 4/18/07)

    Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul See Diamond Pet Foods

    Diamond Pet Foods (verified by company 3/28/07)
    * Brands include Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Nutra Nuggets, Premium Edge, Professional Pet Food
    * No products made by Menu Foods
    * All foods contain US and Canadian ingredients
    * Manufacture their own dry food
    * Canned foods made by American Nutrition
    * Wheat, wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate is not used in any of our dry, canned, or treat products. (from website 4/18/07)

    Nutra Nuggets See Diamond Pet Foods

    Premium Edge See Diamond Pet Foods

    Professional Pet Food See Diamond Pet Foods

    Solid Gold Health Food for Pets (verified by company 4/17/07)
    * Only brand is Solid Gold
    * No products made by Menu Foods
    * Dry food made by Diamond, in Meta, Mo and Lathrop, CA
    * Canned foods are made by Blue Sky Pet Foods
    * We have no wheat gluten, nor rice protein concentrate. We use only whole unprocessed grains or bran, not gluten.
    * With 3 exceptions, all ingredients are from domestic sources. Lamb comes from New Zealand, tuna is caught & canned offshore, and the potato protein in the Barking at the Moon high performance food comes from Europe.
    * Company is individually owned by the founder of Solid Gold, Sissy McGill. (no parent company)

  24. luvadog says:

    I remember calling Natural Balance a year or so ago, I was using one of their allergy formulas. I wanted to know how they supervised the packaging of this food and how they made sure it was not cross contaminated with other proteins.

    Well I remember the call well, the lady was not very, lets say ‘nice’ on the phone. She said all the machinery is thoroughly cleaned between batches and there own supervisors are there to oversee everything. (the food was made and or packaged at Diamond)

    She was very snotty about it. Like how dare I even ask. This was approx
    a year ago. Her tone, was like how dare you question our process and
    cleanliness! I’d love to know if that same lady still works there…..I hope her shoe tastes good.

    I am just so ticked off, we are treated like dumb sheep with deep pockets.
    and I am just so tired of it. Fancy packaging, lies, and false information.

    So much for cleaning the machinery and so much for their supervisors….

  25. Joan says:

    China’s budding food industry faces scrutiny

  26. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Who makes Chicken Soul cat food? Diamond? Anyone know?

  27. Katie says:

    It’s not Friday! Cross-contamination, I wonder if the PFI members share in the ordering of product to get a better price. Knowing that’s what big business does; school districts and hospitals,even Wal-Mart. The reason I’m wondering; then it would be understandable why so many plants with recalls - using the same raw product. Another possibility had been mentioned by someone a few days ago who has a friend who worked in a pet food plant. He said the stuff is fine it’s in the vent systems, everywhere. Think about what happens when you open a bag of flour…

    I don’t think recalls are over. My FDA regional investigator said they are still answering calls and still testing. Leads add to new leads.

    I wish the companies recalled everything in March - got to the bottom of the problem - overhauled the plants and started over. It breaks my heart to know pets are still dying and getting sick.


  28. LorieVA says:

    Barb, GSD MOM

    Diamond packages the dry Chicken Soup

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Natural Balance Was Manufactured @ American Nutrition As Was If I Remember Correctly Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover And @ Least 1 Other. These Were The Companies That Said American Nutrition Added Rice Protein Concentrate Without Thr Knowledge Or Consent. I Just Lookd Natural Balance Changed That And Now Says They Wanted It In Thr Products To Boost Protein. So Why The Sudden Change Of Heart

  31. Clarissa says:

    I returned a bag of Solid Gold Katzenflocken dry cat food because my cats became ill. They checked the code on the bag in their computer and said it was made by Diamond in Texas. I feed Innova now and the cats are doing well.

    I’m not positive, but I THINK Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul is made by Diamond and American Nutrition. This is from an old recall notice:
    Diamond Brand and Chicken Soup For the Pet Lover’s Soul
    Recalled April 26th, 2007

    Due to American Nutrition’s recall, the following Diamond Pet Food can formulations are being recalled:

    * Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Kitten Formula cans
    * Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Puppy Formula cans
    * Diamond Lamb & Rice Formula cans

  32. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Thanks…now my Sister is nervous about giving her cats dry chicken food for the soul. She is asking me “what about Felidae”. Has anyone had good results with this food?


  33. LorieVA says:

    I have a whole bag of Solid Gold Katzenflocken in my cabinet because I swear it made my cats stay ill longer during their recovery from first dose of poison and once I found out Diamond made it I refused to touch it. This was way back the end of March.

    I believe ANI mad Chicken Soup wet and Diamond does their dry. At this point I agree stay away from any product made by any plant with even one brand recalled. its all dicey at this point not worth it.

  34. LorieVA says:

    Barb, GSD MOM,

    two of my co-workers have switched back when this first started to Felidae dry and seem to be having no issues.

    Also know 2 people using Canidae dry with no problems to date.

  35. straybaby says:

    does any one know what plant this food was produced at? (sorry if i missed it somewhere!)

  36. straybaby says:


    can you get the food tested?

  37. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    LorieVA, Thanks for the information. I believe she is going to try Felidae. What else is there? :o( Her Shepherd is on a home cooked diet, but the kitties will not touch it. I had no idea cats were sooooo finicky! Wow. Her dog kept throwing up on Nutro Oatmeal, she an IBS dog, but now she does not throw up at all. Whew.

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. LorieVA says:


    You mean is it possible for me to get teh SG tested? I would love to get that and my FF which definitly caused all my problems tested but geez its like 200 bucks a food.

  40. TinaB says:

    It’s all so scary. I was using Chicken Soup for Cat Lover’s Soul, and even though none of my cats have gotten sick, I have been switching them slowly to California Natural. I also bought the Solid Gold before I knew it was also made by Diamond. I have been giving them handfuls of that to see if they liked it, and so far, no problems with it either, but I am going to California Natural completely to stay away from Diamond. I have been also feeding the Wellness canned with no problems even though I know it’s made at Menu.

    If you go to the website you get a error 404- page cannot be displayed - looks like they are wiping out what they had on their web page - probably said something about none of their foods being recalled - HA!

  41. E. Hamilton says:

    Important info lifted from petconnection, please spread the word.
    There is something you can do.
    Let your elected officials know that you want them to do their job!

    It’s a simple painless way to contact your representative!

    It will find you representative and send the email

    You can add your own comments. Then afterwards you may, if you like, send the link and a message asking friends and family to help.

    Please note the link also discloses the phone numbers of your reps. Always better to to make a phone call also and follow up with Email. . Also better to put some of your own words in the Email. Edit to your hearts content.

  42. Susan says:

    I was nervous about talking on the phone, so I printed out the Humane Society page, and referred to it. You can fax it, too. Thanks, E. Hamilton.

  43. Gerry says:

    My can of holistic pheasant dinner for cats has listed menadionesodium bisulfite. Isnt that the synthetic version of vit k. I read that it isnt good. I also read that it has been banned from some European countries for use in food and supplements for humans. My can of food is Evangers. Any one know about this ingredient?

  44. YaYa says:

    Rob, I’m sorry that was the type of response you got from the company. What Nerve! No “guarentee”? I’m floored.
    That’s the sort of reply that removes Permanantly a Company off the list for me!

    Lorie, I truly am working with a Lab {independent} to be able to test for more than the “usual” now. They’d aready set up anew for the Melamine. They do a Broad spectrum Toxins testing.

    She came out of a conference call today to get the Aminoptrin “light sensitivity” info from me to clear with the Head Lab Physician.
    We are going to talk again tomorrow.

    I’d explain that many of us feel the Aminoptrin IS an Issue {too}. She/they do as well, but don’t now what to look for :-(

    This information of the “light” issue was news to her personally. She is having the Doctor look into it in more detail.

    I’ll get pricing etc. soon and pass them along.

    She did say it made perfect sense that something Like aminoptrin Would be more likely to cause the Liver/gastric/bleeding issue. Than the others the FDA has disclosed.

    I am sending them Maureens Email info posted from yesterday, from the NY lab, that found the first Aminoptrin.

    I WILL keep you all posted and get the Info back to you all ASAP!

    This would be one more thing the must ‘adjust’ there for, to be able to Do the proper testing.

    I really can’t post more until they feel they are Ready, to handle what Really all should be tested for, and the possible Numbers sent to them in the future.

    Hee’s what I think the list might be right now:

    Melamine {they already do}
    Cynauric Acid {they already do}

    Anything else?

  45. Donna Z says:

    Barb, GSD Mom

    I’ve switched one cat over to Felidae (loves it, doing great). Other cat who was on IV’s for 4 days was harder to please. I got samples of several foods, and he liked California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato and Natura Health Wise the best. He is doing great on those foods.

    I have researched Natura and Canidae as much as I can and for our household (2 dogs/2 cats) I am happy with their foods.

    One more bonus Maine Coon NEVER throws up anymore since switching him to Felidae.

    Donna Z

  46. Dave says:

    Once again, I am appalled, that this webiste continues to allow people to make false and misleading statements about this or any other pet food recall. You are creating mass hesteria, by allowing uninformed people to post comments about this food or that food Do any of you honestly believe that any company would intentionally contaminate they products. And just because one food has it, doesn’t mean the others in their respective product lines have the same problem. Unless a specific food is listed, I for one whould have no hesitation to use them. And if they are listed, all I or any of you would need to do is not use the dates they’ve outlined in their recall notice. Enough said already!

  47. straybaby says:


    we need to start a testing fund. i know it’s been mentioned, and if one has started, point me to it :) i think the one lab does it for 150. i think the only way we are going to find out on diamond (ANY!) products, is if we test what we have.

    Dave, I wish you luck with your pets health. I sincerely hope they do not suffer because of your lack of concern.

  48. Donna Z says:


    I am glad you have been spared by all of this. However, many of us have not been, we were using foods that were deemed “safe”. I had 4 pets become ill when being fed a “safe” food. One landed in the Vet and was on IV’s for 4 days. I am very thankful he survived, however in addition to almost losing him, I have a HUGE vet bill. This web site keeps us informed, the more knowledge the more understanding. I for one am thankful for all the comments.

  49. Jo says:

    To Barb, GSD MOM: I have 10 cats. Tried the Felidae Platinum canned & dry formulas & the Chicken & Rice canned & dry formulas. Only 2 of the 10 cats would eat the Felidae. I’ve seen many blog posts from owners who say their cats tried it but didn’t like it; perhaps they need to improve the palatibility of the food. But it does appear — at least for now — that it is a good brand to feed.

    To Everyone: I have sent several canned and dry cat food formulas to AccuTrace in TX for testing. Suppose to have results back by tomorrow. I don’t mind sharing the results with you all.

  50. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Thanks guys for the infor re felidae.

  51. furmom says:

    So Dave, what would you say to a person in my situation who has watched the recalls carefully, and thanked my luckystars (touchwood) that my pets were ill(yet). The I find out the manufacturer, who assured me in an email that they were testing their (my) brand of food. Now I find out there’s a new bunch of pets sick. The vet can say this or this date was it, but that doesn’t mean my batch is clear. Do I wait until my pets get sick, do I buy another bag of this stuff, do I know what I’m going to switch to won’t be recalled next week, month? Of course the manufacturers are cr*pping their pants by now because more and more people have had it. Are our pets supposed to be the guinea pigs (like these latest victims) to test the food on the front lines? Just because the producers are swell people doesn’t mean we should sit by and just watch animals dropping before the food is recalled. This has not been a dozen or so animals. It’s hundreds or thousands of cats and dogs, no one has a proper count, a whole lot of chickens, hogs. The milk replacer was affected in at least one case. If people don’t squawk and start voting with their wallets, the system will not change, and this could happen anytime. People are anxious because they are confused,they are confused because no one is giving them the straight story. My dog food was safe, until it wasn’t. My dog and cat are still alive. I can’t imagine how sad, angry, p*issed off, grieved I’d feel if I had a sick or dead pet and a pile of vet bills to show for it. If you are not concerned, you should be, how do you know your pet’s food won’t be next?

  52. JanC says:

    I just posted this over at pet connection but I’ll ask over here too. Maybe somebody knows something about this.

    Going back a couple of months, does anyone remember the vets (UC Davis?…….I’m really not sure) who were testing five dry foods…….these had not been recalled but lots of people had reported their animals had gotten sick or died from eating them. I’m not sure if it was reported here or at pet connection or both but I waited & waited & waited. I still haven’t heard the results of those tests.

    Is it possible they reported back to the PF companies & waited for a “voluntary” recall? I guess we’re still waiting.

    I can’t believe we never heard another word about this. Has anyone else??????

  53. connie says:

    The five pet food makers Wilbur-Ellis sold the melamine-laced Chinese RPC to are 1) Diamond Pet Foods, makers of Natural Balance dry foods (plant in MO), 2) Chenango Valley Pet Foods, makers of Drs. Foster & Smith and SmartPac/LiveSmart (plant in NY), 3) Royal Canin, plant in MO, 4) C.J. Foods, makers of Blue Buffalo dry foods (plant in KS) and 5) American Nutrition, makers of Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance wet foods.

    the rest of you will have to help me fill in the blanks on the wheat gluten, if you would be so kind.

  54. ann says:

    Anonymous - NB did reformulate their venison products (except canned cat)to include RPC to improve the fornula. However, RPC was added bt A.N. to other products they recalled without their consent or knowledge.

  55. menusux says:

    FYI Re: NJ Pet Loss Law:


    Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Courier-Post Online

    Pet-food bill advances in Assembly

    “The Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Monday passed a bill unanimously granting such a right, as pet food companies currently only have to reimburse owners to the cost of their pet or medical bills associated with poisoning.”

    Please take note what Organization is opposing this bill:

    “The Pet Food Institute, a representative group for nearly all of the pet food manufacturers in the nation, opposes the bill as well because it places a different quality standard on pet food than the current New Jersey Commerce Feed law, said spokesman Kurt Gallagher.”

    And also note that Mr. SmithBucklin appears to have vanished under his Popcorn Institute hat, having been (temporarily?) replaced by another mouthpiece for SmithBucklin. Looks like truth becoming public knowledge has made “Nobrain” fade into the background for a while.

    Hey, whatever happened to his line about 99% of all pet foods currently on the shelves being safe and that all the brands PFI represents are quality ones? So if they are, how could a different standard hurt? Oh–I know, let’s talk about FEDERAL laws:

    Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

    “SEC. 301. [ 21 U.S.C. 331] The following acts and the causing thereof are hereby prohibited: 1

    “(a) The introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded.

    “(b) The adulteration or misbranding of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic in interstate commerce.

    “(c) The receipt in interstate commerce of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded, and the delivery or proffered delivery thereof for pay or otherwise.

    “(d) The introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of any article in violation of section 404 or 505 or 564.

    “(g) The manufacture within any Territory of any food, drug, device, or cosmetic that is adulterated or misbranded.

    “(ee) The importing or offering for import into the United States of an article of food in violation of the requirements under section 801(m).”

    May 16, 2007
    “Dear Feed and Feed Ingredient Manufacturers:

    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking this opportunity to remind feed and feed ingredient manufacturers of their legal responsibility to ensure that every ingredient used in their products is safe for its intended use, whether the product is meant to be used to feed animals intended for human consumption or non-food animals such as pets.”

    Some of your members & affiliates, past & present, did what’s described above and as shown above, are liable for their actions and inactions. Go cry on Mr. Levick’s shoulder because there’s no getting out from under.

  56. ann says:

    Gerry - here are 3 different views on the subject. I feed Evangers. When I spoke to them about the viytamin K3, they said that they were using up old labels, and provided in writing that they do not use K3 in any of their foods.

  57. ann says:

    Jo - which canned cat food did you send

  58. connie says:

    Dear Pet Food Maunfacturers,
    I’m fairly certain more than one of you come to itchmo to read what we all have to say, I’d like to give you the clue you seem to be missing.
    With each & every recall, new recall, old recall, due to garbage in food or cross contamination in food or POSSIBLE cross contamination in food I’d like to tell you whats happening with the humans who provide YOU with YOUR paychecks. With each new warning we all receive & forward out to all in our address books, & phone & tell on the street, …you lose more & more customer confidence. Without customer confidence…less sales. Less sales, less work. Less work, less money. Are you seeing the pattern here???
    This recall has been ongoing for 2 months (kind of excessive wouldnt you agree?)
    How can you fix this?
    *ppsstt* honestly between you & me, if it cost us a buck or 2 more a bag, & we knew it was SAFE & GOOD for our hairy kids, we’d pay it, but keep covering it up & we wont be coming back.
    Sadly we find each & every day, that not only have our hairy kids but WE have been eating this CRAP for years! Whats it going to take for conscience to kick in?? Seeing one of your own ill & being helpless to do anything???? Dont let it go that far! FIX THIS!!

  59. Stephanie says:


    Do you know if Royal Canin was confirmed to have gotten the rice protein from Wilbur Ellis? They announce the recall at the same time, but later announced that they got it from Cereal By-Products. I am just curious if they got it from two suppliers, or is someone still holding out on us.

  60. sez who says:

    I’m sorry but I’m having a difficult problem with this cross contamination deal… If that were the case, you’d have to insert the “dilution” factor and each time something went through it would get weaker and weaker, would it not?.. You know like the melachickens are not enough to prevent them from market, the dilution factor.. yeah right, .. but - off to market they went.. With that said.. Of course by now they (several plants) have cleaned their equipement and thrown out tainted ingredients that they know about since March recalls began 2 months ago. So I’m not buying this excuse.. Looks to me like something is STILL being used. Something we STILL don’t know about? I keep going back to that 5th contaminate that officials said was “too sensitive” to reveal… Talk about red flags going up! Too sensitive? Think about it.. Why would something be “too sensitive” to reveal to the public? A common ingredient? Something used in a wide variety of things? What? - a tainted vitamin, suppliment compound from China? (I hope everyone did see the article on the China imports - vitamins/suppliments like sorbic acid, E, B, etc being imported in) What is this 5th contaminate that is too sensitve to reveal? WTHell is going on here? - really… Is this not the biggest recall in our history? correct me if I’m wrong. But someting is just NOT right.. and it’s growing… All of the above is IMO… skeptic yeah, can’t help it.. it’s time for another sub-q..

  61. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Any feed back on Nutro naturals?


  62. menusux says:

    More Re: Nutra Nuggets Recall & Diamond:

    Tests Find Melamine in Diamond Pet Foods Brands
    Doubts Grow that All Contaminated Pet Food Been Found
    ConsumerAffairs.Com May 22, 2007

    “Samples of another brand of dog food have tested positive for melamine and caused kidney problems in at least four dogs in California.

    “The dry dog food is Nutra Nuggets, manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods of Meta, Missouri.

    ““We’re in a real quandary here,” Craig Wilson, with Costco’s Food Safety Department, told today. “We’re not the only ones who were selling this product. This was not a Costco brand; this went to many other sellers of this item.

    “A spokeswoman for Diamond Pet Foods called this an “isolated incident.” When asked if the tainted bags are still on store shelves, however, she said she wasn’t sure.

    More Concerns about Diamond

    “Meanwhile, an Indiana pet owner contacted on Sunday with concerns about another brand of Diamond Pet Foods.

    “Sharen C. of La Fontaine, Indiana, says her two dogs became sick after eating Diamond’s Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.

    ““I normally cook for my dogs, but I wanted to supplement them with this brand,” Sharen says, adding her dogs, Cassie and Star, are Lab-mixes. “When I tried it, though, my dogs became sick. They were lethargic and had diarrhea. And this lasted for a couple days.”

    “Sharen immediately stopped feeding the food to her dogs.

    “When their conditions improved — about a week later — she tried giving them the food again.

    ““But they got sick again and had the same symptoms,” she says. “So this wasn’t a coincidence. It made them sick — twice.” Sharen contacted Diamond Pet Foods, but says the company downplayed her concerns.

    “But shortly after her call, Diamond recalled its Chicken Soup for Puppy Lover’s Soul and Chicken Soup For Kitten Lover’s Soul. The company, however, didn’t recall the brand that made Sharen’s dogs sick — Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul.”

  63. Stephanie says:

    Sez who,

    I have been thinking the same thing. Are we looking at another contaminated raw material? Why no dilution factor?

  64. sez who says:

    Stephanie, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking outside of the box that has been presented…

  65. Susan says:

    Right and no more FDA press conferences. This is over? There has to be something else going on.

  66. Stephanie says:

    Oh yeah, someone is hiding something. People may think I am crazy, but this is out of control.

  67. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    This whole thing is making me nuts. I am feeding half canidae and half home cooking. Last night the children had rigatoni and meat sauce added to their food. They do not like canidae. Are they trying to tell me something?

  68. sez who says:

    Count me in on that - hidden stuff.. We only hear what they think we can handle. Dodge questions and throwing curve balls is not to my liking… This IS NOT OVER…

  69. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Ok..found out what my friend switched her dog food to:

    Nutro Natural Choice large Adult Dog Food

    First 6 ingredients:




  70. connie says:

    stepahnie, I for a while, was not saving the articles I was finding & was only writing down brands…then I finally started saving lists of maufacturers, cause if one brand is crappy but manfacturer A makes 10 brands, you KNOW more will end up crappy as well. My list was from this story “UT HOGS TESTED, FED RPC FROM AMERICAN NUTRITION 04/26/07
    The below article from today’s news pretty much confirms American Nutrition in Utah is the remaining unnamed “pet food maker” who purchased potentially tainted RPC from Wilbur-Ellis……….”
    I believe I got it off of I saved it may 3rd.
    Ive said it before, Ill keep saying it: Dad’s pet foods may not be top of the line, but all of their dry cat & dog ingredients are GROWN in the USA. I have switched 21 animals in MY house, (plus countless other houses) to Dads sinmply because it IS grown here!!
    some food for thought & you all KNEW it was coming: In 45 yrs I have NEVER had a UTI, bladder infection, kidney infection, or any issue relating to the formentioned issues. A week ago, I was at the dr for my first. fun wow. Yes I eat chkn, tons of crap with wheat in it, & fish, (sadly some farm grown fish). coincidence???? I suspect NOT. I spent almost 20 minutes discussing the food tainting to the health care provider & asking if they were seeing more of these infections..this person said no. However….I work at a pharmacy & I persoanlly DO see more & more looking for AZO & cranberry & juice…Pay attention to what youre all eating as well. (now for the collective *thats just wonderful sigh*)

  71. Carol says:

    Susan, do you mean NutrO or NutrA?? As I thought Diamond made NutrA?? I’m confused again..

  72. Gerry says:

    ann…thank you for the info on vit k.

  73. straybaby says:

    “People may think I am crazy, but this is out of control.”

    haven’t you heard?! we’re all crazy, hysterical, over-the-top-troblesome bloggers!!!

    welcome to our planet ;)

  74. ann says:

    Connie- That info came out awhile ago. Wilber Ellis sold to 5 companies which were all eventually named. The big question is, where did the 3rd batch of rpc from Cereal by-Products go to?

  75. ann says:

    Gerry-You’re welcome

  76. Jo says:

    JanC: The vet you were thinking of who announced — via a Sacramento Bee article — he was testing several suspect pet foods not yet recalled was Dr. Paul Pion with Veterinary Information Network. I, too, have been very eager to hear the results of his test but have heard no reports.


  77. ann says:

    Nutro is owned by eith colgate/pomolive or proctor and gamble
    Nutra is a Diamond pet food brand, and is made by Diamond

  78. connie says:

    :) IF they told us, I dont believe I have that one.
    I was just trying to answer this post,

    “Susan Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 11:04 am
    I’m getting confused. How many actual manufacturing plants are contaminated? Menu Foods plants, Chenango Valley, Diamond Foods? It’s hard to keep track of what’s made where? I guess we haven’t heard anything from Doane Foods (of the aflatoxin recall last year)?”

    I as well, just get more & more confused, angry & annoyed every time a NEW recall comes down. Theyve had more than enough time & they just DONT CARE! & thats just sad

  79. straybaby says:

    who is it that sold out to Mars at the begining of this? or am i confused (as usual!)

  80. ann says:

    Pert of the problem is that we gets bits and pieces, but not the whole picture. Then, when we get another piece, its hard to remember where it fits, because there are so many fragments.

  81. neolady says:

    Getting caught in this yet again, Nutra used to be marketed in Canada by Costco who indicated that Kirkland Lamb & Rice was the same product - manufactured by Diamond. I just bought a bag with an October 24/08 expiry and frankly I am scared stiff to feed it. Can anyone provide me information to find out if it is the same product or not?

  82. straybaby says:

    connie, i have to wonder if they (FDA) were counting on their dilution theory with regards to the cross contamination. and what the plants didn’t tell them was that more of this stuff was floating around . . .

    that’s all i can figure beyoned the obvious, there was never cross contamination. there’s just the “don’t say anything until something dies” rule in place.

  83. kellie says:

    ok this may be winded, i have alot on my mind…AGAIN..just as I was starting to feel safe.

    As i’ve stated I’ve been off work after a surgery on disability, only a fraction of my normal pay, but getting by.

    I can’t go homemade right now because i don’t have the freezer space or the funds to drive an ahour to the butchers and geta bunch of bulk ground meatand bone base.
    I made my own fish batches with my own wild causght fish and eggs, only one of my 2 cats ate it.

    I found a pet supplies plus that carried. merrick, innova, felidae, bought 40 bux worth of wet and innova dry.
    The cats wont eat the dry AT ALL and only nibbled all the wet foods.
    I have wasted SO much food. the stray cats outside are eating like kings now while my own kitties are pulling hunger strikes.

    The only way my one cat would eat was for me to feed him manually by the finger full. Don’t freak out saying OMG HE”LL EXASBERATE INTO HIS LUNGS!!!’s not like that. He sits in my lap, no struggle, doesnt even turn his head away. he’s not struggling, or fighting me, he opens his mouth i put it on his tongue and he swallows it. he just wont eat himself.

    After all the waste and the mess and the worry about their health, ireturned the unused cans and switched to wellness wet, i know i know, menu…i hated doing it, but they will eat that eagerly.
    i also tried some innove wet, also menu, but running out of choices. when i’m home to make him eat its ok but next week i’m back to work and i’ll be gone 9 to 12 hrs a day, i dont want them starving so i went with what i hope is safe and they’ll eat.

    I followed all tips on switching kitties food, i did the old food on top, baby food, etc. he just wasnt having it!

    My biggest fears are also, they had TON of free samples of wellness dry, 4 types, calf natural dry, 2 types, and innova dry 2 types that i didnt get before.
    So being pretty poor lately i snatche dthem up and the cats are actually nibbling on it where the innova/evo they wouldnt touch period.
    now i’m scared of all these food i just got wet and dry.

    Only 1 store sells evangers, a health store 45 mins away.
    I need a dry they’ll eat and i trust for when i’m at work. they kinda like the welness and califonia natural herring and potato.
    what do you guys think of those?

    Also, i found a treat they love. it’s by vitakitty, they are like chicken jerky and beef liver jerky, it’s pure dried meat with just vitamin A, E and flax.
    They love these and it’s another source of protein so they get a handful of those a day. The ingredients are great but i cant find where they are made

    nevermind, i found small print that says made in china…#^%#&%#^%#^%#
    i’m calling the number…sigh….

    Ok..30 mins later.
    i had a great talk with a dogswell, rep.
    Yes they are made in china. will i buy them again? i dunno.
    I got right thru to a human on the phone within automated run around.
    She told me the chix and beef is free range cage free and eat a diet of grass, ahy and corn, the corn coming from the USA. She said the president of the company’s brother and other family live in China and over see the production. they said they have been testing their products from day 1 and later added a melamine test to be sure.
    You can tell these are just chix and liver jerky with nothing added.
    I told her my worry was what the cows and poultry eat before they are made into treats. She assurred me it is all organic feed. she was very nice and patient with all my questions.
    I asked her if this will make them open a plant in the U.S. and she said there are talks of this and they are considering it in light of the CHINA backlash.

    My cats love these and have never had any reaction to them at all…I guess i have some thinking to do.

    any thoughts about the dry foods i listed would be great.

  84. Jo says:


    All Formulas Tested Are CAT Foods:

    Royal Canin Sensible Choice Senior Dry; BB 9-07
    Royal Canin Indoor Mature 27 Dry; BB 10-18-07
    Blue Buffalo Spa Select Hairball Control Dry; BB 3-7-08
    CA Natural Chicken & Rice Dry; BB 2-16-08
    Science Diet Indoor Cat Adult Chicken Entree Can; BB 9-2008
    Natural Balance Ultra Formula Can; BB 2-14-2010
    CA Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato Can; BB 5-24-08
    CA Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Can; BB 1-5-09

    Composite samples of the above dry & cannned formulas tested negative for melamine, cyanuric acid & aminopterin. Another test for “unknown toxins & chemicals” also came out negative.

    Results for amilorine & amiloride (melamine by-products) are pending AccuTrace’s receipt of test standards.

    DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE the above test results represent single cans & bags of food, with specific best by dates & production runs. I’m sharing these results for any of you who may be interested, but am not implying that these test results indicate the listed brands & formulas are safe for your pets to eat, nor am I recommending that any of these brands or formulas should or should not be fed to your pets.

    I do, however, want to say that AccuTrace has been great to work with. They completed testing within one week of sample receipt. The rep I worked with was very knowledgeable about the pet food recall and the testing procedures, and called me as soon as the test results were in her hands.

    My heart goes out to all of you whose pets have been affected by the recall. We must all stick together and speak out for the sake of our animals who can’t.

  85. ann says:

    I stopped feeding my 13 yo cat dry altogether after reading these two articles:
    After exhaustive research and food trials, these were my results: My cat will only eat these canned foods - Wellness chicken or turkey, Evangers organic chicken, annd natural balance Venison and Green pea(was not recalled, only the dog & cat dry, treats, and dog canned). Would not touch Innova. Took 2 bites of filadae and that was it. My dog is on Innova dry with some Evangers canned thrown in. This was the only canned food she will eat. My wallet shares your wallet’s pain.

  86. ann says:

    PS Since suspecting that my cat has a food allergy, she is strictly on NB Venison and Green Pea canned

  87. Mandy says:

    Dave Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 4:42 pm
    Once again, I am appalled, that this webiste continues to allow people to make false and misleading statements about this or any other pet food recall. You are creating mass hesteria, by allowing uninformed people to post comments about this food or that food Do any of you honestly believe that any company would intentionally contaminate they products. And just because one food has it, doesn’t mean the others in their respective product lines have the same problem. Unless a specific food is listed, I for one whould have no hesitation to use them. And if they are listed, all I or any of you would need to do is not use the dates they’ve outlined in their recall notice. Enough said already!


    Dave, my cats ate Purina One and Cat Chow their whole lives. Around the time of the pet food recall, it made the older one start throwing up. Many people have complained about Purina products, especially Fancy Feast and Beneful. Complaints have been made to the company only to be ignored. Just because a product is NOT on the recall list does NOT mean that it’s safe, as this newest recall just proved. The vet had to have the food tested himself and then let the company know before they finally recalled the food, even though I’m sure customers were already complaining.

    If you don’t like this website or the posts that people make, you are quite free to not come here and read. Just as the rest of us are quite free to come here and read and comment. It’s OUR choice.

    As to us being uninformed, we ARE informed. We have done our research and your post was quite offensive. Many have lost their fur babies or had them become sick. Please be more sensitive in any other future posts that you decide to make.

  88. connie says:

    straybaby, whats the matter with mars foods??
    I suspect I may have missed something. I am under the impression mars stuff is ok,(cats & dogs loved goodlife recipe & pedigree) . After weeks & weeks & weeks of this recall, I was tired to the point I wanted something, ANYTHING, grown IN this country, so I went to Dads. I still tell people pedigree & goodlife, sheba & whiskas are mars products & should be ok, but that they couldnt tell me, when I called them, WHERE the ingredients came from & I wanted USA grown stuff. Since I cant afford raw for 21 & one passed raw for dry(!!) I had to have something I felt safe with & I was tired of these poison imported ingredients.

  89. furmom says:

    Neolady, don’t feed the Nutra, your dates are definitely in he bad range, according to the Calif vet ordered food testing. Since Diamond has not clarified what the heck is going on, which plants or foods are affected, just wait till things shake out. Diamond will have to test and confirm before they would do anything official. I personally emailed Nutra Nuggets/Diamond about a month ago and asked them to please test their food as I was nervous and using a lamb and rice, (and occasionally chicken and rice) formula. Their website at that time said they didn’t use the bad chinese glutens but they would test anyway. I’m wondering what happened to that promise, because this batch must have been produced right around that time. I have a bag of lamb and rice I’ve had for about a month and couldn’t bring myself to feed the dog. I am really glad I didn’t now, even though it might have been produced before the danger period. Don’t throw it out either, there may be a recall, you might get your money back, or might want it tested. I pray your pet remains okay. Make a nice people dinner for your pet tonight, and then start figuring out what else to feed. Personally my pets have been on raw meats,egg, dairy, and cooked grain/people grade food for now. I’ve pretty much lost confidence in commercial foods.

  90. LovingMyPets says:

    ann Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    “Pert of the problem is that we gets bits and pieces, but not the whole picture. Then, when we get another piece, its hard to remember where it fits, because there are so many fragments.”

    Ha! Why do you think they are doing it that way? For precisely that reason (as you stated)!!!

  91. Susan says:

    I must be SO naive! I thought recalls were simple. Pull the bad stuff off the shelf. Instead I’m not sure there is any good stuff anymore. And I noticed the FDA site, Nutra Nuggets, and Diamond Foods don’t have today’s recall listed. What are they waiting for?

  92. ann says:

    I’m sure the companies are doing it this way because they get cornered. I’m referring to information uncovered by the people investigating this whole mess, not just the FDA

  93. connie says:

    I for one ditto Mandys comments! I fed my cats special kitty & friskies & 9 lives CANNED for years. NOT gravy products, loaf stuff. None of it recalled.
    I took my 2nd most sr cat to see doc..cause “he just didnt look & act right”. Doc ok’d him. could find nothing wrong. recalls started & I stopped ALL store bought wet food. in 2 weeks!!(before I switched drys) I saw the difference. Inner hoods gone, coat glossy & neater, racing around the house. Those foods still are not recalled(low doses, bad batches? who knows). All I do know is all of mine are doing BETTER off store wet. If all thats still on the shelf are safe to eat, WHY do they keep having recalls?????

  94. Jo says:

    Like you, I’ve tried several different premium canned and dry brands/formulas on my 10 cats since the recall. The only Wellness dry food I tried was a sample of CORE, and the cats weren’t very wild about it. I also tried samples of EVO, Felidae Platinum & Felidae Chicken & Rice. Those didn’t go over very well either.

    What WAS accepted in my personal food trials were CA Natural Herring & Sweet Potatoe — and even more so, the CA Natural Chicken & Brown Rice. The majority of my cats seem to gravitate to chicken based foods.

    As for canned foods, we’ve tried SO many brands. What my cats seem to like are the CA Natural Salmon & Sweet Potatoe and CA Natural Chicken & Brown Rice. But their very favorite seems to be the Wellness Chicken formula. They ate the Wellness with more vigor than the other brands, so it seems to be more palatable.

    I’m concerned, too, about the Wellness/Menu Foods connection but at some point you’ve got to go with what works for you, what is accepted by your cats, and what your gut feeling is telling you — then observe the cats closely and be ready to act if necessary.

  95. kellie says:

    ty, jo for the info and test results..

  96. Maureen says:

    Re: NY State lab’s reply for request for info on testing for pet food contaminants

    Could someone help here?

    I’m working tonight and don’t have time to figure out how to post this on a forum, or which one to post it to, and I don’t think I’m registered. I think it’s info that people might want regarding testing. (I posted it on a thread that is getting obsolete, but people seemed to appreciate the info.)

    Here’s the info:

    I wrote to the NY State Food Lab and just received this response re: aminopterin testing. And they gave more info about where they are in their testing. Encouraging. This is the lab that receives Homeland Security funds. I’ve read they are state of the art…

    Here’s the reply:
    “…responding to an e-mail that you sent… regarding the NY State Food Lab and testing of pet food for aminopterin. It is true that both the FDA and Cornell University were not able to duplicate our lab’s finding of aminopterin in pet food; we suspect this was due to the breakdown of aminopterin in the pet food samples we tested. Very limited testing has been performed on pet food for aminopterin since shortly after we reported our findings the focus was directed to melamine and related compounds. Only one other lab (in Canada) found aminopterin in pet food, in this case at very low levels. Our lab is currently testing pet food for melamine and related compounds in addition to aminopterin and other potential toxins. We have devoted a great deal of time and effort into developing and validating methods to test pet food and are just now at a point where we can test the many samples we have collected from pet owners whose pets became ill or died. Thank you for your interest; we have an excellent laboratory program dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure food supply for humans and animals.”

    I questioned what he meant about FDA & Cornell’s failure to replicate and his statement about the breakdown of aminopterin in the samples they tested, and he responded:

    “Regarding the breakdown of aminopterin……… Aminopterin has been reported to be light sensitive, unfortunately we failed to shield our original samples from light and believe this may be the reason for aminopterin becoming undetectable by our lab and others within days of our initial finding. We performed limited aminopterin stability testing in our lab and found that aminopterin stock solutions that were not protected from light demonstrated a reduction in detectable aminopterin over time.”

  97. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    I don’t believe Nutra nuggets and Kirkland dry are the same dog food.

  98. straybaby says:


    Sorry! i didn’t mean to imply anything was wrong with Mars foods in general. (but they do own Waltham/Royal Canin as an FYI) I only asked the question because I’m trying to keep trak of who owns what :)

  99. 4legbabys says:

    This is a question for Connie…..Is this Dad’s dog food good for small sized senior dogs?

  100. Tom Paine says:

    Hysteria . . . . . hmmmmmm. Hundreds of brands recalled. Thousands of pets dead. South Africa bans import of Chinese products following pet food deaths. . . . . Belated recalls posted each Friday night. . . . . . Lack of full, detailed, accurate coverage in the media . . . . . Deaths in Panama due to poisoned products. . . . . Less than 1% of imports are inspected by the FDA.

    Hysteria? No, just good common sense. I don’t believe that any family, pet owner or consumer who is exercising reasoned judgment by avoiding certain products or manufacturers should feel bad. Overall, the refrain of manufactuers is “trust me.” Well, we did, but no more. Trust must be earned, and when it is violated — inadvertently or not by someone in the supply chain — there no longer exists a basis for trust.

  101. Amy says:

    Okay, I finally found some Evangers Organic Turkey and Butternut Squash here in town (I didn’t want to order a case online to have it rejected by the finicky feline) and it was a HUGE hit. Wow. My male, who was not affected by the recall, has been a Fancy Feast addict his entire life (almost 8 years) but lately he’s been rejecting even the FF and if he does eat it he throws up (he’s always been a little pukey but it does make me worry as all vomiting reactions to food make me nervous these days… no longer chalk it up to hairballs or wolfing food). Anyway, so I crack open the can, hoping and praying he will eat it, and what does he do? He practically pushes me out of the way to stick his nose in it andma starts eating it from the can before I can get his dish! I think (hope!) we may have finally found the replacement for kitty crack. And so long as it remains a *safe* food it won’t bother me much for his kidney-cat sister (thanks Natural Balance!) to lick up any remaining crumbs on his plate when he’s done since Rx foods basically suck but she’s stuck with it for now. I also got the whole mackeral which we may try as a bedtime snack.

  102. connie says:

    I dont have a small dog or a sr dog, but dads comes in several formulas. yes one I saw was for small dogs(it shows a terrier breed), but I dont see one specifically for srs.
    I still needed to read labels, cause I have 2 diabetics, one cat one dog, 2 bags of dog contained corn syrup & we cant be giving her candy :).
    you can call them though & ask, DAD’S Pet Care, 18746 Mill St., Meadville, PA 16335 or call us at 1-800-DADSPET (1-800-323-7738) weekdays between 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. Eastern time.

  103. martin says:


    Very well said to Dave’s post.

    Sounds like a pet food rep to me.

    If you dont like what we have to say Dave, go away.

  104. kellie says:

    yup, i think as soon as my next check comes in i’m gonna have to take a drive to that health foods store and try some evangers.
    I’d feel better using that than the wellness just to get away from menu all together.

    I was so bummed when after a week they still wouldnt take to most merrick flavors or any of the innova dry.

    I was all for homemade but with the huge waste with the new foods and his rejection of homemade fish batch i knew he wouldnt take to it and i’d have to buy huge quanities, just to possibly waste it?

    the merrick looked and smelled so good for cat food too, the grammys pot pie, pft neither cat would even get withing eating distance of it.:-(

  105. connie says:

    whoops, nope I dont work for dads, I copied & pasted from their page.

  106. 4leggedbabys says:

    Thank you so much Connie. I looked up the Dad’s web site. I am going to purchase a bag of it tomorrow. I was at a loss at what to buy this time around, and you helped me out. I liked what I read on the web site. Thanks bunches!

  107. kellie says:

    but the stray kitties outside have started to congregate under my truck waiting for their nightly plateful of rejected food from the inside brats..heh..they love all the least they are eating quality instead of tearing into my trash nightly…heh

  108. k8e says:

    I completely agree with your logic, and

    I was inclined to believe it in cases where they pulled lots pre-emptively, but I’m starting to have doubts about this “cross contamination” explanation as well.

  109. Mandy says:

    Oh my lord, has anyone seen this over on Pet Connection?! AHHHHH!!!!

    FDA ends media briefings on melamine investigation

    FYI: Since there is no new information on the pet food/tainted animal feed (melamine) investigation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Customs and Border Protection will no longer be holding regular Tuesday and Thursday media briefings on the issue. FDA’s investigation is still ongoing and an import alert remains in place for all vegetable protein products coming into the U.S. from China. FDA will notify the media when there is updated information. In the meantime, please contact FDA’s Press Office […] with any questions. Thank you.

    “No new information.” Well, there you have it. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

  110. Amy says:

    Kellie - I tried the Merrick after the NB was recalled and before I had to put my girl on Rx foods and my male rejected it while my girl ate it. I still blame the NB for my girl’s illness but I do have my doubts about Merrick as well just because of the inconsistency of texture and appearance from one can to another. One of the cans, a seafood one (some kind of boil?) was so soupy and oily looking - they both turned up their noses to it and I couldn’t blame them. But there are people who swear by Merrick and I’m not here to tell anyone what they should or should not be feeding their pets, but I will post my experiences and allow people to draw their own conclusions. I only tried the Evangers because others on Itchmo had said it was a welcome substitute for Fancy Feast. I knew it was a gamble to try it and that my guy very well was going to reject it but I had to try and I’m glad I did. I wish you luck with it as well and would only recommend that maybe you call the store and see if they might ship you a can to sample? That way you’re not stuck with a case… I know, it’s hard… wouldn’t it be nice if a variety good, healthy, safe, pet food were available at regular retail outlets throughout the country? Dare to dream. :)

  111. ann says:

    Kellie - My dog annd cat fur angels also wont go near merrick. The Evangers they can’t get enough of. My cat is equally crazy about her venison and Green Pea canned

  112. ann says:

    Kellie - Evangers is great about sending out samples

  113. ann says:

    Mandy did you ever get your food samples?

  114. Amy says:

    lol Kellie! The rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife in my ‘hood are very well fed now, too! I’m sure they’re loving my kitties’ castoffs!

  115. Mandy says:

    Um, what food samples Ann? Sorry I’m still reeling about what I just read at Pet Connection. I mean seriously, who does the FDA think it’s kidding?!

    I am proud to be a hysterical blogger! Rarrr!

  116. kellie says:

    thanks ann, but sadly i’m avoiding all NB.
    I got some samples and my cats liked it, (dry) not recalled. and within a day they wouldnt play, slept all day, and drank like crazy. i got rid of it.
    they seem fine now but NB is one of th eones i take biggest issue with, their slow to come out recalls and cross contamination, recipe deviation etc.

    glad its working for you tho and i hope it continues to keep your furkids free of illness.
    my gut just tells me to stay away from it.
    i really liked the look and variety they offer too. :-(

  117. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    My GSD”S LOVEEEEE Evangers buffalo & pheasant. They mow me down…I only use the 100% meat though. I’m still nervous about the wet stuff.

  118. Mandy says:

    Okay so from what I’ve read, the FDA refused to have a press conference today, and China’s trade delegation is in Washington tomorrow.

    I think my head just blew up again. Anybody got any super glue?

  119. martin says:

    The problem we have is the FDA refuses to disclose the 5th toxin. How can labs test for something they don’t know what to look for? The FDA is not doing the job they have been put here to do.
    People are out there testing the foods that should be safe when the FDA is is paid to do it for us.
    FDA is:
    1-When they find a toxin, they wont disclose it.
    2-When they know of companies that have purchased the toxic substances, they wont disclose it.
    3-When they find that chickens have tested positive for melamine, they say: Don’t worry, it wont hurt you without cyanuric acid but they dont test for the cyanuric acid.
    4-They send out a memo to THEIR employees to beware of melamine.

    What’s the point of having them. They are worthless!!!!!!!

  120. Kim says:

    Kellie - my cat Rolly wouldn’t touch people food - ever - except for tuna. EVER. And she *loved* dry food (she used to get mostly Innova EVO) But, a few weeks into the recall I became determined to get both cats off of commercial food.

    It took some experimenting, but I was finally able to get Rolly to eat home-cooked food by 1) putting the chicken (with a *little* bit of vegies mixed in) through the food processor to get the texture different and then afterwards 2) mixing canned tuna or salmon in with the chicken mixture.

    She’s now eating what I make! I’m varying the flavors a little every time, and the last batch was with turkey instead of chicken. Sometimes I’m adding chopped clams (for taurine), sometimes tuna, sometimes salmon, sometimes nothing.

    On the tuna - make sure it doesn’t have soy. And the salmon should be wild. (I’m getting tuna, salmon and clams from Trader Joe’s.)

    On the stove right now in a big pot - 5 lbs of Trader Joe’s “Natural” chicken legs at .99/lb , with vegies (a sweet potato, a carrot and an apple) thrown in mostly for flavoring. I’ve been buying organic chicken, but they were out. This batch will be cheaper than even the best commercial food. =^..^=

    Next step (eventually) - raw food.

    (Disclaimers - this is my short-term home-cooking solution for my kitties, it may not meet long-term nutritional needs. Every week I learn a little more and adjust accordingly. So take this for what it is - a couple of tips that got my extremely finicky commercial-food-addict kitty Rolly to eat home cooked food!)

  121. Mandy says:

    As everyone probably read, China is diverting their investment plan by purchasing 1/3 of Blackstone, a big NY private equity firm. That means that instead of primarily investing in our debt (U.S. bonds), they will become part owners of U.S. and other companies that Blackstone controls. I believe I read that companies that Blackstone controls employ 385,000 Americans.

    Comment by Maureen at Pet Connection

    Remember how Walter Batts of the FDA made a big deal about how cooperative the Chinese were? How they got him a visa with in one day? How Dr. Ache said how cooperative China was?

    Do you suppose anyone higher up in government said. “Be nice to China and hold off on any nasty attacks on their food unless you absolutely have to.”

    China is on a twelve city trade tour. I missed them when there were in SF. But they made a big deal of how they were going to buy billions of dollars of high-tech goods. (as a way to deal with the trade imbalance). This week, tomorrow, the stop is D.C. The press will be going to the event and anything that looks like it would embarrass China should be pushed off until they are gone.

    Food safety is one of the few levers we have to push back against the Chinese juggernaut that has been created by a combination of a desire to have access to cheap labor and to an untapped market. We also use China to cover our debt that we have taken on to pay for the war.

    Comment by spocko at Pet Connection

    I think my heart might explode next…

  122. Helen says:

    Barb GSD Mom: Teric had Canidae, Felidae, and Kumpi tested himself and they tested clean of melamine. No one has complained of Felidae making pets sick other than some have vomited (which many cats do in reaction to new food), and what I have read is cats either LOVE it or won’t TOUCH it. Canned smells good, not like cat food, but my cat would not eat it. No recalls for them. Innova or California Natural are also good to try if cats won’t eat the Felidae. My cat is eating Innova dry for part of her diet and likes it a lot.

  123. ann says:

    Mandy - remember the e-mail I sent you about Evanger’s?

  124. kellie says:

    can i request a evangers sample thru the web?
    that would be great.
    i think i can get single cans at this store but it is a hike with gas at 3.50 a gallon.

    any info on how to obtain evangers samples would be fab. i called the health store and they don’t send out samples.

    Alos if anyone has a pet supplies pls in their area they had TONS of several generous sized wellness, innova, and calf natural dry samples. i got a whole bagful..enough to last quite awhile all free, no limit, they have the dog food samples too.

    Good way to try out a dry and not get stuck with a giant bag like i have with EVO. my cats just will not take to it.

    The people who said calf nat chix was a hit were right.
    i had a sample bag of this unopened and i just opened it and my picky cat readily ate 3 mouthfuls..the most dry he’s touched in 2 weeks. i just hope it remains safe.

  125. Mandy says:

    Oh, no ann, I didn’t get any food samples, sorry.

  126. ann says:

    Kellie - I understand completely. I only feed the canned cat, and only the one flavor, this was after numerous phone calls with a regional manager who sent me in writing that they tested all their non-recalled products as well and found no contaminates - particularly melamine. They have since put stronger checks in place. I don’t feel comfortable with their dry because its made by Diamond, and Diamond has had problems before the 2007 recall.

  127. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    Yes, I remember Teric posting the results. I will continue to feed the spoiled rotton Sheps their canidae with home cooking, and sometimes adding evangers 100% meat ONLY. My Sister will switch her cats to Felidae. Whew. I’m exhausted.


  128. Helen says:

    Gerry, Evangers has been reported on here as saying they do not use the menidione anymore (since last year) but that they are still using up labels. I have fed some Evangers w/ no problems but I didn’t choose the pheasant because I keep reading avacado is not good for cats. They can all their own food at their own plant.

  129. ann says:

    Evangers has an 800 number on their web site. They are great folks!!!

  130. ann says:

    1-800-288-6796 Evanger’s pet food

  131. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    What about Evangers? I have two cans of pheasant left. I did not like the ingredients on the other complete wet cans of Evangers.


  132. ann says:

    The organic turkey and butternut is a huge hit around here.

  133. kellie says:

    thx ann calling now…:-)

  134. ann says:

    Barb - What was it that you didn’t like?

  135. connie says:

    hey…uhhh what happened to 6 THOUSAND hogs??? when did it jump 50,000???? “Roughly 56,000 pigs that were fed contaminated pet food scraps are safe to be eaten, the Agriculture Department said Tuesday(last tuesday).”

  136. Mandy says:

    ann right now I’ve been feeding them Whiskas. Half of people say it’s good, half say it’s bad, but I’ve never heard of any of the cats getting sick from it and it’s on the safe food list. I’m having a hard time switching my older cat to it because she got addicted to the Purina junk. I will keep Evangers in mind though.

    I just don’t want to go crazy switching from one cat food to another and REALLY make my older cat on a hunger strike. She’s so picky it’s not funny.

    I’m keeping a sharp eye on my kitties though and if they seem to have ANY problems with the Whiskas they’ll be taken right off of it. I have noticed though, that since my older kitty has been put on some of the Whiskas her energy level has gone up, and she’s eleven years old. How about that?

  137. ann says:

    onnie - when someone besides the FDA did the counting……*chair fall*

  138. connie says:


  139. ann says:

    Mandy - That’s great! I know you have been through alot with trying to find decent catfood

  140. Barb, GSD MOM says:


    I wanted to stay away form all those vitamins. I am a bit nervous on the wet foods since I had a problem with the recalled wet with one of my dogs. She needs to go in for another blood test soon. The last time her keidneys were 1.8. :o(

    But–she acts normal.


  141. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    ok..I can’t spell or type. I only work for a law firm.

  142. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Thanks for all the advice today–me hitting the road to get attacked by dogs, horse & goats. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………nothing better.

  143. ann says:

    Mandy, if its any consolation My cat was a Purina Junkie as well. I Was pulling my hair out trying to switch her to canned. What finally worked was first putting a few flakes of tuna in water on her food, then pressing the flakes into the food until finally she discovered she really liked the food. I can still only get her to eat 3 different flavors out of all the brands out there. One of them is the Evangers Turkey and Butternut squash.

  144. martin says:

    Everyone is talking about Evangers. I see the Pheasant & Chicken dry’s. Anyone have a suggestion between these?

  145. martin says:

    PS. Just noticed Evangers doesnt have dry cat food on the website. Do they offer this?

  146. ann says:

    Barb - I only feed my dog about a third of a can with her dry food daily. I don’t feed my dog strictly wet, oly my cat.

  147. straybaby says:


    didn’t ya know . . . you can’t blink during this recall! ;)

    they slip out a relatively low number (compared to the real number) then casually up it. then skip over it for a week or so. and then quietly slip it onto our dinner plates.

  148. Stephanie says:

    Here is what I am not getting regarding the Wilbur Ellis five. Royal Canin issued the first recall on April 19th. That was around the time that Wilbur Ellis issued the recall. In their first press release, they referred to the supplier as “our company”. April 19th is the same day that Cereal ByProducts issued the recall and remained unnamed. Cereal ByProducts statement said that two companies issued recalls around the date that they announced it. I am still not sure who the second one is and we all know that the third didn’t come forward. In Royal Canin’s May 11th recall, they had no problem stating that Cereal ByProducts supplied the rice protein. Did they actually get rice protein from Wilbur Ellis? I can’t find anything to confirm that other than media reporting that they issued a recall at the same time that the Wilbur Ellis recalls were announced. I am not so sure that all five have been named. Call me suspicious, but most involved in this fiasco have been less than honest.

    If any one has anything linking Royal Canin and Wilbur Ellis, could you point me in that direction?

  149. ann says:

    Martin - No, only dry dog food. Check out the websites I posted earlier about feeding cats. I became a convert real quick, and my cat is thriving. She’s almost 14

  150. Mandy says:

    ann she flat out refuses to eat wet food. She’s been that way since she was a kitten. Thankfully Whiskas does make dry food. She actually doesn’t care for tuna, she likes chicken. My young two year old loves Whiskas and eats the wet and the dry quite happily.

  151. Van says:

    Some one said Avocados are bad for cats. Do you know why?? I feed Avoderm Natural, Has a lot of Avocados in it. It is made by Breeders Choice. in Cal.

  152. ann says:

    Stephanie - all I now is that I need to start working on a flow chart…..Wilbur Ellis, Cereal by products, and Chem Nutra. From there I need to branch out and have branches for each affected product, and then each poison. What a tangled mess!

    Cereal by products still hasn’t come out with their other two companies. Only Royal Canin was named out of the three. So, I don’t know what two that came foward Cereal byproducts is talking about.

  153. kellie says:

    perhaps we should start a rejected pet food swap/trade, heh
    we send all the unused food our pets wont eat to each other and trade for what they do like etc.

    for example i have a large bag of mixed EVO/Innova reg cat food that’s goona go to waste. i could feed it to the wildlife i guess. shelters only take un opened packages.

    i also still have alot of merrick canned flavors they dont like..some they do

  154. ann says:

    Mandy, I must have the opposite twin of your cat. Mine likes fresh tuna, but likes chicken canned cat food. Although now shes on on allergy free diet….

  155. Helen says:

    Barb GSD mom: My feedback on any nutro anything is to put the bag down and run away. I exchanged several posts with a person whose dog had the same symptoms as my cat. My cat ate Nutro Max chicken dry. I can’t remember if her dog ate the complete care or the naturals, but the main point is that a cat and a dog eating different nutro dry foods got ill with the same symptoms. In all these weeks I have read about deaths where Nutro dry was noted by the poster as being the only food. Some of the posts the pets have only been sick and some have recovered, but there have been many many complaints about Nutro, and Nutro has been extremely bad about their responses to complaints. On another thread today, Kim from the Pet Food Tracker was asking permission to cross post comments made specifically about nutro dry food.

  156. ann says:

    I gave my food to friends and family I was bent on converting. It worked!

  157. menusux says:

    Stephanie Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 8:41 pm
    Here is what I am not getting regarding the Wilbur Ellis five. Royal Canin issued the first recall on April 19th. That was around the time that Wilbur Ellis issued the recall. In their first press release, they referred to the supplier as “our company”. April 19th is the same day that Cereal ByProducts issued the recall and remained unnamed. Cereal ByProducts statement said that two companies issued recalls around the date that they announced it. I am still not sure who the second one is and we all know that the third didn’t come forward. In Royal Canin’s May 11th recall, they had no problem stating that Cereal ByProducts supplied the rice protein. Did they actually get rice protein from Wilbur Ellis? I can’t find anything to confirm that other than media reporting that they issued a recall at the same time that the Wilbur Ellis recalls were announced. I am not so sure that all five have been named. Call me suspicious, but most involved in this fiasco have been less than honest.

    If any one has anything linking Royal Canin and Wilbur Ellis, could you point me in that direction?

    “Wilbur-Ellis, which imported the rice protein concentrate from China, recalled all lots of the ingredient. According to Wilbur-Ellis, the word “melamine” appeared on a single pink bag among white bags of rice protein concentrate in a recent shipment from Binzhou Futian Biology Technology.

    “Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin USA, SmartPak, and Drs. Foster & Smith subsequently recalled products containing rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis.”

  158. ann says:

    menusux - thanks for filling in 1/2 my flow chart!

  159. kellie says:

    any thoughts on PRO PAC?
    this is another brand I’m thinking about. a few pet stores carry it.
    I haven’t seen or heard much of anything either way on these boards about it.

  160. ann says:

    I’m waiting for more news on Orijen by champion pet foods.

  161. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Menusux.

    I am suspicious of just about any company these days. I was a bit concerned that they identified Cereal ByProducts in one press release, but not anyone in the first. It just so happened that Cereal ByProducts recalled on the same day that Royal Canin recalled and stated that two of the companies recalled on or around the same day.

  162. DMS says:

    Has the lab that tested Nutra Nuggets released the percentage of the melamine contamination vs. the other earlier batches of contaminated pet food? This would give us an idea if it is likely a cross contamination or more of the same old same old.
    I agree the FDA/USDA is rather useless, except for coming up with more dangerous trade, gmo, pesticide tolerant schemes. IF they are considering importing chicken from China they must have BSE. Advanced. The FDA/USDA along with the rest of our government have left a gaping hole in our national security and our personal well-beings. We are so vulnerable to any kind of contamination and everyone knows it. What has our livestock been eating for years? What have we been eating? That’s all water under the bridge, Acheson says. Well I want some answers. We deserve answers. They screwed up by allowing trade to grow unchecked for so many years. They know full well what is going on in China and have known for years. There is no accountability to the American people, and the problem has metastasized for too long now. I would think that the FDA should be physically certifying the incoming food shipments as safe for a charge to the shipper. They owe us that much. But they don’t even have enough people to do that. They operate with no checks and balances. Their notices of a week for feedback on issues is about as long as they took to scientically justify feeding us melamine, etc. contaminated food. What else is approved in a week? We can like it or lump it. Eat it with no scientific data or even the scantest bit of information. Do they really think anyone trusts them? But then, I can’t believe I what I see people still buying in the store. Maybe there is a sense of futility among the people. They know it’s bad, but they don’t have the energy to fight a brick wall. I would think this story deserves as much coverage as Paris Hilton and the War in Iraq. What is going on?
    Is anyone considering getting human foods tested?

  163. ann says:

    Kellie - who makes Pro Pac

  164. ann says:

    I’m off for the night…….

  165. Mandy says:

    Eek! Also on Pet Connection is talk questioning if the food safetly bill is dying.

    Quote: It’s great that Durbin (senate) and DeLauro (house) got some bills rolling to address the food safety problem. But, as of today, May 22, those bills are stuck. What that means politically is that bills can die by simply not doing anything. The Senate bill that Durbin introduced (really an amendment to a bill that already had some chance of passing as law), has been referred to the House for action. The bill that DeLauro introduced in the House, has been referred to the Senate for action. And neither the Senate nor House are acting on the bills sent to them by the other.

    Even though both bills passed unanimously where they were introduced, in the House and Senate, they are two separate, different pieces of legislation. For a bill to become law, it has to pass BOTH the house and senate, then the President has to sign it, and then have the Appropriation Committee FUND the bill. Currently, the bill by Durbin has passed the Senate, but not the House. The bill by DeLauro has passed the House, but not the Senate. Durbin (in the senate) and DeLauro (in the house) has sent their legislation to the other for action. Neither House or Senate has taken up the bills by the other. They are shown as simply being “referred” to the other. And there they have sat for weeks without action, without being debated, without ANYTHING!!

    Those bills are sitting there with no actions being taken. They aren’t on any calendar for action or debate. They are being KILLED, make no mistake about that! this is an often used political tactic to kill a bill by quietly letting it just ‘go away’ after the headlines have cooled down. One reporter said that when everyone, left, right, middle, independent, etc., all agree on a bill, it has no teeth. This bill has teeth, but the problem is that there may be an underlying intention to KILL the bills by doing nothing on them.

    THESE BILLS WILL DIE if you don’t call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to GET THOSE BILLS ROLLING, and that you DEMAND funding for those bills. What makes a bill toothless is to pass the bill, but not fund it by Appropriations.

  166. Barbara says:

    If I were your friend, I would NOT give him that food. The ingredience says it all, in my opinion.

  167. kellie says:

    Midwestern pet foods.
    Own plants, nothing from china, nothing with menu. sold only in pet stores and vets.

  168. martin says:

    I also wonder about Pro Pac & Muenster Foods.

  169. kellie says:

  170. menusux says:

    Folks, I don’t think you’re gonna thank me for this post–just when you think your head can’t possibly explode any more…..

    SHANGHAI, China, May. 22, 2007

    “(AP) It’s becoming a familiar scenario: Overseas authorities warn of tainted Chinese products while Chinese producers deny any health fears and say that in any case, they’re not subject to regulation.

    “For the second time in weeks, a Chinese drug or food product has been singled out as a threat overseas. On Monday, authorities in the Dominican Republic said they had removed 10,000 tubes of the Chinese toothpaste brands “Excel” and “Mr. Cool” from shelves after learning they contained diethylene glycol, a chemical commonly used in antifreeze and brake fluid.

    “That came weeks after pet food ingredients from China tainted with the chemical melamine were blamed in the deaths of dogs and cats in North America, prompting a massive pet food recall.

    “In both cases, Chinese producers said they believed the use of the chemicals to be safe and knew of no rules regulating their use. Chinese authorities, fearing the loss of valuable export markets, have investigated what they have labeled rogue exporters, though safety concerns remain.

    “Chinese authorities on Tuesday were inspecting a company called Danyang Chengshi Household Chemical Co. that exported the toothpaste to Panama _ later shipped to the Dominican Republic _ containing diethylene glycol, said Chen Yaozu, general manager of the firm.

    “However, Chen said the chemical, a thickening agent often used as a low-cost substitute for glycerin, was permitted under Chinese rules and was safe in small amounts. Diethylene glycol is primarily used to keep toothpaste moist.

    “”I can say I am very confident about our product’s quality,” Chen said in a telephone interview from his company’s headquarters in the eastern province of Jiangsu. He said company managers were cooperating with investigators.

    “That echoed claims by Chinese chemical companies and makers of animal feed who said adding melamine was safe in controlled amounts. The chemical contains no nutrition but is rich in nitrogen, making the feed appear to have a higher protein content.

    “Panama also removed the Chinese toothpaste brands from stores last week, but said the level of diethylene glycol did not appear to be dangerous. Still, officials in both countries advised consumers not to use the products.

    “Checks on supermarkets in China’s commercial center of Shanghai turned up no sign of diethylene glycol among the listed ingredients of more than a dozen brands of Chinese-made toothpaste.

    “However, a salesman for a Chinese trading company that imports the chemical from Iran said it is occasionally used in making toothpaste.

    “Proper amounts of diethylene glycol are not toxic if it remains uncontaminated,” said Zou Jianjun of the Jiangsu-based Donghua International Trading Co.

    “It was unclear whether China limits use of the chemical in toothpaste.

    “The head of another toothpaste maker, Jiangsu Goldcredit International Trading Co., denied a New York Times report Tuesday that his company was also under investigation or that it had anything to do with toothpaste exported to Panama.

    General Manager Hu Keyu said Goldcredit had tried to register the name “Mr. Cool” several years ago, but had not received the trademark. “He said Chinese companies had flooded Panama with shoddy drugs and other products, and tracing the true source of the toothpaste could be difficult.

    “”Since profit margins for exported toothpaste are so low, such companies try to use cheaper replacements and that is permitted,” Hu said. “If the product came from China, it might have come from anywhere.”"

    And here you see diethylene glycol is fine for exported toothpaste, but not found in any brands sold in China.

  171. kellie says:

    like i said ive read little info either way that’s why i’ve held off on this.
    all seems to check out but i feel better with feedback from owners here who have used the products.

  172. kellie says:

    Martin, have you read anything negative about pro pac?

    that and evangers were going to be my next wet and dry food trials.

  173. Leslie k says:

    Fot those of you feeding rx diets for kidney issues; my vet found a homemade formula for me to try. My cat had refused to eat any of the commercial ones. I don’t have it anymore[5 yrs ago], but can probably get it if needed. It will take a little time; he retired. It was a little disgusting but she did eat it.

  174. Mandy says:

    Pet food, people food, now toothpaste. It really makes you wonder if they aren’t just slowly trying to take us over by killing us off this way. Be a sneaky way to do it wouldn’t it?

  175. Helen says:

    Connie, the Sheba is made in Thailand and says so right on the can. I imagine any other Mars products that are made in Thailand probably also list this. My cat has been eating some Sheba to comfort her between my failed attempts to offer her other wet foods. It smells like human food, I have tasted it myself, and the only problems I can find with it are that it is not made in the US and it does not have any supplements, no taurine, etc. The tuna I am offering my cat is also from Thailand, says so on the cans and has no soy broth in it. Solid Gold blended tuna also says it is made in Thailand. My point is not whether any of these items is good to feed to a pet, as that is up to you to decide. The point is they are not made in China and the country of origin is listed.

  176. Barbara says:

    Sorry guys, I know this isn’t the topic for today, but I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about Artemis cat food. If it’s any good, is it alright for kitties with allergies? I haven’t read anything about that on their web site. Now they are on NB Venison & Green Pea canned, which I’m still afraid of. I have noticed they started itching again & don’t know why. Any ideas? What is this Missing Link I’ve been seeing?

  177. Barbara says:

    Are you playing Santa? Your bringing us more “GOOD” news!
    I would like to know,what diethylene glycol is doing in products we use as personal care OR food! If they say it’s ok, then why isn’t it in their crap? Why are they trying to kill all of us?

  178. Helen says:

    Van: from ASPCA site

    “Common Name: Avocado
    Scientific Name: Persea americana
    Family: Lauraceae
    Toxic Principle: persin
    Clinical signs: vomiting, diarrhea, death, inflammation of mammary glands of rabbits, goats, cattle, and horses- Cardiac failure in goats- Respiratory distress, generalized congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart. ”

    The other plants they list they do not specify dogs or cats, but if other animals are affected such as the mammary glands in this case, they list that. Don’t know why it is pet food on one hand and ASPCA has it on the toxic list on the other hand. This is the extent of my knowledge. I have not read any complaints about the pheasant Evangers, only that I did not choose that flavor due to my own discomfort with the avocado. Hope that helps.

  179. martin says:


    Not yet. Think I’ll buy both and have them tested prior to feeding any. That’s all I feel I can do at this point.

  180. JanC says:

    Jo: I didn’t get to read all the posts after yours but I got an answer from Gina at pet connection……there were three dry foods & they were all ok. Funny, but I never did hear that before now.

  181. Susan says:

    I saw something about this toothpaste contaminated with DEG in the newspaper but the article mentioned Australia and Panama, and quoted the FDA as saying there was no problem, because people don’t swallow toothpaste. It’s back to the melamine and the mythical 132 lb person. What about children? They DO swallow toothpaste.

  182. Gail King says:

    I have fed my dogs for years the Nutra Nugget Lamb and rice formula, from the green bag. I have always bought it at a feed store, until they went out of business and then I have been buying it from Costco. I am not sure I had the batch you are speaking of, but I do have other batches of Nutra Nugget and am wondering if they are contaminated, which I have fed to my dogs. Am I feeding them Nutra Nugget that is also a different batch that is consumed of the melamine? Since the discovery of this melamine I always thought it was a matter of time before Nutra Nugget it the list. It probably will not be long before all brands of dry food it your list. And why, because of the almigty $1.00 a bug more to cause such havic. Thanks for reading.
    A concerned parent of precious dogs!!

  183. menusux says:

    I’d like to know why the government of the United States of America feels such a strong need to play footsie with a communist government which had little or no use for the West until the 1970’s. None of this went on with the then Soviet Union, and even now, just how many imported products do we see coming here from the nations which made up the old Soviet Bloc?

    Before Nixon went there in 1973, we made it just fine without anything they produced, thank you, and if those who are considered to be the decision makers in this country have more than empty space between their ears, we can and will do it again.

    Everyone thought that the US couldn’t possibly handle WWII–not so soon after the Depression–much less to wind up fighting that war on two fronts. All of us wouldn’t be here if it didn’t work. There’s little which can’t be done if the people have a will to do it.

    I think the people of the US have been screaming “enough” regarding what’s been happening with the importation of Chinese food products and losing one out of every six manufacturing jobs here because of Chinese imports in just the last 7 years. For the sake of all of us, it’s about time we were heard.

  184. Genny says:


    I remember reading a discussion about this subject recently - if it was bad or poisoness. It seems it was here on Itchmo. The person feeding it said the skin is bad but not the fruit. Whoever it was stated that it had helped with their pets’ skin condition.

  185. Genny says:

    *poisonous* also. ( ;

  186. Helen says:

    Genny, it seems a little absurd to be scared of a dab of fruit after all we have been through doesn’t it? A blob of avocado should kinda be at the bottom of my flip out list.

  187. Genny says:


    I like a big blob of it on my plate, with onions, garlic and comino mixed in.

  188. kellie says:

    ty martin
    please post any results or feedback if you buy these or have them tested.

  189. menusux says:


    Have never seen FDA say that it was OK to have this in toothpaste. We had a story here aboth toothpaste containing diethylene glycol being sent to Panama and Australia, and here’s the URL & quote–doesn’t say FDA said this–think it was health officlas in Panama.

    “Health officials say they do not believe the toothpaste is harmful, because users spit it out after brushing, but they nonetheless took it out of circulation.

    “Doug Arbesfeld, a spokesman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said diethylene glycol was not approved for use in toothpaste. Though the FDA has no evidence that the tainted toothpaste slipped into the United States, he added: “We are looking into the situation in Panama.”

    “The Northern Star, a newspaper in the southeastern Australian city of Lismore, reported Friday on its Web site that the Excel brand of toothpaste had been found in a chain of supermarkets and taken off the shelves immediately.

    FDA issued an alert re: diethylene-contaminated glycerin:

  190. Stephanie says:

    Avocado contains a toxic component called persin, which can damage heart, lung and other tissue in many animals. They are high in fat and can trigger stomach upset, vomiting and even pancreatitis. The pit is also toxic, and if it gets lodged in the intestinal tract, it can create a severe blockage requiring surgery. Remember, avocado is the main ingredient in guacamole, so keep pets out of the dip.

    Copied from

  191. martin says:

    I will Kellie.

    I just ordered evangers dry and will order some of the propac as well. I’ll mix both to have them tested.

  192. Stephanie says:

    Avocados. The leaves, fruit, bark and seeds of avocados have all been reported to be toxic. The toxic component in the avocado is “persin,” which is a fatty acid derivative.

    Symptoms of toxicity include difficulty breathing, abdominal enlargement, abnormal fluid accumulations in the chest, abdomen and sac around the heart. The amount that needs to be ingested to cause signs is unknown. Do not feed your pet any component of the avocado.


    I never knew that avocado was toxic. I guess it is good to know.

  193. martin says:

    The propac has several listed. Any thoughts?

  194. Helen says:

    Hey, my cat is currently engaging in the tromp across the keyboard and presenting me with her but while blocking my view of the screen! And I was gone for a few minutes and missed a new recall? Jeez. It’s only Tuesday! Maybe they all read we are sick of them waiting until Friday night. Oops, there went the cat’s butt again.

  195. Helen says:

    Thank you Stephanie. ASPCA was not specific enough.

  196. kellie says:

    i looked at the ingredients.
    the dry is full of grains and glutens so i’ll stay away from that but the ingredients of all the wet food was superior.
    that’s what i’ll be trying

  197. straybaby says:

    Gail King,

    I would stop feeding immediately. If the batch you are feeding *seems* fine, use it to tide you over tonight and tomorrow AM, but if you actually have something else to feed, use that! Measure how much your dogs are drinking and watch them like a hawk. Get batch numbers and compare to yours. I would be suspect of dates on either end of the recall batch. SAVE the food. Do NOT over-expose it to light if you can. If your batches fall in the recall or close to it, get urine tests on your pups and tell the vet what you are looking for.

    That’s what i would do anyway ;)

  198. Helen says:

    Itchmo just posted a new thread with new Menu recalls.

  199. Jo says:

    For those of you needing HOMEMADE DIETS FOR CATS WITH KIDNEY DISEASE/CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE: Check out Dr. Donald Strombeck’s book, “Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets.” He has 14 very easy recipes specifically for cats with CRF. He’s also included several recipes for dogs with this disease. He is a veterinarian with a phD — very high credentials.

  200. JJ says:

    Connie on your one post that if the pet food mfgrs. do the right thing the customers will return? Why should we? How can we trust anyone that withheld information possibly since last Dec. 2006 that the food was dangerous and will kill or hurt your animals? Why not buy the organic, wholesome brands that many mention on here who do not adulterate the food with who knows what and believes in the health of the animal coming from within from the nutritious food they make? Give your money to these small companies (some of them can grow) so they will have the resources to contribute more of the safe food they have been making for years so we can feel at ease and peaceful inside knowing our pets are eating the way they should be. Keep the money in American. Lets help americans as only americans can-support these safe pet food companies. No I do not work for any of them just believe in putting my money into companies that like to Make IT In America without foreign anything.

  201. Jo says:

    JanC –Thanks very much for the news on Dr. Pion’s test results. That is good to know!!

  202. martin says:


    I noticed that as well on the propac. Evangers is on the way (DRY). I’m not comfortable with any wet food for now.

    Helen, Through all this you can still bring a smile to my face. Your kitty butt’s comments crack me up.

  203. Genny says:


    PLEASE say that applies to animals, only. Otherwise I am going to feel like my cats did when I quit feeding their favorite food. ))) :

    What you posted was some of the same as the previous discussion I was speaking of. I don’t remember what was the final concensus among everyone involved except that the fruity flesh *might* be ok. I would be a little leery of the pit or skin accidently getting in the mix, though. Personally, I’d never heard of the brand before nor have I used it since.

    Hard to imagine a pet food company actually putting something wholesome into food that would be harmful. They tend to save that for nasty, poisonous, unlabeled chemicals, don’t they?

  204. kellie says:

    i understand. i feel wet is necessary for my young kitties.
    I will try the wet in those 2 brands and report my results.

  205. Helen says:

    Martin, I am still spitting out cat fur. :)

  206. Helen says:

    Genny, just keep all the furry fuzzbutts out of the avocado while you are munching. Remember, you can eat chocolate but your pets can’t. (Whew!)

  207. martin says:


    I know what you mean. They need some wet stuff. I have been feeding my kitten Honest Kitchen and she loves it. But that girl would eat a paper towel….???

    I had the trial pack I purchased tested and it was ok. I think I’ll go ahead and get a big package of it (have it tested too).

  208. martin says:

    Helen, LOL at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. Mandy says:

    It all comes down to money. Money, money, money. We should call ourselves the United States of Money.

  210. Genny says:


    That won’t be too hard. Both fortunately and unfortunately they don’t like people food.

    Whatever you do, just don’t tell me I shouldn’t eat chocolate. I know that will be next and I just really don’t think I could take that or want to know….even though it has been in the back of my mind. Pushing it way back there.

  211. Amy says:

    Helen - I feel the same way about wine as you do chocolate! How would I have made it this far through this mess without kitty-mommy’s little helper?

    Okay, now you all think I’m an alchi! LOL!

  212. Helen says:

    Genny, I will not be telling anyone not to eat chocolate! They would sic their hungry confused pets on me! Hee hee.

  213. Amy says:

    Oops! I meant Ginny. Damn, I’ve only had half a glass, I swear! Okay, I need to go to bed! Early day of dropping off kidney cat at the vet for weekly tests tomorrow - wish us luck!

  214. martin says:


    I’m with you about the helper through all this. Mine is Coor’s Light.

  215. Genny says:


    Only half a glass. That’s the problem.

    Hey, good luck and good news tomorrow!!

  216. jean s says:

    Was in my independent pet food supplier tonight, buying more cat food, and overheard the owner telling her husband that Merrick’s is going to discontinue their free sample bags of dry dog food: it’s been costing them $100 a day because so many people have “stocked up” on sample bags. They will continue to produce a sample-sized bag, but not for free.

  217. martin says:


    Much luck to you and your kitty.

  218. martin says:

    Pet Food Supply DOWN 4%. Liquor Sales Up 8%

  219. Genny says:

    Martin, Amy,

    If alchohol didn’t hurt my head so bad I’d surely be knocking some back. I’ll just stick to a chocolate buzz.

  220. Helen says:

    Amy, drink your wine. You have earned it. Good luck at the vet.

  221. Helen says:

    We all need something, that’s for sure. For all my furious flower planting, I got a reward. I attracted a real honeybee.

  222. martin says:

    Good Night friends. May all of you and your fur kids sleep well and be safe. Me & mine are headed that direction.

  223. Amy says:

    And thank you for your support! (lol! Bartles & Jaymes anyone?)

    Truthfully, thanks for the well wishes… I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying for better numbers than last week!

    If nothing else we at least have this site to turn to when we need to lean on others who understand what we’re going through and that’s pretty amazing.

  224. Genny says:

    LMAO @ Martin.

    Soooooo true. Now that would be some interesting stats for March, April and May.

  225. Genny says:


    You can have all the carpenter bees that are devouring my house. Come ‘n gettem.

  226. Helen says:

    Genny, you can always hope the carpenter bees will experience CCD like the poor honeybees.

  227. Genny says:


    I feel so bad trying to kill them but they are seriously destroying my home. They have been coming back every year for about 8 years and are very destructive. The only time I’ve ever killed a honey bee is when I’ve stepped on them. Big ouch!

  228. cheetah-dog says:

    Mandy: The Senate and the House are spending all of their time on the Iraq War and the Immigration Bill. I have been watching them for two days now. Hopefully they will get back to the tainted pet food scandal, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!!

  229. Diane says:

    I noticed Rice protein concentrate is not listed in the ingredients of Nutra Nuggets.
    This happened with other recalled pet foods too. None of the glutens or concentrates being listed on the labels.

    Lamb meal, brewers rice, cracked pearled barley, wheat flour, turkey by-product meal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), brown rice, beet pulp, egg product, flaxseed, natural flavor, fish meal, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, glucosamine hydrochloride, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, chondroitin sulfate, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid

    I don’t buy this cross contamination excuse from the manufactures.
    What I am wondering about is the wheat flour. There has been reports of wheat flour being the problem…..

    From USA TODAY

    By Julie Schmit and Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY
    The contaminated ingredients from China that led to the massive pet-food recall were both actually flour, mislabeled to look more valuable than they actually were, federal officials said Tuesday.
    The flour, thought to be wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, contained melamine to appear higher in protein, the Food and Drug Administration speculated.
    The mislabeling went undetected by pet-food makers who used the ingredients, the importers who imported them and the FDA for weeks.

    I am avoiding wheat flour as an ingredient too.

  230. Becky says:

    Interesting headline, “New Recall…”

    I guess it depends on how you define a recall. Haven’t seen anything on the FDA or even the Nutra Nuggets websites indicating there has been a recall. When writing about a product subject to FDA regulation, I would expect the term to be defined as it would be by the FDA. At this time there is no recall. Has Diamond ask Costco to remove the product from the shelf so they can pick it up and test it? If so, that is not a recall in the eyes of the FDA and the term is inappropriate to use if you are trying to pass it off as “news”.

    Also, Itchmo wrote:
    “He [Diamond vet] said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled. “

    I find it hard to believe someone at Diamond would say this at this point, and if you are reporting it accurately, the employee should be fired.
    In the KSEE story reported yesterday it said the sick dogs have been at the vet’s office since Friday, May 11. Since the vet needed to send samples to the UC Davis lab for analysis and then wait for the results, I would suspect the story was reported either the day the vet got the results, or at most a day later. So if the vet called Diamond yesterday to tell them his findings, how would it possible for Diamond to conduct an investigation thorough enough to draw such a conclusion within 24 hours?

    Maybe you think Diamond should just accept the independent vet’s findings? If you were responsible for a large company would you trust the methodology, analysis and conclusions of someone you don’t know but claims a product your company makes is harmful? If you answer yes I sure hope you don’t run any companies I have stock in.

    However, a good corporate steward would conduct and investigation into the claims. In this instance it would be logical to withdraw product from the same batch and conduct tests. You would also want to find out by reviewing internal records to determine the likelihood of cross-contamination (what if it turns out the Nutra Nugget wasn’t made anywhere near the time the Natural Balance was made?) This can’t be done in a day.

    Itchmo, you are crossing the line from giving your opinion about something (blogging) and an attempt at journalism when you post an article such as this. I’m not going to say your reporting is inaccurate, but it does appear suspect. Further, if your going to continue to present yourself as a news source you should be advised that you could be personally liable for claims you make.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: We confirmed this information twice with Nutra Nuggets. We’ve been in this territory before where we reported the recall prior to the company officially announcing the news. If the company’s veterinarian calls it a recall (and recommends that consumers return the product) we’ll report the news as a recall. We would not publish suspect material as the truth. We are well aware of liability and we stand by our reporting. FDA has no mandatory recall authority, therefore is not the official bearer of such news.

  231. furmom says:

    Does anyone seriously think that any Pet Food company would look good sueing someone for liable who was trying to inform pet owners about a reasonably strong case of something wrong with a batch of food? People are entitled to report pet illnesses and what food they were using, what vet care they used, tests that were made, results, and their own conclusions, guesses, fears. If anyone should be in legal trouble it should be whoever used creepy ingredients or didn’t exercise due diligence in researching what seems to be common knowledge in China. If ordinary citizens are going to be sued for exercising free speech you sue my @ss first.

  232. 6catmommy says:

    Just read an interesting article about gmo rice being given the ok to be produced in the US. This rice is not for eating. It produces human proteins that are somehow used to make diarrhea medicine.

  233. 6catmommy says:

    Their sales are down by 4%. That’s alot of moola.

  234. Becky says:

    furmom wrote:

    “People are entitled to report pet illnesses and what food they were using, what vet care they used, tests that were made, results, and their own conclusions, guesses, fears. ”

    You are absolutely correct, but that has nothing to do with my point. Itchmo went beyond that and called the company in question and reported on that conversation. That’s journalism and if Itchmo inaccurately reports the conversation, and the result of that is it affects the image of the company, that’s a legal issue.

  235. Becky says:

    Admin, thanks for making my point.

    You wrote:

    “FDA has no mandatory recall authority, …”

    See the FDA’s own website:

    It says: “Recalls may be conducted on a firm’s own initiative, by FDA request, or by FDA order under statutory authority.”

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Becky, the FDA’s definition is for themselves and is not something the companies abide by. No company has used the FDA’s recall classifications in announcing their recalls. We’ve even had companies tell us “we’re not recalling our food, just removing it from the market and asking the customer to return them.”

    The crux of the issue here is that you do not trust us to report accurately. We’re not sure why considering our track record and the fact that the Nutra Nuggets vet called it a recall — on two separate calls. We’re calling it a recall because the company is calling it a recall.

  236. e wem says:

    I want to reply to Suan above because it jogged my memory and I think it is important:

    Susan Says:

    “…May 22nd, 2007 at 11:04 am
    It’s hard to keep track of what’s made where? I guess we haven’t heard anything from Doane Foods (of the aflatoxin recall last year)?”

    I did a quick search on Doanes buys Menu and found important research on Pet Connection

    linda researched the 1998 aflatoxin recall by Doanes. I will try to suumarize her post:
    - 1998 Doanes makes 17 out of 20 brands of pet food that Menu today claims to make
    - Doane’s merged with Hill’s Products in 1998
    - 2000 Doanes annual report announces they signed letter of intent to purchase Menu foods
    - according to Nashville Business Journal Menu Doanes sets up a merger with Menu. Menu would assume responsibility for Doanes wet food facility
    - 5-3-2001 Nashville Bus Jrnl report Doanes sells its wet food facility to Menu. Equipment, intellectual property and inventory will be sold. Doanes will retain ownership of all real property and fixtures. Production will move to Menu in N.J. Doanes is called the largest global provider of private label pet food
    - so this seems to say that Menu obtained Doanes clients and makes the wet pet food for them
    - a few years later Doanes sells off some of its overseas facilities (?)
    - 2006 Mars buys Doanes Pet Products the parent company of Doanes. Mars already makes “PEDIGREE, CESAR, GOODLIFE, WHISKERS, SHEBA for cats and dogs. Plus the ROYAL CANINE brand from Europe which Mars bought in 2003″
    - Doanes is listed at as a subsidiary of Mars and asks does this imply that Menu is owned by Mars? Also suggest the possibility that the overseas suppliers of ingredients may have once been owned by, or affiliated with Doanes/Mars

    I am summarizing I hope decently the research done by Linda posted at Pet Connection( Linda — April 7, 2007 @ 10:19 am )

    There is something strange about the Mars connection. Mars has stayed on the sidelines but I don’t trust them either

    These guys are slicker than eels. The researcher wonders about the unnamed suppliers. I do too. Who fronted these Asian connections? What a great way to duck liability. Set up shell companies to make buddy arrangements with fly-by-night suppliers in China, a land where nothing is public record and the press is muzzled.

    They say beware the Ides of March.

    Be wary of the ID’s of Mars

  237. kellie says:

    becky please crawl back under the pet food companies rock who employs you.

  238. Karen V says:

    I’m with the earlier poster: Wheat Flour is in all the dry foods by Nutra Nugget. I highly doubt the Croos-Contamination (even without the cleaning they do) would be enough to kill the pets: Reprint -

    Nutra Nuggets (manufactured around the same time as the Natural Balance - hence the claim of Cross Contamination), contains Wheat Flour. The Contaminated RPC was actually Wheat Flour. Me thinks they got a bad batch the same way the NB got the Rice Protein Concentrate - the one they ordered on purpose for their Venison Dry Food (which is why the hold of all grain products from China).

    Since, at the time - they didn’t know about Wheat Flour, they wouldn’t know to test for Melamine (they have since updated and are now testing all batches - but I’m getting skeptical here.)

    As was said before, how much can possibly be left on the machine? Not enough (and they do have cleaning procedures). I think it was the Wheat Flour - and that is why noone is stepping up to the plate.

    Imagine the reaction - another contaminated grain to send the public running (I have no pet foods with my special grain list since this started). Loads of products use wheat flour and glutens.

    Just say no to these unnecesary grains (a brown rice, a millet or barley, some oatmeal - should be okay? Who knows).

  239. Becky says:

    I’m simply skeptical by nature. Having raised a teenager I am quite aware how easily a qualified statement may become an absolute in a re-telling.

    You stated the FDA has no mandatory recall capability, that isn’t true.

  240. kellie says:

    i wish you’d man up and say which PF company you work for. Nutra maybe?
    Either way you are the reason pets are dying. Questiong itchmo for fetting the word out FASTER than the company or FDA.

    GOOD FOR ITCHMO, who knows HOW MANY dogs may be saved by a day or 2 less of eating this food while the PF company and FDA take their sweet time.

    I wish i did know who you worked for just to be sure i NEVER bought a single product made by your employer or any parent compnay.

    Itchmo please keep up the good work and don’t let these type of posters deter you from letting us know about new dangers ASAP.


  241. kellie says:

    *getting the word out*

  242. Becky says:

    kellie, I don’t work for any pet food companies.

    But I will add if you don’t trust any of them don’t buy their products.

  243. kellie says:

    because raising a teenager and pet food recalls have so much in common right??

    ugh, at least have a better angle

  244. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Wednesday says:

    […] Nutra Nuggets recalls lamb and rice formula dry dog food. […]

  245. menusux says:

    “Becky Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 3:09 am
    I’m simply skeptical by nature. Having raised a teenager I am quite aware how easily a qualified statement may become an absolute in a re-telling.

    You stated the FDA has no mandatory recall capability, that isn’t true.”

    US Government Accountability Authority

    “Weaknesses in USDA’s and FDA’s food recall programs highten the risk that unsafe food will remain in the food supply and ultimately be consumed.

    “FDA has recall authority for unsafe biological products, medical devices, radiation emitting electronic products, and infant formula.”

    From a government-written page itself, these are the ONLY items FDA has the authority to recall–things like tainted blood for transfusions, medical equipment, x-ray devices and baby formula. Anything else, including drugs and food, must be recalled by the manufacturer of the product(s).

    FDA doesn’t have the authority to recall drugs–and one of the agency’s jobs is to approve all drugs–prescription and non-prescription–before they are able to be placed on the US market. Vioxx and Bextra, for example, were NOT removed from the market by the FDA–they were discontinued by the respective drug companies who produced them. The maximum FDA is able to do in a case would be to appeal to the manufacturer of the item to issue a recall and/or withdraw the product from the market.

    In the 1980’s when someone was putting cyanide into Tylenol capsules, FDA did not issue a recall because it had no authority to do so. The maker of the product, Johnson & Johnson/McNeil, issued the recall of all capsules. And it was Johnson & Johnson/McNeil–not FDA, as it has no authority to do this either–who made the decision not to produce Tylenol in capsule form any more after the incident.

    As you see at the link above–the recall authority of FDA is VERY limited. Get your facts straight, Becky, before making issues like this which can be disproven by cited government references.

  246. Van says:

    I want to thank all who left information on Avocados. I will go back and re-read when I have more time. Sounds like it could do some long term damage. I will be looking for new dry food for the cats. Even has pictures of Avocados on the bag. Thanks again


  247. YaYa says:

    Becky, If I remember correctly, the only item the FDA can officially demand and force a Recall on is, Baby Formulas.

    It may have changed, but you can search the FDA site for yourself and let us know.

  248. YaYa says:

    If people don’t complain to Companies and manufacturers in the First place; many of the past recalled items would probably Never be ‘recalled’.

    The FDA is the LAST place to find a recall. Many times it’s *Days* after a Company recall, that it shows up on the FDA site as {”offically”} recalled.

    It’s starts with People, folks talking- comparing notes, doctors noticing Spikes {and some times you have to Point Out things to the doctor} etc,.
    Some take a shorter time as in a deadly ground beef/e-coli situation, or longer as in a bead coming off of a childs toy, causing a choking hazzard.

    So often it’s ‘the People’ that cause a Company to Look at a product FIRST.

    Its the people factor that’s the most important in my opinion. Comparing notes. We’ve got the Internet {and places like Itchmo, thank goodness} now.

    How, a company handles a/many complaint{s} {speed or lack of it, serious concern, Action}, speaks volumes.

    Many of us here believe quite a few more foods should be Recalled.

    Company Reputations and Future monies are More important.

    But if WE don’t talk about them, we’d not know what to Avoid!

    We are simply trying to Protect ourselves and loved ones.
    If we talk about a ‘bad’ product and it is Not- Recalled {by the company}, THAT is a company issue.

    Not *Us*.

  249. YaYa says:

    e wem, something I thought that was fishy too was the fact ChemNutra’s Steve Miller {I think was the one} admitted to, getting a FEE from companies he hooked up with Chinese suppliers. {wonder how much *That* was ;) }

    {have we ever found out Who These, companies are?}

    He also said his wife Sally Qing Miller ‘translated’ for him, with the folks In China.

    Wonder if something was: “Lost in Translation” :-P

  250. Sidney's Mom says:

    OK, it’s obvious that something need to be done…and done quickly…before there are another 100 thousand dead family pets that the FDA can’t manage to add to their current totals!!! Maybe it time that us “parents” need to contact the news media, state representatives, governors, state senators, the pet food companies, the FDA and even the president! Send letters, emails, signed petitions, and telephone calls. And continue to do this until someone in Washington and the pet food industry gets off their money cans and gets this mess corrected!!!!
    With their telephone lines flooded, their emails clogged, and letters too many to count, they will see that we are serious and will no longer stand by and watch our pets be poisoned and murdered! Then, and only then, will they begin to take action to save our pets. I, for one, have already started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  251. furmom says:

    For Becky,
    I’ll see your teenager and raise you two. I am not buying commercial pet food, but I have all day and enough money to throw at my pets to shop for human quality food, and have fed raw and human food to my pets for years. Lots of people are unsure of how to do it, can’t afford it, or don’t have a lot of time to prepare or figure out how to feed home made. If it weren’t for itchmo alerting people, more pets would get sick and die, more vet bills would be piling up, and the pet food manufacturers would be sweeping this completely under the carpet, and the FDA wouldn’t be exposed for the sham it is. I believe that you don’t work for a pet food co. because they at least are smart enough to realize that people are using the only weapons they have, sharing information, contacting vets, and in some cases joining class action lawsuits. It’s great you are so concerned about itchmo going out on a limb, but they will not be intimidated, nor will pet owners, whose only motivation is guarding the welfare of their pets. Making your own pet’s food is a fine idea, but as long as manufacturers promote their product as so wonderful and healthful, and as long as they are happy to take our money without doing due diligence, people are going to be pissed.

  252. Phoebe says:

    Ah, the pet food companies’ apologists/reps have reappeared. What a surprise. And they’ve raised teenagers. How unique.

    If any pet food company or supplier sues a blogger, reporter, consumer, or anyone other than their own suppliers over these recalls, that would be the end of that company. Even the mainstream media would cover that appalling decision to file suit. Pictures and video of ill pets along with interviews of heartbroken families would be all over the media, both print and TV. Word would spread exponentially.

    “I’m not going to say your reporting is inaccurate, but it does appear suspect. Further, if your going to continue to present yourself as a news source you should be advised that you could be personally liable for claims you make.”

    Oh, hello? Pot? Kettle. Guess what? You’re black. Nice attempt at a CYA, though. You won’t “say” it, but yet you do type it. No contradiction there.

    Say, Becky, since you and Dave are so offended by what you read here, do yourselves a favor and don’t bother. But do advise your companies to file suit. The resulting publicity would do wonders for getting the word out about the toxicity of both the pet food and the companies’ callous indifference to anything but profit.

  253. LorieVA says:


    Whose side are you on here………………..if a vet had the food tested after seeing teh connecton fo same food in 4 different sick dogs. I say BRAVO to him and to ITCHMO for letting us know.

    I have to sick cats and 2k in vet bills from a food that is not yet on the so called recall list so waht does that make me…………….A LAIR. Or just liable to be sued by the manufacture. You know what I would tell them to bring it on and so would a lot of other people on here who got screwed by a company that the FDA is protecting.

    Why do not you go nibble on some of those NUTRA NUGGETS and get back to me in a week.

  254. betty says:

    I just read an article that indicates that even if we get country of origin labeling, it won’t help much. Food is being grown and harvested here and shipped to places like China to be processed, then shipped back here. Same with fish and shrimp. Shrimp are being shipped to other countries to be shelled, then sent back. Our food system is seriosly broken. This is even being done with Organics.

    Every town should start a comunity garden where people can work for food and buy food, so there would at least be locally grown fruits and vegetables.

    This would also help Global warming, since all that shipping requires fuel.

  255. DMS says:

    to homegrown from yesterdays recalls:
    Homegrown, when reporters asked the fda if they tested flour, Acheson said, “there is no indication wheat flour is contaminated.” They did not answer the question about whether or not it was tested or what was found. Unfortunately as usual, the reporter did not use his or her follow-up question to reiterate. I suspect it is contaminated, maybe by a gmo or the melamine scrap, and am only buying organic. Everything. If wheat flour is contaminated or has been at different times, most of the basic food we eat would be likewise contaminated. Who doesn’t eat bread every day? Animal feed and wheat flour….See the transcripts on the USDA website, I am not sure about the dates. They are all pretty much the same, and the no indication applies to milk, eggs, etc. You know they must have tested these things. Why they will not tell us is the real indicator of a problem. The only thing diluted is their answers.
    Is anyone considering having human foodstuffs tested?

  256. Sorrel says:

    I’ve had a lot of luck contacting the FDA Ombudsman about these issues. Last week, I indicated that there was no “ferret food” category, and they promptly updated the list to include a “ferret food” section. If you would like to contact the ombudsman, here is the FDA Ombudsman home page:

  257. Barbara says:

    Why bother to get human food tested. We already know were’re in deep trouble! It comes from the same place, right? This gets more & more depressing. I can’t even think straight anymore.

  258. Anonymous says:


  259. Karen V says:

    Well - the stories seem to change:

    I just got off the phone with the Vet for NutraNuggets (even though I use Chicken Soup).

    A - they claim all products are from the US (including Wheat Flour).

    B. - There is NO RECALL YET (He was adamant). They have sent the food to an independent lab to try to figure out what the heck happened (I told him we were worried because report of Cross-Contamination with Natural Balance - so what about the other foods, and the Wash Out Procedures?)

    C. Somewhere - what he (The Vet? - he did call himself Dr. - not the same Vet as Chicken Soup - guess everyone gets their own Vet) says, is that the story got misconstrued. They actually don’t know what’s going on.

    D. They will post a message once they do (either tomorrow or the next day), and he said I can call him also (guess you all can too) - apparently, he is answering the phones until 7:00 pm Central time.

    E. Interesting tidbit - he said don’t believe everything you read/hear (Hhhmmmm).

    ITCHMO ADMIN: We just called Nutra Nuggets and spoke to the vet on the recall line and wanted to confirm the recall and she said that they got their results in from their testing and said they are recalling the product in question. They are recalling the 40 pound Nutra Nuggets Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for dogs with the product code of #NLR0404 with the Best Buy date of October 9, 2008. There is a recall notice on the Nutra Nuggets website now.

  260. furmom says:

    “he said don’t believe everything you read/hear”

    so he has a sense of humor? I don’t think by now I believe even nearly everything of what I read/hear. I mostly believe there is a group of dogs in California sick , were eating the same foods, and the food was tested positive for melamine, and a vet did his best to follow up in case there could be a trend. I do believe the food manufacturer has sent the food to be tested. I do think the nutra nugget website should be clarifying what they found out from the vet, and what they are doing right now on their website so smucks like me aren’t possibly feeding melanuggets to our pets.
    If they think I’m going to just trustingly feed something that could even remotely be contaminated in order to provide their in vivo tests for them, No , I don’t think so.

  261. furmom says:

    Well look at that, the website suddenly posted the recall info! While I’m reading it though, I’m not sure if I should believe what I’m reading.

  262. Rhonda says:

    Just got off the phone with the Costco here in Oregon. The Nutra Nuggets Lamb and Rice recall was for 40 pound bags of dry NLR 0404 best used before Oct. 08. Check you bags, and return to Costco used or not!

  263. Barbara says:

    Your NOT a smuck. Your doing your best just like the rest of us. Your doing fine.

  264. Jan says:

    with all the recall info about cross contamination. My interest was chenengo valley. Back to Basics is made there. I called them and their reply was our food is not recalled . I had to tell them about the 5 foods recalled from the same plant where their food is made due to cross contamination. ( They didn’t even know about them)I can’t believe a company has no idea the plant that is making their food for them just had a recall of 5 foods and you do not know about it?? Are you serious? excuse me but if I were a manufacturer and had a plant making my food my livelyhood ya would think you would be up on the information!I wanted some reassurance about Back to Basics they told me their food would never be recalled because its human grade and those foods were not human grade. When I informed the person at Back to Basics that one of the foods lick your chops was indeed human grade as well and how could they be sure their food wouldn’t be next, their reply was…( I hope you are all sitting for this answer) Back to Basics has its own machine to make only its food so there could never be a cross contamination problem…yeah right The plant sets aside one extruder just for your food! They run nothing else on it. it sits idle just waiting to produce your one food. I told them Yeah right like I believe that and that they might want to think up a better story to tell for the next person who calls and asks the same question as I did. Am I feeling warm and fuzzy about their food…nope I was given a lame story that I was suppose to believe. Sorry but no plant whatever or wherever it is sets aside a machine for one food only, it would be nothing but a money loser and thats not what a business is all about. The avacodo blog the pit of the avacado is poisionous not the fruit, avacados are healthy and a safe fruit to eat both for animals and humans (as long as its grown in the states, other countries your guess is as good as mine). The PIT will kill you.

  265. Kim says:

    Ann/Stephanie - just in case you see this…. I’m keeping track of all the vegetable protein stuff in one document on my blog, it’s in a pdf file and downloadable/printable. It’s right at the top of the page and I just updated it tonight.

    As far as I can tell we’re still missing two companies that got RPC from Cereal Byproducts.

  266. Carey says:

    Thank you all for the info found here. I’m freaking out like everyone else and trying to figure out what’s safe, what’s not. I’ve concluded that I don’t have the time to sort out the few honest companies that really, truly, care more about the integrity and safety of their pet products then the bottom line.

    Looks like it’s back to a homecooked diet for my dog. I fed him that way for the first 7 years and he loved it. Then I got *too busy* and started adding dry food to reduce my prep time. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s kibble. I emailed them about their food’s safety a couple of weeks ago and the response was that the food hadn’t been tested because their vendor wasn’t implicated and the ingredients were all sourced in the US.

    At the time I was relieved. Now, with the latest recall, I feel it’s not so simple. I’ve written them again, asking for the name of their vendor. We’ll see what kind of response I get this time.
    Good luck to all of you…

  267. paul says:
    P.O.Box 204, St.Thomas, Mo. 65076

  268. SCOTT says:

    I live in washington and feed this to my dog. I have noticed increased water intaks and will take my pet to the vet to check the liver and kidney values. Does any one know where the two cases they mentioned were located? Did they actually eat this food? I have a big concern on this. Has anyone else noticed anything feeding this to their pet?

  269. ILUVMYPets says:

    Thanks itchmo for everything you do for all of us…As I watched my precious cat living not his last days out, but his last minute..we have done everything we could do, so with heartbreak we decided he will lose his precious life tommorrow..(if he doesnt lose it tonite) .We cant see him suffer any more…We will remember him as his crazy, lovable, smart and wonderful pet that has been part of our family…..but most of all I want these money hungry pet food companies to have some compassion on the pain and suffering they have caused for us and all of our pet families…I sure hope they sleep well on their money filled pillows, while we cry silent tears on ours

  270. Wendy Lew Weldon says:

    Due to the recent report on my local news regarding the Nutro 40 lb Lamb & Rice recall (which I use) , I stopped the store where I buy it to check… and the store people had heard nothing about it. I even called them later to talk about what I have pulled up on the internet, and they were still adamant that they have heard nothing. I want assurances that the food I have just purchased is safe, and they don’t know anything about the recall. That doesn’t make me feel good at all! I guess since mine says it is best used by Sept. 2008 it’s Ok? Still the store should know what’s goin on.

  271. Wendy Lew Weldon says:

    ahhhh… 2 different things - I use Nutro, not Nutra Lamb & Rice formula.

  272. Brenton Morgan says:

    Throughout my extensive research, I have concluded and currently using Evangers dog food, canned and dry. My dogs do more than love this and I must say that they seem healthier, more alive, better coat and everything in between. They are a private label cannery that has been making their own dog food since 1935. I called the company and talked to the owner who gave me vary helpful information and i must say very knowledgeable. Evanger’s is NOT part of any recall and has never been and has no affiliation with menu foods. I think I just found the dimond in the rough.

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