NEW RECALL: Nutra Nuggets Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs Recalled

We have been able to confirm that Nutra Nuggets (made by Diamond Pet Foods) is recalling their 40 pound Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs. The contaminated batch’s product code is #NLR0404 and the Best Buy dates are October 9-10, 2008. We spoke with a vet at the Nutra Nuggets recall line and he said that so far, they had only heard of 2 cases in which the dogs had renal diseases (confirming the news report from yesterday).

He said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled.

(Updated) Itchmo readers and PetsitUSA found out that the contaminated Nutra Nuggets were sold at Costco locations in CA, WA, OR, AZ, and NV.

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  1. Dana says:

    “He said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled.”
    First thank you for being on top of this entire ugly mess! I wonder, like many others, how many more products have been tainted/cross contaminated,unknown ingredients included, etc.? It seems these companies always have to wait until some poor pet and owner suffers, and they are caught, before they admit or recall. Will it ever stop? How long must we all endure the pet food companies seemingly lack of knowledge or their absolute defiance in not identifying possible problems? Sorry for the rant, but I’m sitting here looking at half empty fluids on an IV pole waiting for the next round of sub q’s.

  2. Cynthia says:



    Nutro Products, Inc. (same as Nutro Pet Products)
    445 Wilson Way
    City of Industry, CA 91744
    Customer Service & Product Information: 800.833.5330
    Jerry Sicherman

  3. Carol says:

    In an earlier post Menusux had said exactly what the Nutra nuggets vet says above— I truly go here to get all the info first—I can’t count the number of times I read “breaking” news here hours and sometimes days before the pet food companies “confirm” their recalls.

    Thanks Itchmo—and posters on hehalf of “Smudge”, “Jessica”, “Harry” and “Lucy”. At this time only Smudge and Jessicare are affected (cats)-Harry has been battling cancer (winning so far) which at times seems easier to deal with than this pet food nightmare and what to feed all these guys as I see how quickly they become ill…!

  4. Eric says:

    Once again, it’s NutrA not NutrO, they are completely seperate brands.

    Also, so much for Diamond’s 151 point safety check system they claim to have.

  5. Carol says:

    Cynthia, I made that mistake too, it seems so confusing there is Nutra and Nutro and Diamond Pet Food and Diamond Pet Food Makers called by other brand names—-no wonder we get all mixed up. I thought I was an intelligent person until all this started—naive is what I call myself now but I’m trying to learn more and reading here helps!

  6. Susan says:

    At 9:20 am eastern time Nutra Nuggets phone line said no recalled dry food. That line said everything tested negative for contaminants. How come the vet had to notify them it was positive? How can we trust anything? Obviously they don’t clean anything. I am really scared.

  7. andy121106 says:

    I saw that also on their web site, 151 point safety check, are they nuts? who do they think they are kidding? This is another flawed diamond product!

  8. Carol says:

    Diamond needs a 152 point safety check I guess, melamine testing #152…!

  9. 4lgdfriend says:

    how about a 151 point BS check

  10. Susan says:

    I’m getting confused. How many actual manufacturing plants are contaminated? Menu Foods plants, Chenango Valley, Diamond Foods? It’s hard to keep track of what’s made where? I guess we haven’t heard anything from Doane Foods (of the aflatoxin recall last year)?

  11. furmom says:

    Well that just rots my socks. My dog has been on Nutra Nuggets, latest bag date Feb 08, and I have another not yet started Jul 08. He didn’t get sick as far as I can tell, but I’ve been so creeped out by everything that’s happened I have switched my pets to raw/home made any way. Maybe we lucked out and our dates aren’t within the critical period. Maybe. Maybe not. I emailed the manufacturer a month or so ago, and was assured that they didn’t use the bad glutens, and were testing their food. What took so long, and why didn’t they come out with this sooner? This is how the paranoid/pessamistic gene survives. The paranoid people live longer and therefore get a chance to reproduce and pass on their paranoid genes. The particular plant this stuff comes from is in South Carolina, under Diamond, I think, but there may be other places that process it.

  12. Cynthia says:

    Thanks. I realized I goofed right after I posted it.

  13. High Note says:

    I thought they were to check their products? I do not understand this cross contamination thing. There certainly seems like a lot of it! Why do I not believe this? Maybe they have lousy help that does not care what they put into things.
    So much of the pet food on the shelf at the stores have not been checked. It has been there for sometime and there will be more recalls.

  14. MEK says:


    Love your comment about paranoid/pessimistic genes! Too funny!! Too true! May we all live long and healthy!! Keep sniffing!!

  15. furmom says:

    It’s NOT paranoia if they actually are out to get you.

  16. LorieVA says:

    So what other dry food do you think was manufactured at this so called plant? Solid Gold Dry cat food maybe? Chicken Soup? Whats NEXT? This is too much for a person to deal with. I agree its out there sitting on shelves just waiting ofr is next poor victim, who has no idea whats coming……………….

    Just like me and my FF 6 years of using and all it took was to buy a new case and BOOM……………………….

  17. Helen says:

    furmom, I agree.

  18. furmom says:

    Here’s what I think “cross-contamination” means: One plant mixes up a big batch of “rice whatever” to go in any brands of rice based dog foods. They throw in several bags of “rice mysterymelamineprotein” and then add it to fifteen different brands coming off the line that week, so it’s lamb and rice, venison and rice, chicken and rice etc. Next week it’s wheat based products with wheat gluten added. There’s no way you would get significant amounts of melamine in a batch from one brand mixed up with other brands just from beginning or ending the run from one producer to the next.

  19. robert says:

    My cat got sick from Solid Gold dry food. Made by Diamond at a plant in Texas. I called Solid Gold to tell them, I was told they do not have customer satifaction guarantee. This was about a month or more ago.

  20. Saijin says:

    I may be niave as well. I’ve been trying to cook meals for my two baby’s since all of this, and have been using White and brown ricebecause that’s alsways what the Vet put them on if they were sick or whatever. One is an Akita who’s ALWAYS had some sort of problem with digestions, acid, vomiting, etc… since she’s born. The vet put her on the Royal Canin Duck and potatoe as well as steriods, but she continued to do all of the above. I wound up switching to a number of different foods to try to axamine what was up myself. then recalls, now - I can’t figure out what types of supplements to use or not use, and Can’t start her on a solid food ever again I feel like. HOme cooking is not easy to keep up with.

    Frustrated and Scared………

  21. Maureen says:


    My 50 lb. Belgian Tervueren sheepdog mix has an extremely sensitive stomach too. She does ok on 1/2 Wellness Super5 kibble (chicken) with 1/3+ cooked boiled chicken (deboned, skinless) (or cooked organic freshly ground beef) and 1/4 well cooked long grain white rice. She couldn’t take long grain brown rice.

    I’m slowly adding California Natural to the Wellness kibble she’s used to (though I’ll probably keep a mix of the two). I tried taking her to all homecooked but had some problem with the supplement. My Belgian has trouble with most finely ground vegetables. No separate treats for her, just small bits of kibble now and then. (California Natural has been recommended by many because of its simple ingredients, chicken and rice. It’s a Natura product and they are doing testing.)

    I was surprised to find how easily she adjusted to good cooked meat. I live in a small apt. so I take her to the park a couple of times each week with a raw meaty bone which I get from a good butcher shop. She loves that and it settles well with her.

  22. Maureen says:

    p.s. to Saijin

    I still use some kibble so she’ll get her supplements. If I can figure out a good supplement to work with her and my other dog and cat I’ll go straight homecooked. (They vomited once I started a supplement with their cooked food/Dr. Goodpet supplement.)

  23. Cheryl W says:

    I got this information from and

    Artemis - Holistic Pet Food (information provided by company 3/26/07, updated 4/20/07)
    * No products made by Menu Foods.
    * Cans are manufactured by Evanger’s in Wheeling, IL
    * Natural 6 Mix/Power Formula/ Holistic Cat Formula is made at by Eagle Pack in Mishawaka, IN.
    * Fresh Mix Line, Osopure Line, and AgaRx Line is made by Diamond Pet in Lathrop, CA.
    * All ingredients are from the USA except New Zealand lamb.
    * They test every batch and submit a sample to the USDA for testing.
    * Test for proximates, salmonella, bacteria.
    * No wheat corn, soy, or wheat gluten is used in any products except the Holistic Cat Line, which contains corn gluten meal.
    * We DO NOT use rice protein concentrate in our food. (taken from company website 4/18/07)

    Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul See Diamond Pet Foods

    Diamond Pet Foods (verified by company 3/28/07)
    * Brands include Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Nutra Nuggets, Premium Edge, Professional Pet Food
    * No products made by Menu Foods
    * All foods contain US and Canadian ingredients
    * Manufacture their own dry food
    * Canned foods made by American Nutrition
    * Wheat, wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate is not used in any of our dry, canned, or treat products. (from website 4/18/07)

    Nutra Nuggets See Diamond Pet Foods

    Premium Edge See Diamond Pet Foods

    Professional Pet Food See Diamond Pet Foods

    Solid Gold Health Food for Pets (verified by company 4/17/07)
    * Only brand is Solid Gold
    * No products made by Menu Foods
    * Dry food made by Diamond, in Meta, Mo and Lathrop, CA
    * Canned foods are made by Blue Sky Pet Foods
    * We have no wheat gluten, nor rice protein concentrate. We use only whole unprocessed grains or bran, not gluten.
    * With 3 exceptions, all ingredients are from domestic sources. Lamb comes from New Zealand, tuna is caught & canned offshore, and the potato protein in the Barking at the Moon high performance food comes from Europe.
    * Company is individually owned by the founder of Solid Gold, Sissy McGill. (no parent company)

  24. luvadog says:

    I remember calling Natural Balance a year or so ago, I was using one of their allergy formulas. I wanted to know how they supervised the packaging of this food and how they made sure it was not cross contaminated with other proteins.

    Well I remember the call well, the lady was not very, lets say ‘nice’ on the phone. She said all the machinery is thoroughly cleaned between batches and there own supervisors are there to oversee everything. (the food was made and or packaged at Diamond)

    She was very snotty about it. Like how dare I even ask. This was approx
    a year ago. Her tone, was like how dare you question our process and
    cleanliness! I’d love to know if that same lady still works there…..I hope her shoe tastes good.

    I am just so ticked off, we are treated like dumb sheep with deep pockets.
    and I am just so tired of it. Fancy packaging, lies, and false information.

    So much for cleaning the machinery and so much for their supervisors….

  25. Joan says:

    China’s budding food industry faces scrutiny

  26. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Who makes Chicken Soul cat food? Diamond? Anyone know?

  27. Katie says:

    It’s not Friday! Cross-contamination, I wonder if the PFI members share in the ordering of product to get a better price. Knowing that’s what big business does; school districts and hospitals,even Wal-Mart. The reason I’m wondering; then it would be understandable why so many plants with recalls - using the same raw product. Another possibility had been mentioned by someone a few days ago who has a friend who worked in a pet food plant. He said the stuff is fine it’s in the vent systems, everywhere. Think about what happens when you open a bag of flour…

    I don’t think recalls are over. My FDA regional investigator said they are still answering calls and still testing. Leads add to new leads.

    I wish the companies recalled everything in March - got to the bottom of the problem - overhauled the plants and started over. It breaks my heart to know pets are still dying and getting sick.


  28. LorieVA says:

    Barb, GSD MOM

    Diamond packages the dry Chicken Soup

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Natural Balance Was Manufactured @ American Nutrition As Was If I Remember Correctly Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover And @ Least 1 Other. These Were The Companies That Said American Nutrition Added Rice Protein Concentrate Without Thr Knowledge Or Consent. I Just Lookd Natural Balance Changed That And Now Says They Wanted It In Thr Products To Boost Protein. So Why The Sudden Change Of Heart

  31. Clarissa says:

    I returned a bag of Solid Gold Katzenflocken dry cat food because my cats became ill. They checked the code on the bag in their computer and said it was made by Diamond in Texas. I feed Innova now and the cats are doing well.

    I’m not positive, but I THINK Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soul is made by Diamond and American Nutrition. This is from an old recall notice:
    Diamond Brand and Chicken Soup For the Pet Lover’s Soul
    Recalled April 26th, 2007

    Due to American Nutrition’s recall, the following Diamond Pet Food can formulations are being recalled:

    * Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Kitten Formula cans
    * Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Puppy Formula cans
    * Diamond Lamb & Rice Formula cans

  32. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Thanks…now my Sister is nervous about giving her cats dry chicken food for the soul. She is asking me “what about Felidae”. Has anyone had good results with this food?


  33. LorieVA says:

    I have a whole bag of Solid Gold Katzenflocken in my cabinet because I swear it made my cats stay ill longer during their recovery from first dose of poison and once I found out Diamond made it I refused to touch it. This was way back the end of March.

    I believe ANI mad Chicken Soup wet and Diamond does their dry. At this point I agree stay away from any product made by any plant with even one brand recalled. its all dicey at this point not worth it.

  34. LorieVA says:

    Barb, GSD MOM,

    two of my co-workers have switched back when this first started to Felidae dry and seem to be having no issues.

    Also know 2 people using Canidae dry with no problems to date.

  35. straybaby says:

    does any one know what plant this food was produced at? (sorry if i missed it somewhere!)

  36. straybaby says:


    can you get the food tested?

  37. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    LorieVA, Thanks for the information. I believe she is going to try Felidae. What else is there? :o( Her Shepherd is on a home cooked diet, but the kitties will not touch it. I had no idea cats were sooooo finicky! Wow. Her dog kept throwing up on Nutro Oatmeal, she an IBS dog, but now she does not throw up at all. Whew.

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. LorieVA says:


    You mean is it possible for me to get teh SG tested? I would love to get that and my FF which definitly caused all my problems tested but geez its like 200 bucks a food.

  40. TinaB says:

    It’s all so scary. I was using Chicken Soup for Cat Lover’s Soul, and even though none of my cats have gotten sick, I have been switching them slowly to California Natural. I also bought the Solid Gold before I knew it was also made by Diamond. I have been giving them handfuls of that to see if they liked it, and so far, no problems with it either, but I am going to California Natural completely to stay away from Diamond. I have been also feeding the Wellness canned with no problems even though I know it’s made at Menu.

    If you go to the website you get a error 404- page cannot be displayed - looks like they are wiping out what they had on their web page - probably said something about none of their foods being recalled - HA!

  41. E. Hamilton says:

    Important info lifted from petconnection, please spread the word.
    There is something you can do.
    Let your elected officials know that you want them to do their job!

    It’s a simple painless way to contact your representative!

    It will find you representative and send the email

    You can add your own comments. Then afterwards you may, if you like, send the link and a message asking friends and family to help.

    Please note the link also discloses the phone numbers of your reps. Always better to to make a phone call also and follow up with Email. . Also better to put some of your own words in the Email. Edit to your hearts content.

  42. Susan says:

    I was nervous about talking on the phone, so I printed out the Humane Society page, and referred to it. You can fax it, too. Thanks, E. Hamilton.

  43. Gerry says:

    My can of holistic pheasant dinner for cats has listed menadionesodium bisulfite. Isnt that the synthetic version of vit k. I read that it isnt good. I also read that it has been banned from some European countries for use in food and supplements for humans. My can of food is Evangers. Any one know about this ingredient?

  44. YaYa says:

    Rob, I’m sorry that was the type of response you got from the company. What Nerve! No “guarentee”? I’m floored.
    That’s the sort of reply that removes Permanantly a Company off the list for me!

    Lorie, I truly am working with a Lab {independent} to be able to test for more than the “usual” now. They’d aready set up anew for the Melamine. They do a Broad spectrum Toxins testing.

    She came out of a conference call today to get the Aminoptrin “light sensitivity” info from me to clear with the Head Lab Physician.
    We are going to talk again tomorrow.

    I’d explain that many of us feel the Aminoptrin IS an Issue {too}. She/they do as well, but don’t now what to look for :-(

    This information of the “light” issue was news to her personally. She is having the Doctor look into it in more detail.

    I’ll get pricing etc. soon and pass them along.

    She did say it made perfect sense that something Like aminoptrin Would be more likely to cause the Liver/gastric/bleeding issue. Than the others the FDA has disclosed.

    I am sending them Maureens Email info posted from yesterday, from the NY lab, that found the first Aminoptrin.

    I WILL keep you all posted and get the Info back to you all ASAP!

    This would be one more thing the must ‘adjust’ there for, to be able to Do the proper testing.

    I really can’t post more until they feel they are Ready, to handle what Really all should be tested for, and the possible Numbers sent to them in the future.

    Hee’s what I think the list might be right now:

    Melamine {they already do}
    Cynauric Acid {they already do}

    Anything else?

  45. Donna Z says:

    Barb, GSD Mom

    I’ve switched one cat over to Felidae (loves it, doing great). Other cat who was on IV’s for 4 days was harder to please. I got samples of several foods, and he liked California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato and Natura Health Wise the best. He is doing great on those foods.

    I have researched Natura and Canidae as much as I can and for our household (2 dogs/2 cats) I am happy with their foods.

    One more bonus Maine Coon NEVER throws up anymore since switching him to Felidae.

    Donna Z

  46. Dave says:

    Once again, I am appalled, that this webiste continues to allow people to make false and misleading statements about this or any other pet food recall. You are creating mass hesteria, by allowing uninformed people to post comments about this food or that food Do any of you honestly believe that any company would intentionally contaminate they products. And just because one food has it, doesn’t mean the others in their respective product lines have the same problem. Unless a specific food is listed, I for one whould have no hesitation to use them. And if they are listed, all I or any of you would need to do is not use the dates they’ve outlined in their recall notice. Enough said already!

  47. straybaby says:


    we need to start a testing fund. i know it’s been mentioned, and if one has started, point me to it :) i think the one lab does it for 150. i think the only way we are going to find out on diamond (ANY!) products, is if we test what we have.

    Dave, I wish you luck with your pets health. I sincerely hope they do not suffer because of your lack of concern.

  48. Donna Z says:


    I am glad you have been spared by all of this. However, many of us have not been, we were using foods that were deemed “safe”. I had 4 pets become ill when being fed a “safe” food. One landed in the Vet and was on IV’s for 4 days. I am very thankful he survived, however in addition to almost losing him, I have a HUGE vet bill. This web site keeps us informed, the more knowledge the more understanding. I for one am thankful for all the comments.

  49. Jo says:

    To Barb, GSD MOM: I have 10 cats. Tried the Felidae Platinum canned & dry formulas & the Chicken & Rice canned & dry formulas. Only 2 of the 10 cats would eat the Felidae. I’ve seen many blog posts from owners who say their cats tried it but didn’t like it; perhaps they need to improve the palatibility of the food. But it does appear — at least for now — that it is a good brand to feed.

    To Everyone: I have sent several canned and dry cat food formulas to AccuTrace in TX for testing. Suppose to have results back by tomorrow. I don’t mind sharing the results with you all.

  50. Barb, GSD MOM says:

    Thanks guys for the infor re felidae.

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