NEW RECALL: Nutra Nuggets Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs Recalled

We have been able to confirm that Nutra Nuggets (made by Diamond Pet Foods) is recalling their 40 pound Lamb Meal and Rice Dry Formula for Dogs. The contaminated batch’s product code is #NLR0404 and the Best Buy dates are October 9-10, 2008. We spoke with a vet at the Nutra Nuggets recall line and he said that so far, they had only heard of 2 cases in which the dogs had renal diseases (confirming the news report from yesterday).

He said that it was due to cross-contamination due to food being produced for Natural Balance (Natural Balance had recalls in mid-April). At this time, he said that no other food produced by Nutra Nuggets was being recalled.

(Updated) Itchmo readers and PetsitUSA found out that the contaminated Nutra Nuggets were sold at Costco locations in CA, WA, OR, AZ, and NV.

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  1. Van says:

    Some one said Avocados are bad for cats. Do you know why?? I feed Avoderm Natural, Has a lot of Avocados in it. It is made by Breeders Choice. in Cal.

  2. ann says:

    Stephanie - all I now is that I need to start working on a flow chart…..Wilbur Ellis, Cereal by products, and Chem Nutra. From there I need to branch out and have branches for each affected product, and then each poison. What a tangled mess!

    Cereal by products still hasn’t come out with their other two companies. Only Royal Canin was named out of the three. So, I don’t know what two that came foward Cereal byproducts is talking about.

  3. kellie says:

    perhaps we should start a rejected pet food swap/trade, heh
    we send all the unused food our pets wont eat to each other and trade for what they do like etc.

    for example i have a large bag of mixed EVO/Innova reg cat food that’s goona go to waste. i could feed it to the wildlife i guess. shelters only take un opened packages.

    i also still have alot of merrick canned flavors they dont like..some they do

  4. ann says:

    Mandy, I must have the opposite twin of your cat. Mine likes fresh tuna, but likes chicken canned cat food. Although now shes on on allergy free diet….

  5. Helen says:

    Barb GSD mom: My feedback on any nutro anything is to put the bag down and run away. I exchanged several posts with a person whose dog had the same symptoms as my cat. My cat ate Nutro Max chicken dry. I can’t remember if her dog ate the complete care or the naturals, but the main point is that a cat and a dog eating different nutro dry foods got ill with the same symptoms. In all these weeks I have read about deaths where Nutro dry was noted by the poster as being the only food. Some of the posts the pets have only been sick and some have recovered, but there have been many many complaints about Nutro, and Nutro has been extremely bad about their responses to complaints. On another thread today, Kim from the Pet Food Tracker was asking permission to cross post comments made specifically about nutro dry food.

  6. ann says:

    I gave my food to friends and family I was bent on converting. It worked!

  7. menusux says:

    Stephanie Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 8:41 pm
    Here is what I am not getting regarding the Wilbur Ellis five. Royal Canin issued the first recall on April 19th. That was around the time that Wilbur Ellis issued the recall. In their first press release, they referred to the supplier as “our company”. April 19th is the same day that Cereal ByProducts issued the recall and remained unnamed. Cereal ByProducts statement said that two companies issued recalls around the date that they announced it. I am still not sure who the second one is and we all know that the third didn’t come forward. In Royal Canin’s May 11th recall, they had no problem stating that Cereal ByProducts supplied the rice protein. Did they actually get rice protein from Wilbur Ellis? I can’t find anything to confirm that other than media reporting that they issued a recall at the same time that the Wilbur Ellis recalls were announced. I am not so sure that all five have been named. Call me suspicious, but most involved in this fiasco have been less than honest.

    If any one has anything linking Royal Canin and Wilbur Ellis, could you point me in that direction?

    “Wilbur-Ellis, which imported the rice protein concentrate from China, recalled all lots of the ingredient. According to Wilbur-Ellis, the word “melamine” appeared on a single pink bag among white bags of rice protein concentrate in a recent shipment from Binzhou Futian Biology Technology.

    “Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin USA, SmartPak, and Drs. Foster & Smith subsequently recalled products containing rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis.”

  8. ann says:

    menusux - thanks for filling in 1/2 my flow chart!

  9. kellie says:

    any thoughts on PRO PAC?
    this is another brand I’m thinking about. a few pet stores carry it.
    I haven’t seen or heard much of anything either way on these boards about it.

  10. ann says:

    I’m waiting for more news on Orijen by champion pet foods.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Menusux.

    I am suspicious of just about any company these days. I was a bit concerned that they identified Cereal ByProducts in one press release, but not anyone in the first. It just so happened that Cereal ByProducts recalled on the same day that Royal Canin recalled and stated that two of the companies recalled on or around the same day.

  12. DMS says:

    Has the lab that tested Nutra Nuggets released the percentage of the melamine contamination vs. the other earlier batches of contaminated pet food? This would give us an idea if it is likely a cross contamination or more of the same old same old.
    I agree the FDA/USDA is rather useless, except for coming up with more dangerous trade, gmo, pesticide tolerant schemes. IF they are considering importing chicken from China they must have BSE. Advanced. The FDA/USDA along with the rest of our government have left a gaping hole in our national security and our personal well-beings. We are so vulnerable to any kind of contamination and everyone knows it. What has our livestock been eating for years? What have we been eating? That’s all water under the bridge, Acheson says. Well I want some answers. We deserve answers. They screwed up by allowing trade to grow unchecked for so many years. They know full well what is going on in China and have known for years. There is no accountability to the American people, and the problem has metastasized for too long now. I would think that the FDA should be physically certifying the incoming food shipments as safe for a charge to the shipper. They owe us that much. But they don’t even have enough people to do that. They operate with no checks and balances. Their notices of a week for feedback on issues is about as long as they took to scientically justify feeding us melamine, etc. contaminated food. What else is approved in a week? We can like it or lump it. Eat it with no scientific data or even the scantest bit of information. Do they really think anyone trusts them? But then, I can’t believe I what I see people still buying in the store. Maybe there is a sense of futility among the people. They know it’s bad, but they don’t have the energy to fight a brick wall. I would think this story deserves as much coverage as Paris Hilton and the War in Iraq. What is going on?
    Is anyone considering getting human foods tested?

  13. ann says:

    Kellie - who makes Pro Pac

  14. ann says:

    I’m off for the night…….

  15. Mandy says:

    Eek! Also on Pet Connection is talk questioning if the food safetly bill is dying.

    Quote: It’s great that Durbin (senate) and DeLauro (house) got some bills rolling to address the food safety problem. But, as of today, May 22, those bills are stuck. What that means politically is that bills can die by simply not doing anything. The Senate bill that Durbin introduced (really an amendment to a bill that already had some chance of passing as law), has been referred to the House for action. The bill that DeLauro introduced in the House, has been referred to the Senate for action. And neither the Senate nor House are acting on the bills sent to them by the other.

    Even though both bills passed unanimously where they were introduced, in the House and Senate, they are two separate, different pieces of legislation. For a bill to become law, it has to pass BOTH the house and senate, then the President has to sign it, and then have the Appropriation Committee FUND the bill. Currently, the bill by Durbin has passed the Senate, but not the House. The bill by DeLauro has passed the House, but not the Senate. Durbin (in the senate) and DeLauro (in the house) has sent their legislation to the other for action. Neither House or Senate has taken up the bills by the other. They are shown as simply being “referred” to the other. And there they have sat for weeks without action, without being debated, without ANYTHING!!

    Those bills are sitting there with no actions being taken. They aren’t on any calendar for action or debate. They are being KILLED, make no mistake about that! this is an often used political tactic to kill a bill by quietly letting it just ‘go away’ after the headlines have cooled down. One reporter said that when everyone, left, right, middle, independent, etc., all agree on a bill, it has no teeth. This bill has teeth, but the problem is that there may be an underlying intention to KILL the bills by doing nothing on them.

    THESE BILLS WILL DIE if you don’t call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to GET THOSE BILLS ROLLING, and that you DEMAND funding for those bills. What makes a bill toothless is to pass the bill, but not fund it by Appropriations.

  16. Barbara says:

    If I were your friend, I would NOT give him that food. The ingredience says it all, in my opinion.

  17. kellie says:

    Midwestern pet foods.
    Own plants, nothing from china, nothing with menu. sold only in pet stores and vets.

  18. martin says:

    I also wonder about Pro Pac & Muenster Foods.

  19. kellie says:

  20. menusux says:

    Folks, I don’t think you’re gonna thank me for this post–just when you think your head can’t possibly explode any more…..

    SHANGHAI, China, May. 22, 2007

    “(AP) It’s becoming a familiar scenario: Overseas authorities warn of tainted Chinese products while Chinese producers deny any health fears and say that in any case, they’re not subject to regulation.

    “For the second time in weeks, a Chinese drug or food product has been singled out as a threat overseas. On Monday, authorities in the Dominican Republic said they had removed 10,000 tubes of the Chinese toothpaste brands “Excel” and “Mr. Cool” from shelves after learning they contained diethylene glycol, a chemical commonly used in antifreeze and brake fluid.

    “That came weeks after pet food ingredients from China tainted with the chemical melamine were blamed in the deaths of dogs and cats in North America, prompting a massive pet food recall.

    “In both cases, Chinese producers said they believed the use of the chemicals to be safe and knew of no rules regulating their use. Chinese authorities, fearing the loss of valuable export markets, have investigated what they have labeled rogue exporters, though safety concerns remain.

    “Chinese authorities on Tuesday were inspecting a company called Danyang Chengshi Household Chemical Co. that exported the toothpaste to Panama _ later shipped to the Dominican Republic _ containing diethylene glycol, said Chen Yaozu, general manager of the firm.

    “However, Chen said the chemical, a thickening agent often used as a low-cost substitute for glycerin, was permitted under Chinese rules and was safe in small amounts. Diethylene glycol is primarily used to keep toothpaste moist.

    “”I can say I am very confident about our product’s quality,” Chen said in a telephone interview from his company’s headquarters in the eastern province of Jiangsu. He said company managers were cooperating with investigators.

    “That echoed claims by Chinese chemical companies and makers of animal feed who said adding melamine was safe in controlled amounts. The chemical contains no nutrition but is rich in nitrogen, making the feed appear to have a higher protein content.

    “Panama also removed the Chinese toothpaste brands from stores last week, but said the level of diethylene glycol did not appear to be dangerous. Still, officials in both countries advised consumers not to use the products.

    “Checks on supermarkets in China’s commercial center of Shanghai turned up no sign of diethylene glycol among the listed ingredients of more than a dozen brands of Chinese-made toothpaste.

    “However, a salesman for a Chinese trading company that imports the chemical from Iran said it is occasionally used in making toothpaste.

    “Proper amounts of diethylene glycol are not toxic if it remains uncontaminated,” said Zou Jianjun of the Jiangsu-based Donghua International Trading Co.

    “It was unclear whether China limits use of the chemical in toothpaste.

    “The head of another toothpaste maker, Jiangsu Goldcredit International Trading Co., denied a New York Times report Tuesday that his company was also under investigation or that it had anything to do with toothpaste exported to Panama.

    General Manager Hu Keyu said Goldcredit had tried to register the name “Mr. Cool” several years ago, but had not received the trademark. “He said Chinese companies had flooded Panama with shoddy drugs and other products, and tracing the true source of the toothpaste could be difficult.

    “”Since profit margins for exported toothpaste are so low, such companies try to use cheaper replacements and that is permitted,” Hu said. “If the product came from China, it might have come from anywhere.”"

    And here you see diethylene glycol is fine for exported toothpaste, but not found in any brands sold in China.

  21. kellie says:

    like i said ive read little info either way that’s why i’ve held off on this.
    all seems to check out but i feel better with feedback from owners here who have used the products.

  22. kellie says:

    Martin, have you read anything negative about pro pac?

    that and evangers were going to be my next wet and dry food trials.

  23. Leslie k says:

    Fot those of you feeding rx diets for kidney issues; my vet found a homemade formula for me to try. My cat had refused to eat any of the commercial ones. I don’t have it anymore[5 yrs ago], but can probably get it if needed. It will take a little time; he retired. It was a little disgusting but she did eat it.

  24. Mandy says:

    Pet food, people food, now toothpaste. It really makes you wonder if they aren’t just slowly trying to take us over by killing us off this way. Be a sneaky way to do it wouldn’t it?

  25. Helen says:

    Connie, the Sheba is made in Thailand and says so right on the can. I imagine any other Mars products that are made in Thailand probably also list this. My cat has been eating some Sheba to comfort her between my failed attempts to offer her other wet foods. It smells like human food, I have tasted it myself, and the only problems I can find with it are that it is not made in the US and it does not have any supplements, no taurine, etc. The tuna I am offering my cat is also from Thailand, says so on the cans and has no soy broth in it. Solid Gold blended tuna also says it is made in Thailand. My point is not whether any of these items is good to feed to a pet, as that is up to you to decide. The point is they are not made in China and the country of origin is listed.

  26. Barbara says:

    Sorry guys, I know this isn’t the topic for today, but I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about Artemis cat food. If it’s any good, is it alright for kitties with allergies? I haven’t read anything about that on their web site. Now they are on NB Venison & Green Pea canned, which I’m still afraid of. I have noticed they started itching again & don’t know why. Any ideas? What is this Missing Link I’ve been seeing?

  27. Barbara says:

    Are you playing Santa? Your bringing us more “GOOD” news!
    I would like to know,what diethylene glycol is doing in products we use as personal care OR food! If they say it’s ok, then why isn’t it in their crap? Why are they trying to kill all of us?

  28. Helen says:

    Van: from ASPCA site

    “Common Name: Avocado
    Scientific Name: Persea americana
    Family: Lauraceae
    Toxic Principle: persin
    Clinical signs: vomiting, diarrhea, death, inflammation of mammary glands of rabbits, goats, cattle, and horses- Cardiac failure in goats- Respiratory distress, generalized congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart. ”

    The other plants they list they do not specify dogs or cats, but if other animals are affected such as the mammary glands in this case, they list that. Don’t know why it is pet food on one hand and ASPCA has it on the toxic list on the other hand. This is the extent of my knowledge. I have not read any complaints about the pheasant Evangers, only that I did not choose that flavor due to my own discomfort with the avocado. Hope that helps.

  29. martin says:


    Not yet. Think I’ll buy both and have them tested prior to feeding any. That’s all I feel I can do at this point.

  30. JanC says:

    Jo: I didn’t get to read all the posts after yours but I got an answer from Gina at pet connection……there were three dry foods & they were all ok. Funny, but I never did hear that before now.

  31. Susan says:

    I saw something about this toothpaste contaminated with DEG in the newspaper but the article mentioned Australia and Panama, and quoted the FDA as saying there was no problem, because people don’t swallow toothpaste. It’s back to the melamine and the mythical 132 lb person. What about children? They DO swallow toothpaste.

  32. Gail King says:

    I have fed my dogs for years the Nutra Nugget Lamb and rice formula, from the green bag. I have always bought it at a feed store, until they went out of business and then I have been buying it from Costco. I am not sure I had the batch you are speaking of, but I do have other batches of Nutra Nugget and am wondering if they are contaminated, which I have fed to my dogs. Am I feeding them Nutra Nugget that is also a different batch that is consumed of the melamine? Since the discovery of this melamine I always thought it was a matter of time before Nutra Nugget it the list. It probably will not be long before all brands of dry food it your list. And why, because of the almigty $1.00 a bug more to cause such havic. Thanks for reading.
    A concerned parent of precious dogs!!

  33. menusux says:

    I’d like to know why the government of the United States of America feels such a strong need to play footsie with a communist government which had little or no use for the West until the 1970’s. None of this went on with the then Soviet Union, and even now, just how many imported products do we see coming here from the nations which made up the old Soviet Bloc?

    Before Nixon went there in 1973, we made it just fine without anything they produced, thank you, and if those who are considered to be the decision makers in this country have more than empty space between their ears, we can and will do it again.

    Everyone thought that the US couldn’t possibly handle WWII–not so soon after the Depression–much less to wind up fighting that war on two fronts. All of us wouldn’t be here if it didn’t work. There’s little which can’t be done if the people have a will to do it.

    I think the people of the US have been screaming “enough” regarding what’s been happening with the importation of Chinese food products and losing one out of every six manufacturing jobs here because of Chinese imports in just the last 7 years. For the sake of all of us, it’s about time we were heard.

  34. Genny says:


    I remember reading a discussion about this subject recently - if it was bad or poisoness. It seems it was here on Itchmo. The person feeding it said the skin is bad but not the fruit. Whoever it was stated that it had helped with their pets’ skin condition.

  35. Genny says:

    *poisonous* also. ( ;

  36. Helen says:

    Genny, it seems a little absurd to be scared of a dab of fruit after all we have been through doesn’t it? A blob of avocado should kinda be at the bottom of my flip out list.

  37. Genny says:


    I like a big blob of it on my plate, with onions, garlic and comino mixed in.

  38. kellie says:

    ty martin
    please post any results or feedback if you buy these or have them tested.

  39. menusux says:


    Have never seen FDA say that it was OK to have this in toothpaste. We had a story here aboth toothpaste containing diethylene glycol being sent to Panama and Australia, and here’s the URL & quote–doesn’t say FDA said this–think it was health officlas in Panama.

    “Health officials say they do not believe the toothpaste is harmful, because users spit it out after brushing, but they nonetheless took it out of circulation.

    “Doug Arbesfeld, a spokesman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said diethylene glycol was not approved for use in toothpaste. Though the FDA has no evidence that the tainted toothpaste slipped into the United States, he added: “We are looking into the situation in Panama.”

    “The Northern Star, a newspaper in the southeastern Australian city of Lismore, reported Friday on its Web site that the Excel brand of toothpaste had been found in a chain of supermarkets and taken off the shelves immediately.

    FDA issued an alert re: diethylene-contaminated glycerin:

  40. Stephanie says:

    Avocado contains a toxic component called persin, which can damage heart, lung and other tissue in many animals. They are high in fat and can trigger stomach upset, vomiting and even pancreatitis. The pit is also toxic, and if it gets lodged in the intestinal tract, it can create a severe blockage requiring surgery. Remember, avocado is the main ingredient in guacamole, so keep pets out of the dip.

    Copied from

  41. martin says:

    I will Kellie.

    I just ordered evangers dry and will order some of the propac as well. I’ll mix both to have them tested.

  42. Stephanie says:

    Avocados. The leaves, fruit, bark and seeds of avocados have all been reported to be toxic. The toxic component in the avocado is “persin,” which is a fatty acid derivative.

    Symptoms of toxicity include difficulty breathing, abdominal enlargement, abnormal fluid accumulations in the chest, abdomen and sac around the heart. The amount that needs to be ingested to cause signs is unknown. Do not feed your pet any component of the avocado.


    I never knew that avocado was toxic. I guess it is good to know.

  43. martin says:

    The propac has several listed. Any thoughts?

  44. Helen says:

    Hey, my cat is currently engaging in the tromp across the keyboard and presenting me with her but while blocking my view of the screen! And I was gone for a few minutes and missed a new recall? Jeez. It’s only Tuesday! Maybe they all read we are sick of them waiting until Friday night. Oops, there went the cat’s butt again.

  45. Helen says:

    Thank you Stephanie. ASPCA was not specific enough.

  46. kellie says:

    i looked at the ingredients.
    the dry is full of grains and glutens so i’ll stay away from that but the ingredients of all the wet food was superior.
    that’s what i’ll be trying

  47. straybaby says:

    Gail King,

    I would stop feeding immediately. If the batch you are feeding *seems* fine, use it to tide you over tonight and tomorrow AM, but if you actually have something else to feed, use that! Measure how much your dogs are drinking and watch them like a hawk. Get batch numbers and compare to yours. I would be suspect of dates on either end of the recall batch. SAVE the food. Do NOT over-expose it to light if you can. If your batches fall in the recall or close to it, get urine tests on your pups and tell the vet what you are looking for.

    That’s what i would do anyway ;)

  48. Helen says:

    Itchmo just posted a new thread with new Menu recalls.

  49. Jo says:

    For those of you needing HOMEMADE DIETS FOR CATS WITH KIDNEY DISEASE/CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE: Check out Dr. Donald Strombeck’s book, “Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets.” He has 14 very easy recipes specifically for cats with CRF. He’s also included several recipes for dogs with this disease. He is a veterinarian with a phD — very high credentials.

  50. JJ says:

    Connie on your one post that if the pet food mfgrs. do the right thing the customers will return? Why should we? How can we trust anyone that withheld information possibly since last Dec. 2006 that the food was dangerous and will kill or hurt your animals? Why not buy the organic, wholesome brands that many mention on here who do not adulterate the food with who knows what and believes in the health of the animal coming from within from the nutritious food they make? Give your money to these small companies (some of them can grow) so they will have the resources to contribute more of the safe food they have been making for years so we can feel at ease and peaceful inside knowing our pets are eating the way they should be. Keep the money in American. Lets help americans as only americans can-support these safe pet food companies. No I do not work for any of them just believe in putting my money into companies that like to Make IT In America without foreign anything.

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