Nutro Given Another Year To Get Rid Of Odors From California Pet Food Factory

Spring Valley Lake residents have been complaining about the smells coming from Nutro’s Victorville pet food plant since May 2006. And now, the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District has given the company another year to get rid of the rotten smell.

Nutro must have a custom-built Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), or afterburner, running at the factory by the end of 2008.

The company has already spent $4 million on other technology to reduce odors, but neighbors said that odors were still detectable. They complain that they have to use their air-conditioning year-round to avoid the smell, and that the odors have decreased property values.

In June, the air district notified the company of their violation and said that the company could potentially be fined $10,000 a day if the odor was not completely undetectable. Officials said fines could be reduced if the company shows good behavior (what is this — kindergarten?).

When asked why they didn’t put in the RTO earlier, the general manger of the Nutro plant said that he thought the other devices they invested in would solve the odor problem.

One Spring Valley Lake resident voiced his concerns with the timeline, “I think that it’s really not acceptable. I think they ought to look at ways to cut down their production or cease production until they can solve the problem.”

Source: Daily Press

14 Responses to “Nutro Given Another Year To Get Rid Of Odors From California Pet Food Factory”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Makes you wonder what it is that smells so bad. Nasty, just nasty.

  2. Ruth says:

    Kindergarten? Good one……..

    Just a thought: If Nutro made quality pet food, they wouldn’t have to have the RTO. Geez…….they must be making some nasty crap a.k.a pet food. And poor pets are supposed to eat it too. Nutro clean up your act.

  3. Merlin Marshall says:

    Nutro used to be a good food. The more recent stuff I’ve been reading suggests it is otherwise now.

    Glad I don’t still feed my cats that stuff.

  4. Beth says:

    I quit feeding Nutro after 15 years when all THREE of my dogs began vomiting yellow foam.
    I get coupons from Nutro in the mail every week and the ‘high end’ feed stores keep lowering the price on Nutro.
    They must be hurtng?

  5. Nora and Rufus says:

    Had to return 7 cans of the Adult Chicken Chunks and Rice n Gravy in March 2007 for money back at Petco when my dog started running a fever and sick and lethargic and groaning and urinating all over. The cans did have the recalled codes on them. I threw the partly used dry food in the trash and will NEVER purchase it again. I cringe in horror whenever I see it on the shelves anywhere now, just as I do the Natural Balance or ANY of the recalled pet foods and some of them that were never recalled!

  6. MaineMom says:

    Ever drive by Panera Bread? It smells wonderful like a bakery should! Makes you wonder what Nutro is cooking doesn’t it?

  7. Chaoslillith says:

    I’ve never had a problem with any Nutro product, all my animals love it and their coats are great, their poop is great, they are very energetic and healthy looking. No I do not work for Nutro but I do recommend their product a lot.

    It is a good premium brand for a reasonable price.

  8. Sharon says:

    OHSHA needs to start enforcing the law. If a factory stinks that much the workers employed there are in danger from the toxic fumes. Another government agency that just takes our money and does nothing. Shut the place down!

    I would find out the names and addresses of the people who comprise the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District and start leaving rotten eggs in their cars, houses, yards, etc. What harm would it do? Y’all might get arrested but with enough bad publicity maybe something would be done. What is the Governor’s position on this situation? Someone needs to bring the problem to his attention.

  9. June says:

    I used Nutro lamb and rice products a few years ago. My smallest dog would have regular episodes of vomiting yellow foam or fluid back then. No problems like that now, but he is on grain-free raw or canned foods. (Or home-cooked)
    14 yrs old and he is healthier than he was when he was 10.

  10. nunya says:

    Oh PLEASE!!! The people in Spring Valley Lake are nothing but rich lawyers, doctors, etc. ie: People who think that just because they have money they have the right to cause such commotion from their million dollar backyards.

    DON’T blame Nutro, who gave them permission to build their plant there anyway??? THE CITY OF VICTORVILLE!!! Point the finger there!! Nutro is an innocent victim here.

    When Nutro pet food was being manufactured in the City of Industry, there was no massive outcry from the community. I used to live near the old plant, and there are TONS of houses nearby. But the major difference here is that the people in this community are modest, middle class people who don’t have tons of money and who aren’t so rich that they can retire early and sit at home and complain about silly little odors all day.

    Like I said, I lived near the old plant and would smell the scent of dog food often - almost on a daily basis. But come on people, it’s DOG FOOD! Dry dog food at that. The Victorville plant doesn’t even manufacture canned foods which smells WAY worse. And don’t any of you have pets?? Don’t you feed them dry food? It really isn’t all that bad. I smelled it for YEARS!! Not 2 little years like you all are complaining about. And surely, it isn’t sensible to file a class action law suit against a company that should not be held accountable - blame your city.

    So I will continue to feed my beautiful dogs Nutro Products - my dogs are healthy and gorgeous and have never looked better since being on Nutro.

    Why don’t you people shove some of your money in your big mouths and stop complaining???

  11. Sickofit says:


    Have you ever heard of obeying the law? It’s one of those pesky little things that most normal people and corporations do everyday. Just because Victorville gave Nutro permission to operate at their current location, NO ONE has permission to violate California law. What do you mean Nutro should not be held accountable? Nutro has to abide by the CA Health & Saftey law that says companies can not emit odors into the air that cause nuisance to others. If you chose to live near a stinking dog food plant and not complain - that’s your right. However, we in SVL choose to not let a profit-making company make the rules and only follow the ones that they choose. Why don’t we just let all companies pick and choose what laws they want to follow?

    And for your information, even the not-so-rich people who live around Nutro are part of the law-suit. You can choose to be a limp-wristed do-nothing if you like, but we choose to stand up for our rights buddy-boy, and we will prevail.

    By the way, from what you have said, you must have worked at Nutro in the City of Industry and now work at the Victorvile plant, so I can understand your bias. The high desert has clean air compared do most places down the hill - and we want to keep it that way.

  12. pet food factory ca says:

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  13. SickofNutroSmell says:

    Dear “nunya”… you seem a little “bitter” toward wealthy people in SVL? Hmmm… well, I lived there for YEARS and am not “wealthy or rich”… and now I live on the RIDGE outside of SVL and NUTRO is “IN MY BACKYARD”… it is the most awful smell ANYONE could ever imagine every freaking day in your neighborhood. So come live where we live because obviously you don’t. I can only walk 1/2 way down the street with my little dog and I have to come back home because I am going to THROW UP from the smell. I can’t even entertain or bbq in my back yard with my family anymore because of the smell… had to get up in the middle of the night JUST the other night on a VERY COOL evening and SHUT my windows, because the SMELL was making me SICK while they were cooking in the middle of the night. So keep your bitter you don’t make enough money to make you happy so cuz you screwed up and now you have to put people DOWN who did better than you and live in a better area than you comments to yourself until YOU’VE lived in “our backyards” with the sickening decayed dead animal smell everyday! You are really something, million dollar back yards? You’ve been watching too many reality tv shows… SVL is more regular people than rich people with millions…… And bottom line, I don’t care if I spent $30,000 for my back yard or a Million dollars… I have EVERY RIGHT to enjoy MY backyard and bbq and garden withOUT being sick from the SMELL of rotting animal carcus cooking!!! Agree?

  14. JUJUfromMississippi says:

    My dog has a rash ans I will not be buying this stuff! Glad I found this site!

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