Nutro Recalls All Canned Food With Wheat Gluten

We applaud this move by Nutro to remove all wet foods that contain wheat gluten and we agree with Nutro CEO’s sentiments. Checking UPC codes, dates, etc. only causes confusion in stores as well as homes. Customer-centric companies should do us all a favor by removing entire lines of products, not just certain dates or codes. We’ve heard too many reports of recalled food still sitting on store shelves because of all the confusing information that’s been dribbling out over the last month. Simple instructions like this help us save our pet’s lives.

“Pet owners are fed up with confusing information regarding the Menu Foods recall,” said Dave Kravis, President and CEO of Nutro Products.

Full release after the jump.

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Nutro Products Orders Removal of All Wet Pet Food Products Made by Menu Foods With Wheat Gluten

Nutro Dry Foods, Biscuits and Treats are NOT Manufactured by Menu Foods and
are NOT Affected by Recall

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., April 10 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier today, Menu
Foods expanded its recall of wet pet food products to include additional
wet pet foods suspected of containing melamine from Chinese supplied wheat
Given this new information and the confusion in the marketplace, Nutro
has ordered ALL Nutro wet pouched and canned foods made with wheat gluten
be removed from store shelves regardless of the date of production and asks
pet owners to stop feeding those products to their pets. Nutro is taking
this action even though the Menu Foods press release indicates that only
certain dates of production at its plant were affected.
“Pet owners are fed up with confusing information regarding the Menu
Foods recall,” said Dave Kravis, President and CEO of Nutro Products. “I
had previously ordered a broader recall of affected products than what Menu
Foods had suggested. Given this new information from Menu Foods, I have
ordered all wet pet food products containing wheat gluten to be removed
from store shelves. Our dry pet food is not made by Menu and remains
unaffected by the recall.”
As a result of this new information, Nutro has suspended all shipments
to retail stores of Nutro’s wet canned and pouch products that contain
wheat gluten until Nutro is able to confirm their safety.
Nutro Products is asking all customers who have the following Nutro wet
pet food products (which are made by Menu Foods and contain wheat gluten)
regardless of “best by date,” to immediately stop feeding the products to
their pets.
* All Cat Pouch Food Products
* Listed Cat 3.0 oz can products
* All Dog Pouch Food Products
* Listed Dog 12.5 oz Canned Products
A detailed list of all recalled products may be found at
Nutro’s products are 100% guaranteed and all returned product will be
refunded. Customers should return products affected by the recall to the
retail location where they purchased the product.
The Menu Foods wet pet food recall does not include Nutro’s dry pet
food. Nutro’s dry pet foods are not produced by Menu Foods and do not
contain wheat gluten. Nutro’s dry pet foods, biscuits and treats — over
90% of the pet food Nutro sells — are not involved in the recall and
remain safe for pets to eat. Menu manufactures only wet, canned and pouch
products for Nutro.
Nutro customers may check Nutro’s website ( or
contact Nutro’s Consumer Hotline (800) 833-5330 for further information
about its products. Nutro’s website will be updated as more information
becomes available.

17 Responses to “Nutro Recalls All Canned Food With Wheat Gluten”

  1. Steve says:

    Who is Nutro buying their ingredients from?

  2. johnypaycut says:

    Bravo .. Nutro’s done a good thing.
    nOO’W dear hearts? (im referin to all you $h!tb!rd$ that still think they’rs a way out of the $poop@!)>??? yes you could redeam yourslimeyselves ?
    by followin this example… (Nutro’s)
    try an weasel outta it..well ,lets seee?
    there’s according to some counts tens of thousands of sick,or dead pets.
    an many,many upset people?
    GOD only knows what fate becomes LACKEYS!

  3. Martin says:

    I dont applaud this move by Nutro. They are a little late. It took the life of a pet(s) before they recalled their product knowing that MENU FOODS made the food and there was a possibility it contained the toxins. I would have applauded them had they pulled it from the shelves and had it tested first. Little to late boys!

  4. 2CatMOM says:

    Way too little, way too late. They were getting reports of pets dying after eating their canned food for weeks if not months. They didn’t care. A really good company would have pulled all their products containing wheat gluten made by Menu Foods regardless of any reassurances from MF. But its much easier to turn a blind eye, rake in the $ and then blame Menu Foods when the sh*t hits the fan.

  5. Duir says:

    No Nutro cans have been on the shelves in my
    area since mid-March.

    New York and
    Kingston Ontario

  6. Martin says:

    2Catmom hit it right on the nose!!!! They wanted to make a few more bucks before their product was actually linked to a few deaths. Now that everyone knows what they are capable of and who’s pockets they really care about, the doors of Nutro should be closed for good. Anyone know if they are publically traded? If so, the CFO sold out a few weeks ago!

  7. Martin says:

    POSTED ON NUTRO’S WEB SITE. (nothingn about recalling their products)

    For over 75 years, Nutro has created, tested, and produced the finest pet foods on the market. Our philosophy is simple: we constantly strive to provide better ingredients and better nutrition for better health, no matter what the cost.


  8. Tracy says:

    SHAME ON NUTRO. They are just covering up their bad press about the people in CA who found they had food that should have been recalled. Now they act all hoity toity about doing what is right? They just don’t want that story getting out about how they screwed up. No ‘good for Nutro’ here!!!

    Nutro is just doing a CYA.

    JERKS!!!!!! is right.

    2Catmom and Martin I’m with you.

  9. Rocky says:

    Hey Dave,

    Why don’t you fax your Nutro QC reports over to ITCMO so they can see what the melamine levels were at your RECEIVING INSPECTION.

    Also, we’d like to know what your melamine levels were at your SHIPPING INSPECTION. Did you take some samples of the actual FINISHED PRODUCT, before you shipped it out for our pets to eat?

    How about aminopterin? That’s rat poison. Did you test for that? It’s in the gluten too. You might want to contact the NEW YORK STATE TESTING LAB and have them run the test. Maybe your MANUFACTURING PROCESS removed all of that.

    How about formaldehyde? That’s grain fumigant. Did you test for that? That FDA vet told a Canadian newspaper they were testing for formaldehyde? Do you know if they found any?

    Gee, if only we could see your test results. Then we could be sure that your SO-CALLED QUALITY PRODUCT is really a QUALITY PRODUCT.

    See those words in caps? Look those up in your QUALITY CONTROL HANDBOOK. That stuff’s in there for a reason - not just to make FDA happy when they inspect your plant.

    Maybe if you’d run a few tests for a change, we could avoid these MASSIVE SYSTEM BREAKDOWNS.

    Yes, I know FDA and EPA and all the other A’s don’t require you to test for melamine–all thanks to NOVARTIS and the World Health Organization in 1999.

    But isn’t why you guys make THE BIG BUCKS. So you can figure out what the H _ _ L your company OUGHT to be doing.


  10. Rocky says:

    Hey Dave,

    One last question. How long do you think MELAMINE had been in our pets food? Maybe since 1999?

  11. Louie says:

    Hey Dave,

    You sound like a stand-up guy.

    Would you like to have a little wine and cheese over at Rocky’s house. I’ll bring the wine and you can bring some cheese.

    Might be helpful to just clear the air, and then you can explain how this debacle happened.

    Sounds like a swell time. What do you think?

    Oh, can you bring along those QC reports? I’d like to have a look, too.

  12. E. Hamilton says:

    A PET OWNER had the food tested, not Nutro.
    A PET OWNER, just like the pet owners who begged Nutro for months, who pleaded for info and were told that “all is well, nothing is wrong with the food, go away”.
    It came as a total surprise to Nutro my lily white butt! They have known for months.
    I am not impressed.

  13. Steve says:

    Actually I think it’s time to reexamine the “Corporate Citizen” concept.

    Since when is a corporation a Citizen?

  14. 5CatMom says:


    I agree. How do you know there’s quality in your bag if you don’t perform adequate testing?

  15. Louie says:

    I got an email today about a class action lawsuit. Maybe a judge will issue a restraining order and just shut ‘em down.

    There needs to be a big lock put on those plants. We sure don’t need more of their poison in the food supply.

  16. 4lgdfriend says: Commercial Dry Foods-Intro: Of course every company is going to tell you that they are using only the best quality ingredients, but the constitutional right to freedom of speech does not require such statements to be truthful.

  17. nutro and safety says:

    […] customers who have the following nutro wet pet food products (which are made by Menu Foods and …, Death Dog Nutro Pet FoodJun 23, 2008 … There is a shortage of some varieties of nutro dog […]

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