Nutro Responds To FDA Blocking Their Cat And Dog Food Products In July

NutroThe FDA blocked more than 100 Nutro dog and cat food products from entering the United States in July.

Many Itchmo readers saw this on FDA’s website and were concerned over why these products were being stopped and wondered if there were more pet food recalls on the way.

FDA blocked the Nutro shipment at the Port of Los Angeles because the products appeared to contain poisonous substances and unsafe additives. The FDA then listed Nutro’s food on the Import Refusal Report.

Some of Nutro’s products on the Import Refusal list were: Choice Adult Cat With Turkey and Duck, Adult Large Breed Chicken and Rice, and Adult Turkey with Chicken Liver.

One particular Itchmo reader and tipster, Mike G., was extremely alarmed by Nutro’s products being blocked by the FDA. He has multiple cats and feeds them Nutro cat food.

“What isn’t clear is which ‘additive’ it is that is ‘unsafe,’ and which ‘substance’ it is that is poisonous,” Mike said. “The three Nutro canned cat products I have in front of me all state ‘Made in USA.’ But they don’t say which state or which US territory. I don’t so much care where (the products came from). It’s the ‘which’ (unsafe additives and substances) that concerns me.”

Mike contacted the company about his concerns, but he said Nutro never responded to his questions. He added that in general, Nutro has been non-responsive to customers.

Mike wants to know where Nutro pet food is made, where the products that were refused were made, and which additives and substances are unsafe and dangerous.

“In the aftermath of several thousand pet deaths,” Mike said, “Nutro and other companies need to demonstrate their commitment to pet safety by answering pet owners’ questions satisfactorily.” contacted Nutro regarding FDA’s import refusal. They said it took Nutro more than a week to reply back to their numerous calls.

Even though the company did respond, Nutro didn’t directly answer their questions.

The company’s Consumer Services Manager, Tamara Cerven, e-mailed Nutro’s official, canned response:

“It has been brought to our attention that confusion has been caused by the Food and Drug Administration’s (“FDA”) Import Refusal Report. We wish to assure our customers that this report is in no way a cause for concern about the quality and safety of Nutro pet foods currently on store shelves.

“This report lists recalled product(s) that have been returned to Nutro from overseas. This product is not intended for sale.

“Nutro also ordered recalled product to be shipped back to the U.S. from overseas for proper handling. Some of this product is the subject of the FDA report.”

Nutro explained that the products listed on the import refusal report are those affected by Menu Foods recall in March. The company said it immediately stopped selling the tainted products and removed them from stores, warehouses, and distribution centers.

The company said customers with questions about the FDA’s import refusal can call customer service at 1-800-833-5330 or visit its website.

Mike is doubtful that anyone will get an answer since Nutro never responded to him. He added this is the last straw for him because of their failure to respond to his concerns about his cat’s food and their safety.


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  1. 2CatMom says:

    Can’t say I’m suprised. Nutro has been totally nonresposive to its customers. This former customer of Nutro actually had a little set-to with the president of Nutro over on Pet Connection. After they recalled their pouches and told us how safe their dry was, they refused to respond to questions about their cans. I stopped using them and yep, a few weeks later they were recalled. Turns out the cans were made by Menu Foods in Canada - and instead of doing the right thing by consumers and pulling the cans they waited until Menu Foods confirmed that some of the contaminated wheat gluten had gone to Canada.

    My cats now enjoy Innova EVO dry, Weruva and other quality brands not made by Menu Foods. I will never, and I mean never, use a Nutro product again. They lost my trust and my business forever!

  2. nora says:

    Nutro Dog food made my dog sick ( feverish, lethargic, urinating too much, bad thirst, and groaning because his guts hurt) back in Feb 2007. He was hanging his head and flopped his self down when he was a young pup of several months old and normally very vibrant. It was VERY obvious something was horribly wrong. My loving dog and I are so lucky that I noticed it in the first 2 days of feeding it once a day and stopped feeding it immediately. Anyone who continues to feed ANY previously recalled food now is asking for their pets to be poisoned. WAKE UP.

  3. Robert Davis says:

    I had used Nutro for my cats and dogs last fall before switching to Purina ProPlan. I was shocked when I got the List of Food I had bought from PetSmart that had been recalled (PetSmart sent a list to me in the mail or e-mail - can’t remember which - (through the Savings Program they have).

    After a few months of Purina ProPlan I switched to Kumpi and now mix in some Orijen.

    What I cannot stand is the non responsive nature of some of these companies. We are talking about pets lives - the lives they claim to care so much for when you read their websites.

  4. Pukanuba says:

    I remember when Nutro was a premium pet food. I always felt I was doing right by my dog feeding her Nutro dry (a few years back). I wonder why they went downhill……the same old same old……..greed? Selling out to another company isn’t going to improve their reputation nor will it inspire consumer confidence.

    I was feeding Nutro Ultra dry right before the canned was recalled but my dog wasn’t doing well on it so she was off it when the recall hit. Then I started hearing stories about their dry food & I was very thankful that my dog was ok (at least she’s ok now……long term, none of us know for sure). The fact that there were problems, the company was notified & they refused to recall their dry was enough for me to swear off their food for life. However, they aren’t alone on that list.

    I’m still waiting to hear from all these PF companies as to the steps they are taking to assure us that their food is safe, that the ingredients are being tested thoroughly & that they are using more wholesome ingredients…….but all I hear are my ears ringing…….they still don’t get it, do they?

  5. Garyn says:

    2cat mom, while Weruva claims to be a Canadian company, its manufacturing plant is in Thailand according to a pet store owner who sells this product. Just an FYI.

  6. Karen Goodhart says:

    I don’t use Nutro, but I too saw this last month and became alarmed that the recall was starting over again, so I started writing letters and making phone calls.

    I thought I had posted on it, but if not, I apologize.

    According to the FDA, these rejects are considered ‘American Goods Returned’ and are expected after such a massive multi-continental recall. The term “American Goods Returned” applies to products manufactured in the United States, exported, then shipped back to the United States for disposal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to hear about the “unsafe” ingredient and the “poisonous” ingredient!

    If these companies are being unresponsive and less than candid, these companies are and have been committing suicide with no one to blame but themselves. They’re falling like dominoes due to THEIR HANDLING of the poisonings.

    I just saw on CNN a couple of day’s ago, I guess in relation to the toxic toys from China issue, a rep from a crisis management firm, who stated clearly that the worst thing a company can do to its reputation is NOT TO OFFER FULL DISCLOSURE, to talk to the consumers, and tell exactly what steps are being taken to rectify the problems so they never happen again.

    Who in the world advised the big pet food manufacturers and mainstream brand names? I think I know. It’s too bad they took the advice because look where they are now with their plummeting sales.

    No, I do not care one bit. I’ve made a promise to myself to feed my dogs homecooked human food each day of their lives. I turned my back on big name manufacturers/brands long ago when DelMonte (makers of 9 Lives canned cat food) gave me the run around and told me they couldn’t tell me where they get their ingredients “because the focus of the investigation may shift again.” And that’s a quote! WHAT??? This was the very end of March when the aminopterin (rat poison) was just replaced by the melamine story. Tell me what kind of an answer that was! This woman was a CS rep, but you know she heard the talk from those higher up. I knew they were scrambling behind the scenes, and that’s when I cut DelMonte (ALL PRODUCTS - human and pet) out of my life. The very next day, they issued a recall.

    For the last several weeks, I’ve fed my dogs only 1/4 cup of dry food daily. For the last few days or so, they’re completely on homecooked.

    Today for breakfast, my pups had Basmati rice, ground turkey, a half of a cheese stick, yellow summer squash, and organic milk. I eat what my dogs eat. Yes, I eat dog food!

    I wonder if any big name company CEO would match one of us homecooking feeders to an AAFCO-style 6-month feeding trial. (Isn’t that the length of the AAFCO feeding trials that determines if food is wholesome and nutritious?) The homecooker and the CEO would each eat the foods homecooked or packaged for our dogs, three times daily (puppies) for 6 months.

    Each could hold up his/her respective daily newspaper to verify the day, set up web cams to capture the consumption of the food, and send the video to an impartial site for viewing, three times each day for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, testing could be done to determine health.

    Do you think a feeding trial challenge would restore anyone’s faith in the big name companies? Frankly, I’ve been done with them and could care less what happens to them. I only care about the pet owners and their pets.


  8. purringfur says:

    Sorry, mods: double post.

  9. Jane Anderson says:

    How do you understand these “Reason/Unsafe Add” ? If you click on that, you will get a whole list of really bad, bad stuff. Which of the poisoned food has “the product of a diseased animal” or “aflatoxin” etc. I can’t make heads or tails of these numbers.

  10. E. Hamilton says:

    I believe that the reason the pet food companies are not being responsive is that the poisoning was far, FAR worse than we know.
    That the death toll was between 250 thousand and 500 thousand - and it is a fairly easy matter to count the survivors NOW but the Vets are not at all concerned about doing that, nor is the FDA testing for toxins . The only explanation for this is that the PFI and the FDA already know about toxins and are making a concerted effort to cover up the truth.

    Pet parents are STILL being screwed over, six ways from Sunday and unless a concerted effort is made BY pet parents to get the truth and then spread the news that there will be NO change at all.
    Which, of course, is what some people want.

  11. E. Hamilton says:

    One media outlet has been reporting the recall news and luckily, they have an area to file consumer complaints.

    At the bottom of the page is a link to file your complaint.

    And there is this link where you can file a complaint and it will REMAIN in the file for that company until the MATTER IS RESOLVED, the companies might not respond to you, but they do not like having the complaints on file.

    There is going to be NO debate on this matter, do it or don’t.

  12. 2CatMom says:

    Garyn: I’m well aware the Weruva is made in Thailand. They show their facility in Thailand on their web site. I’ve never seen anything claiming that they are a Canadian company. I believe they list their corporate office in California on the cans, but the cans also say “Product of Thailand.”

    Their food is made to EU human standards and I have copies of their EU certifications. Their food is made with leftovers from their primary business - human food for the food service business. Since they use the same equipment to can the cat food, they have to maintain the same standards for the cat food. And believe me, the standards are so much higher than US standards it would make your head spin.

  13. Merlin Marshall says:

    I used to be impressed with Nutro products and fed them to my cats. Fortunately I decided to upgrade to grainless food a while before this all came to light and I had stopped feeding the pouch food long before that.

    I am disappointed in Nutro and don’t think I will ever trust them again.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Merlin, please go further than “dont think” you will ever trust them again. DONT EVER EVER trust them again, I have a dead kitty to show for trusting them. Nutro does not deserve the business. They have forgotten their money comes from consumers, not PFI. It still baffles me how Nutro totally blew off its customers during this pet food recall and then expects to go back into business without a blink of the eye. I guess they feel they can prey on unknowing consumers to come up with their income.

  15. E. Hamilton says:

    Anonymous says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Then you have an extremely valid complaint to file with the BBB, which is read by a lot more people than this, or any other pet website. Link is in post above.

    With the ease of looking up complaints filed against a company, AND THIS INCLUDES WHETHER THE COMPANY RESPONDS TO COMPLAINTS, at the BBB, that is where a lot of people look for info and people need the info, right?

    A lot of people look on the BBB to see if a company can be trusted .

    If a lot of complaints are filed with the BBB against a company it tells people what the mainstream media is NOT telling them.

  16. Cathy says:

    My dog was one of those who didn’t make it. We switched to Nutro iearly n 2004 when he was 3 years old. In May of that year, he was hospitalized with kidney problems. He pulled through fine and all the tests came back negative. It was a mystery as to what happened. After he died in April, I looked back over his medical records and found that we had taken him to the vet several times every year for lethargy, diarrhea and/or vomiting. The vets never suggested it could be the food causing the problems. Their food has had problems for years and they know it. They have been sold several times and each time the quality of the food suffered.

    Nutro denied my claim, of course, just like they denied every one they have received. I have written letters to government officials and called the FDA many times to file a complaint and have not received one reply. Nutro, as well as all the other pet food companies will never get another penny from me and I will continue to forward information from sites like this to everyone I know. The pet food industry is hiding behind the FDA. There is absolutely no reason that all of this information shouldn’t be shared with the public. The only thing I’m sure of is that it has to do with greed. Money is changing hands somewhere.

    On a personal level, the best way I know to deal with this is to have faith that someday these greedy, unfeeling jerks will have to answer to a higher power. Someday, their conscience will catch up. I hope that the last thing they think before they lay their heads down at night is the enormous amount grief they have caused so many people.

  17. E. Hamilton says:

    Cathy says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    You CAN share this information with a LOT of people by going to the links above and filing a complaint.

  18. Katie says:

    Years ago I fed Nutro Natural, it was considered high end and good for allergy prone dogs. They went downhill - I remember how the ingredients changed. They were unresponsive and greedy back than too, so I switched foods. Only thing is: the last commercial food almost killed my dog. No more.

    Puffingfur; I like your idea. PFI against our home cooking. My dog had grd chicken, carrots, green beans, brown rice, oatmeal, apples, cottage cheese and yogurt for bfst. Everything we eat. She’s teaching us to give up processed food and junk food. PFI should be so healthy!


  19. E. Hamilton says:

    Katie says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 4:29 pm

    Have you filed a complaint at the BBB or the consumeraffairs website about the last commercial pet food, the one that almost killed your pets?

    Doing that might save a lot of pets from death or suffering.

  20. E. Hamilton says:

    Cathy says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    Nutro has claimed that they have PAID all claims, perhaps you should go file a complaint at the sites listed in a post above?

    Once it is ON THE RECORD at the BBB, either the company responds or there is a PUBLIC record that they did not.

  21. E. Hamilton says:

    2CatMom says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 4:29 am

    Have you filed a complaint at the links listed above? This can be done 24 hours a day and is very easy to do.

    I remember the president of this company and his actions and I was VERY surprised to see so few complaints filed at the BBB about the matter, how are people to know which pet food companies to trust if no complaints are filed?

    I answer that question every day from people who say” why are the pet owners not filing complaints ?” and my answer is that it beats the heck out of me why the complaints are not being filed.

    Of course, a lot of the really good research done early on in the recall just “vanished” as soon as it got posted on petconnection too and I can’t explain that either. But then, I did not MAKE it vanish, or bury it, or make it hard for new people to find.
    It is as big a “mystery” as the number of toxins that killed the pets.

    The Bermuda triangle does not have as many puzzles as this pet food recall.

  22. Sandi says:

    E., its possible that alot of folks arent filing complaints with BBB as they are involved in lawsuits and arent allowed to. I know for myself I have filed so many complaints all over the place that I cant remember who Ive filed with, I do think BBB is one of them but I will double-check that. Thanks for the info, it cant hurt but with everything else connected to this pet food recall, I am skeptical that even BBB would help…..I hope I can be proven wrong. Thanks again E., for all your help as always!

  23. E. Hamilton says:

    People that joined a class action suit STILL have the right to file complaints, as I understand it, but then _I_ am not a lawyer who is going to get rich and get YOU a 5 dollar coupon, 4 years from now, on the food that killed your pets.
    Of course, IF people are involved in some sort of legal action that says to shut up, then they certainly should not be posting here, or anywhere, and you would think that a lawyer would know that. Well, a lawyer worth paying a dime WOULD.

    Please consult whatever bloodsucke… you feel is getting things done for you.

    Doing something is always better than doing nothing in MY opinion but there are always folks who would rather whine than do anything and boy are there a LOT of those.

    I sure wish someone had told the truth about some pet food companies to the BBB before my pets died from poison and I bet a lot of folks feel the same.

    When I wake up tomorrow and check the BBB I hope I find that some of the posters here and other places are more than hot air and shills for the PFI, either way it will be a real education in what is real and what is…not.

    And none of my pets has to die in agony for THAT education.

  24. LisaLisa says:

    I think their response to the FDA question is sensible and to the point.

    I think the response is sensible and the ConsumerAffairs article is not.
    The response is simple- they brought back the recalled food that we ALL have known about since this last March. It’s at the port. The FDA
    hasn’t yet cleared it for transport back to be accounted for. (As it has to be of course) Mystery ingredient? Uh… melamine!

    The recall will always be terrible for those affected. I’ve fed Nutro for a very long time, and continue to feed both my dogs and cats
    Natural Choice (Senior Lamb/Rice, and Complete Care Cat) and they have always done great.

    You should visit their website. As with so many other manufacturers,
    (all I hope) they’ve added more safety checks.

    Why everyone thinks these small companies that don’t even make their own dry foods are so great is beyond me.

  25. Pit Bull Lover says:

    It has been over six months since I stopped feeding my dog Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice dry food. During this time, NOT ONCE has she exhibited the mysteriously recurring symptoms, including “lethargy, diarrhea and/or vomiting*” that began, I think, in late summer 2006.

    A coincidence? I think not. Nutro’s unrecalled dry food? I think so.

    (*Cathy’s description of her poor dog’s symptoms. C., I’m sorry you lost your boy to this.)

  26. E. Hamilton says:

    Why did no one tell us how wonderful Nutro is BEFORE this? Shucky darn, I could have had it for dinner, if only lisalisa had mentioned it earlier.

    I could have fed it to the KIDS- well, MY mistake and I will run right out and get some of that euthanasia brand for snacks, keep it on hand for guests!

    How refreshing to have a hearty recommend by such a frequent poster.
    Do tell, lisalisa, is it really tasty on crackers? Do you have a recipe?
    The entire internet awaits your wisdom.

  27. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Nora, I meant to mention your comment, also. My dog also experienced recurring and inexplicable bouts of low-grade fever, bowl-emptying water binges, compulsive grass-eating, groaning (went with the bloating) and whimpering, some of which are similar to the symptoms you described.

    Sound familiar, Nutro?

  28. Cathy says:

    E., I filed with BBB today and with consumeraffairs last week(no response yet). I’ll keep trying whereever it will help. I’ve read your posts on several sites and know that you are sincere and passionate about this. Sometimes I get so frustrated trying to be heard that I think it’s not worth it. Your posts really help keep me going. Thanks.

    LisaLisa, Maybe the response is simple to you, but look at it again. Not all of the products listed were on the recall list. What’s ‘beyond me’ as you say, is why you would even take the time to defend a pet food compamy after all that has happened. Oh…they must be paying your salary. I’m very, very sorry for your pets if you are still feediing them Nutro products.

  29. E. Hamilton says:

    Cathy says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 12:31 am

    Hon, I get tired too. BUT, look at it this way.

    Today they sent in TEAMS of trolls, must be doing something right to get em that mad!

    The trolls would not be here if this was not worrying the folks I want to worry.

    Got some fun for Friday, oh, about 5PM, planned too!
    Hang in there.
    And thanks for the BBB complaints, spread the word!!

  30. Cathy says:

    E. Thanks again, I’ll keep my eyes open.

  31. Pit Bull Lover says:

    LisaLisa wrote: “You should visit their website. As with so many other manufacturers, (all I hope) they’ve added more safety checks.”

    Months ago, many of us practically kept a *vigil* over scores of manufacturer’s websites. No more. We’ve moved on…for good.

    Any company whose initial — oh, and secondary — “safety checks” were insufficient to prevent the mass poisoning of pets will never get another cent of my money. And that goes DOUBLE for any company that refuses to acknowledge a past or present problem with its non-recalled (or is that *silently* recalled?) products.

    By the way, LisaLisa, do you happen to know if Nutro has FINALLY begun putting “food” in bags and cans that actually match the formulations stated in the ingredient lists?

  32. E. Hamilton says:

    Pit Bull Lover says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 12:55 am

    She is a troll, the pet food companies or the PFI sent in herds of them today, some sort of hire the handicapped deal, they probably got a tax write off for it.

    Unless you WANT to play with them, much like whack-a-mole (pronounced, in this case, whack -a -troll, doo whacka, doowhacka, doowhacka doo) just post this link

  33. Pit Bull Lover says:

    E. Hamilton:

    Yeah, I’ve seen the sign that says “Don’t feed the trolls.” I just thought I’d interject a dash of reality for the benefit of (real!) newbies and those Googling or newsfeeding their way to these comments.

    I love that link, btw.

  34. E. Hamilton says:

    Pit, I figured you did know. Gotta get the link in though!
    I do loves the viking kitties, fitting I think.

    There ARE plenty of newbies being enlightened on the pet food company shady tactics (hah) and horrified by some of the goings on.
    I gotta tell you, some of the people I have introduced to the pet food rebellion do some cruel nasty , morally very bad things with photoshop that just lay me on the floor and make me fear for my nice undies!

    Old ladies like me should NOT be getting those things in the email, and especially when I am trying to type!

    Thanks everyone, I laughed so hard that I HURT!

    Call me E., just E. If I have to cross my legs to keep from wetting my panties while trying to type a reply, I figure it is the equivalent of a social introduction.

  35. Alex Thomas says:

    Back during the last quarter of 2006 a vet finally realized my Rottie had food allergies, so we started him on an elimination diet. I believe this is the only thing that saved his life. He had been on Nutro foods since puppyhood and the canned food I mixed in with his kibble was on the recall list as well as the pouches that I gave him as a snack.

    When I told the vet his diet was Nutro Ultra, she was not impressed. I had never heard anything negative about Nutro products. Before the recall they had a really good reputation and if you look at the ingredients in Nutro Ultra on the surface they look really good. But looking closer you find that the food is “crap” for lack of a nicer word.

    So, it really doesn’t surprise me that Nutro’s crappy products have been stopped at the port. Because if the product on the boats really was recalled product from overseas, one would think that the manifests would indicate this “small” fact. Because if the shipping manifests showed that this was in fact recalled product, why would the FDA stop it from being returned? Maybe I’m just naive, but Nutro hasn’t explained this debacle to my satisfaction.

    The folks at Nutro must think we are all stupid. You would think that after the recall mess, they would not try anything as idiotic as this. Nutro, we are not stupid. If you want to regain any of your reputation try putting out a decent product that people can learn to trust. Although, you have permanently lost my business there may be some others out there who will forgive you. You can always hope.

  36. E. Hamilton says:

    Alex Thomas says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 3:23 am

    It took them HOW long to get the story straight?
    The truth is easy, lies take time.
    And quite a few of us had no idea of the truth until our pets took the dirt nap.

    We know now.
    It was an expensive education.

    Forgiveness cannot be given until it is sincerely asked and amends offered.
    That is not the case here.
    Every day that those crucial steps are not made the ..rift widens.

  37. Don Earl says:

    The interesting part is on Nutro’s site, they swear up and down that ALL their food has been tested and NONE of it contains melamine.

    I have a Freedom of Information Act request in to the FDA on the mystery substances and so have been stonewalled on disclosure.

    So what is the “poisonous” substance? And what is the “unsafe” substance?

    According to Nutro melamine is not involved. Does this sound exactly like the ExperTox results? As in acetaminophen and cyanuric acid? Acetaminophen being poisonous and cyanuric acid being an unapproved additive. Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Consumer Affairs is one of the few honest media outlets left in this country.

  38. Cathy says:

    Don, That’s what my letter said. ‘There is no melamine in our products’. Most of us know that it wasn’t the melamine that killed and sickened our pets. The sad part is that there are so many people out there who still think it was thanks to the media.

  39. Sandi says:

    E. Hamilton says
    August 29th, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    E., I know you have lost pets from these murderers but so have I. I lost my KiKi in March. Please dont categorize me as whining and full of hot air. I have done more than my share and will continue to do so. I am one of the few that contacted Nutro back before all this was even known about as I suspected something wrong with the food back in December, I just didnt know what it was. I havent heard of a lot of people that did that, not that it did any good mind you. I have contacted newspapers, senators, TV shows, FDA, CDC, Dept of Agriculture, to name just a few. So while I think its great if everyone contacts the BBB, Im not sure what can come of it. If its a return call from the pet food company, no thanks! And why does it take lots of people contacting the BBB for them to do something about it? They have known about this just as long as the rest of us have and what have they done up to now? So far they have done just as much as all the rest of the agencies that know about this. Nothing. I wish I had known back in Dec the food was poison but I contacted 4 different Universities, the pet food company and several veterinarians to no avail. So please dont accuse me of doing nothing, my heart is just as broken as yours.

  40. E. Hamilton says:

    Sandi says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    I am aware of your efforts and that post of mine was NOT directed at you. Those who it WAS and IS directed at are aware of who they are and my restraint in not posting some things said in other, private, forums.

    I have not and will not copy and paste the offending items but there are people who do not share my ethics and I am happy to report that it seems most of the more ill advised statements have been removed. They may have been archived, that was mentioned, and they are very damaging, but I had and have no interest in such “ugly” mementos of what has been an exceptionally ugly 6 months already.

    The point was made that action IS being taken and that either we pull together or we pull apart.
    The elitist stuff about how a “professional pet rescuer” matters more than others who have suffered losses has been quashed by the fact that a lot of the folks who are not “professional animal rescuers” did, by count, take EXACTLY the same action and it counts just as much.

    People who NEED the truth are being driven away from the few places to GET that help and I wanted it stopped before I make my final posts tomorrow.

    I did what I thought was best and it did some good along the way.

    Had I wished to address you, or anyone, by name , I would have done so.

  41. Sandi says:

    E. thank you. And I highly commend you and your efforts to keep these thousands of cases of pet food poisonings alive. You have been one of the extreme few battling this after the initial discovery died down. I feel lucky that you are out there speaking out and fighting for my prescious girl and other betrayed pets. I still miss her so much and always will. I still cant look at her picture. Hopefully time will help heal my heart and yours too. Bless you E., there is a special wonderful place for people like you out there, there just has to be.

    And I guess I am still just so cynical. In my heart I know that contacting places like BBB can only be good. I just feel so let down and betrayed by all of these agencies that have just sat on their hands and done nothing. Even the news shows arent covering it anymore. I guess they think there are bigger and better things to move onto or they are so tired of being stone-walled also that they gave up. Why didnt 60 Minutes do anything on this? I and many others contacted them. I guess I am losing hope that her awful death will ever truly matter to those people.

  42. Dog Care Tips says:

    Dog Care Tips

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  43. Cliff Azersky - Boston says:

    I just called the consumer line on the bottom of my Lamb/Rice 40lb bag.

    They took my call within 30 seconds and explained that the wheat gluten contained a product used in making plastic and certain poisons that was supposed to increase the protein content.

    This was only done on the canned and pouch foods.

    I was told that their dry foods are manufactured in either California or Tennessee and do not contain wheat gluten.

    It’s apparent that they’ve taken a new approach to handling inquires, but I still don’t feel safe, so I’ve switched to Canidae for my Boxer, Cooper!

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