NY Giants Player Charged With Neglecting Dog

PierceNew York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce has been accused of neglecting one of his dogs by the Middlesex County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The organization that investigates animal abuse cases issued the court complaint. They said that Pierce’s two pit bulls escaped from his yard on January 30, and the summons was issued because one of the dogs was found to be underweight and suffering from a respiratory illness.

Walt Mychalchyk, chief of the agency, said the neglect charge carries a fine upon conviction, and said, “Both dogs are now in a kennel. They are back in his (Pierce’s) custody, but he has them in a kennel. I checked on them the other day, and both dogs are doing well. The summons charges that Mr. Pierce failed to provide proper food, water and veterinarian care.”

Mychalchyk added that Pierce was not being charged with anything dog fighting related.

Pierce declined to comment, and it is unclear who was watching the dogs while he was in Arizona preparing for the Super Bowl.

Source: The Star-Ledger

8 Responses to “NY Giants Player Charged With Neglecting Dog”

  1. Don Earl says:

    Two dogs in the same house. One healthy and of normal weight, the other with a cold and down a few pounds. Both apparently in good enough health to go for a neighborhood run given the chance. What’s the theory? That he only feeds one of his dogs? Let’s get real. It has become profitable to steal people’s pets and claim they are being abused.

    IMO, this looks like it’s just another case where the abuse that is taking place is by the so called animal society. Maybe he should be fined for not keeping his dogs confined to his property (assuming it wasn’t the group that opened the gate), but these publicity/donation seeking dog napper types also need to be put on a leash.

  2. The Lioness says:

    …Or maybe he did not realize his dog was sick. If he is not an experience pet owner, it might not have occurred to him that the dog’s weight loss was due to illness.

    Sick animals DO tend to be dehydrated, but it’s possible he DID have water out and that he just did not know the animal was sick.

    Just sounds like an ignorant (not deliberately) dog owner to me. Hopefully, now that he’s been educated, he will take better care and pay better attention to his animals.

    ~The Lioness

  3. Jack says:

    Give me any dog and within no more than 1/2 hour as a 37 year breeder, I can find you something some idiot with an agenda to eradicate meat, companion and working dogs could point to as being “wrong with the dog”. Since I often find conditions or momentary situations my actually very good vet misses during a dog’s physical, I’m not unique. Toenails might be 1/8″ too long causing spreading of the toe pads. There might be a micro spot of dirt in an ear or an infected hair. And what of the new developing parvo that are not even included in any parvo vaccination apart from some which used to be carried by ONLY Ft Dodge and may or may not even be available. Point is this: ALL dogs have something no matter how small, how emerging or how unlifethreatening that can be found on them at all times–even if it’s no more than a drop of feces retained from its 3 minutes earlier bowel movement.

    While initially this is being used for dog theft in virtually all states, it’s real pupose is to eradicate privately owned animals. Poblem is, the Salem witches behind this are forcing it through as if it were anything but the whipping up of frenzied hysteria. Let’s see vet’s licenses abolished for participating in “catastrophic situations such as Katrina” who steal dogs. Let’s see their licenses permanently abolished for participating in DART where privately owned animals are grabbed and “sliced and diced” vs realistic efforts being made to return animals which are spayed/neutered then shuffled to shelters many states away so that owners are prevented from ever being able to be reunited with their pets. I’ve seen enough of stolen dogs under the baloney of “dog abuse” Dog breeding is as legal as any other business and far more moral at its worst than banks and credit card companies participating in predatory lending. If someone goes in business and makes tee shirts or other articles saying PROSECUTE HSUS FOR VIOLATING IT 501c TAX STATUS, let me know and I’ll help distribute them. Only the emotional are any longer suckered by HSUS or PETA.

  4. Hazel Chambers says:


    I see you are back from your meeting of the Flat Earth Society and evidently still getting messages from WAY out in outer space.

    You state that dog breeding at its worse is more moral than banks and credit card companies.

    People have a choice about how they spend their money and control their credit. I have also not heard of banks and credit card companies caging their clients in filth.

    Dogs in puppy mills have NO choice. They are the innocent victims of the greedy and uncaring people.

    If you read the whole story…it was the ACO who notified the SPCA about the dog’s condition.

    Again….read the story…NO one stole the dogs…they got out on their own.

  5. Hazel Chambers says:

    Pierce breeds dogs so he should know what their condition should be. He has spoken out against fighting pits.

    I do know he has spoken out against fighting pits.


    Again…read the story…the dogs were not removed by anyone nor did they get out an open gate.

  6. NH says:

    That’s why I rooted for the Patriots. ;)

  7. G in INdiana says:

    The same could be said for my dogs.
    Our Swissie only eats when he is hungry, During the summer when his activity level is lower, he eats a lot less than in the winter when it is higher. He looks thin compared to heavier Swissie and that is due to his eating habits and the fact that he is a neutered male. In combination, those two factors have him on the thin side.
    Our Lab/Pyr mix rescue dog eats anything and everything in sight. She’s a solid, stocky dog who can spill the Swissie easily even though she is 40 pounds lighter.
    The old lady dog, mixed breed rescue, is frail and eats sparingly like most older ladies do. She is thin, but can still push the other two around when she wants to.
    I can easily see why someone would think the Swissie would be thin and the same with the old lady dog.
    The same is most likely the case with Pierce’s two dogs.
    By the way, our vet says all our dogs are very healthy and well within the weight ranges for their breeds and sizes. I don’t think I’d take an Animal Control officer’s word versus a vet.

  8. Denise says:

    I hate to say this but they should not have returned the dogs to this guy. this maybe another neglect case or something more. If I had to travel my dog would be with someone I trusted or at the vet being cared for properly. these dogs were not cared for. They are pit bulls and he is a foot ball player. so we already have seen alot of these neglect cases by foot ball players. Vick? I have heard a few more also since then. these are not poodles. so what is he doing with them. Hazel chambers you are 100 percent right on the money. They don’t need to keep breeding these dogs and use them for fighting. They are not part of the family they are breeders for fighting and I would bet on that one. It is not rocket science and there is big money from this. I think he is breeding for fighting.

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