October Is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month


Though I tend to periodically mock or ape or otherwise dog the ubiquitous “official sing like a canary in a coal mine” month or “officially internationally make up a name for a month month” awareness programs, I do think some of them are worthwhile, especially when you get to attach pictures of especially gorgeous dogs who just happen to be in shelters to them.

So. October is officially “ Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month.” (See picture above for especially gorgeous dog who just happens to be in a shelter.)

What, pray, will I ask of you? Not necessarily that you change your life so that you can include a shelter dog in it. I mean, maybe that’s what you want to do, but it seems like a little much coming from someone like me. I have enough trouble changing my life enough to put a new liner in the “clean up after the dog” bin every time I empty it so that the bin is actually a useful bin to be used to clean up after the dog again tomorrow. So what I do say is that you could think about visiting your local shelter. Find out what it is they need. Every shelter has its own individual needs. Some need volunteers. Some need money. Some just need fewer animals in their facility.

(And don’t whine that you can’t visit the shelter without taking home a pet. If this is really the case, then call the shelter. See if they need money. Or gift cards to the pet store. Or espresso drinks delivered to the volunteers once a month. Those kinds of things you can send long distance, you know?)

Maybe you won’t be able to help out right away. But then again, maybe you will. I can’t make that decision for you. But I can encourage you. I can prod you. (If you have a facebook account, I can poke you.) I can make you think about what you can do to help a shelter dog (or cat or gerbil or pot bellied pig), even if that thinking only lasts a moment. If you do it for a moment or longer, then I’ll feel better. Because that’s what I do, apparently. I try to make you think. Or laugh. Or send espresso beans by courier. All without the assistance of trickery or hypnotism or magic.

So now that I’ve done that, I get to ask you: What will you do this month? Are you looking for a dog? Will you adopt one from a shelter? Do you already have your eye on one? Let us know in the comments, will you?

Photo: Flickr

4 Responses to “October Is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month”

  1. Isabel Wang says:

    Thanks for using Kaiser’s photo for your post!! I’m a volunteer at the Washington Humane Society and I got to meet him last week. He’s a real sweetie pie who wants to snuggle up with everyone he meets. He’s also calm, friendly towards other dogs and walks perfectly on leash. More info and directions to the shelter are at http://www.washhumane.org. Fingers crossed that he’ll find a home soon!

  2. nora says:

    ANYTHING that can help these poor discarded fur babies find love and a home is more than good. Anyone who objects to anything that brings these orphans to light is just blowing hot air.

  3. Anony says:

    All my dogs are rescues, except one. Two of them were saved from even going to the shelter because we just took them in, ourselves. They’d been dumped into the rural desert out of some guy’s truck and were starved and scared to death when we found them almost a month later.

    One of the facts that’s also disturbing about shelter dogs is how some of the dogs have collars and sometimes even tags and still their owners just never come to claim them. How sad for these poor animals. One statistic says only 1 out of 10 dogs finds a home for life. Knowing how attached pets get to their human families, it’s a grim statistic indeed.

  4. Elaine Vigneault says:

    My dog is a rescue from the pound. He’s wonderful.
    One of my four cats came from a shelter, too. She’s great. (The other 3 cats are rescues, too, but not from shelters. One was a stray and two came from strangers who “couldn’t keep them any longer”.)

    One of the things I’ll do this month is feature a few dogs from petfinder.com shelters on my blog.

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