Officer Used Taser On Dog To Break Up Fight

A Miami-Dade police lieutenant used a Taser stun gun to break up a fight between English bulldogs.

Lt. Shawn Browne was driving by an auto shop in the early morning hours when he heard “what sounded like screaming.” Browne saw three large dogs attacking “what appeared to be a person.”

Three English bulldogs, Butch, Nya, and Lilo, appeared to be attacking another dog named Mariah.

”Many attempts to divert their attention away from the dog failed,” Browne wrote in his report.

A security guard used pepper spray on the dogs which caused Nya and Lilo to stop, but Butch continued. Browne stated that Mariah was bleeding profusely from her wounds.

”As the attacking dog dragged the other closer to the fence, I discharged the [Taser] and the probes struck the dog, causing him to release the bite grip from the other dog,” Browne wrote.

Since a Taser was used, the communication bureau’s shift commander was called and a captain responded to the scene.

Mariah suffered from puncture wounds and is recovering at an animal hospital. Butch did not need any medical attention. His owner said he has a bit of limp but he’s fine.

Source: Miami Herald

(Thanks Lynn)

9 Responses to “Officer Used Taser On Dog To Break Up Fight”

  1. Bridgett says:


    All I can say, if another dog was attacking mine, I would do whatever it took to stop the attack. I know a Taser is harsh but if they tried pepper spay and other means of breaking it up…it seems tasering was the last resort.

    :::prepares to be flamed:::

  2. Lynn says:

    I know how you feel Bridgett….and I’d do the same.

    Still, read this info about using tasers on any living being under 100#:

  3. Anonymous says:

    this officer should be praised for using non-lethal force. All too many cops (or other people for that matter) would have been reaching for their sidearm instead of their taser.

  4. Bridgett says:

    Thanks for posting that Lynn. What the vet said is true, the same voltage that can knock down a 200# human was used on a 50# dog. It is amazing both dogs lived through it. I hope the owners of the dogs kept them separated after this…and… hired a good behaviorist/trainer.

  5. Dennis says:

    I’d not complain about the officer, he acted properly. I feel confident it was necessary. The officer had only a few choices of how to stop the attack WITHOUT endangering his own life and limb. One was spray. That was done and it worked on only two. The next mostly non-lethal choice he had was the Taser. The third choice was his gun. The baton is not a choice. That would have gotten Butch, maybe several dogs onto HIM. So, it was the right choice, regardless if it might have killed the dog. Butch may be fine, but I’d expect the other owner to ask for city ordinance charges such as dangerous dog declaration.

  6. Robert Davis says:

    I agree, there should be a dangerous dog ordinance….lets hope they don’t try to punish all of the breed by trying to put through a breed ban….that is what I’m working to defeat up in here in Minnesota. Punish the deed not the breed. I wonder where the pet owners were?


    Robert Davis

  7. nora says:

    Mariah desperately needed help and the officer did the right thing by stopping the attack without killing any dogs. About English Bulls…. they can be the most endearing and long suffering doggies without any aggression on their part.

  8. nora says:

    You are doing a great thing Robert Davis…I just viewed all the videos about the Pit bulls on the link you provided and was of course brought to tears several times. And Mr Lesch…what in the hell is wrong with this guy? He sounds so ignorant and actually is siding with M Vick and all the people that say why would Vick be prosecuted because after all they are JUST dogs. the mentality of Mr. Lesch and people who agree with him, the world would be a better place WITHOUT THEM.

  9. highnote says:

    It is a terrible sight to see when several dogs attack one. When we lived on our farm we had a german shepard/collie mix and the neighbor had two collie mixed breeds and one pure bred german shepard and they attacked my dog and would have killed him if my husband had not came to his aid. He was pretty chewed up.
    It is not the breed at all. When owners have several dogs and they form their own pack they can attack another dog when it gets close to their property and usually if it is a male. They defend their area and my dog got to close to it. I made sure my dog stayed at home when we bailed hay from then on.

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