Ohio Firm Not Registered To Produce Feed Components

On Wednesday, the FDA announced a recall of feed additive produced by Tembec, located in Toledo, Ohio, because melamine was used as a binding agent.

The AP is reporting today that the same company did not have a license to produce animal feed components. The company disputes whether it needs a license to produce its product.

Adam Boerger, a grain and feed analyst for the state agriculture department, said the agency was not aware that Tembec, which primarily makes paper and wood products, was involved in the animal feed business.

Any company that manufactures, distributes or sells animal feed in Ohio is required under state law to register with the agriculture department. Tembec should have registered because of its involvement in the manufacturing process, regulators said.

Tembec contends it is not a manufacturer because it produces only “a binder that is used in the production of feed,” company spokesman John Valley said.

The same company was also found in violation of EPA rules in previous years and was fined more than $15,000.

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  2. DMS says:

    I think they still have to be held liable. They knew the binder was to be used as a feed additive. They are obligated to know what is and isn’t allowed in feed. They added something that is not allowed. Ignorance of the law is no defense, but I highly doubt that was even the case here. People, companies who make food additives have a legal obligation, if not moral, to make sure they are not adding unapproved chemicals.. Manufacturers making feed or food who buy from other manufacturers need to make sure they know what they are buying. You can’t just buy a binder, add it your finished food, if you don’t even know what it is. If they are not prosecuted–and not just fined–I do not see how any of us can feel safe. Is business making the laws or subject to them?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. furmom says:

    Tembec was already fined 1M in Quebec for 155 counts of breaking environmental laws polluting the Ottawa river. Not the kind of corporate citizen you would want in charge of making feeds .

  5. Steve says:

    Has to be some room in Leavenworth for these guys.

  6. e wem says:

    from the USA Today
    “Acheson said Ohio-based Tembec, a unit of the Canadian wood products company Tembec….”

    Another Menu foods? Set up a mixing station in the states where oversight is lax. Get the ingredients made in China where oversight is nil. Avoid Canadian taxation yet retain your national health card

  7. Kathy says:

    So they thought it was okay to add melamine to the feed because it was being EXPORTED???? So it’s okay to send feed that can kill livestock and poultry in countries where people are already starving??? This is even worse than the greed that led to the garbage imported from China that sickened and killed our pets. We have strict guidelines for things produced in this country and it shouldn’t matter whether it is going to be eaten or used here or anywhere else on the planet.

    Levenworth is too good for these guys. They need to eat their own “feed” and their water should come from the rivers and watersheds they’ve polluted.

    And shame on the Dept. of Agriculture, the EPA, the FDA, and any other federal agency whose rules they violated. If they are too whussy to put these kinds of jerks in jail, then at least make penalties that punish as well as deter others.

    In my opinion, the penalty for the first offense for the kind of pollution and the crap with the melamine that these guys have been pulling should be a fine equal to TWICE their assets. Then they should be inspected one year later. If any more offenses are found then, or at any other time in the future, no matter who may now legally “own” it, forget the padlocks… burn the place down and take the land.

    Our dog is one of the lucky ones who got sick and lived. I would VERY much like for them to eat the feed that they made to send to others.

  8. Sharon says:

    Businessmen in this country are nothing more than criminals getting away with murder and our government is spending our money helping them. When is this nightmare going to end?

  9. YaYa says:

    Yeah, like they are going to have Competitive {HA!} Pricing against the Chinese and India manufacturers for melamine binders- OVER **THERE**?!

    What’s wrong with this economic picture?

    And I’d sure like to now just HOW these two USA placed companies got hooked up together in the First place?

    How did the Colorado FEED company, know about a Pulp, paper, lumber, glue company Selling this stuff in the First place? {this is a Real stretch,imho}
    {trade magazines? where are the sale ads for this product and it’s descriptions???? can it be archived somewhere? “we sell Glue/binders for Ag Feeds- CHEAP! call for a quote”. { ?}} Not like they are in the next door state and a word of mouth sort of deal.

    For *3* years?!
    How’d they connect in the First Place?

    Where’s the order form, with the “how did you find us/who were you referred to us by? question, on it like they usually ask???

    Hmmmmmmmm mysteriouser and mysteriouser!

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