Ohio Supreme Court Hears Barking Dog Case

LuckyHow loud is too loud? At what point does a dog’s barking become “unreasonably loud or disturbing”?

This is what the Ohio Supreme Court is deciding upon now.

An attorney is representing a dog owner who claims that Columbus’ city law in regards to barking is unconstitutionally vague because it doesn’t define “unreasonably loud or disturbing.”

In Columbus, it is illegal to keep an animal that makes noise that is “unreasonably loud or disturbing” to neighbors or other people.

But Rebecca Kim wants the city to specify what exactly they mean and have guidelines of what is “unreasonably loud or disturbing.”

It all started in May 2005 when Kim’s dog, Lucky, barked for about 90 minutes. The barking was loud enough for Kim’s neighbor to hear.

Kim was found guilty of violating the city ordinance because of Lucky’s barking.

Kim’s attorney, Mark J. Miller, said, “How loud is too loud when it comes to dogs barking in this great state? As a pet-loving country and state — we love our pets and our animals and our dogs — everybody has a different standard as to unreasonableness.”

The assistant city attorney said the city’s current law protects dog owners against unreasonable prosecution and bases the law on the character and intensity of the noise itself.

The Ohio Supreme Court is expected to make its decision in a few months.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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32 Responses to “Ohio Supreme Court Hears Barking Dog Case”

  1. Lynne says:

    I ADORE dogs but 90 minutes of barking would get on my nerves. Then again, 90 seconds of a kid wailing in the grocery store gets on my nerves. :)

  2. shibadiva says:

    LOL, don’t get me going about cellphones on public transit. Or worse, music phones sans ear-pieces!

  3. G in INdiana says:

    Oh my only 90 minutes? Sheesh try about 8 HOURS of barking…
    I live in a small valley in the middle of the country. We have outside dogs all around us.
    Ours are inside and if they are outside and start barking I drag them inside.
    We also have a lot of wild creatures (deer, raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, and foxes). The dogs bark at these all night long. Once one starts it is a chorus that echoes and echoes for hours on end. I sleep with a fan on in the winter and ear plugs in my ears.
    That 90 minutes is NOTHING. In fact I wish the outside dogs around here barked only that long.

  4. Carolyn & Maggie says:

    If a dog barks 90 min., then IMHO, it probably needs or wants something: attention, to go out, lonely, etc.

  5. NH says:

    What about those damn kids with their music blaring in their cars? BOOM BOOM BOOM…that’s all you hear? I’d rather listen to a dog bark than that “music”.

  6. dog collar addict says:

    i think that letting your dog bark for 90 min is very disrespectful to your neighbors. i have a dog in the neighbor hood that barks ALL DAY when his owners are away & i can’t do squat b/c the noise by-law goes into effect after 11PM.

  7. llp says:

    How about the family that lives across the street from me…Jerry Springer episodes almost daily. Wish the police or town would do something to outlaw that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stefani says:

    My mom’s neighbors complain at every little bark. I too woudl like to know what the threshold/duration is to determine when a complaint is reasonable or not.

    And if they are going to have laws against barking dogs, they’d better darned well pass some laws against crying babies!


  9. Merlin Marshall says:

    I hope Kim gets fined. This is the sort of disregard for other people that some pet owners show. She probably lets her dog poop in pet stores and then doesn’t clean it up either. You can bet if her neighbor got a dog and let it bark that long that Kim would be the first to call the cops.

  10. Katie says:

    I hope Kim gets fined too. A dog that barks 90 min straight is showing anxiety stress. Sounds like she thinks if she ignores the barking, it will go away and it will not. She is showing total disrespect for her neighborhood. The anxiety stress is not good for the dog’s health. And she is not helping the rest of us who are caring dog owners who respect our neighbors. How many have been turned away from hotels, motels, neighborhoods, parks, etc. because of a few who chose not to be caring and respectful of others. There are a lot of people out there who don’t like barking dogs so laws are being written not to allow dogs at all. We all suffer because of people like Kim.


  11. Lynn says:

    Would they fine someone for having a child wailing for 90 minutes with the windows open?

    Probably not.

    So what’s the difference?

  12. EmilyS says:

    this could be interesting.
    The Ohio Supreme Court overturned the lower court’s ruling that the Toledo law outlawing pit bulls was unconstitutionally vague in its definition of “pit bull”.

    If they’re consistent, they won’t have a problem with a similarly vague definition of “unreasonable loud and disturbing

  13. Anonymous says:

    In Austin Texas the law states that after 10pm at night you can report a dog barking and disturbing you, the same for loud music or any other loud noises other than that it’s OK. I think that’s fair and that it should be OK until late at night and then you can complain or take the owners to court and get it taken care of. But a dog barking for 90 minutes during the daytime should be OK. Dogs bark, kids cry, people talk to loud in public places, life is hard, go with the flow but when the majority of the people sleep so should everyone else be in low volumes. It’s common courtesy and that it seems is rare for alot of the people in the US to understand anymore. Care more about others not just yourself.

  14. Stefani says:

    HOW in the world do you STOP a dog from barking?


    Like stopping a baby from crying.

    You can talk to them, comfort them, play with them, but sometimes none of that works. Sometimes, they are just going to BARK.

    What, you would have her strangle her dog? Smother it with a pillow? Give it sedatives?

    Exactly what do you mean when you say “let” her dog bark like that?

    LOL. Please tell me how to stop a dog from barking, I would like to know.

    Having said that, my neighbors barking dogs don’t bother me at all. I am glad they are vigilant toward every little noise in our neighborhood — their barks alert me when someone is walking down our street at night.

    I love barking. And I can sleep through anything, anyway. I say, bark away. It’s music to my ears.


  15. Furbabies says:

    Maybe the Supreme Court should decide on how much hot air politicians and city councils can blow around. What next, how much air we are allowed to breathe?

  16. Michelle says:

    I’m with you Stefani. I don’t see how anyone should be fined for “letting” their dogs bark. It’s true, sometimes you can’t figure out what’s irritating your dog, despite everything you do. And we all know babies are the same way, too. Luckily, I can also sleep through anything, so that wouldn’t bother me. Kim, why don’t you move over by me? I won’t report you to the police because your dog is doing what he knows best - being a DOG.

  17. S in Columbus, OH says:

    I am a dog lover and have a dog myself. But I also have a next door neighbor that leaves her dog outside on the deck for hours at a time and the dog just barks and barks. Our neighbors pay no attention. The dog does this in the morning, in the afternoon, evening and at night. They live in a bi-level and the deck is on the 2nd level so the dog can see and hear everything. I cannot even take my own dog outside to go to the bathroom without this annoying dog barking its head off. I agree with others that the owner (Kim) needs to be held responsible for the dog’s actions. I also agree that the dog needs something if it barks so much - probably some love and attention from the owner. I don’t understand why city dwellers get a dog and just leave the dog outside, either, but hey, thats just me!

  18. Bill says:

    I have a neighbor that takes off to the bar just about every night to see his girlfriend he leaves his to big dogs out till he gets home at 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning their are times they don’t bark but, most the time they do their very sensitive to any noise. My wife and I have both put up with lack of sleep due to these dogs, we are over 60 and unfortunately a lot less tolerant. I’m sorry that some pet owners don’t think about other people especially next door neighbors. One more thing….I have talked to the neighbor before and told him about his dogs….they tear up his house so he has to leave them out when he goes away so says he. Thank You Neighbor.

  19. Amber says:

    I have three dogs, and they enjoy a good bark from time to time. However, being a responsible pet owner, I do not allow them to bark for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s a simple matter to stop your dog from barking for 90 minutes straight. Be attentive to your dogs needs and correct the behavior when you know the dog is not in need. If you are not able to manage your dog’s behavior, then you are doing something wrong as a pet owner. Preventing nuisance barking is common courtesy, and more dog owners should learn to respect the people who live near them. Dogs who bark (and babies who cry, as has been mentioned multiple times) for 90 minutes straight are in need of something. A responsible, caring adult should be able to determine the need and correct the problem. If not, then take the loud animal (or child) into your home and close the doors and windows so that only you have to hear the noise. Be courteous or expect to be disliked by your neighbors.

  20. D says:

    Some people will whine about anything. Dogs bark! Tuff bannanas! We don’t like all the whining and complaining. But it’s your right to cry and whine! A person who complains about a dog protecting his turf is a dogs natural instinct. I engourage my dogs to bark at people walking down the street. If you don’t like it. Stay away. I wouldn’t like you if you couldn’t tolorate a pooch with a bark. Who needs you anyways? But I don’t leave my dogs out at night to terrorize my neighbors.

  21. Bob says:

    In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared noise to be a significant heath threat.

    Noise is best defined as unwanted sound [such as a barking dog]. Noise is considered a pollutant that can negatively affect human health and well-being. Problems related to noise include high-blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and lost productivity, and a general reduction in the quality of life and opportunities for tranquility. Second-hand noise (i.e. any noise produce by others) is especially troubling because its negative impact is out of the offended person’s control. Like second-hand smoke, second-hand noise is a major sovereignty issue. The air into which noise is emitted is a “commons” –a public resource that nobody owns. People who disregard the obligation to not interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of a shared acoustic environment by producing noise pollution are, in many ways, acting like a bully in a schoolyard. They disregard the rights of others and claim for themselves rights that are not theirs. – Noise Clearinghouse

  22. Lois says:

    I own (pet)domestic ducks that cannot fly..the neighbor owns a cat and refuses to keep it inside which has forced me to leave my dogs outside now for their protection if I am gone during the day shopping. Yes they will bark and I have told them if they will not keep the cat in they will have to put up with the dogs barking. I have explained the situation to other neighbors and they all seem to support me. This cat is spraying everywhere, stinking up everyone’s yard and digging in all the flower beds not to mention going after other outside critters.
    There are two sides to the “barking” debate. I have also called the city dept and alerted them to the “possible” complaint by this neighbor on my barking dogs and told them it would be due to a malicious complaint made not an actual problem. We have lived here 6 yrs and no one has ever complained about our dogs.
    They are barking some now when that cat is out but as far as I am concerned it is their own fault and they have to live with it. I often wonder how many people make unsubstantiated complaints over arguments with neighbors. I’m betting it happens more often than we think.

  23. christy says:

    i personally have this problem of people not giving someone enough time to put their dog up from barking. Yes i have a coon hound and you can hear their voice a long way and so i know how annoying his bark can be if it goes on and on….. but that’s not the problem i take care of that barking, and if it is not satisfactory to someone within a few minutes i have the police here, now tell me do you think it only takes 30 seconds for someone to put a dog up…. maybe but to make things ridiculous i’m on my dog constantly just so i won’t get a citation, even when he is in my own garage barking, they say oh get a shocking collar fine whatever why don’t i just kill my dog and go to jail for animal cruelty my dog has seizures could you imagine what that kind of collar is going to do i mean come on get for real… i would especially understand if we didn’t take care of the problem but we never let it go more than a minute or two,people around here act like we do nothing, he maybe gets to bark a total time of 15 minutes total a day and most of that is in the garage… why should anyone want to have a dog if it can’t bark reasonably cause you know that’s what dogs do they bark, duh…futhermore i asked the police to show me the ordinance of our village hmmmmmm… they couldn’t produce one imagine that. I understand there are limits and expectations for everything but come on it’s ok for people to let their cats run around everywhere and cause my dog to go wild why isn’t there an ordinance for cats i don’t think it’s my fault that someones cat likes to run around everywhere

  24. Sara says:

    Babies and children are human beings, NOT dogs. That is the difference. A person of “ordinary and reasonable intelligence” gets that. Barking is not that hard a problem to correct. My mother has the dumbest dogs on the planet and even they’ve learned that if they bark excessively, they come inside. So, if they want to stay out, they keep reasonably quiet.

    And, yes, if my children are screaming at each other or throwing a tantrum, I DO make them come inside so they don’t disturb the neighbors.

  25. annoyed neighbor says:

    I too have a problem with my neighbor’s dogs barking. And I live in an apartment complex, so it’s doubly annoying. The people across the hall from me own two dogs, who bark incessantly, for hours and hours and hours on end (which is pretty darn rude when you live in an apartment, especially as they let the dogs bark like that even when they are home). In addition, the house next to me owns a large dog, with a loud bark, that is kept outside (its yard is right underneath my bedroom window and it barks all night - and I mean all night). Between these dogs living at either end of me, my entire apartment is filled with the noise of barking, almost constantly, and my cat and I are ready to move out. I am beyond sick of it. Since the people who own all of these dogs moved in a few months ago, I have not had more than 3 hours of uninterrupted quiet anytime of day or night. I have called the cops, but they don’t seem to do much. If anyone knows of any action I can take, please email me at: theoriginalitgirl@juno.com,
    I am desperate at the point! Thanks.

  26. Other things says:

    Yes, living in an apartment was great, quiet, neighbors all got along where I’ve been for the last 4 years (Asherton) UNTIL the turnover started being faster because the landlord got greedy. I only let my dogs bark a few barks because I want them to alert me. That’s what they are trained to do. But…how about the neighbors who have children who scream all day, or the neighbors whose cooking (Eastern Indian) is so foul who keep their windows AND doors open. Or the neighbors above who stomp on my ceiling and drop what sounds like a bowling ball on my ceiling many times daily. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are just selfish and rude, and I wish I could live in the middle of nowhere, away from all the NOISE.

  27. DogTrainer& Lover says:

    Saying that dogs bark (presumably without limit) like Steph & Michelle- I apologize if this sounds harsh, but that statement & others like “its not possible to stop or limit dog barking, nor is a nuisance is ignorant. It is a nuisance b/c your neighbors have not chosen to be subjected to YOUR dog barking & are powerless to do anything about it. Just b/c it does not bother YOU, does not mean it should not bother others- that is juvenile logic. You probably have a certain noise (say leafblowers or boom cars) that bother you & you have every right to not be subjected to it on a continual basis. Everyone has a noise threshold, both from a mental health standpoint & a legal standpoint. Basic golden rule applies- treat others as you would want to be treated.

    As for the other statements- dogs bark, children cry, etc. Yes, but only to a certain extent. If a person allowed their child to cry continuously for 90 minutes & did NOTHING to try to alleviate it, child protective services would be called (and rightly so). Children cry when something is wrong (and stop when the wrong is righted). Usually. You take them to the doctor or find the reason they are continuously crying.
    Dogs bark for many reasons, some of them legitimate- just like babies. When a dog barks continuously- again, something is wrong. They are untrained, lonely, separation anxiety, etc. A diligent and responsible dog owner will find the reason for the barking & fix it. Lazy (and rude) dog owners will often keep their dogs outside precisely b/c the dog is barking and THEY don’t want to hear THEIR OWN dog barking. That is rude & cruel to both the dog & your neighbors.

    I say ignorant b/c there are numerous techniques to control and train a dog to stop barking (unless its a legitimate emergency). Look them up, they are not hard to find. Positive/negative reinforcement techniques abound.

    There is a common characteristic of chronic noisemakers (especially those who have been informed their noise is nuisance) & allow the noise to continue- those people are simply assholes. Prime example is the asshole who posted this:
    “A person who complains about a dog protecting his turf is a dogs natural instinct. I engourage my dogs to bark at people walking down the street. If you don’t like it. Stay away. I wouldn’t like you if you couldn’t tolorate a pooch with a bark. Who needs you anyways?”

    1. You are encouraging your dogs to be unnaturally aggressive & when your dogs bite someone or if they excessively bark, you will be prosecuted.
    2. People walking down the street are NOT on your dogs territory- get over yourself & stop encouraging that behavior. You have no authority or right to tell ppl to stay off a public street. Also, if someone unfamiliar to your dogs was trying to get over your fence or in your house- you would never know the difference, so you are in effect rendering your dogs barking at NOTHING instead of legitimate threats and thus an ineffective ‘natural’ alarm.
    3. You are an asshole.

    Sane advice for ppl dealing with this insane mentality can be found on barkingdogs.net & also wikipedia has great advice & links as well. Good luck!

  28. DogTrainer& Lover says:

    Advice to Lois with the pet ducks:
    1) Keep your dogs in your yard, but train them to not bark at everything except intruders in their yard- yes it CAN be done. Whether your neighbors admit it or not, the barking is bothering them, why make them suffer b/c you won’t come up with a better solution to the cat owners problem? Would you have one of them blare a loud stereo so that don’t have to be bothered by your dogs, only to have someone else blare an even louder stereo- where would it end?
    2) Build a cat enclosure fence on top of your fence to keep the cats out & protect your ducks. This is advice often given to ppl who are bothered by barking dogs (THEY have to come up with noise control solutions- such as ear plugs, fans, air conditioners, white noise makers, plugs for windows, etc. Don’t make your neighbors have to do this.
    The situation is clear- making your neighbors victims b/c the cat owners are making you a victim
    is NOT the answer. Yes, its unfair, but at least your ducks will be safe with a sane solution.

    Advice to Annoyed Neighbor a.k.a. originalitgirl:
    It sounds like the police may be required to respond to barking dog calls, so keep calling them, every single time the dogs bark at really bad hours (find out what the cut off time is for barking- usually about 10p), and also inform your landlord manager about the people across the hall from you in your complex, as well as the police. Moving may work, but there is no guarantee that some other rude idiot will move in right next to you again. In the meantime, try to keep sane (is difficult with lack of sleep), but if you can spend a night or two at the other side of the apartment (away from the dog’s yard), or use ear plugs occasionally- very annoying yes, but keep calling the police & apartment management every single time & find out what your rights are (city ordinances).

    Below is advice for ppl dealing with a particular segment of pathological dog owners, such as my previous neighbor who became violent with other ppl when asked to quiet his dog. Be careful no matter how you handle these ppl.
    Excerpt “How to persuade your neighbor to quiet their chronically barking dogs” from barkingdogs.net
    This section can also be applied to any other nuisance noise maker or ppl who allow their cats to roam & have been warned”

    Here’s the first pitfall that you need to watch out for. If you repeatedly approach a malicious or recalcitrant dog owner, to ask him to take responsibility for his dog, you can absolutely count on him portraying you as the bad guy and himself as your innocent victim; that is something that, from his perspective, he must do.

    That’s because, almost always, when you encounter an intractably obstinate person keeping a chronically barking dog, you are dealing with a diagnosable personality disorder, (usually a Borderline, or a Narcissistic, or a Paranoid, or an Anti-Social Personality Disorder) who is incapable of participating in mutually respectful relationships.

    To the perception of such a person, everyone they encounter is either their superior or their inferior, which is very much the same phenomenon we find in the way dogs view themselves. However, unlike dogs who can be perfectly happy living their lives in the inferior position, predatory personality disorders can only feel worthwhile if they view themselves as dominant. To really grasp what those people are about, you have to understand that their joy in life comes not from joining with those around them in harmonious cooperation, but from conquering their acquaintances in conflict.

    If indeed you are dealing with one of the predatory personality disorders then, more likely than not, your neighbor’s decision to fill your home with the sound of his barking dog was an expression of his dominant one up-manship to begin with. So when you show up asking him to quiet the animal, he is going to view your request as an attempt to unseat him and assume the throne of dominance yourself. That means that, while for you the whole thing is about whether or not you are going to have a quiet place to live, from his point of view it is all part of a contest that will determine who is to be triumphant and who is to be humiliated.

    To the perception of a person like that, the act of quieting his dog would amount to surrendering his control of your home to you, which is something they simply will not do because, to their perception, unless you dominate, you automatically move into the role of an inferior.

    Therefore, with his perceived social position and sense of self-worth on the line, there is no possibility that such an owner will quickly and cheerfully comply with your request that he quiet his dog. Given the nature of his personality, he can’t comply, and that leaves him with a serious problem, which is that he can’t defend not complying.

    Imagine that someone says to the recalcitrant dog owner: “I hear you’re having trouble with your neighbor. What’s that all about?”

    If the owner comes out and describes what is really happening, he’s going to have to say, “I keep an untrained dog a few yards from my neighbor’s house and the constant barking has devastated the quality of his life and is causing him and his family to suffer terribly. He wants me to take responsibility for the animal and, thereby, bring their suffering to an end. But I refuse, and that’s why we’re feuding.” He can’t just come out and tell the truth like that, because it would leave him looking like the despicable bully that he is.

    Therefore, at least to his way of thinking, the dog owner can’t comply with your request that he quiet his dog, and he can’t defend not complying. So always, such people respond to that situation by manufacturing a new scenario, one in which you are victimizing them, and they are merely standing up to your tyranny. You can count on the pathological dog owner trying to put that spin on things as he attempts to convince all concerned that the true essence of the problem is that you are an evil person who is out to get him. And if you’re not very careful, he will succeed in that effort.

    Here’s the nature of your vulnerability: By repeatedly calling on your neighbor to discuss the problem he has created, you set yourself up to be portrayed as a villain, and you can see how it might appear that way to many outside observers. After all, people who don’t know that the “anti-barking” laws are unenforceable are going to wonder why you continually raise the issue with the neighbor instead of just having the authorities handle it. And those who don’t know that dogs can be easily bark trained or otherwise silenced are going to believe that by demanding that your neighbor quiet his dog, you are insisting that he accomplish the impossible. Then you also have to factor in all the people who honestly believe that a person has an inviolate right to keep a barking dog, even in a residential neighborhood. Not to mention all those fortunate souls who succeed in going through life oblivious to everything around them, who are not bothered by any type of noise and find it impossible to believe that anyone else would be vexed by it either. Those people will certainly view your behavior as totally outrageous.

    So you see, with all of that already going against you, it’s not hard for the intractable owner to convince all concerned that he is your victim, and that the only reason you keep raising the issue of the dog is because you are a belligerent person who is out on a vendetta, for reasons that supposedly have nothing to do with the fact that he placed a screaming animal a few yards from where your family is trying to carry on the essential activities of daily life.

    That’s the dilemma. If you turn to the authorities nothing will happen, and if all you do is make a polite request or two of the dog owner then, likewise, the noise will just roll on unabated. On the other hand, if you go back repeatedly to address the issue with the owner, you will be vilified as a combative aggressor who is out looking for trouble. It’s a tough situation for sure, but there is a narrow crevice between the rock and the hard place, from which you may be able to find enough purchase to take effective action.

    One thing you can do is to get the dog owner’s telephone number in your first meeting and then, after that, as much as possible, deal with him over the telephone. Sometimes the situation is such that you just have to go over to visit with the neighbor in person, but to the extent possible, handle it over the phone. That will reduce the chances that the dog owner will do you harm and also makes it more difficult for him to portray you as being threateningly aggressive.

  29. DogTrainer& Lover says:

    This page is part of the Cause section of barkingdogs.net

    The Failure to take the Crisis Seriously

    It never fails. When someone from law enforcement wants to illustrate the broad spectrum of work done by a police officer, they always point out that their department handles “everything from barking dog complaints to the most heinous murders.” The implication of the statement being, obviously, that barking dog cases are unimportant matters, unworthy of serious concern, and the least important task undertaken by an officer in the course of his duties. That pretty much sums up the attitude of the cops and the courts, but does that perception square with reality?

    Human needs are called that because they NEED to be met. They are called needs, as opposed to being called options, because they are not optional. Our minds and our bodies need what they need and if a significant portion of those needs can not be met then, inevitably, dysfunction and trauma will eventually follow.

    The most basic needs are the most important. We need to sleep, we need to rest, and we need to relax. You can go for a while without enough of the big three, but if you run a deficit on any of those essentials for too long you can bet that there will be a price to pay.

    If a barking dog costs your family too much sleep, interferes too much with their rest, or robs you all of your ability to relax in your own home, you will suffer. And your life will take a turn for the worse, because when people are exhausted, tense, and sleep deprived for an extended period of time, things go wrong. People grow angy and irritated. Things get said. Bad decisions are made. Health problems develop. Bridges are burned. Careers are derailed. Marriages come apart, addictions get started, and children fall behind in school. One should never underestimate the potential of the prolonged deprivation of the essential needs, to upend ones’ life.

    Anyone who believes frequent barking is properly classified as a “nuisance” must also believe that cancer is an inconvenience. When the essential character of your existence is transformed and the quality of your life is slashed, that is not a “nuisance.” That is a full-blown crisis that should never be allowed to fester.

    The fact is that, over time, a habitually barking dog in the yard next door has the potential to do far greater harm to a family than a robbery or an assault or some other major felony from which they may more readily recover.

    What we need are anti-barking ordinances that can always be immediately enforced. What we have instead is a legal system that usually doesn’t work at all and, on those occasions that it does bring about some result, it virtually never does so in a timely fashion.

    Your dogs noise is not simply annoying or a nuisance, it (YOU) are causing people real and serious health-related problems:


  30. DogTrainer& Lover says:

    Your dogs noise is not simply annoying or a nuisance, it (YOU) are causing people real and serious health-related problems:


  31. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely loved DogTrainer&Lover’s comments. Right on the money. I have 6 (yes six) dogs living next door to me now - all outside dogs. The owners do nothing to quiet the barking as they are in a dispute with neighbor living on the other side of them - so he built a 10 or 12 foot fence between them - my 6′ fence is not enough now that all the noise is deflected from theirs to mine. So instead of bothering the neighbor they’re after - they bother me. My husband acts like it’s my problem - “why do you let them bother you” - REALLY??? Yes six dogs barking bother me. Along with them revving up their motorcycle motors and cutting on the boom box for pool parties. I could go on and on about these crazy people. I have my own dog - which I keep inside. When she goes out and starts barking at nothing I quiet her immediately and bring her in. Why can’t other people be sensitive to the fact that their animals might actually bother people?

    I admit I’m very sensitive to noise - which I didn’t used to be - and I blame these folks entirely. Like I said I have a dog, love dogs but don’t believe in a dog barking for hours on end.

  32. fedupneighbor says:

    My neighbor has at least 12 dogs and 4 puppies on top of that. I love animals but when I get woken up in the middle of the night 4-5 times a week it is too much. It isn’t usually 90 minutes continually but there is not more than 10 minutes between one or all dogs barking for 10-15 minutes. I have even tried getting one of those electronic anti dog barkers and talked to the owners on multipul occassions. Anyone have any suggestions.

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