On the Prowl For Cats

Cat and Bird KissingIt’s tough to be a cat. You have to make sure that stupid kids don’t kick you around like a soccer ball, and you also have to watch out for people that trap you. In September 2006, two neighbors in Edmonds were having a dispute over one of the neighbor’s cats (we’ll call her Cat Lady). Supposedly, the cat was hurting birds and killed the neighbor’s pet quail, and this neighbor (we’ll call him Bird Man) had repeatedly asked for the cat to be kept indoors so he would not endanger the birds. Nothing was done by Cat Lady, so Bird Man lured the cat into a cage and kept him for 24 hours (dude, that’s freaky) and then turned him into Edmonds Animal Control. Due to this, the Edmonds City Council recently rejected an ordinance that would legalize pet trapping. The council is also in process of trying to pass an ordinance that would make intentional trapping of pets illegal. FYI, only Seattle has a specific law in regards to nuisance pets. People must get the approval from the director of the Seattle Animal Shelter before trapping the animal. Finally, a win for the cats.

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