Oprah’s Dogs Will Inherit $30 Million

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey’s dogs will continue to be quite wealthy if they live longer than this media mogul.

According to Woman’s Day, Oprah will leave her dogs a $30 million inheritance.

“Oprah has a menagerie of animals and she wants them to be pampered for the rest of their lives if she were to die first. She has five dogs plus various other pets, so she rewrote her will to include millions for their care,” a friend said.

Her friend added that since Oprah is a billionaire, the $30 million is not as extravagant as some may think because it is a small amount compared to her entire net worth.

Trouble’s inheritance pales in comparison to what Oprah’s dogs may get.

Source: Woman’s Day

Photo: Oprah Winfrey Show

4 Responses to “Oprah’s Dogs Will Inherit $30 Million”

  1. Lynn says:

    I may not be happy with Oprah’s insensitivity to the pet food recall, but I say more power to her for making public her legal bequest to her dogs.

    But I wonder if her will contains provisions for WHO will take care of them? WHO will play with them? Without naming such a person who truly loves the animals and not the money, I wonder if this is in the animals’ best interests.

    Why? Because animals can and do pine after the deaths of their “parents.” Once Oprah’s gone, unless there’s someone to step in and fill her place in terms of caring and loving these pets, all the expensive toys and other luxuries will be meaningless.

    I would like to know that she has named a REAL guardian, one who will live with the pets and love them. [I don’t need a name. Just need to know that she has done this.] Even better, that she has named a secondary guardian in the event that the first is not available. AND [here’s the big part] that the two guardians have agreed to taking on these roles….that Oprah’s last wishes won’t be a total surprise to them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if it’s Obama?
    Seriously, I don’t get this trend at all. Animals are property. Why not leave them to someone you trust rather than leave them a trust fund? And leave that person the money to care for them? This person should agree to take on this responsibility and the ownership of the animal as well as the money. These provisions and expectations should be agreed upon by all parties before they are even put in the will. The animal will need a new owner, not a guardian and a trust fund. If there is no one capable or willing to take this responsibility on, I’m sure the dog’s breeder would step up and do it without the inheritance. I am sure Opra’s dogs were purchased from a breeder.

  3. Colour Struck « The Fiyah Place says:

    […] light hearted: In other news Oprah has supposedly written her pets into her will leaving them a $30 million dollar inheritance. Damn! $30 million?! If those dogs get that money any time soon Michael Vick will be in a world of […]

  4. florida says:

    Good for Oprah! I am so happy that she has the forethought to set this up. I am sure she has named
    people to take care of her pets.

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