Oregon Plans To Release Pet Deer Seized From Family


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has said that they plan to release Bucky, a pet buck deer that was seized from his family, into the wild by the end of next week.

Snowball, a doe who was also taken from the family, will remain in captivity. She will either be cared for at a licensed wildlife facility or will be given back to her family under an agreement.

“We are getting the buck ready for release to the wild by the end of next week,” the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said. “The buck will be released to a restricted and secure area where hunting is not allowed and there is limited human access.”

They added that Snowball is not a candidate for release “due to deformities and her attachment to people.” Officials said that Snowball could be returned to her family under an agreement that specifies the type of care she needs “to maintain the quality of life for the doe for the remainder of her life.”

Earlier this month, wildlife officials seized the two pet deer from a family that had taken care of them for the past several years.

Under Oregon state law, it is illegal to keep most wildlife in captivity without a permit. Authorities seized the deer because they said there were health and disease concerns with keeping deer as pets.

Source: The Oregonian

Photo: The Oregonian

6 Responses to “Oregon Plans To Release Pet Deer Seized From Family”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    Hmm, just in time for winter- will this buck have any idea how to get food on his own, in the wild, in the winter? At least they’re not releasing the doe, too, “for her own good.” Maybe they should ask Bucky what he prefers…

  2. Lynn says:

    I wonder if animals suffer separation anxiety when moms are separated from their offspring.

  3. MaryP says:

    Why must the Oregan Dept. of Fish & Wildlife torture this family and the 2 deer that have been happy to call themselves part of this family for 7 years?
    Why can’t both animals be returned to Their Family?
    Why must this young buck learn to go it alone, when he has Snowball and a human family to meet his need for companionship and daily sustenance?
    PLEASE return both animals to their family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t it make sense that Bucky is not going to be afraid of humans. I can’t see exactly how old he is but he has spent his entire life with humans and “mom” has never taught him to be afraid of people.

    Bucky has never had to learn to be independent or fend for himself. He has had maybe 3 weeks or “conditioning” to teach him to be on his own. By releasing him to the wild they are more or less sentencing him to death.

  5. Anne Muller says:

    I’m only surprised that Snowball may be returned to the family.
    The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has primarily one purpose, and that is to ensure a continuing population of huntable species.

    If, as they say, they are providing an area for Bucky where hunting is not allowed, they are leaving off two telling words: “for now.”

    As “stewards” of wild animals, game agencies rule both them and those who care about them with an iron fist.

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