Organic Pet Food Sales Going Up, Up, and Away

The wheat gluten recalls have left hordes of pet parents with uncertainty and wondering what they should buy. Many have turned to holistic and/or organic pet food. In fact, sales of organic pet food has almost doubled from $20.6 million in 2004 to over $40 million in 2006. In 2007, it is expected to increase by more than $9 million again. Many independent pet food producers are reporting large up-tick in sales.

We’re curious as to how high 2007 sales will go with the renewed attention on healthier pet foods.

(Thanks SusanUnPC)

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  1. Debbie says:

    HURRAAAAYYYY!!!!!! This info is just what I’ve been waiting to hear, but never thought for a moment that I would be hearing about it so soon!

    Bye, Bye, Duane, Menu, Del Monte and all the rest of you LIARS!

  2. 5CatMom says:


    Right on. I bought food yesterday and asked about their sales. Up 25% at this store, and they have a second store 20 miles from here, and it’s sales are up about 35%.

    The local grocery in my small town has “reduced for quick sale” signs on shelves where the BRANDS are kept. The store manager said they’re just not moving and he’s planning to bring in some of the naturals.

    Shame on the BRANDS. You guys let us down bigtime.

  3. KAEfamily says:

    Our mutt has been fed Pedigree since his arrival. We switched his diet a few times but always come back to Pedigree. With a brand name added to the recall list almost daily, we have been crazily confused. Last week, we went straight to a small independent pet store, Pet Jungle, in Arcadia, CA, to check out its natural and organic pet foods. The knowledgeable and helpful owner helped us decide on a sample bag of Chick Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul manufacturered by Diamond Pet Food co. The owner also gave us four free sample bags of Holistic Select from Eagle Pack co. We use them as treats. Our mutt loves everything! Every other day, we mix raw cut baby carrots to his food as well. It has only been a week since he has been on this diet. Nothing is out of ordinary as far as his energy level, alertness, sleeping pattern, etc. are concerned. All is good for now :-)

  4. Debbie says:

    5CatMom, that is SUPER, SUPER news too! Thanks ever so much for telling me/us! You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to hear it! : ) I really hope this momentum keeps up!…and that the lying pet industry as we know it is gone and revolutionized with truly safe/healthy foods for good…

  5. Debbie says:

    5CATMOM, sorry, but I have to vent.
    If I were the type of person who always had to prove a point ONLY for the purpose of being self-righteous, this would be a perfect opportunity. However, the great amount of comments under the past title about “NB” and 4 comments under this title speaks for itself, 2 of which are our comments.
    It is quite evident that more people are concerned about bashing a better product, rather than being thrilled that organic pet foods are on the rise. Amazing.
    With all the exhausting work that some of us have put into this issue especially Sen. Durbin and Eliz. Hodgkins, one would think we are finally seeing our efforts paying off and would acknowledge this wonderful news.
    But noooo!!!
    One lesson that I learned in life is that most people would rather be lied to, than to hear the truth. Therefore, with lack of response to this heading, it indicates to me that too many people are going to return to believing the future lies of the poison pet food companies, rather than endorsing the organic products…as they will continue to find fault with them as time goes on. Such is human nature.

    I really sense by all the negativity under the previous heading about “NB” and lack of optimism about this title, that this is what the poison pet food companies want to hear…and that too many people will be falling right into their hands again.

    I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that the poison pet food companies have gotten wind of this site and are closely monitoring it….and what do they see but lack of support for the organic foods. Yet, I wouldn’t doubt that one of their next steps is to start a major organic line, but still filled with toxins and lies.
    Any comments?

    Just for the record, I bought my cats one time a bag of Purina’s holistic brand. Each one vomited more frequently, and clearly I knew it was that food.

  6. Debbie says:

    KAE FAMILY, I’m not out to cause more confusion for you, but just want to make you aware that “Chicken…” has the approval of the AAFCO on the bag.
    As you may or may not know, the AAFCO Pres. was scrutinized by Sen. Durbin at the pet food recall subcommittee hearing, and the embarassed pres. finally owned up to the fact that indeed their testing standards are very, very substandard, and much work has to be done to come up to par.

  7. susanUnPC says:

    I too am glad to see sales of better products going up.

    Debbie wrote: “One lesson that I learned in life is that most people would rather be lied to, than to hear the truth.”

    There are a couple other reasons I see: 1) it’s easy to buy food at a supermarket, even though not a single pet food sold in a supermarket is healthy — the convenience factor, and 2) people don’t want to acknowledge that they may not be giving their pets the best — i.e., it’s an ego thing.

    NOTE TO Kae Family: Keep looking. There are some brand that you maybe didn’t try because of the price — I’m guessing price was a primary motivator for you? — but those more expensive foods require SMALLER portions per serving because they are so much higher in nutritional quality.

    There are some terrific foods for dogs, such as Orijen and Timber Wolf as well as Wellness. Orijen is made by a small company on Vancouver Island that my friend personally visited and was very impressed with. Orijen’s parent company, Buddies’, also sells its human-grade meat to Felidae and a couple other small pet food companies.

    I’m buying their dry cat food to supplement the increasing % of wet food I’m transitioning my cats to. (Dr. Hodgkins and other reputable veterinary nutrition experts advocate all-wet-food diets for cats with no grains.) The Orijen cat food is 75% human-grade meat, and 25% vegetable/herbs. There is ZERO grain in it. Critical for cats.

    My daughter swears by Timber Wolf, Orijen and Wellness for her and her friends’ dogs. They love it, and they’re much healthier.

  8. susanne says:


  9. ~Martha~ says:

    Like so many others, I am going bananas reading labels. Even the better foods have strange things mixed in the list…such as Merrick’s additive: Ethylenediamine.

    It didn’t look like anything eatable when I checked it out. Does any one have any positive information on why this is added to Merrick’s foods?

    I keep narrowing the list down, but something is always standing in the way of an immediate purchase.

    BTW I noticed in my grocery ad today a new organic dogfood advertised. Checked it out and it is made at MenuFoods too. :(

    I was going to the pet supply to pick up the Merrick line when I came across the listed ingredient Ethylenediamine.

    Evangers looks good, but there is only one distributor in the entire state…and it’s not close enough. Ordering dry and canned online in the amounts I purchase for 7 large dogs (plus cat) at $5 a case is just not do-able.

    I’m running out of healthy options. :(

  10. 4lgdfriend says:

    MARTHA: More than you ever wanted to know..

  11. Debbie says:

    SUSANUNPC, I just took notice that you are the one who submitted the info about the organic foods…and I want to thank you for it.
    Yes, I agree with you also that it is a matter of convenience and ego that some, maybe most people will still purchase the poison brands…and then cry later when/if they have to deal with their pets’ illnesses and vet bills that are much higher than the organic foods.
    And after all the info about the lying pet companies has reached its peak with the public, and they still insist on buying those poison brands, all I have to say is that I won’t feel sorry for the people…but I will feel very sorry for their pets…who depended on their parents.
    And the same people who were told can’t say they weren’t warned.

    And as we can notice, the “NB” bashing heading comments are rising, while this heading has unfortunately very little interest…and the poison companies seem to be non-existent now.
    Granted, I contributed enough comments to that other site only in order to stop the panic, as well as some other are trying, but it still goes on…and I’m really sick of it!
    This is one reason why I support animal issues rather than solely people issues…even though in reality, animal activism mostly combines the people/animal relationship. I detest the egoism that originally stemmed from self-righteousness - or whatever you want to call it - that occured under the “NB” heading. PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  12. Marie says:

    I wouldn’t feed Merrick if someone gave it to me for free. I don’t trust a company that has a rendering plant on the same site as the pet food plant. The rendering plant renders everything from road kill, 4-D animals, etc. Also on many forums people reporting finding foreign object in the cans of food.

  13. SJR says:

    I am starting a canine consulting business soon, focusing on essential care & holistic diets for canines (I have specialized education in canine nutrition). I commend all of you for “thinking outside of the box” & trying brands other than those which are most familiar & advertised in the media (& those that many vets recommend).

    Many people are too proud and/or stubborn to ask for help & learn something new. A lot of people have the mindset, “I’ve had dogs all my life & they’ve lived to ripe old ages eating —-food, so I know what’s best.” Well, a person can do something a certain way for 100 years & still not do it correctly or as efficiently as possible. So again, on behalf of your canines, I thank you for taking the steps to acquire a better form of nutrition for them. Taking exceptional care of our canines is an on-going learning process because there is always new information coming out.

    Even in the holistic dog food world, it’s still like a pyramid. You have the TOP LINES of food & the MEDIUM lines of food, & the LOWER quality lines of food.

    Heavenly Blessings Consulting, LLC

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