Outrage in Tacoma

Poor CatWhen these kids get caught, forget jail, put them with the Siberian Tigers and see how they feel. Apprently, 8-10 teenagers cornered and kicked around a 3-year-old cat for fun. A good Samaritan saw the cat being abused and came to the rescue. They have since named the cat Parking Lot (which seems like insult to injury, but what do I know). Mr. Lot is being cared for in Seattle and it seems that the poor cat has a history of abuse. If you wish to donate to the recovery of Mr. Lot, click here. If you’re one of the *&@#(!! kids, click here.

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  1. Itchmo » Blog Archive » More Cat Abuse By Teenagers says:

    […] with too much time on their hands abusing poor innocent animals. Just last month, in Tacoma, WA, children kicked around a 3 year old cat. Now, there has also been another incident in Fruita, CO where three teenagers tied a noose around […]

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