Owner And Dog Reunited Two Years After Katrina


Sheena and her owner John McGee have finally been reunited. It has been almost two years since they have seen each other.

During Hurricane Katrina, McGee had to leave his yellow pit bull-terrier mix in a holding area outside the New Orleans Superdome. He wrote his name, address and telephone number on her collar and attached his dogtags from his service in Vietnam. Expecting to be back for his dog soon, he left Sheena in the holding area. When he was inside the Superdome, McGee wasn’t allowed to go outside again until he was evacuated to Houston without his beloved dog.

McGee said that when he left without Sheena, it felt like somebody was tearing something away from him.

Meanwhile, Sheena was taken to a shelter in Mississippi. She then was brought to a shelter in New York where she has stayed since leaving New Orleans.

McGee tried numerous efforts to find his dog. He went back to New Orleans where some animals were being held. He even got the Red Cross and producers on Animal Planet to help, but no one could find Sheena.

But then on July 24, a miracle happened. McGee went to check on his house in New Orleans saw a note on his door. It was from a rescue group in New York. The note had a picture of Sheena and a request to call the shelter. At first McGee thought it was a joke, but once he called the number, he knew that he had finally found Sheena.

Now, his 15 pound dog is 35 pounds and twice the size when McGee last saw her. On Friday, the two were finally reunited in New York. McGee said that Sheena is beautiful and that he just can’t believe that they are together again.

The reunited pair will drove back to Bonham Texas, which is where McGee currently lives.

Source: AJC

3 Responses to “Owner And Dog Reunited Two Years After Katrina”

  1. Phoebe says:

    A disabled Katrina evacuee from the Superdome in New Orleans and now living in Texas is reunited with his dog (who flew in on a private jet, no less!) after two years. This is a great ending.

    I wonder how long that notice was on Mr. McGee’s front door? It sounds like nobody gave up on either end of this rescue. Very glad to see it all worked out so wonderfully.


  2. Phoebe says:

    Access to the link above without having to register:

  3. catmom5 says:

    As a reunion volunteer for over a year, I am delighted to see that this girl and her person have found each other. It was heartbreaking to talk with owners from New Orleans and hear about how much they wanted their pets back. All of them had done what they could do to keep their pets safe ~ one man took his two pits to a shelter where he was promised they would be safe. Another elderly woman was forced to tie her Peke to a post outside the Super Dome (when the woman had to be evacuated because of health issues) where the military said she would be taken care of.
    As many irresponsible pet owners as there were, there were also many who very much loved their pets and did all they were able.

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