Owner Could Face Prison For Dog’s Ear Infection

Sam, a 12-year-old German shepard, had such a bad neglected ear infection that he had to be put down. His vet said that Sam’s ear infection was the worst he had ever seen.

Sam’s owner, who buys and sells horses for a living, pleaded guilty to causing the animal unnecessary suffering and that his dog had bad ears for the past six years. He said that: “I had taken him to the vet and the PDSA and really he should have been put down but I had had him for eight years and was reluctant to do that.”

Sam’s owner has been told that he could face jail and will return to court on June 29 for his sentence.

9 Responses to “Owner Could Face Prison For Dog’s Ear Infection”

  1. sam says:

    I CANNOT imagine the pain that poor dog has been in all this time. Ear infections are one of the most painful of infections.

  2. mittens says:

    how is it that one man can neglect one dog and be brought up on criminal charges facing jail time but a pet food manufacturer can kill thousands and nothing whatsoever happens to force them to cease their behavior and be held criminally accountable?

    this is insane. sure this one guy is a piece of work and i have no tolerence for animal mistreatment but how is it that the moral equivilent of walking into a thousand or so homes and gunning down people’s pets doesn’t even warrantremoving the weapon from the purpetrator? at least this sorry son of a blank admitted he was guilty and will pay a price for his behavior.

  3. Lynne says:

    Why is this person still allowed to buy and sell horses? He obviously doesn’t care about the health and comfort of animals.

  4. Faith says:

    These are the stories that make me believe that the old-fashioned “posse” might not be a bad idea! Something has to be done about monsters like this - they aren’t fully human.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I Must Be Reading This Entry Wrong. He Didnt Abuse His Dog In Any Way. I Have A Dog Prone To Chronic Ear Infections Which Sometimes Get Painful For Her. Because They Have Been Chronic Since Shez A Pup The Starting Signs Arent As Obvious As They Used To Be. He Took The Dog To The Vet. He Wasnt Ready To Put His Dog Down Yet Alot Of Us Arent Even When We Know Its Time. That Isnt A Monster Its A Man Attached To His Dog. I Give Credit To Those Who Can Do It Immediately When Quality Of Life Is An Issue. But Not Everyone Can Do That. Ive Seen Dogs Get Half Thr Jaw Removed To Cancer To The Point I Felt It Was Cruel The Dog Had To Be Tube Fed. But Thats Ok Because A Vet Did It And Made Money Doing It. The Same Ppl Screaming Monster Will Do Anything To Buy More Time With Thr Beloved Fur Babies. What Would You Do To Get Anothr 3months, 6months Or A Yr With Yours? Think About That Before You Judge.

  6. k says:

    Anonymous, out of curiosity, why did you capitalize every single word in your post?

    The guy pleaded guilty to the charge of causing unnecessary suffering, so he obviously thinks he did something wrong; why are you trying to suggest otherwise?

  7. Elderta says:

    As soon as someone learns how to capitalize correctly, I’ll respond to that question.

    In the meantime, why didn’t the man get the ear infection treated prior to it getting so bad? this is what I don’t understand. If two years ago the infection was bad, how was it four years ago or six? The problem seems to be with this case, the continued neglect of the animal’s condition, particularly from someone who works with animals for a living.

  8. k says:

    Elderta, exactly; if he’d had the poor dog’s ear infection treated years ago, none of this would have been necessary.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wasnt defending him. I saw that he plead guilty but as far as being a monster thats a bit harsh. Earlier this week the article about the woman the judge gave a 3dog limit she was a monster that shouldnt be near an animal never mind own any. I m still missing where it says how long the dog had this infection, He had the dog 8 yrs and the dog was 12 yrs old. Im not seeing where it says how long it was since the vet told him the dog needed to be put down. As for my caps it was the setting earlier and i didnt even realize it.

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