Pack Your Pet Carriers! It’s Traveling Time With Your Cats And Dogs

Dog and Cat TravelDo you have a jet set pet? Does your dog have constant jet lag? Does your cat get bumped up to first class more often than you do? Nowadays, many pet owners are taking their pets everywhere with them.

According to a pets survey done by TripAdvisor, 53% of the respondents travel with their pet. Americans (56%) are more likely to travel with their pet in comparison to our UK friends (41%).

Here are some other results from their traveling with pets survey:

  • Pet-friendly accommodations are most important to dog owners, 64%, compared to 38% of cat owners.
  • 35% of pet owners take shorter vacations, and 25% take fewer vacations because of their four-legged friends.
  • 7% will only travel to destinations where they can bring their pets.
  • 12% said their pets actually prevent them from going on vacation.
  • 6% take a vacation to get a break from the responsibility of their pet.
  • 20% of respondents who own pets have smuggled their cat or dog into a hotel room. (Oh, no. This is not a dog. Our, uh, child is just really hairy.)
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  • The biggest concern (29%) about traveling with pets is that their pet will get “stressed out.”
  • 22% are concerned that no one is able to look after their pet when they are sight-seeing or touring.
  • 48% of all travelers surveyed feel hotels should be more accommodating for pets. The services that pet owners wanted were: pet sitting (27%), separate housing/on-site kennel (16%), pet bedding (9%).
  • The U.S. is the country dogs and cats most enjoy visiting, according to 61% of pet owners surveyed. Canada came in second, and the U.K. was third.
  • According to the survey, Best Western is the most pet-friendly hotel chain.
  • 2 Responses to “Pack Your Pet Carriers! It’s Traveling Time With Your Cats And Dogs”

    1. purringfur says:

      I’m one of the 7% and travel with the dogs. The cat stays home with a house sitter. The cat does not like to ride and gets very agitated in his carrier.

    2. Bill says:

      I am part of the 7 % also. I would never travel for my own pleasure without my dog. But I do sometimes have to travel out of town for work and he can’t come along. Even when I have to travel without him, I support hotels that have pet-friendly policies and I let them know that is why I am giving them business.

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