Paraglider And Chihuahua Rescued From Tree In Australia


An Australian paraglider and Emma, his four-year-old chihuahua were rescued from a tree more than 100 feet above the ground when they became entangled in a tree.

Paul Hansen strapped Emma to his chest with a cloth sling and launched the paraglider, but the pair became stuck in a tree right after taking off.

Hansen was able to send text messages with his cell phone to friends and his friends called the police.

Police, firefighters and volunteers searched through thick bushes before finding the two stuck in the branches of a tree.

Authorities climbed the tree and put a harness around Hansen and lowered him to safety.

Hansen said, “I was pretty worried. I was very cold and I didn’t have any pain medication. I’ve been fighting cancer for the past seven years and I was starting to go into withdrawals because I’m on a fairly high dose of morphine for the tumor pain.”

Hansen’s main concern was for Emma because she had slipped out of her harness when they crashed.

He added, “It took me nearly an hour to put it back on her because of the precarious way we were perched. She knew that we were in danger, but she didn’t panic or anything. She always flies with me. She loves it. I wouldn’t take her if she didn’t like it. She goes everywhere with me, so she’s used to being in some pretty radical situations. She’s a pretty awesome little chihuahua.”

Emma was unhurt from the accident, and Hansen had some minor cuts. But Hansen said the main thing that was damaged was his pride.

Source: Telegraph

(Thanks Nancy G)

2 Responses to “Paraglider And Chihuahua Rescued From Tree In Australia”

  1. Pam says:

    What an idiot! He should not own a dog or any pet. I’m glad the dog was okay, but it only gives this guy another opportunity to kill it.

  2. Judi says:

    Wow! What an accident to happen. We just saw this on Animal Planet. The dog was awesome - very calm.. I think it’s great he takes Emma with him when he flies.

    (bah! to Pam)

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