Partial List of Dry (Mostly Dog) Foods That Contains Wheat Gluten

A partial, but long list after the jump. Email us if you have a cat food equivalent!

Pedigree dry food for dogs

Beggin Chews Dog Treats

White Bites Oral Care Dog Treats

Pill Pockets

Wysong Vegan Dry Dog Food

Wysong Vegan Dry Cat Food

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From The Dog Food Project.

. Health Nutrition MAXI - Boxer (Royal Canin) Dry Food Admin Administrator 05/16/05 10:09 PM
. Health Nutrition MINI - Shih Tzu (Royal Canin) Dry Food Admin Administrator 05/16/05 09:54 PM
. Health Nutrition MINI - Dachshund (Royal Canin) Dry Food Admin Administrator 05/16/05 09:53 PM
. Three Dog Bakery - Adult Vegetarian Formula Dry Food Admin Administrator 01/29/05 02:05 AM
. Three Dog Bakery - Reduced Calorie Formula Dry Food Admin Administrator 01/29/05 02:01 AM
. Three Dog Bakery - Adult Formula Dry Food Admin Administrator 01/29/05 01:59 AM
. Three Dog Bakery - Puppy Formula Dry Food Admin Administrator 01/29/05 01:57 AM
. Kibbles ‘n Bits - HomeStyle Dry Food Admin Administrator 01/08/04 01:49 AM
. Pedigree - Healthy Maturity Real Chicken & Rice Flavor Food For Senior Dogs Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:20 AM
. Pedigree - Lean Small Crunchy Bites Dry Food For Adult Dogs Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:15 AM
. Pedigree - Performance Small Crunchy Bites Dry Food For Active Adult Dogs Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:11 AM
. Pedigree - Pedigree Digestive Care With Real Lamb & Rice Dry Food For Adult Dogs Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:07 AM
. Pedigree - Complete Nutrition Adult Small Crunchy Bites Meaty Chunks With Rice & Vegetables Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:03 AM
. Pedigree - Complete Nutrition Adult Large/Small Crunchy Bites Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 02:00 AM
. Pedigree - Healthy Start Dry Food For Puppies Dry Food Admin Administrator 12/13/03 01:43 AM

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29 Responses to “Partial List of Dry (Mostly Dog) Foods That Contains Wheat Gluten”

  1. Mike says:


    Wheat Flour, Ground Whole Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Peanut Flour,
    Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of natural
    Vitamin E), Wheat Bran, Chicken Meal, Ground Rice, Lamb Meal, Wheat

    Natural Choice Lamb & Rice Sticks
    Lamb, Rice Flour, Lamb Meal, Soy Flour, Maple Syrup, Propylene Glycol,
    Modified Food Starch, Wheat Gluten

  2. tracy says:

    Doesn’t Flint River Ranch have a lot of wheat?

  3. judy donnelly says:

    I gave my dog some canned Pedigree dog food yesterday (I didn’t think they were involved in tainted food) and she’s acting “funny”-laying around and moaning. The dog food had chunks of meat and is in a gravy. I wish I could find out if this food is in a recall.

  4. cindy s says:

    Judy: Please take your dog to the vet right away. She might not be sick because of the food, but she is obviously sick from something and should see a doctor.
    Best regards,
    —Cindy S.

  5. klio says:

    Judy, I’d just go right to the vet. If your regular vet is closed, there may be an emergency vet open near you or in a nearby county. No sense taking a risk, since our animals can’t tell us why they’re acting/feeling funny.

    Best of luck.

  6. Mike says:

    Tracey, only the wheat gluten is suspect. Not plain wheat. And yes Flint River has wheat in some formulations.

  7. Mike says:


    Pedigree choice cuts and sauce does contain wheat gluten.

    Please follow Klio’s advice.

  8. Pookie says:



  9. mona says:

    my dog is on purina vet. diet nf kidney can and dry my cats on cat chow
    are these animal foods ok
    please let me no

  10. Pookie says:


  11. Trina Cooper says:

    Our dogs eat Pedigree Mealtime, small crunchy bites dry food & our cats eat Purina dry food. Are these safe? Thanks so much!


  12. rjc says:

    It’s not wise to insist that only wheat gluten is involved. The wheat gluten switch was about the same time as the problems, so it’s all they could figure. Some labs have found rat poison, some have not. But it could just as easily have been a disgruntled employee or someone shorting the stock who poisoned the food. At this point it’s the most sensible to give nothing produced at Menu and nothing with wheat. Any wheat. Wheat gluten comes from wheat and we don’t know at what point in processing the contaminant got into the wheat gluten. If the wheat came from China (even if it went through Europe) it could be the source of the problem in the wheat gluten. We can’t criticize the companies and FDA for shortsightedness and then practice it ourselves. They’re our pets and we have to take prudent precautions. No Menu, no wheat. A lot of us are cooking for our pets.

  13. elizabeth says:

    Based on today’s rash of new recalls obviously other pet food companies besides Menu have bought this same wheat gluten product from the same Chinese supplier. Many of these same companies all issued reassuring press releases earlier in the week saying they were not affiliated with Menu Foods and their food was not affected by the Menu Foods recall. What they should have been asking themselves before they went to press was “have we used any of the same ingredients as Menu Foods that may make our pet food unsafe, too?”

    Until more is known I personally would not feed ANY pet ANY food or treat of ANY brand if there is wheat gluten on the ingredients list. Why take even the slightest chance. Especially be wary of any “gravy” type food since gluten is used to thcken the gravy.

  14. 3242sun says:

    “Greenies Smart Biscut”
    second ingredient is Wheat Gluten
    Don’t know for sure. But it is a brand I’ve never seen.

  15. Dmpuppylove says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Reward? I use the ground rounds for treats.
    A couple of mine have been throwing up & I already took them off Nutro & put them on Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Pot.

    But I cannot find the Ground Round anyplace on Rewards or Del Montes sites. & they make it.

    I am in the meantime only giving them Animal crackers for treats.

  16. Sharon says:

    My dogs get purina dry food and seem fine. Are any Purina products on the recall list?

    Thanks. Best wishes to all pet lovers.

  17. Sandy Dee says:

    And now Pig Ears imported from Chile have Salmonella? Cripes! Don’t we have enough pigs in the USA? Where will this end? I am only feeding people food to my animals. They can keep their tainted pet products.

  18. karen says:

    Just jumped to this page from, if the Pill Pockets for dogs are part of the recall, the ones for cats should be too as they contain wheat gluten also!

  19. Lissa says:

    I was fed my dog Ol’Roy a couple of weeks before the recall came into effect. The first few days he was eating that stuff up, but I started to notice that his eating habits started to change after a few days on that stuff. I eventually changed his food back to Pedigree and have been feeding him that since… HOWEVER… I’ve noticed that he will eat the pedigree ground food with no problems… BUT HE IS TREATING THE PEDIGREE CHUNKS AND SAUCE THE SAME WAY THAT HE TREATED THE CONTAMINATED OL’ROY. I just checked on the back of the boxes to see if the two were made of the same ingredients and found out that the Pedigree Chunks and Sauce has wheat gluten and the Pedigree ground food DOES NOT.

  20. Steven says:

    Man, nothing is safe for my dog, better hope my dog don’t get sick……. Stupid wheat gluten imported from CHINA

  21. Alex Barnes says:

    Re: Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice dry food.

    I just sent a complaint to Nutro from a form on their site. I had been feeding Natural Choice Lamb & Rice small bites to my 2 Maltese. Their site claims that no dry food is affected by the recall. I know there is no wheat gluten in the food I had been using. HOWEVER, there are too many other pets who are ill after eating ONLY dry food. I urged them to consider that there may be contaminants other than the rat poison & melamine–I have read excess Vitamin D will show the same symptoms as kidney failure and also pancreatitis. It might even be something else that has not been discovered yet. I told them this is surely not coincidental and to ignore these testimonies would show irresponsibility and callous disregard for the lives of the pets we love so much.

    Also, I should add that prior to using Nutro, I had been feeding Eukanuba Small Breed lamb & rice for a few years. They had been fine on Eukanuba until late last year when they began occasional vomiting & bouts of diarrhea. I temporarily switched to Kibbles & Bits (and they were fine on that) but I worried because it wasn’t a “premium brand.” So I switched to Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice small bites because I read it was easier to digest & didn’t contain “byproducts.” They had only been on Nutro for a few weeks and everything got worse. Lab work reveals elevated BUN, Creatine, and also Platelet count. I’m not happy with my vet’s casual attitude about the results since I was given antibiotics and told I would have to put them on a special diet (Hills Prescription K/D) which I DID NOT get. I am looking for a new vet. Meanwhile, after feeding them only home-cooked meals for the last week, they are much better. I used rice, boiled potatoes with skins on and alternated chicken, cottage cheese or eggs for protein. I’m also waiting on a kidney healing program I ordered. Check out Five Leaf Pharmacy at –the testimonies are amazing! They also give sample recipes and therapies that I found helpful.

    My heart goes out to those who have lost a beloved family member in this mess. I am furious at the pet food companies who seem more concerned with making money than ensuring the health of our pets and at the FDA who knew there was a problem but waited so long to say anything. Who can we trust? Not them! Our innocent pets trust us to care for them–and personally, I would rather cook for them myself. I plan to do more extensive research into natural & organic foods for my pets as well as for my family. Who can guarantee that our food supply is safe?

    We need to press for further research & accountability by pet food companies who are calling their dry food safe. I think there is more to the problem than the rat poison & melamine found in the wet food. We owe at least that much to our trusting & loyal companions.

  22. kathy talbot says:

    alex barnes you are so right on what you said,,….also did you know that they make our pet foods with road kill,,,thats right i said road kill dead dogs and cats plus other dead animals and whats worse is the FDA stamps it so it can be sold in the stores . and we take our money and buy this road kill food for our beloved this sick or what.i think that we should make the FDA eat this food and see how they like it……..i still got my 3 cats and my 3 dogs they are my children only because i cant have kids and the FDA is lucky that it wasent my pets because they be paying not only the vet bills but also the burial at the pet cemetery and the 6 tombstones….like i said my pets are my children and the last thing i wouldentwant is to have my pets grind up in some pet food and being sold in stores for people to buy because the FDA approved it……wake up FDA we all know how you been doing buisness… how much money are you getting for keeping your mouth shut…………..and to all you pet food companys you should all be shut down oh and one more thing …….so how much are you paying the FDA…………………..and to all the people who lost the only beloved pets you ever had my heart goes out to you and im filled up with tears with you,,,,,you have my deepest sympathy i support the SPCA over in washington and this pet food that was poison is consider to be cruelty to our pets……………………..FDA your going down,,,,,,because PETS RULE…………,,,,,,,,,,,…………,,,,.

  23. Cathy says:

    Don’t believe all the internet hype. Everyone repeats this crap like a bunch of mynah birds. The FDA did DNA testing for dogs & cats in pet food a while back and nothing was found.

  24. armand says:

    ok that was while back but what about after that and what about now the FDA is the blame for this and also the pet food companys are to…..and people should believe the internet because its speaking the truth about our pet food as for you HA you dont even know the truth………….and if you got any pets i feel real sorry for them because it sounds like to me dont even care……..if you did care you wouldent be sticking up for the FDA..insted you would be on the internet looking up and reading the truth about the pet foods along with the rest of us animal lovers.. my pets are still alive and healthy thinks to the truth of the internet i got them off that crappy food and got them on pure nutrition food [ingreadients] NO POISON and now my pets are showing more energy that i dident even think they had…….so you see all that poison crap food was slowing my pets down…….AND THATS THE TRUTH…………………… for you you better go and get yourself more information because you dont know what truth is…………………………………………….THE END

  25. Mike says:

    Cathy is the deceived one. If all of the rendering process (including pets) was a lie, Ann Martin would have been sued over this.

    Go ahead Cathy, feed your pets this crap; don’t come crying to us when they die prematurely.

    I happen to work in this industry and know what goes on.

  26. armand says:

    thanks mike its nice to know that someone thinks im right but this cathy girl thinks she knows it all i feel real bad for her pets………….and she is obvously not up to date in whats going on in this world …………………………..I THANK YOU AGAIN Mike and good luck with your pets if you have any .Sincerely Armand

  27. Mike says:

    Armand: You’re very welcome. You can’t take the collection of data from Ann Martin as well as many, many others (plenty of the DVM’s) and say they are all wrong and one FDA test is right. If you want to see articles from Ann Martin you can go to
    There are plenty of articles from vets as well as others who has worked in the rendering business. This article was originally published by Earth Island Journal but there are many more on the internet. To say one FDA test proves everyone else wrong is mere stupidity. Why would we all be stupid enough to believe the FDA anyway after this fiasco? It is obvious to me that they don’t know what they are doing.

  28. armand says:

    Hi Mike i will check out the web site thanks for the info its verry kind of you…..

  29. armand says:

    hay Mike i just got off the web site that you gave me …………………….wow that is some heavy sh.. we should make the FDA eat the pet food that they stamp for ok to sell and see how they like eating ROAD KILL/////…………..thanks again i will tell my friends about this web site,,,……THANK YOUUUU Mike your in my prayers……

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