Parvovirus Outbreak Affecting Dogs In Lebanon, Pennsylvania

A parvovirus outbreak is spreading through the city of Lebanon, Pennsylvania. This deadly dog virus has affected certain parts of the city and several dogs at the Humane Society of Lebanon County.

This virus attacks a dog’s gastrointestinal tract. This disease is commonly spread from an infected dog to another through fecal matter.

At least 26 dogs have been killed by the virus in Lebanon during the past two weeks. 32 total cases of parvovirus have been confirmed during this same time. One vet said it’s typical to see only 3 cases of parvovirus a year.

Most of the dogs that have been affected are strays or abandoned dogs. The virus has also spread to the Humane Society because a dog that had the disease was brought to the shelter, and the virus spread throughout the facility. The shelter is decontaminating everything in the facility. They are currently only accepting strays and not dogs that are being surrendered by their owners.

The Humane Society recommends to dog owners to get their pets inoculated and to properly clean up after their dogs. The Humane Society of Lebanon County is offering a free vaccination clinic on Saturday.

Source: Lebanon Daily News

7 Responses to “Parvovirus Outbreak Affecting Dogs In Lebanon, Pennsylvania”

  1. Roberto P. says:

    I can’t imagine how the Humane Society would not vaccinate all the animals in the shelter for this disease. The shelters in my area all do because animals under stress are considered high risk.

  2. Lynne says:

    Years ago my first husband and I had two dogs. I got one vaccinated: it is a series of shots, not just one. He was supposed to take the other one ( cocker spaniel) but delayed. A stray died of parvo in our driveway and managed to transmit the disease to our cocker spaniel. She had only had the first shot. Fortunately I found her in time and took her to the emergency vet. It happens very quickly. She seemed fine that morning. After an expensive vet treatment and almost a week, I was able to bring her home. She survived but I can understand how quickly this spreads. It is so sad all the way around.

  3. Katie says:

    I’m surprised about the shelter. The shelters and rescues here, immeadiately innoculate any new dogs and keep them in quarantine for safety purposes.

    Parvo is highly contagious, glad they are running a clinic to try to prevent further sickness.


  4. Mary says:

    Parvovirus is not transmitted by airborne particles; it is spread through fecal matter. A very dangerous disease that is spread by airborne particles is canine influenza, which spreads very quickly and causes pneumonia & can cause death. There is no vaccine for canine influenza. The article is confusing; it doesn’t sound like it would be parvo. But I will say that when we did research here in FL we discovered that most of the county run low-cost spay/neuter programs do not vaccinate for parvo/distemper; they only vaccinate for rabies. So a pet who gets spayed in one of these low-cost programs has not got any protection against parvo or distemper. Many pet owners do not realize their pets have not had the vaccinations they need when they use a low-cost spay neuter program - they have to go to a vet to get the parvo/distemper vaccination separately, and also they need a booster 3 wks later if that is the first vaccine. Check your pet’s vet record to be sure it has had these vaccines, which are abbreviated dhlpp or da2pp.

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  6. Shari says:

    A friend of mine who raises pup and also has bought pups from other breeders to sell has recently lost over 20 pups due to what vet says is parvo. The pups seem fine one day then the next they stop eatting, vomit & have dirr then die what seems a painful death. I have several pups at my kennel and therefore I am afraid to even visit her. I also am afraid to let anyone come look at the pups I have for sale. Any suggestions on how to allow people to come see my pups for sale other than making them wash their hands with sanitier.

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