Past President Of AAVLD Speaks Out About Recent Pet Food Survey

AAVLD Survey

Dr. Barbara Powers, immediate past president of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) and director of Colorado State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, recently spoke to about the recent survey done by Michigan State University that was released by the AAVLD.

Major media outlets picked up the survey results and reported that only 226 pets were confirmed to have died from the pet food recalls.

Powers said, “But there absolutely could be more deaths from the tainted pet food. This survey didn’t catch all the deaths that happened. In order to be counted in our survey, you had to meet certain criteria.”

She stated, “If someone had a pet that died and they buried it in their background, they weren’t eligible for our survey. We had to have confirmed exposure to the recalled pet food, proof of toxicity, and clinical signs of renal failure. So this is only a percentage of the deaths that are out there. There’s no way to guess how many pets were affected.”

“It’s hard to prevent something like this from happening again,” Powers said. “I’m sure there are now safeguards in place, but you can’t check for every toxin under sun. And who would have ever thought to screen for melamine and cyanuric acid. Those were chemicals that weren’t on anyone’s radar.”

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7 Responses to “Past President Of AAVLD Speaks Out About Recent Pet Food Survey”

  1. Don Earl says:

    I wrote to Powers some months back about acetaminophen, offering samples to test, and never received a response. From her comments in this article, I can’t come to any other conclusion than she’s just another pet food company lacky who sold out the quarter million cat owners who lost their pets to this nightmare.

    I have no words to describe how disgusted I am with these pet food company lobbyists trying to pass themselves off as scientists.

  2. anna says:

    This is what I mean about the atrocity the Veterinarian infrastructure has wreaked in America. Everyone knows that thousands of pets were killed, yet months later, this piece of DRECK comes out, motivated by a culture that resorts to coverup and lies to perpetuate the criminally negligent greedy - something we first saw in mainstream medicine, and now has crossed over to the Veterinary world.

    Lacky is a kind word - she’s part of a murderous system that murdered our pets. And cost me thousands. I should sue her. We all should sue her - she’s the “flag” they are sending “up the pole” to see who really cares.

  3. Teresa, Feral Cat Rescuer in Colorado says:

    The sad thing is that you KNOW pet food companies and vets are only going to look to “confirmed cause and effect”.

    Those of us in the pet industry — in my case, rescue work — SAW the effects. My rescue work involves helping the sick and elderly get care for their pets. So how come in a household of six cats on a recalled food, one two-year-old kitty is in the beginning stage of renal failure and the remaining five cats show other types of kidney problems? How come one household with NINE hunting dogs lost ALL NINE dogs within a week of each other?

    These dear souls did not drag their fur babies to the vets for autopsies and expensive tests. In fact, all the vets test for is kidney function, nobody was testing for melamine crystals. But the conclusions that their pet foods were tainted is inescapable.

    The actual number of pets sickened and possibly killed is more likely in the tens of thousands.

  4. Sherry, Small Animal Rescuer, Illinois says:

    Great Comment Teresa and Anna. I agree with both of you.
    What I want to know is how can they tell us that this pet food horror is over. Nothing has changed. There are still many pets dying and getting sick from pet food that is currently being sold. There have been thousands of complaints to the Pet Stores and to these certain Pet Food Companies. Unfortunately another Pet Food Recall will take place and kill more innocent pets. Somebody just told me that there have been 11 major Pet Food Recalls in the last 12 years. That is not only digusting but so sad!

  5. Louie W. says:

    For a history of recalls, go to this link and scroll down about half way to “Pet Food Recalls”;more=1

  6. Don Earl says:

    RE: “There have been thousands of complaints to the Pet Stores and to these certain Pet Food Companies.”

    Menu Foods alone received over half a million complaints from pet owners. HALF A MILLION — 500,000 — a five with five zeros after it.

    RE: “Somebody just told me that there have been 11 major Pet Food Recalls in the last 12 years.”

    Actually, as of last March, there had been 12 pet food recalls in the previous 4 years. This has been such a bad year, I’m losing track, but there have been something like 5 more since then. If memory serves me correctly, 3 were salmonella, one was botulism, plus the silient recall of chicken jerky treats, and there may have been a couple others, not counting the ones where labs found toxins in the food that the companies denied.

  7. Sharon says:

    No way to tell how many is bullshit. Use the scientific method and extrapolate the numbers. I am so tired of being talked down to by morons. If someone from industry, the government, or a veterinary association says anything I take it for what is worth, nothing. Too bad America has been so dumbed down that people believe this crap.

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